The Game

The Game

By:  Emerson Isabella  Ongoing
Language: English
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Four years ago Drake broke Isabella's heart. Now she returns home and decides to play a game and make him hurt. She will make him regret humiliating her and calling her "a silly little girl."

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Christine Owings
when will there be updates
2022-05-02 02:06:12
11 Chapters
A Silly Little Game
      A silly little game, that is all it was supposed to be but it turned to so much more. It was four years ago and I was fourteen. It was my brother's going away party. At sixteen male werewolves go to academy to serve in the military and prepare for their adult roles in the pack. My brother Bo and his best friend Drake were leaving the next day. The adults had already called it a night and the teenagers had somehow ended up in the basement playing truth or dare, typical dumb kid stuff. When it came to Drake's turn, he was challenged to draw a name from a cup and go play seven minutes in heaven with them. He drew my name. I had always had a crush on Drake and this was my chance. He was gorgeous and every girl wanted him but it was my chance to show him how I felt. He nearly choked as he read my name allowed, but in the end he reached his hand out to me and said come on kiddo in his thick Texas accent. I slowly
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      As I sit in first class on the flight back to Texas, all I can think of is Drake. He has been the leading man in my fantasies and also the target of my rage for the past four years. I thought I would outgrow the urge to make him suffer over the years, but I have not. I still remember the hurt and humiliation I felt as he called me a silly little girl. I am a woman now. A curvy, strong, beautiful woman trained in manipulation. My years in Italy had changed me, I am no longer a shy tomboy with overalls and braids. I had left as Izzy and returned as Bella. My Italian family said Izzy was a child’s name and insisted on calling Bella if I refused to use my full name, Isabella. It fits now, in Italy I truly became Bella, a new grown-up version of myself. I look down at my designer dress and smile. It is perfect and looks perfect on me. It is short, stopping mid thigh and it clings to me showing off my ample
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The Game Begins
     I awoke early in the morning and decided to go for a run. After my run I showered and changed into a pair of short denim shorts and a halter top. It was a hot day and I was going to be in the kitchen or out at the grill for quite awhile. I had my hair pulled up in a purposely messy bun and my feet were bare. I had steaks marinating, corn and potatoes already roasting and was putting a pan of brownies in the oven when I heard the screen door open and close. I assumed it was Bo and continued what I was doing. A startled squeak left my throat when I turned and saw Alpha Drake. He was standing against the door frame looking sexier than sin in faded jeans and a fitted t-shirt. Drake’s eyes were dark and his full lips were slightly turned up in a smirk. I crossed my arms and leaned against the counter. Trying to ignore the sexiness of him, I stated “ a gentleman would knock” I scolded. Drake was now in a full
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Kisses and Bears,Oh my
      After I got out of the pool, I changed into a sundress and wedges then headed down stairs. When I entered the living room Alpha Drake was pacing with a furrowed brow and firmly set frown.  “What’s wrong?” I asked.  “You’re an alpha,” Drake stated. “Ummm yeah, so?” Drake shook his head, “You know each pack can only have one alpha. You are strong, it could cause problems. And there is another thing.” I assured Drake I was not going to cause problems. I let him know I was just looking to live on the ranch and keep to myself. I had no plans to use my power other than when an assignment required it. I would eventually find my mate and join him with his pack. Drake audibly growled when I mentioned a mate, perhaps because he is still searching for his. It is unusual to be unmated at twenty, normally wolves find their mate shortly after turning ei
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Bears, Rogues, and Battle
     The next morning I tried to dress sexy but not seductive. I didn’t want Brad to be so caught up thinking about sex that he didn’t talk or that he got frustrated when he didn’t get sex. There are few things I won’t do for work but sex is a hard no. I ended up picking a flowy country dress from the provided clothing and paired them with boots. Cute and functional, flirty but not sleazy, that was my goal and I think I accomplished it. I pulled my hair back and tied it with a ribbon. Today I needed to be more the girl next door to get the information I needed.  I took a shaky breath and then walked to the bar where Brad would be picking me up for the journey to the gang’s place. Unlike wolves, bears didn’t require large spaces of land outside of towns. The gang’s house was a modest home on the edge of town with a large garage. There were bikes everywhere and random scantily clad
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Anger and Desire
     I drift off to sleep on the plane on the way back to Texas, only to awaken after having a very vivid dream or maybe I should say fantasy of Drake. I pour myself a drink and try to relax. I decided to change clothes and freshen up, just in case Drake met me at the airfield.  Silly how I have to remind myself this is all just a game. I catch myself wanting him, wanting to please him, wanting to give myself to him. I have to remember that I want to hurt him, make him regret how he treated me. Lila, my wolf also reacts to Drake so strongly I constantly have to reign in.  I continue to sip the burning alcohol that I am drinking, my excitement continues to grow at the thought of seeing Drake. Nothing could prepare me for what would happen when we landed.     I step through the plane door and I see Drake standing there. My heart fluttered and it to
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The Day After/Talk
     I must not have returned alone because someone has changed me into one of my silk gowns. And just like that the night’s events flood back to my memory. The achy soreness between my thighs was a reminder of what had happened. I run my hand between my legs and notice that I am tender but have been cleaned up. Oh no, Drake must have brought me home and was kind enough to clean me up. He must know. I am still wallowing in my embarrassment when Drake walks into the room smiling from ear to ear. I flop back on the bed and groan.”Good morning, beautiful” Drake’s sexy voice pursues. “Why are you still here?” I blurt out before realizing how rude that sounds.”Ouch” Drake fakes being insulted then chuckles. “Because I made breakfast and we still need to talk.” Drake walks into my bathroom and begins the shower, he comes out and tells me to shower and breakfast will be read
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Chapter 8:Evidence and Denial
     I was awake but could not seem to open my eyes just yet, because I seemed very relaxed. I was the most relaxed and peaceful I have been in as long as I could remember.  I was so warm and something heavy was on top of me, actually wrapped around me. I slowly peeled my eyes open and realized much to my horror where I was. I was laying on top of Drake with his strong muscled arms holding me firmly in place. The alpha seemed to be sleeping soundly. His scent swirled around me, filling my senses with an unusual feeling. It was like being home, except this was his bedroom not mine and this definitely was not home, he was not my home. It just couldn’t be. I tried to wiggle loose but it was no use, I was trapped beneath the solid muscles and sheer weight of Drake. I was thinking to myself how to get out when Drake’s chest rumbled and he said,”You don’t, just enjoy it.” How did he know what I was thinking? What should I do? H
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Chapter 9:Mission 2
    Just as I was preparing for the next play in my little game, I was temporarily sidelined. I arrived back at the ranch after the exhausting discussion with Drake, only to find an envelope on my kitchen table. I had not put it there, so it had to be another assignment from the council. After making sure all my doors were locked, I opened the envelope. It contained instructions on when to be at the airfield and what to bring. I was surprised to learn I would be going to the headquarters here in the states. I was needed for some type of interrogation and persuasion mission. Easy enough I thought. I quickly grabbed my prepacked mission bag and waited for my ride to show up. While waiting I mind-linked Bo and let him know I would be gone for a while. I assured him there was nothing to worry about and all was fine. I couldn't really lie to my brother and I hadn't told him who I was working for yet, so
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Chapter 10:Trying to Ignore
        I arrived back at the little airfield near home late at night and unannounced, much to my relief. I am very thankful no one, especially Drake knew I was arriving. There was a truck waiting for me with a note that said thanks for a great job and turning a new asset. It was signed by my commanding officer and said to enjoy the gift. I knew my assignments had the potential to come with pretty nice perks, but I figured it would be awhile before I saw any. I stare at the red extended cab truck and am in awe and appreciation. In the driver's seat I find another envelope with keys and the title in my name.  I slide into lush leather seats and quickly realize this truck has all the extras, including heated and cooled seats. I excitedly start my new truck and drive straight to the ranch.    I have a plan for squashing this mate idea that Dra
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