The CEO Irresistible Ex-Wife

The CEO Irresistible Ex-Wife

By:  Tula  Completed
Language: English
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Nora Jackson got married through an arranged marriage. During the 3 years, she did her part as a good wife but then this didn’t soften her husband’s cold heart. The man never looked at her differently. Daniel Wilson was only interested in what her body could offer him. According to him, Nora was good in bed, she was just irresistible. She could satisfy his wildest fantasies but he couldn’t allow himself to fall in love with her. Nora patiently waited for him until the worst happened. His childhood sweet heart came back and everything didn’t make sense any more. The day she caught him in his lover’s house while she was practically naked, Nora decided that she was done with him. She gave up on their marriage and gave him the divorce papers. When Nora saw the disbelief in his cold eyes, she said” You were forced to marry me but I have realized that you will never love me. This is your chance to get rid of me and be with the love of your life” “Alright let us get divorced” he agreed arrogantly. Daniel later discovered her secret identity that she was the mysterious cardiologist that he has been searching for the last 3 years. He couldn’t help but ask” Nora, how can I repay you? At least let me make it up to you by remarrying you” he continued talking nonsense but Nora wasn’t interested, she was past this. “I have no interest in marrying a person like you, aren’t you supposed to be getting married to the woman you love?” “I can cancel the wedding for your sake”

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excellent so far
2024-01-14 08:09:46
user avatar
I love this book so much and I can relate to it 100% and it made me realize that I can also move on no matter how hard it may be but that I can do it. I also had someone who treated me this way and we have a daughter together so Ik how she feels
2023-12-18 15:14:44
user avatar
Colette Gillissie Wiest
I'm getting better at reading unedited books. Once you get past the personal pronoun misuse, likely from a difficulty in language translation, it's a very enjoyable read. I just caught up with the author at chapter 217,and I am looking forward to what Caos will unfold next for this this couple.
2023-12-06 14:25:30
default avatar
Wonderful read
2023-11-04 23:30:27
user avatar
Christine Owings
133 chapters 10/11/23
2023-10-12 10:07:39
default avatar
Nancy Juarez
Love it. I wished I can afford to open up more chapters
2023-10-09 21:10:02
user avatar
Personally, I haven't found one redeeming quality in Daniel to understand why Nora would even be in love with him. But the book is entertaining.
2023-10-06 01:47:28
default avatar
Sheila H Jacobs
Great book! Ready to read more!
2023-10-01 04:42:32
default avatar
How long will end
2023-09-10 22:55:43
default avatar
Kobina Bondze
I really love it and I like to read it many stints ...
2023-08-31 00:53:22
user avatar
Jesikka High
Daniel's the serial cheater and yet he's treated as some prize. Goes back and forth between women and is the one to make decisions on whom he wants to be with every few years. It's sickening! I can't even root for Nora even more & he still causes more stress in her life with Aria coming after her..
2023-08-03 02:36:29
user avatar
Christine Owings
28 chapters 7/31/23
2023-08-01 01:10:41
default avatar
Rita Wilson
Mr. Kane got blacklisted is a good book. It's funny and has romance.
2023-09-18 02:56:32
default avatar
it is one of the most disgusting books ever
2024-01-27 19:16:11
user avatar
Fuzelihle Ngcobo
This book should be removed from this platform as it is stolen from 2 Authors - Plagiarism at its best. Shameless Author
2024-02-21 05:49:28
266 Chapters
Chapter 1
The mansion was so dark and scary for Nora as she curled up on the bed to sleep. Tonight was extremely cold and she really wished that her husband was around to keep her warm. This was something that she had been yearning for the 3 years that they have been married together.The spot where she laid her head felt damp from her uncontrollable tears but she didn’t care. What was breaking her heart in to tiny pieces was the fact that her husband didn’t want her.Whenever they were together he looked at her with disgust. Did he ever think that one day she will get tired of this loveless marriage?She laughed at herself deprecatively and wiped the tears with her hands then muttered” No more shedding tears for him”The bedroom door suddenly opened and she got startled, she knew that it was her husband back home. However the most surprising thing was that he came back too soon, normally he would go for days and come back to torture her body. How ironic? He hated her but enjoyed her body with
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Chapter 2
It was like he was made for her and he was the only one who knew what her body needed. All her thoughts just vanished and all she could focus on was his hands that were pleasuring her body and his mouth that was teasing her lips.When he kissed her, he felt her hesitation. That fact did disappoint him a little but he knew that she was still caught up in the thought that they could have something.“Nora, you know that it is your duty to please me, so I would like it if you would do away with all this useless idea you have in your head and start to give it to me the way I like it” Daniel said and she could feel a trace of disappointment in his deep raspy voice.Hearing him say that brought her back to reality and immediately she sprang in to action. It was going to be the last time she was going to touch and caress his body and so she better make it worthwhile.So she woke up from her sadness and kissed him back with all the passion she had never shown him in the period they were marri
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Chapter 3
She did so well, that was one of the best sex they had in a while.“You performed well, honey” he complimented and Nora just smiled at him then kissed him lightly on the lips.” This was the only time she knew to express herself freely, after everything was done and it was dawn again, he would turn in to a different man whom she didn’t even dare to touch or approach.“I enjoyed myself too” she replied and faked a smile.Indeed there was nothing to complain about, Daniel was a generous lover. He wasn’t selfish and even though he never loved her, he always dedicated himself to giving her all of him. Honestly she did the same and she could never imagine giving her body and soul to someone else the same way she did to Daniel.It didn’t last long when Daniel pulled her to him again and she could feel his huge bulge. He whispered in her ears” I want you right now.”He talked with urgencyNora blushed but didn’t reject him although she was already exhausted from the passionate sex they have j
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Chapter 4
Three years ago, Nora’s family business wasn’t doing well. Her father was buried in debts and he couldn’t handle the pressure from creditors who even threatened his life. For this they turned to the Wilson family to help them out. Wilson family built one of the most powerful business empires in the country.It happened that their forefathers had made an agreement in the past to let their children marry. In that way, their businesses would continue to thrive and the bond between them would grow stronger.When Daniel heard this he wasn’t happy, he was in love with his childhood sweet heart but his family couldn’t accept the relationship simply because they didn’t approve of her family background. With all the anger in his heart, he had to marry Nora for the sake of his grandmother. He swore never to love her come rain, come sunshine.His grandmother was pressuring him to marry and give her an heir and so he had no option but to marry a woman he didn’t fancy at all.Nora could still rem
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Chapter 5
With that she turned her back on both of them and left. Tears flowed on her face uncontrollably as she sat down on her car. They wouldn’t stop no matter how much she tried to. Why was it that difficult not to cry for him? She had promised herself never to shed tears for him but once again she had failed terribly.Since she got married to Daniel, she has shed so many tears for him, she just became overwhelmed. Nora couldn’t bear the lonely nights, the constant disappointments and the lack of love. She was done and she didn’t wish to pursue him anymore.Aria produced a victorious smile seeing the pitiful look on Nora’s face. Before she came back, she wasn’t sure whether Daniel would take her back. But she had to try, he was her first and Nora was just a distraction in their life.All she had to do was to rekindle the love that they used to share and all will be well. Daniel, will soon divorce Nora and go back to her. Things were even better because Daniel promised her that he wasn’t goi
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Chapter 6
“Oh…..grand ma it is just that he has been working late most of the days and I was afraid to stay at the house alone. I feel so lonely, do you mind if I stay for some days?” Nora thought that after a few days, she would have found her own place and she would comfortably move out and fend for herself. It shouldn’t be that difficult if she had made her mind to leave Daniel.“In that case you are welcomed to stay as long as you need to “Lucy said.Then again the door opened and Natasha Wilson came in. Natasha was Daniel’s mother and she also thought that Nora was a good woman. She adored her and never agreed with what Daniel was doing.At her age, she was still a celebrity who tuned heads whenever she passed on the streets. Both the woman and her husband were blessed with good looks. No wonder Daniel was so perfect in every way possible. Women would lust after his looks whenever he went.“Hello Nora” she greeted as she kissed her on the cheeks.“Hi Natasha, it is good to see you” Nora f
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Chapter 7
Back at the mansion, Nora was a bit relaxed. At least for the time being, she was surrounded with love and she couldn’t have wished for anything more or less. She didn’t feel pressured anymore about Daniel’s love. Oh… felt so nice to finally think about her needs and not someone else. The only thing she regretted was wasting her entire 3 years with Daniel, she would have ended it sooner.Soon someone knocked on the door and Natasha requested her to open it. She gladly went and was surprised to see Edward Miles.It has been a long time since she saw him, Edward was Daniel’s friend. The two basically grew up together and he was fond of the family. Nora has always thought that he was a good and respectable man. He just came to see Daniel’s grandmother and by chance he met Nora. He was worried about her heart condition and would drop by often to check on her.“Nora, great to see you” he said as he gave her a peck on the cheeks. What he was wondering was why Nora was in Daniels’s fa
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Chapter 8
Honestly he didn’t even know why he was there in the first place. But then again her tone really made him disappointed .Today, she was calling him Daniel instead of Dan. How could she change that fast? Somehow, he kind of liked the nickname she gave him.“I should be asking you what you are doing here, my mother had to make me leave my business to come and stay with you. I figured out that since you asked for the divorce you had a proper idea of where you were going to stay” he went on and on without caring that she wasn’t feeling well.“Don’t worry, I am going to leave soon. I just need a few days. Besides, I wanted to see Lucy, the woman was more of a family to me than you were. If you are worried that I told them that we are divorced, I didn’t. It should come from you because you are the one who never wanted this marriage in the first place.”Daniel stared at her emotionlessly “Nora don’t be unreasonable, you are the one who decided to leave so it should be you telling her.”He li
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Chapter 9
Nora bit his lips and he smelled blood” why the hell did you do that?” He screamed and Nora looked at him with an emotionless face” leave….. me and you have nothing in common, okay. I don’t want your kisses , your touches or anything to have to do with you . We are done and I don’t want to ever see you. Come on, get out”She was really serious. Daniel realized that his actions must have hurt her so much for there was nothing worst than a scornful woman.It happened that his phone rang and they both stared at the caller. Aria was calling and Daniel tried to assume it. But Nora was going to show him that he didn’t matter to her anymore. All she wanted was to be left alone.“Pick it up. Don’t keep the love of your life waiting.” she snarled while sneering in disgust.Daniel picked the phone up and heard the pitiful voice of Aria” Darling, you promised to come back yesterday night, I waited for you until I fell asleep, what happened?”“Aria, I am in the middle of something right now. You
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Chapter 10
Since Nora had talked to Lucy, she didn’t have to feel guilty for leaving. She went upstairs without talking to the man, soon she came down with her bags Nora never planned on leaving this soon, but there was obviously nothing for her to do in the house. Staying will be like hoping that some miracle could happen so that her life would be different.The man was still standing on the same spot with his hands in his pocket. He said impatiently” where do you think you are going?” What was wrong with the man, not long ago he asked what I was still doing in this house and now he was asking me where I was going.“None of your business?” Nora snarled back at him. She could care less whether he was concerned or not.“You know, if you leave I can find you whenever I want. So there is no use of you being this rude. “He should let her leave, right. But the problem was that he didn’t want her to go.Nora was aware that he was powerful and connected, if he wanted to make her life unbearable, it w
Read more Protection Status