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A chain of Events causes a drift in the Gustavo Family that leads to the death of their mother and the exile of Diego the eldest son. The tragedy leaves the family in shambles but they manage to survive, rebuild and climb up the ladder in the criminal underworld. Six years later and the eldest son who has been living in New York decides it is time to return home and face the responsibilities he ran away from head on, it is time for everybody to know the truth for he harbors a great secret that very few know; a girl that should be dead. Irene is the love of Diego’s life and the object of Alejandro’s desires but due to an accident that leaves her for dead and causes her to lose her memory she doesn’t remember either of them. Diego in order to keep her safe must keep his distance from the woman he loves , watching and protecting her from the shadows waiting patiently for the day she remembers who he is and hoping that when she eventually does he has not become too much of a monster for her to recognize him. This decision to return begins a war between him and his twin brother Alejandro who hates and blames him for the events that led to the death of their mother. Alejandro fears that the return of his brother will threaten his place of succession to their family’s business and thus a power struggle begins between two brothers who once loved each other but now consider themselves as mortal enemies. A war for money, status and most importantly for love.

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30 Chapters
​​​​ ONEDIEGOLooking out the window into the dark and really busy night, I did wonder what people found beautiful about this city. Was it the overly crowded streets, the tall buildings and their always blinking bright lights? Or perhaps it was the noise from the cars and trains zipping past; maybe something in the air that I would never quite figure out.What exactly is beautiful about this dump? I have stayed here for 6 years and I still cannot see it.“Maybe I am just not open to it” I muttered cynically“Open to what?” a trembling male voice replied behind me.“All of this” I answered turning around“I do not know what people find so intriguing about this city that makes them so eager to come here and start their life; New York City, the land of dreams…more like the land of fucking nightmares” I muttered again“Please, I will tell you anything you want to know” the man stutteredI could see through the reflection in the glass that the man was trembling from fear. He was on his kn
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TWOTHIRD PERSON’S POV“Coming back? He is coming back? Dad can you even hear yourself?” Alejandro was heard saying, his voice echoing in the den “Have you forgotten what he did? What he did to this family, the pain he brought to us? What happened to mamma?”“You know I haven’t but…”“Do not tell me you are even considering this Dad, come on” He interrupted, standing with his hands placed palms flat on the table that separated themHe had been in a mood since he was informed about the arrival of his brother and his anger was quite justified. It was his brother who they had practically ruled as dead for over six years now and the man who had been responsible for the woes that had befallen their family in the last three years including the death of their mother. It would be a tough pill to swallow for anyone including their father who lost the one woman he had ever loved.Alejandro had stepped up and played a major part in keeping the business afloat, keeping the family strong by any
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THREEIRENEFucking hell… why does my head hurt this much, I groaned Yes, I remember…I was out drinking yesterday with the girls and that had definitely been a bad idea, I thought with my eyes still closed.I wondered what the time was as I rolled over to grab the tiny clock I always kept on the shelf beside the bed but it wasn’t there, I felt around some more and I could not even feel the shelf.I groaned again, prying my eyes open little by little because it felt like my head would definitely split open if I opened them too fast.When did my ceiling get this detailed, I thought again as my eyes finally opened to the point where I could see a bit.The hangover was really killing me because the ceiling looked so far away and for some reason I could not see the fan that was usually directly over my bed and then just like a flip was switched in my head and it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t looking at my ceilingI was fully alert now as I sprung up and sat upright on the bed, my he
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FOURTHIRD PERSON’S POVThe female officer standing in the front of the building saluted as detective Green, coffee in hand approached the yellow taped area.“Good morning officer” Detective Green said“Beautiful morning to you too, detective; I hope you had a good night’s rest?”“I was just about to get started on the sleeping thing when I got the call; so what do we have?”“I haven’t seen a crime scene this gruesome in a long time sir and I do not have words to quite describe it…you will have to see it yourself” the officer said as she lifted the tape for Green to proceed into the building.“What do you think happened here?” He asked as they entered into the elevator“Probably a gang war or something you know how it goes with these guys they are always killing each other for one reason or the other.”“Who is on the scene?”“The question should be who isn’t” she replied as the elevator doors opened to a crowded hallway filled with different uniformed personnel moving around taking pi
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FIVETHIRD PERSON’S POVAlejandro’s car had just pulled up to the cabin in the middle of nowhere; he had not stopped driving since he got into the car because for some reason, he thought better on the road and this was definitely the time for thinking.He had come up with the semblance of a sane plan although he did not quite have all the details yet but he knew he needed the one man he could trust the most by his side again.He stepped out of his black Rover and walked towards the cabin looking around carefully as he did; memories of what had happened there flooding inThis is not the time, he thoughtClearing his head strengthening his resolve, Alejandro got to the door and knocked a couple of times without getting any response; he knew he was inside the house and he was definitely getting ignored.Finally he heard someone walking towards the door and then a voice he had missed came through“You really should not be her, man; what do you want from me?”“We need to talk, right now!”
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After a short period of silence Mateo spoke three words that left his brother in shock“I don’t care.”“You don’t what?”“Yes Alejandro, I do not care that Diego is coming back.” He said it so calmly this time as Alejandro watched the hate he had just seen in his eyes a couple of seconds ago completely vanish. “I have nothing to do with him and as long as he does not bother me on my island of solitude I am fine, I do not want to get dragged in again.”It had just dawned on Alejandro that he had been totally wrong on the prediction of his brothers reaction to the news, he had expected him to be more angry maybe throw some furniture or at least put up a significant fight in the matter but he sat right there in front of him as calm as a body of water that had not just been troubled.Mateo’s calmness made Alejandro extremely uncomfortable“So in essence what you are telling me is you will not be taking my side in this fight against our brother.”As Alejandro kept on talking about how the
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IRENE“I do not want his attention it feels like he is all over me some times it is exhausting.”I said into the phone as I came out of my building and got into the Taxi that would take me to the office, I had been on the call with Carla, my roommate for over 2 hours now. She had gone on a little vacation with her man for the past week and had left me with nobody to talk to so these morning sessions of exchanging gossip and new information was everything to me.“He is just trying to be supportive, I get that you are new to that so you do not really understand how to react to being loved.” She replied me but I could see her laughing through my minds eye.“Fuck you.” I said laughing out loud. “Danny is not it, he is too sweet it is getting really annoying.”“What do women want?” I heard Roddy; Carla’s boyfriend say, I hadn’t realized he was actually listening to our conversation.“Hi Roderick” I replied in the most sarcastic voice I could musterI wasn’t really a fan of Rody when we fir
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IRENE There he was standing in front of me, it had almost been two weeks but his face was tattooed in my mind's eye, his perfectly sculpted face and dark eyes that gazed deep into your soul as if looking to drag out every inner secret you have ever had. The black shirt and trouser he had on complemented his chiseled body beautifully and I kept looking at his chest through the space left by the two unbuttoned buttons For a second I was frozen as I kept looking at his face in shock, so many questions kept racing in my mind. Who was he? Why was he here? Why was I here? I couldn’t think of an actual answer to all these questions so I just stood there staring as all the naughty thoughts I had been having with this guy in my mind for the past days came flooding in. I was helpless. “Earth to Irene, why are you just standing there?” I heard Tony say as I snapped back to reality finally averting my gaz
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DIEGOAs the elevator doors closed I could feel a little smile forming on my face, it had been so long since I had seen her face at least physically. I had just been watching through screens and pictures that my guys delivered to me.There was this feeling in my belly when we stood barely centimeters away from each other it felt like I should reach out and grab her right there and then, I hadn’t felt that way in a while, it was the same thing at the house the other day. When I got to the ground floor of the building I saw the receptionist shoot me a smile and adjust her hair, she had done the same thing when I entered some minutes ago. It’s something I knew I could act on and in a few days she’d be waking up in bed with me but now was not the time for that, I had to be focusing all my efforts on getting back home and to be quite honest since I met Irene again physically I hadn’t been in the mood to be with someone else.I had
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DIEGOI couldn’t shake off the ringing sensation in my ear no matter how much I tried. My head felt like it was about to split through the middle as it rested on the roof of the car. It took a few seconds for my brain to fully process what had happened and accept the fact that we were upside down in the car. We had been run over and I could hear the faint voices of the men talking outside as they seemed to walk towards us. I looked to my front to check on Pietro my driver and it was obvious just by looking that he was in worse shape than I was. “Pietro wake the fuck up.” I shouted while unhooking the seat belt I had on, I was fond of wearing the belt no matter where I sat this might have just been what had saved me from certain death. The belt hook finally came down and I dropped to the roof of the car which was now on the ground, I reached out to where Pietro was and finally realized why he wasn’t answering m
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