The Billionaire's Rivalry

The Billionaire's Rivalry

By:  Gaius Uka  Ongoing
Language: English
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Daisy gets the shock of her life when Clark, her husband serves her a divorce and gets engaged into Amelia. Alejandro is her night in shinning amour and saves her life. They have a blissful relationship but life and Clark gets in the way. Like a child who wants their long forgotten toy back, he applies all the tactics he has up his sleeves to get her back. His success is inhibited by a bitter and despicable past, one Alejandro is a huge part of. A can of worms gets opened and Daisy doesn't like what she finds. She is also faced with the choice to pick the lesser evil among the two men. Will she let her motherly sentiment or emotions get in the way of her decision? She overcomes her indecisiveness and makes what seems like the right choice. Once again danger gets in the way of her happiness. This time around she does the unthinkable to protect herself from the danger heading towards her and her loved ones.

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1
Daisy’s POV This was not exactly the way I pictured I will spend my night—cold and alone. The rain pelted on my face and diluted my salty tears as they washed my face clean. My mascara must be smudged by now, my hair soaked and my clothes were cold and uncomfortable too. I was shivering and my teeth kept clanking. It was the dead of the night and no one was around to ask for help. My situation never got any better as thunderstorms started. I became even more scared and confused than I ever. My breathing was slowing down. It felt like my brain and awake faculties were shutting down, maybe this was it. Just maybe this was the end. My day started on a really good note before everything spiraled downhill. I had a full day ahead of me. Surprisingly, I woke up alone today. Clark usually waited till I woke up to kiss me good morning. He would be already dressed and going through some work-related stuff on his iPad. Once I’m awake, I’d go to the bathroom and do my business there. Out
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Chapter 2
Daisy POVThe anticipation was driving me crazy. I knew I had to be patient and in no time I would know if I was pregnant or not. When I got home, I put the ice cream in the fridge. The house was very quiet, all the cleaners and domestic staff had gone already. Clark never really liked the idea of having staff stay in, even Mrs. Jenny didn't stay in. She prepared meals daily and put them away in the freezer. Whenever we needed to eat, I would microwave it for us. He liked a really private life even at home. I liked it too but it gets lonely most of the time. Only the guards remained at strategic locations in the villa. When I got to the room Clark and I share, I quickly rushed into the bathroom. I peed into a disposable cup into which I dipped all the sticks in. I set the timer for two minutes just as the instructions read. The two minutes I had to wait were the longest of my life so far. My heartbeat accelerated seriously, I was unsteady and pacing in the bathroom. The alarm st
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Chapter 3
Daisy’s POV "Just sign the damn papers already." I couldn't believe my ears. I was definitely dreaming, I needed a pinch to wake me up. It was real, as real as daylight."No. I wouldn't." I stood my grounds."Yes. You would ." He screamed at me. His loud voice made me quake. My hands couldn't stay steady. I began to sob and for a moment I saw his eyes and facial features soften but it went back to being hard again. He never does this. He is doing a lot of things he never does all in one day.Realization hit me like a ton of bricks. His mother wants me out of his life. She is definitely the brain behind all of these. The same day she threatened me, the same day my marriage was falling apart already."This is your mother's doing, isn't it?" I asked him with tears in my eyes."No. This or whatever we had was long gone." He said, waving his fingers back and forth between us."But you kissed me everyday, you told me you loved me everyday." I cried even more."All words, they were a
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