The CEO's Orphan Wife ENGLISH

The CEO's Orphan Wife ENGLISH

By:  Shynnbee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Myla was about to leave her cold and stiff husband, but he got into an accident and lost his memory. With her in laws request she choose to stay to take care of her husband until he recovers.

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44 Chapters
I dried my wet hands before answering my mother-in-law's call."Hello, Mom?""Dear, come to St. John's Hospital right away," she instructed as soon as I answered."Um, why, Mom?""We'll be waiting for you there. We're on our way," she abruptly ended the call providing no details, causing my anxiety to intensify.In my worry and haste, I reached for my wallet, which was resting on top of the refrigerator, without bothering to change my clothes.I felt that my mother-in-law's call held significant importance, and I hoped it wasn't delivering bad news.I hailed a taxi, and in under thirty minutes, I arrived at the hospital."Brother, what happened?" I inquired, addressing my husband's eldest sibling."It's Ivan—""What happened to him? What happened to my husband, brother?" I asked, tears streaming down my face as anxiety went through me and continued, "Where is he?""He's in the operating room; he had an accident after his car collided with a truck.""My God!" I covered my mouth and cou
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Despite my desire to monitor Ivan closely, my mother-in-law and the rest of the family were adamant that I should return home to get some rest. They advised me to come back in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I found it difficult to rest at home, so I returned to the hospital before noon.I was surprised not to find Ivan in the ICU. Luckily, his mom called just in time, saying, "He woke up earlier, so we transferred him to a regular room."Thank you, my God!I quickly sought out the private room that my in-laws had prepared for Ivan. As I gently pushed the door open, Ivan's mother warmly welcomed me with an embrace, and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with emotion.I expressed my gratitude to God for his recovery, relieved that Ivan was no longer on the verge of death. Despite this, I couldn't shake the sense of sorrow, knowing that our paths were drawing nearer to separation.I approached his unconscious form, gently caressing his hand and planting a kiss on his lips, grateful for t
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Due to Ivan's condition, my father-in-law sent Maureen back home and advised her not to come here, as it would only worsen the situation. He mentioned that Ivan already had a wife, so she needed to distance herself from my husband. I was genuinely taken aback when she returned to the country. When Ivan and I got married, she was extremely upset and confronted me, pulling my hair forcefully. "You're a promiscuous person! A snake!" she repeatedly yelled in my face while I could do nothing but cry. Ivan embraced her and offered numerous apologies. They left the house, and Ivan returned home late at night. I had no idea what they did or what they discussed, but I had a fear in my heart that their relationship might persist even though we were already married. Especially since I knew we were only married on paper. All I had was a legal document, not his heart. A week after that incident, I received news that Maureen had flown to America with her family. Ivan had never visited that coun
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"I'll use the toilet." After waiting for a minute, I slowly opened my eyes. I got up from the sofa and approached Ivan, assisting him as he got out of bed and guiding him to the toilet. I waited for him outside because it seemed like he was still uncomfortable with my presence. "Are you finished?" I asked from outside. "Yeah," he replied, prompting me to open the door. Once he was back in bed, I returned to the sofa, lying down. As I glanced in his direction, our eyes met once more. He was gazing at me. "How did we end up getting married?" he inquired. He seemed quite puzzled, as he had been asking this question repeatedly since waking up. I believed it was better for him to hear the truth from me rather than from Maureen. During their relationship, I had witnessed her rude behavior and often overheard her questioning why I would live with Ivan's family, wondering if I had no other relatives. She mentioned that she was uncomfortable with my presence and didn't trust me.Well, t
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I carefully trimmed Ivan's fingernails on his hands and feet. I'm pleased that even though he's not entirely comfortable with me, he allowed me to do it. He remained quiet, only occasionally stealing glances in my direction. "There we go, all finished," I said with a smile. It's his third day in the hospital, and he may be discharged tomorrow. He gazed at me unwaveringly, prompting me to divert my eyes. "Um, are you hungry?" I inquired. He responded by shaking his head. "Do you want me to peel some fruit for you?" I asked, and he nodded slowly as if speech was a challenge for him. I peeled an apple and an orange, placing them in a bowl on the bedside table for him. As I went back to the sofa to organize some mess, he called for my attention. "Aren't you going to feed me?" he asked, furrowing his brow. "Your hands are improving, aren't they?" I replied. "It still hurts!" he complained. I wasn't certain if he was being truthful, but despite that, I approached him. To
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Despite what transpired last night, I continued to care for Ivan. I provided him with a meal and assisted him with dressing. The doctor has given the green signal for him to go home, so we're just waiting for his bills to be settled. I was seated on the sofa, Ivan occupied the edge of the bed while his sibling stood near the door, seemingly trying to gauge our emotions. I couldn't help but notice the tension in Ivan, yet I refrained from making eye contact with him throughout. "Let's go," my mother-in-law declared, clutching the receipt and a few prescriptions for Ivan's take-home medications. A nurse with a wheelchair awaited behind her. "You should head home and rest there." I remained silent, anticipating Ivan's complaint, but all he offered in response was a deep sigh. With help, he was settled into the wheelchair and went out the door ahead, propelled by his sibling. My mother-in-law gave me an assuring smile. She embraced me and guided me outside while I remained silent. I
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"Is it delicious?" I inquired of Ivan, even though it was evident from his reaction that he was enjoying the meal I had prepared. He responded with a smile and a nod, taking another bite and grinning once more. His eagerness to eat was unmistakable, bringing a sweet smile to my lips."Why aren't you eating?" he asked."You go ahead and eat first because I'm not hungry yet," I replied. It was only six in the afternoon, and he needed to take his medication, so I helped him with his meal."Are you on a diet?" This man had many questions."Not particularly," I responded."You're quite slender.""What do you mean, slender? I'm sexy, you know," I retorted with a pout, suppressing a sigh. I was tempted to mention Maureen's slim figure, but I decided against it as I didn't want to bring up his mistress's name.He pouted. "Am I not sexy?" I raised an eyebrow. He simply smiled. Ah, whatever! "One last thing," I told him. The 'baby bull' had completed the meal I had cooked and prepared for h
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While waiting for Ivan to finish his shower, I prepared his clothes for him. I also freshened up the bed sheets and pillowcases. They weren't soiled, but Ivan is very particular about his belongings, even before his amnesia sets in. He insists on having his towels and bedding laundered daily, and he's even more particular about these matters than the average woman. I was the one changing them, but the laundrywoman took care of washing them. As the bathroom door swung open, I couldn't help but steal a quick glance in his direction. However, the sight of him clad only in a towel prompted me to discreetly avert my eyes. I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't make use of the bathrobe hanging in the bathroom.I discreetly cleared my throat, feeling a dryness in my throat, and then slowly approached him, keeping my gaze fixed firmly on the floor. I guided him towards the couch, where I had thoughtfully laid out his clothes. While he should have been capable of dressing himself, his dis
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I refrained from returning to our room for the time being. Instead, I spent some time in the garden and came back once I was certain that Ivan was asleep. With each passing day, the burden I carry grows heavier and heavier. Honestly, I'm causing harm to myself with my actions. Rachelle was right; I truly became a self-sacrificing individual in matters of love. However, all of this is temporary. Soon, I'll be leaving this house. I'll be leaving Ivan. And eventually, everything will become a part of the past, memories to look back on and laugh about. For now, Ivan needs me, so I'll stay to take care of him. I'm still his wife until I leave, and he said he's going to file for an annulment. My gaze ascended, fixing upon the star-studded heavens above, where the moon shone resplendently, its silvery roundness casting a luminous glow."How are you up there in heaven, Mom and Dad?" I reminisced about the time when my grandfather departed from this world during my tender years. My mothe
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I woke up later than usual, finding that Ivan had already left our bed. It had been nearly dawn when I drifted off to sleep, and I hadn't noticed him getting up.After a refreshing shower, I left our room with a smile gracing my lips, but it quickly faded upon seeing the scene before me. Maureen was here! She and Ivan were sitting together on the couch. It was already past nine, so my in-laws had left, and Ivan's siblings had also gone to work. I watched the two of them for a moment; Ivan was smiling, and Maureen was talking non-stop. Whenever they laughed, Maureen would hug him, and Ivan would put his arm around her. Once again, I was seized by a sudden, profound ache in my chest. I had hoped to become emotionally numb, yet it appeared impossible. The pain was still very real. Uncertainty gripped me, unsure whether to make my way to the kitchen and feign ignorance or retreat to the room and wait for Maureen to leave. Why does this woman persist in constricting my world? It's not
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