The Cold CEO's Woman

The Cold CEO's Woman

By:  Goodness Chiamaka   Updated just now
Language: English
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Anita Baker did not expect for the cold CEO, Liam Jackson to fall in love with her,. He choose her over her best friend, Temisa Patrick. What should she do when her best friend was his betroth? Run away for her boyfriend's sake, or stay and accept his marriage proposal to her?

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79 Chapters
Chapter 1| Graduating with first class
Anita Baker just graduated from university. She is a 24-year-old woman and the eldest child of her parents. She has a total of five younger sisters. Her father works in banking, while her mother is involved in trading. She has a fair complexion and a beautifully shaped figure, with attractive, curvy hips. All of her sisters had dark complexions, while she was the only one with a fair complexion.She bears a striking resemblance to her mother, yet possesses an even greater beauty. Her father often accuses her mother of infidelity and questions whether he is truly her father due to her fair complexion. Despite this, her mother remains silent on the matter and reassures her that she is indeed his child.Her father even considered running a DNA test on her, perplexed by her fair complexion that sets her apart from her sisters. Her younger sister, Flora, who is 22 years old and has a beautiful dark complexion, also dislikes her.Four of her sisters held animosity towards her, with the exc
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Chapter 2| The Cold CEO
Mr. Taiye Jackson leads the meeting in the conference hall at Benson Group, where various boards of members are gathered. All of his other companies that are registered under his name. He quietly instructed his personal assistant to introduce the new head to them. They gather in the meeting hall, anticipating the arrival of the newly appointed CEO. The workers have yet to meet him, as Mr. Taiye Jackson, the former CEO, and his late father, Mr. Benjamin Jackson, were instrumental in establishing the Benson Group of companies. That refers to Benjamin and Sons Group of Companies.They eagerly await the unveiling of Mr. Taiye's son, Liam Jackson, as the new owner of the company. There are rumors about his demeanor being distant and unsatisfying, and the employees are aware that they will face consequences when he takes over as the new CEO of Benson Group. Despite mixed opinions from some workers, he is known for his strong work ethic and successful management of his private businesses
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Chapter 3| Liam's order
"She studied business administration at the University of Nigeria," Mr. John mentioned."Alright, then. Once she's home, please have her submit her CV to us. There are still vacancies available for newcomers like her." Mr. Taiye says, looking forward to Temisa's response."Father!" Liam interrupted his father's speech abruptly, his frown growing more pronounced."You can't court me with her just yet." Liam spoke, and his father responded with a smile, "I understand, son. I am simply trying to acknowledge Mr. John Patrick's dedication and loyalty to our company for over two decades."Mr. John smiled faintly at Liam as he politely bowed to take his leave."I'm leaving now, boss. Thank you and congratulations again, Master Liam," Mr. John said, excusing himself from them. Liam nodded, walking up with his father to the front of the meeting hall. They stood near the exit door, and Liam spoke, "I don't like everything you just did, father. You can find alternative ways to compensate Mr. John
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Chapter 4| Returned home
Anita returns home with her father and mother, who came to her school to witness her final graduation ceremony.Her mother is beaming with joy, while her father maintains his usual stoic expression as he drives them home.He admires Anita for not letting her beauty affect her success in life, but he's still puzzled as to why she's the most beautiful among his daughters.Despite his wife not giving him a son, he is unconcerned due to their custom allowing a woman to inherit her father's property even if she is married to another man. However, he still questions if he is Anita's biological father.He sighs while driving towards their home, as the university is conveniently located closer to their residence in the city.Arriving home, he pulls into their modest compound and parks. Their home is a humble bungalow with 4 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and 5 toilets with bathrooms.Joshua Baker is the current owner of the house, having acquired it directly from the previous landowners.
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Chapter 5| Two sisters quarreling
Mrs. Tonia gives a sly smile to Anita as she steps aside for Glory to pass with the tray of soup. Anita quietly walks into the kitchen without saying a word to her mother, but her face reveals a deep sadness that Mrs. Tonia can empathize with."Anita." Mrs. Tonia calls her name with a deliberate pace."Yes, mom?" Anita inquired while strolling alongside her mother."Your father loves you and supports your success, just like your siblings," Mrs. Tonia reassured, gently holding Anita's hand."Hmph," Anita sighed."I understand, mom, but it's not something I care about. Whether he likes me or not, it's all good. He will forever be my father, and that's all that matters." Anita stated."Anita," Mrs. Tonia started again. However, Flora entered the kitchen and caught Anita's attention."Mom, where is the fufu?" Flora demanded as she made her way to the kitchen cabinet where their mother was."Mom, why are you holding her hands and talking to her? Are you asking her for something?" Flora inqu
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Chapter 6| Mother's advise
Mrs. Tonia remained silent as Flora left the room. She let out a sigh and joined Anita on the bed, while Favour and Esther also left the room too."It's important to be gentle with your sister. There was no need to argue with her," Mrs. Tonia told Anita, sitting beside her on the bed."I understand, mom. However, their disrespect has become excessive and is becoming unmanageable," Anita responded."It's alright. I understand, but don't alter who you are because of others. Continue being my kind and composed daughter," Mrs. Tonia advised."Alright, mom." Anita let out a sigh as she gazed at their mother, while Glory joined her on the bed."I need to leave now and meet up with your father. Glory, go now and pack your bags and come join Anita here," Mrs. Tonia said to Glory."Okay, mom," Glory responded, promptly getting up from the bed and exiting the room. She made her way to the room she shares with Lisa. However, Flora was already inside, organizing her clothes in the wardrobe, but s
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Chapter 7| New boss's orders
Anita fell silent once more as their mother departed, returning to the room to be with their father. She sighs and gazes at Flora, who appears concerned, as they return to the couch."What's the issue?" Esther inquired with Flora, who responded with a concerned expression, "I'm unsure, but I have genuine concerns about something significant."They patiently wait on the couch for their father or mother to come out and speak with them.Anita sighs and heads back to her room, unsure of the problem at hand. She trusts that her mother will inform them, despite her father's reluctance. Anita noticed her father was already dressed for work, indicating that he had received some distressing news. She silently prays in her heart, hoping that her father hasn't lost his job.Anita shakes her head and retreats to her room, sensing a connection between her father's echoing scream and his office work. She sits on her bed, ready to type her letter of application to the Benson group. She begins typin
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Chapter 8| At the cafe
Liam entered his office and settled into his executive chair, swiveling it to survey his surroundings.With a smile, he rolls up his sleeves and gets ready to start his day in the office. Leaning forward, he switches on his computer and patiently waits for it to finish booting up so he can check the company's records.Liam patiently counted the seconds as he waited for the computer to finish booting. Just then, his secretary knocked on the door and he warmly invited her to come in.Margret entered his office, file in hand, and greeted him with a subtle smile. She glanced down and paused in front of his desk."Sorry, what was your name again?" Liam inquired, gazing up at her lovely yellow countenance."Margret Jonathan," she said with a smile."Alright, Miss Margret, How may I assist you?" Liam inquired, to which she promptly moved closer."Mr. John Patrick dropped off this file earlier today and asked me to give it to you," Margret informed him, her gaze fixed on him."Sure, bring it o
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Chapter 9| New request
"Hello, boss," Margret promptly answered the office phone call."Come to my office immediately," Liam replied, causing Margaret's heart raced as she hastily rose from her seat, accidentally disconnecting the phone. She noticed Bambam's smiling as she got ready to assist the client across from her.When clients visit Margret's office, she promptly redirects them to the staff on the third floor who can assist them. She understands the importance of attending to the new boss without delay.Margret quickly approached Liam's office door and lightly tapped on it. She heard his chilly response, "Please enter."Margret nervously entered his office, taking in the exquisite surroundings as she approached him."Why did it take you so much time to respond to my call?" Liam typed on his computer, focused on the monitor screen as his fingers clicked faster on the keyboard."Apologies, boss. I arrived late from lunch," Margret responded, causing Liam to pause his typing and look up at her."Would yo
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Chapter 10
Temisa is currently in her father's mansion, which is a standard duplex located on a government-owned estate. Her father recently purchased the duplex as their new home."Father, did you send my CV and application letter to the new boss?" Temisa inquired as her father entered the living room. She sat on the couch, meticulously filing and brushing her nails.Mr. John watches his daughter, surprised to see her sitting on the couch, casually filing her nails and treating him like an errand boy instead of welcoming him."Temisa, you never even bothered to greet your own father. It's truly unbelievable." Mr. John asked as he placed his briefcase on the living-room center table and casually loosened his necktie."Father, I apologize. Evening, dad. "Welcome back," Temisa greeted, pulling her leg off the couch and settling into a comfortable position, leisurely filing her long nails."Where is your mother?" Mr. John inquired, and Temisa replied, "I went to the market to restock the house with
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