The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

By:  Caroline Above Story  Ongoing
Language: English
54 ratings
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(Sequel of Accidental Surrogate For Alpha. Can be read alone.) Ariel was looking forward to her arranged marriage as the perfect princess, only to discover that she was being seen merely as a surrogate. Determined to escape the impending wedding, Ariel found herself with nowhere to turn. Her brothers helped her disguise as a boy, and she entered the mysterious and formidable Alpha Academy. To her surprise, Ariel stumbled upon her mate within its walls, and not just one … but more? However, her outward identity remained that of a young man… Will her true identity be uncovered, and can Ariel survive the harsh trials of Alpha Academy?

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I love this book, it’s one of my favs so far. I can’t wait for the new updates. Please we WANT MORE! Last chapter wasn’t even a stopping point. Kinda disappointed. I just hope both of them come to an agreement bc to be honest both of them are prefect & a prefect balance for the Princess.
2024-03-27 20:18:56
user avatar
Jodie Walters
When does the author update? I binged this as it was so good and there have Bern no updates for over a week, some people asking for updates 2 weeks ago. This is a really good story but it's being spoiled for me by no regular updates :(
2024-03-27 07:00:33
user avatar
no more updates???
2024-03-26 08:32:15
user avatar
Kels M
how often is this book updated??
2024-03-26 05:15:32
user avatar
Potato Queen
249 need more chapters!!!been looking on other apps too
2024-03-24 06:38:51
user avatar
Rochè Hoets
Love this book! Can't wait for more chapters
2024-03-24 05:10:44
default avatar
silvia sun
Next chapter please
2024-03-23 15:43:26
user avatar
I just love this book. The laughs, the tears, the love. I get all these emotions. Thank you, author. Awaiting new chapters
2024-03-23 08:50:36
default avatar
Sarah Hastings Chappell
Loving the story! It’s funny and sweet all at the same time. Can’t wait to see what happens.
2024-03-23 03:25:51
user avatar
Renee Williams
such a good read, started and got hooked.
2024-03-22 20:12:54
default avatar
Does anyone know how often she posts chapters? Is it daily?
2024-03-22 01:57:34
user avatar
Alexandria Murrey
love this book! hooked! just can't wait for more please!
2024-03-21 17:08:39
user avatar
Potato Queen
love it When is the next update?
2024-03-21 09:18:32
user avatar
Barnisha Roberts
I love this story, I just need more. Please release soon
2024-03-20 21:11:34
default avatar
Candice Le Marchant
I really got hooked on this book, one of the best I've read in a while. busting for more chapters, fingers crossed they are coming soon. I was already hooked before I realised it was an incomplete book.
2024-03-20 17:47:27
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249 Chapters
Chapter 0001
"You’ll just have to get Ariel pregnant immediately. That way she’ll be chained to you forever." my fiancé's father's voice is cold, calculating. “She knows her place.” my fiancé replies. “She’ll fall in line and become a proper wife in short time.” My heart sinks when I realize that they’re tal
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Chapter 0002
“You two,” Rafe mutters, and I glance over to see him pressing the bridge of his nose between his fingers, just like dad does. “This is going to cause a damn firestorm that I am going to have to sort out.” “But you’re the best at solving our problems!” Jesse points out, laughing. “Come on, cousin,
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Chapter 0003
Now I’m Ari Clark, a family cousin on Aunt Cora’s side. But things start to get immediately real as Rafe and Jesse sling their backpacks over their shoulders and we start to walk towards Alpha Academy, a rugged castle built on top of the cliffs that rise before us. I gulp as I stare up at the cast
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Chapter 0004
The next two hours are…an education in boy world. I sit perched up on my bunk, staring around in awe. This room has more than a hundred boys in it right now, and we’ll all be sleeping in here together through candidacy. When that’s done, if we make it, we’ll move up to the castle to more private dor
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Chapter 0005
“Time for the ranking,” the Captain growls, looking around at us with distaste. “You’re dressed in your grey candidate fatigues because you have not yet earned your Academy black. The bottom twenty percent of candidates will be cut at the end of the second week of candidacy. I suggest you take this
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Chapter 0006
I wake up in the middle of the night and groan a little with pain from my stiff muscles and my aching face. I prod at my nose, pleased to find that it’s already much better – the speed of wolf healing really is great, even though my nose is still too swollen to truly smell anything. But as I sit u
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Chapter 0007
Not so much as a spark, no matter what we’ve tried. Mom tells us not to worry about it, that the Goddess will reveal her gift in time… But the Academy…would it have a way to bring something like that out in me? And if so…what form would my magic take? My imagination spins as I consider the possi
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Chapter 0008
“Wait a second,” Luca says, cocking his head and looking the larger candidate up and down. “How do we even know we’re looking for the same girl?” I snap my attention to the other guy as I subtly move further back into the pool, seeking shadow. God, if the moon could just slip back behind the Acade
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Chapter 0009
He grins again and nods to me one last time before turning and running off. I stay in the shadows for a few minutes, casting out my hearing and making sure that it’s absolutely silent around me for a few minutes. And then, when I hear nothing in the grasses around me – not even a single cricket –
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Chapter 0010
“Would you get up!?” I start awake to see Rafe’s face peering over the edge of the bunk, frowning at me. “Seriously, Ari! The bell rang like ten minutes ago – I have no idea how you’re still asleep!” I glare at my brother a little, already in a bad mood, wondering how he’d feel if he got about t
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