The Forsaken

The Forsaken

By:  FioreSelvatico  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kaya, the werewolf bounty hunter gets a task to hunt down not just anybody but Atlas the future Alpha of her pack not knowing that he is her soulmate. She refuses him, still in love with Cole, a man whose return she awaits. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems that are yet to come. Kaya is in reality the daughter of a 300-year-old hybrid Elias and a witch, abandoned as a baby and rescued by a werewolf couple. A secret that came out in a rather unexpected way, forcing her to find the truth in a daunting manner. With the help of her friends Thalia, Atlas and Cole, Kaya accidentally sets free hybrids and vampires. The witch Gertrude tries to retrieve the hybrids for her benefit trying to convince people that vampires cant be trusted. resulting in a war that ultimately unites the two parties against witches , defeating the enemy and keeping the supernatural word from the humans.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
While a storm was at it's peak, and the rivers were going wild, the trees snapping and clouds were covering all the stars, deep into the forest, lost in the dark was a cabin. While from the outside it would appear to be abandoned in this night of full darkness, destiny was unraveling itself. Throw the hall, in a small room, with nothing but candlelight a baby was being born.Only thing to be heard were muffled screams and the sound of shoes stamping on the wooden floor, the woman managed to remove the rag from her mouth and cried out, "I can't do it anymore! Help me!" She pleaded with the midwife. The midwife glanced at the woman standing nearby, who simply shook her head and sat down on the bed. With a stern expression, she turned to the woman in agony and said, "You got yourself into this mess, now you have to get yourself out of it." But then, the midwife's demeanor softened slightly as she got up from the bed and reassured the woman, "Just one more push, a big one, and it will be o
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Chapter 2
"Our Luna would love a word with you, Kaya." Said the man as my mom and dad stood up from the table while Jack placed himself between the man and me. "What is this in regards to?" Asked Jack. "It's a private matter, Miss Kaya let's get going." "I'll come with you." Jack said. "That won't be necessary, it was instructed for her to come alone." Jack and dad were about to protest but I cut them off. "It's fine,I'll be back in no time." Right? I thought to myself as I slipped my phone in my back pocket.As I was going I squeezed my parents hands. As I came outside I saw 3 big black SUV cars, our royals really liked to travel in stile. "Over here, Miss Kaya." The man said as he oped the door for me.I don't like when people take away my control. "Thats ok, I'll follow you in my jeep." The man simply closed the door and looked at the other man before getting in the car. Seeing the mark on their necks, the hanging half moon I suspected they were mind linking eachother.That was the p
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Chapter 3
"My soulmate."I'm sorry what?"W..Wh...What?" Is all I managed to say. To say I was shocked was an understatement.But he just keeped looking at me like I was miracle happening before his eyes,his hands holding my face so tenderly."You are my soulmate." Atlas said again."Hello, earth to Kaya!" Yelled Saf in my mind knocking me back to my senses.This is not happening, he's lying.I don't feel anything. If he were truly my soulmate I would feel the bond."Yeah nice try buddy."I said as I moved his hands from my face and took a step back. His hands fell to his sides , confusion all over his face."You don't feel this?" He asked me."Look, your little trick could work on a human but obviously not on a she wolf.""This is not a trick." He says as he tries to touch my hand again but I take another step back. To that I hear him growl."Hey girl this round is on you." Said the girl as she passed me a cocktail."All rounds are on me." Atlas said as he waved to the bartender.The girls seemed
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Chapter 4
"We should really stop at the bakery first, you are starving," Saf said as my stomach growled."You are right besides, Mom and Dad are already there. Knowing them, this particular assignment has them worried."As I arrived I went in through the backdoor. The radio as always was blasting the music. Eye of the tiger. Dad's favorite.I grabbed the chocolate croissant from the tray when I realized most of the trays here were full. And that is odd, with our sales dad normally runs up and down exchanging trays. "I hear something," Saf said.I moved further in, the office door was slightly ajar. Jace was in there with Dad."Have you heard from her?" Jack asked."I'm sure she's alright Jack." "I should have gone with her.""Jack the order was clear, she had to go alone." Dad insisted."Screw that." Jack cursed."It's getting harder for you to control it, isn't it?" Dad said as he put his hand on his shoulder. Jack just looked at his feet clenching his fists."You know it's impossible my boy
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