The Billionaire's Regret

The Billionaire's Regret

By:  Vivi Jeremiah  Updated just now
Language: English
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Harriett Edwards has been in love with Damien Daniels since childhood, so when both their parents arrange for them to be married, she gladly accepts even though she was well aware that it wasn’t what Damien wanted. For the three years of their marriage, she devoted her life to him with the hope that she would be able to change his mind and eventually get him to fall in love with her. It all comes crashing down when someone fabricates a picture of her cheating with Damien’s brother, Adrian. After seeing the pictures, he coldly said. “I want a divorce!” And even when she confessed her love to him, his reply was cold and hurtful. “I know. It doesn’t matter. I don’t love you.” What he didn’t know was that in her hand was the pregnancy test result from a mistake he made in his drunken state. Years later, they both meet at a friend’s wedding and he is shocked to see her with a set of identical twins that looked just like him. “Are they mine?” He asked. Harriett laughed and replied, remembering his own words. “It doesn’t matter, Damien. They don’t need a father.”

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good reader
just wanna know your updates schedule for the story
2024-03-25 17:14:30
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It a good and interesting novel
2024-03-25 00:39:04
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Liz Leon Guerrero
caught my interest in 1St chapter
2024-03-15 12:09:24
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Vivi Jeremiah
Hello, Dear readers! Thank you for giving this book a chance. As you read, please do not hesitate to give your reviews. Your criticism and advise will be wholeheartedly worked on. Also, thank you to those who have been voting with their gems. Updates continue daily. Happy Reading!
2024-03-11 01:42:29
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peace enejoh
A really good book! More updates, please.
2024-03-09 14:57:55
default avatar
Good start.
2024-03-17 13:58:58
68 Chapters
The Divorce
“I want a divorce!” Damien Daniels, her husband towered over her as he yelled. She had just come back from the hospital and was about sharing the good news with him. In her hand was the result of her pregnancy test and as she expected, she was pregnant. It came as a shock to her especially since her and Damien had only spent one night together which was infact a mistake. Not that it mattered to Harriett. To her, this was a way of solidifying their marriage. “W-what are you talking about?” Harriett’s voice broke and her tone was unstable. She couldn’t believe her ears. Why now? Why was he suddenly bringing this up? “You think I wouldn’t know that you’ve been sleeping with my brother?” He says and she staggers, her brows creasing as confusion spread through her face. “Sleeping with Adrian? Why would you even say that?” She denies and he slams a picture on the table for her to see. She hurriedly picks it up only to drop it back with a scream. “This isn’t possible!” She yelled. It was
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Not So Pathetic
Harriett clenched the pregnancy test result in her hand, ruining the paper. She wasn’t going to tell him about it anymore. Not after he had hurt her. She knew so well that Damien didn’t love her but they were friends. They had been for a long time so how could he kick her out so heartlessly? What hurt her the most were his words ‘ None of that matters, Harriett. I don’t love you.’ How could be so cruel to someone he spent most of his life with? If he didn’t even like her, why did he make her feel like they were friends? Why put up with her for all these years?She ridiculed herself as she sat on the floor, chuckling like a mad woman. ‘I guess I’ll always be a second option.’ She muttered to herself. But, she had always known this. Damien didn’t love her, he never even really liked her. She was just someone he was forced to put up with. Harriett looked around and discovered that the maids were beginning to whisper amongst themselves as they passed by, probably mocking her terrible
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Outside Damien’s home, Harriett’s car was already waiting. One by one, she packed all her boxes into the car with the help of Mrs Jane. She turned around to look at the house one last time, a tear slipping out of her eyes as she remembered how happy she was when she entered this same house. She came with a smile only to leave with tears. How pitiful! Without even going to her father’s house, she drove straight to the court after dropping Mrs Jane and filed for a divorce, waited for the papers to be ready before leaving. She was going to make things easier for him, just like she had always done. For the entire three years of their marriage, she always put his feelings before hers and even now that it was about to end, she was going to do just that. He wanted her gone, so she was going to leave. She checked her phone and saw that she had nine missed calls from Adrian. She had been ignoring his call since the incident with Damien happened. He hadn’t wronged her in any way but she did
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Evelyn James
Damien left his friend fuming. He should have known that Eric would take Harriett’s side. Everyone thought she was a fucking angel. Thanks to Eric and his speech, Damien found himself second guessing his decision. Perhaps he should have investigated further before throwing her out. But then, the picture was too clear. It couldn’t have been made up and he also had a lover. It was time to focus on Evelyn James and possibly wed her. After thinking of where to go since he didn’t want to go back to the lonely walls of his hotel room, he decided to go to Evelyn’s house. No other person understood him as much as she did. So, he drove to her Evelyn’s apartment. When he got there, he only rung the doorbell once when Evelyn came running to him. It was as though she had been expecting him. “Damien.” Evelyn said with a smile, her eyes gleaming. She was happy to see him and didn’t even bother hiding it. She knew it was wrong to be in love with a married man but Damien loved her first and if it
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Moving On
Harriett arrived at her father’s house and was immediately welcomed by her parents. Her father, Jake Edwards engulfed her in a bone crushing hug as he wept silently. He couldn’t believe that his daughter was being labelled as a cheater. The humiliation was too much for him to bear. The Edward’s family had only one child, Harriett and they raised her with everything they had. They made sure she never lacked any material or emotional need. One thing her mother made sure of was that she didn’t allow the many privileges to get to her head. She always reminded her to be kind to people. Their Christian background helped them instill those values in her and so, they didn’t need any proof to know that that their daughter was being falsely accused.“Su-ji!” Harriett’s mother called her by her Korean name and gave her a warm hug, her heart aching at the thought of the things her daughter had to go through in Damien’s house. Her family was well aware of how much she loved him which was wh
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The Truth
Damien couldn’t understand a word of what Mrs Jane was saying. What the hell did she mean by ‘ Harriett has processed the divorce papers, signed them and has delivered them to you?’ Wasn’t he the one that asked for a divorce? Why the hell did she already process the papers when she wasn’t sure if he had made up his mind or not? She didn’t even ask for his opinion before going ahead with this. Why? ‘Because you were away for three days.’ A voice whispered in head.Damien was shocked that Harriett would do this. He always thought that she was the one who wanted to cling to him forever. “Where is she?” Damien asked, ignoring everything Mrs Smith said. “I’m sorry but Harriett has moved out of your house. Since she has already signed the divorce papers, you both aren’t married anymore. She wants you to not call her or look for her. Oh and, have a great time with Evelyn.” Mrs Smith harshly said and cut the call. She didn’t get any direct orders from Harriett but she hated Damien
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Bring her back
Without wasting any second, Damien rushed to the kitchen to check if the maid had gone to the court with the papers. When he got there, he met the younger maid who was busy clearing the place.“Where is Ma Clara?” He asked, holding his breath as he hoped that she would still be in the house.“She left for the court a few minutes ago. According to her, you gave her some papers to submit to Mrs. Harriett’s lawyer.” The young maid said and Damien felt his heart break into a million pieces.“How long has it been since she left the house?” He asked, feeling restless.“Ten minutes, sir.” The young maid said and in a split second, Damien was out of the house and on his way to the court. “If I make it on time, I might be able to stop the divorce processing.” He assured himself as he drove like a madman to the court. But, it seemed that God was not on his side as he is met with Traffic along the road that was caused by an accident.“Fuck!” Damien cursed aloud and hit his steering wheel
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Tony Martinez
FOUR YEARS LATER“Where are my favorite twins?” Tony’s voice could be heard from the kitchen which caused loud laughter from Addison and Adrian who immediately ran out to him, knowing he came bearing chocolates. He always did. Harriett and her family had moved to Paris after the incident with Damien. They decided that in order for her to fully get over him, she needed to be far away from him.They also made sure to keep a low profile in Paris as they didn’t want to be easily found by Damien if he ever tried looking for them.Two months after Harriett moved to Paris, she found out that she was pregnant with a pair of twins- a boy and a girl. Her joy knew no bounds and even her parents were excited. They had been expecting just one child but they were blessed with two. Harriett met Tony Martinez in the hospital while she was getting her checkup. He was the doctor who was in charge of her and they got closer to each other with her every visit. When Harriett gave birth, Tony wa
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Seeing Him
The familiar buzz of New York City brought a smile to Harriett’s face as they drove to the Edward Mansion. It had been four years but nothing had change. She hated how normal it felt to her. Almost like she never left. Addison and Adrian on the other hand had never been to New York and for some strange reason, they already loved it. “I like how tall the buildings are… look at that. There are people everywhere, mummy.” Addison said, pointing out the window with a wide grin.“There are people in Paris too, Addy. You’re just being dramatic.” Harriett’s mother said, making everyone in the car laugh.Harriett looked back to see Tony’s car following behind them. It wasn’t his first time in New York and he could easily get a hotel to stay in but her parents wouldn’t have it.“You’re family now, Tony. Family stays together.” Her mother had told him. Harriett couldn’t understand why her parents liked him that much. As much as he was her best friend, she was uncomfortable with the way
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Meeting Him
The priest began the wedding ceremony and Harriett couldn’t help the smile that was plastered to her face as she watched Eric exchange vows with his beautiful bride. The way he looked at his bride made it obvious that he was completely smitten by her.Harriett made a mental note to thank the lovely girl for capturing Eric’s heart and causing him to settle down. As Damien stood beside Eric as his bestman, he was completely unaware of the woman who was seated a few meters away from him. It is only when he turns his head to catch a small glimpse of the crowd that he sees her, dressed in red and smiling at an unfamiliar man.Damien felt the air seep out of him as he found it hard to breathe. He had searched the whole earth for her for four whole years but it was to no avail.She looked different. Too different. When she lived with him, she looked pale and worn out, always having eye bags and her eyes lacked warmth. No matter how much she tried then, she could never look appealing to him
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