The Fontaines of Hollywood series: The Sweet Taste of Sin

The Fontaines of Hollywood series: The Sweet Taste of Sin

By:  Ember Casey  Ongoing
Language: English
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To the rest of the world, Dante is Hollywood royalty, the ridiculously attractive oldest son of the notorious Fontaine family.To Ashlyn? He's the guy who made her swear off men forever.She just wants to move on with her life. Run her bakery. Heal her broken heart. She's had three years to try and forget about Dante Fontaine. (Spoiler alert: it hasn't worked.)But when an accidental - and seriously humiliating - encounter brings him back into her life, she's forced to realize that no matter how hard she's tried to forget him, Dante definitely hasn't forgotten her.. . . and this time, he's not going to let her go.Due to explicit scenes, this steamy second chance romance is rated 18+.The Sweet Taste of Sin is created by Ember Casey, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1: Cakes and Cataclysms
In my opinion, there's no greater pleasure in the world than the buttery, slightly nutty flavor of a classic caramel sauce. The secret is, of course, to add a pinch of salt - just enough to stimulate the taste buds but not so much that you overpower the sauce's warm, buttery sweetness. For such a simple recipe, even the smallest change can make a huge difference - using brown sugar instead of white, for example - and after hours of experimenting, I think I've gotten my version just right. I've finally created a mouthwatering, toe-curling, devilishly perfect caramel sauce.Who needs sex when the world holds pleasures like this?I'm still licking bits of it off my spoon when I hear the jingle of the bell hanging on my bakery's front door."I'm coming!" I call around my mouthful of caramel. I toss my spoon aside and wipe my hands on my apron as I jog out of the kitchen.Jack Teegan, my best friend, is standing at the counter with a large to-go bag in his hand. His eyes are roaming ove
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Chapter 2: The Guy Who Made Me Swear Off Men Forever
I've done everything in my power to pretend the entire Fontaine family doesn't exist. But that's next to impossible in this town, especially with Cataclysm: Earth coming out. The Fontaines are everywhere. On magazines. On every television channel. All over the internet. I can't even walk down the street without seeing one of their faces plastered on the side of a bus. You can't escape them.Meanwhile, Jack is looking at me expectantly."Well...?" he says, spreading his arms. "This is huge, right?"I want to be excited. I want to squeal and jump up and down and proclaim my undying love for Jack for getting me this opportunity. But even if I thought he'd buy my bullshit - which he won't - I can't lie to him.And Jack, as usual, is two steps ahead of me. He crosses his arms."What?" he demands. "What could possibly be wrong with the greatest opportunity you've ever had?" He snatches my chili fries out of my reach before I can stuff any more of them in my mouth to avoid answering his
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Chapter 3: The Devil Himself
I have to admit - it's one of the most impressive cakes I've ever made. I started with a classic tiered cake, then used the Cataclysm: Earth movie poster for inspiration as I decorated the layers, creating an apocalyptic scene in sugar and icing. There aren't many bakers in this world who can make a cake that's both elegant and captures the essence of a disaster film, but I'm pretty sure I've managed it. This cake could get me work for months - maybe even years.For luck, I wear my favorite dress - a knee-length plum garment that sets off my red hair to perfection - and I pay one of my pastry assistants overtime to help me transport the cake to the events facility where they're holding the after-party. I don't have enough money to have a full-time driver, and so usually I end up doing the deliveries myself.Which is why there's absolutely no excuse when I end up getting caught in traffic and showing up at the facility almost forty-five minutes after our designated delivery time.I'm
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Chapter 4: I Need A Very Strong Drink
The box of sugar decorations slips from my hands, crashing to the floor.Immediately the couple freezes. Emilia's head jerks around, her dark eyes widening in shock, but it's Dante's gaze that locks on mine. The emotions flash quickly across his expression: surprise, annoyance, and then recognition. By the time he gets to that last one, my feet have come unglued from the floor, and I stumble backwards through the doorway.But I only make it two steps before I remember the sugar decorations. I curse and hurl myself back into the room, falling immediately to the floor and gathering them up as quickly as I can. I don't dare look at the other two, but I hear the shifting of bodies and clothes as they rise and cover themselves.Thank God, I think. Half of me was afraid they'd just start going at it again, ignoring the crazy baker girl who interrupted them, and the very thought makes me want to be sick. I'm still in shock. Emilia and Dante. Emilia. And Dante.My Dante.Three years ago,
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Chapter 5: Aftermath
No matter how much I drink that night, or how much I pour myself into my work the next day, I can't get him out of my mind. Get them out of my mind. For Emilia is every bit a part of the images that haunt me as he is. Waking or sleeping, I can't close my eyes without seeing the pair of them writhing together. Without their groans of pleasure ringing in my ears. Without the heat of humiliation flooding my skin yet again.It's wrong, how much this hurts. How much it stings like betrayal - but that's unfair, because it's not like I expected him to be celibate all this time, even if I've been more or less a nun. But it brings up feelings that are a little too familiar, feelings that crept in slowly during those last few weeks of our relationship. Very pathetic feelings, I'll be the first to admit. But I loved him so deeply, so intensely, and I always wondered why a huge celebrity like Dante Fontaine - a guy who could have any woman in the world - would choose me instead of some starlet or
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Chapter 6: The Devil Always Has An Excuse
"Ashlyn?" Jack says again in my ear."I'll have to call you back," I mumble as I pull the phone away from my ear. I'm not sure whether I'm more shocked or anxious or pissed, but my stomach is suddenly in knots.This isn't an accident. He didn't just get an urge for a muffin and stumble into the nearest bakery. He's looking right at me, and even though I can't see his eyes behind his dark shades, that gaze still makes me shiver. He came here looking for me. I know it.But he doesn't say a word. Doesn't even come over to me. Instead, he walks right up to the register, where Karen is waiting."Good morning," she says cheerfully. "What can I get you today?"She hasn't recognized him yet. Understandably, since he's gone above and beyond to cover himself up. If he hadn't, no doubt the paparazzi would be pressed against our window right now. Dante might not spend as much time on screen as his brother Luca - who's a bona fide movie star - or even his brother Raphael, but he's every bit as
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Chapter 7: Sugar Sweet Sin
It's so shocking to hear my name on Dante's lips after all this time that it takes a moment for his words to sink in. "What's a sham?""Their engagement. Their whole relationship. It isn't real and it never was. It's just for the cameras." He throws another quick glance over his shoulder. "Frankly, I shouldn't even be talking about it. I'd appreciate it if you kept this bit of information between us."I don't know why this news is so shocking, but it is. Luca was the first of the Fontaine brothers to get engaged, but it never occurred to me that the whole thing might be a lie."It's done wonders for the publicity of Cataclysm: Earth," he continues casually. "And it's helped both Luca and Emilia tremendously.""And you," I point out. It's his movie too, after all. He wrote the damn thing.But he takes my words a different way."Emilia and I, we - ""I don't need to know," I say quickly. "That's your business." I pull my pen away from the paper. "Now, about this cake - how large w
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Chapter 8: In Which I Make Up A Boyfriend
I keep my eyes carefully trained on the form in my hands. "The cake is the only thing I'm interested in speaking to you about.""God, you're even more beautiful than I remember." Dante's voice is low, rough. "But just as feisty."Something flutters in my stomach at those words, but anger quickly suppresses the sensation."What do you want?" I demand. "Why the hell are you here?""I should think that would be obvious," he says. "I'm here to see you. To convince myself that you weren't just a figment of my imagination."For the love of God, I wish he would take off those damn sunglasses and let me read his expression."Well, you've seen me," I say. "And I have a business to run, so if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to work."He glances around the shop. "You've got a charming little place here. You always did make amazing desserts. You seem to have done very well for yourself since the last time we spoke.""A lot has changed since we were together," I admit.His chin dips s
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Chapter 9: Mama Pat Is Always Right
"We have to go," Jack says."Why?" I'm working on a batch of lemon tarts, but my cell is jammed beneath my ear. I've spent the last ten minutes going over every last detail of the Dante encounter with Jack, including the invitation to his house on Sunday."Because how often do we get invited to the home of one of the Fontaines? Or any celebrity, for that matter?"I don't bother pointing out that I've been to Dante's place before. Attending Dante's little get-together means continuing to engage him, and I refuse to do that."You work for Brockman now," I remind Jack. "I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances to hang out with celebrities.""Not at their homes. Or at their private parties. Come on, Ash, how bad could it be?""Very bad. Very, very bad. I don't think he believed me when I told him I had a boyfriend.""All the more reason you should show up with me and we should rub it in his face.""I'm not sure we could pull that off.""Are you kidding? People always think we're a c
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Chapter 10: The Devil's Party
I feel anything but strong as I stare up at Dante's house.The first time I came here, years ago, I had no idea what I was in for. Dante and I were working together on a project for film school, and though obviously I was well aware of who he was - you had to have been living under a rock to not know about the Fontaines - I was less than thrilled to have to cooperate with him on a project. He already had the career, the connections, the esteem - I'd have preferred to work with someone more like me, who had to rely on hard work and talent rather than family or money.He'd insisted on meeting here, at his home, rather than the much-more-convenient library or coffee shop near campus. It had annoyed me to no end, and the first time I stomped up the steps, I hardly gave his house - his mansion - a second glance.I noticed it later, of course, for I returned to his house many times, at all times of day - but it never seemed quite as big, quite as impressive, as it does tonight.Jack seem
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