The CEO Surprised Baby

The CEO Surprised Baby

By:  Doyinna  Completed
Language: English
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After Ella has a one-night stand with an unknown stranger, she realizes she’s pregnant. Things spiral when a ruthless CEO of a Powerful company, Anthony Oswald, comes around. Ella is caught in a circle, after an incident. This leads to her finding out he’s the father of her baby. What happens when Ella discovers a gruesome secret that could endanger her and her unborn baby's life? Ella was caught in a loophole after Anthony traveled abroad without the knowledge of his child. Years later, they reunite. Unfortunately, Anthony who has started preparation for his wedding with his fiancee, meeets Ella again. Will Anthony Oswald abandon his bride-to-be for Ella and his baby?

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Bea Yavala
Well penned down story, can't wait to read further
2024-03-07 16:32:34
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One of the best! .........
2024-02-18 05:29:43
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Thank you for taking your time to drop a comment. ...️
2024-01-27 22:11:56
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Deep thinker
amazing read, would recommend to everyone. amazing job, authoress.
2024-01-27 17:54:06
97 Chapters
Ella and Anthony’s Trip to Emerald hotel.
Ella walked out of her house after Miranda almost pushed her off the entrance of the road. The thought of the kind of man she will meet again this time around filled her heart as her hand clenched her small handbag, she felt some pains that she couldn't express to anyone. Her straight blond hair fell off her shoulder, even though it just finished raining, her aunt Helga has insisted on her putting on the pink harmless top revealing her cleavage in the cold weather. Her eyes hovered around to get a cab to take her to the emerald hotel."Shit, fuck you fuck you ass hole," Ella cursed as a Hyundai SUV splashed some dirty water on her body. She immediately ran her eyes through the plate of the car to get hold of the number plates, she swore to revenge whenever she came across the car again. The short jean skirt she wore became wet. She opened her bag and brought out a navy blue handkerchief as she started dusting the particles of dirt from her short jean white skirt. Tears dripped out
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Ella for the first time met the man she likes
She walked towards the car and realized that the glass of the car is tinted black, there is no way she could see the inside of the car. She hurriedly walked towards the back of the car to check the number plates and ensured she knew it by heart. "I will get hold of this motherfucker that splashed water over my body without waiting," she stated as she stared at the number plate of the car. She crammed the number, hit the car with her feet and hissed. She walked into the entrance of the hotel, stood for a while before taking a deep breath.“I am meeting that unknown asshole now!” she lamented and walked towards the reception. “Hi, please I am here to see someone” she stated immediately she got to the receptionist. The two ladies looked at her amazingly, their eyes met as they stared at her from head to toe before one of them replied to her.“Room number, please?” one of them asked nonchalantly. Ella didn’t care, her mind is hovers around seeing the person her aunt sent her to and her
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You are fucking different and handsome
“Let go of me,” Ella screamed. The room was already dark and only a blink of light from the room reflected in the room. Anthony kept on holding her neck, he took her to the bed and slammed her on the bed. Ella immediately freed herself from him and coughed out loud. Anthony climbed the bed to meet her, looked into her eyes erotically, and collided his lips with her, at that point, Ella kept mute, she enjoyed the kissing and didn’t fight to be freed. It was the fight time she would get intimate with a person by heart. Ella couldn’t believe herself as she grasped Anthony's body firmly to herself, her eyes shut down as their tongues struggled for dominance. Edna was in room C5 waiting patiently for Ella to come, he was already losing his patience, as he kept on calling Helga.“Listen, I want you to refund me money, this is 9pm already and I can’t find her break light, You really want to deceive me?” Edna yelled at Helga on the phone. He has really prepared to meet beautiful Ella, he
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Ella's ejection from home
Ella bent sweeping the floor of the bar of Bentley guest house, an upright lobby broom held firmly to her fists as she swept. She did the sweepings so well as though she was born to it. The right-hand sleeve of the puffer coat she wore that she earlier rolled to her arm to enable her sweep well has loosened back to her wrist, she dropped the broom on the linoleum floor and rolled back the sleeve to her arm, and continued with the sweep. She has woken up earlier than 7 am today to start the cleaning of the guest house, except the lodges which are in the exterior part of the building which it cleaning are assigned to different persons. She stopped sweeping a bit and took an enormous sigh as she sluggishly ambled to a stainless steel imperial leatherette bar chair and sat reluctantly on it, being exhausted already. She flashed back to what had let her to Betley's guest house in Denver.****Three weeks ago "You this shameless girl, after I have watched over you for the past eleven yea
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Anthony Visited Bently Guest House
Ella has finished mopping and sweeping the bar and was already done with cleaning the deep freezer and the refrigerator, she was almost done arranging the bottles of the varieties of drinks into the refrigerator and their respective shelf. She was exhausted as she opened the refrigerator and brought a cold bottle of fruit beverages and gulped it down her throat. She reached out to her pocket to get some candies to subdue her salivary gland that couldn't stop producing saliva, but she found none. She looked at the melamine plate of catfish and chips she placed on the table in her portable office opposite the barroom which was unexpectedly given to her by Annabel. "My baby is not hungry to eat now!" She said to herself. "I hope you liked the cold fruit beverages?" She touches her stomach speaking to the fetus in her tummy and smiling sweetly as if the fetus could hear her. "I need to get some candies to subdue this saliva. Let me hurriedly run to the supermarket before this stupid
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I'm dead already!
The whole environment became silent, and Anthony's mouth went wide, he has never been in such a ridiculous condition before. His eyes were dark open as the cold wine ran over his body. He immediately stood up and disdainfully looked at Ella, he wondered what was wrong and why Ella did that. Ella was already on her knees, it was as if the ground should open and swallow her. "I'm dead already, the manager shouldn't show up, or else, I'm gone," Ella thought, her mind frozen. If Williams, the manager of Bentley Guest house is aware, she would be dead. She held Anthony's leg."Please, I am sorry, it wasn't intentional, I didn't mean to do that! Please, it was a mistake," Ella pleaded. Anthony couldn't believe his eyes. None of the maids in his house could make such silly mistakes. They would be long dead. Anthony remembered a time when one of his maids by mistake served him with stained ceramics plates. He yelled and broke the plates on the floor, took one of the broken ceramic plates
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Anthony was guilty as well.
It was with an excruciating groan that Williams cried out immediately Anthony got hold of his neck from behind, he didn't expect it and he yelled so loud at the unexpected punches on his face. Anthony's blue pupils changed as they became deeper blues. When Anthony got pissed off, he brutalized anyone his hand held to a point of coma. Even his grandparents, Mr and Mrs Karl Oswald are scared of him. He took after his father, Dudley Oswald who lost his life due to his thuggery lifestyle. Dudley Oswald is the only son of Mr and Mrs Karl Oswald, he was a very notorious man who headed a large notorious group in Denver, even though his parents are one of the billionaires in town, he was never interested in any of their business, he was involved in fighting for the human right though in an unlawful way. He despised people being cheated on and people loved him because of that even though his parents weren't pleased with what he chose. When Anthony was born, he was glad and at the age of o
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Bruce Harry, Ella's father.
It is 10 am in Denver, Bruce Harry sat on his 100million dollars Italian-designed sofa in his luxurious sitting room, puffing, a stick of cigarette hung at the center of his index and middle fingers, and he whistled as his lips open slightly as he emits smoke. His broad shoulders are wide and looking at his physique it will be difficult to depict that he looked younger than a quadragenarian. His short blond hair stood still on his head as he expressed his dissatisfaction."Dawn it! I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have dumped her," he folded his right fingers to his palm and hit the edge of the sofa in his right hand non-stop. He brooded about how he had lost his wife to the cold hands of death when she delivered a baby.*****19years ago Bruce Harry stood still with his wife, Cassandra Oliver in the labor room, he held her left hand firmly caressing her long curly black hair as she was having contractions, and streams of sweat swarmed around her body from her hair to toe. "I can't do
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Cassandra's death
Cassandra pushed again for the last time with all her strength screaming and groaning deeply in pain and the baby is pushed out of her cervix as the tiny voice of the baby is heard in the labor room. A little smile pull out of Bruce as his lips went slightly apart. "You did it, Cassandra, you did it, my love," Bruce said to Cassandra grinning at her," "She is a baby girl right?" Cassandra ask Bruce as she spoke softly to his ear. The pain she felt diminished a bit but she still groaned a bit in pain as the nurses aren't done with her. The chubby nurse takes the baby out of the delivery bed to clean up while the slim one takes care of Cassandra. The chubby nurse was still taking care of the baby when Bruce Harry walked close to her in tears of joy."Thank you, thank you," Bruce muttered reaching out to have the baby. She handed the baby over to him as she is wrapped in a ghost white tulip hooded baby towel. "It's a baby girl, a beautiful baby girl like Cassandra," he muttered gri
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Anthony Oswald, CEO of Oswald Group of Companies .
Chapter 10 Ella couldn't leave the bar store to yield to the call of Williams. How she suddenly became that fragile was something she couldn't comprehend. She was a fearless girl, she could face anybody to let out her opinion, except for her aunt she feared, she didn't fear anybody, however, ever since she got to Bentley guest house, she became scared of Williams, because she wouldn't want to be thrown out of the guest house as she has nowhere else to go. To her, it was a big favour that Williams did to her and that if not for Williams who would employ her? Williams kept on yelling Ella's name and when he couldn't hear from her, he stormed the bar store to see what exactly she was up to. When Ella sighted Williams, fear engrossed her as she couldn't believe how much beaten Williams got from Anthony, deep inside her heart she was happy, Williams had also tortured her emotionally. "Have you suddenly gone deaf? You bitch!" Williams cursed as he squeezed his swollen face, one would
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