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"Mrs. King, please sign the papers,” the lawyer insisted as he placed them before her. Genevieve blinked twice as she stared at the papers for a few seconds before looking back at the male lawyer. A lump grew in her throat making it hard to swallow. “W-who issued this divorce again?” she stuttered, asking an obvious question. The lawyer stared at her with pity for a second before going on to answer. “Your husband, Mrs. King.” ***** Genevieve had always felt like she had it all. The perfect man, perfect family, and perfect job. Well, that was until Kyle Jordan King, her husband deemed it fit to send her the divorce papers because she couldn't bear him a child. Genevieve becomes devastated and vows to make him pay when she can for making her heart bleed the way it did but what she doesn't know is sometimes, things are not always as they seem. Years later, with twins at hand that belonged to her ex-husband, Genevieve had to return to the city where it all began again and consequently had to work with the man who had broken her heart. With sparks still flying, a forceful dilemma, and chemistry at its peak, Eve had to decide if she was willing to let the billionaire into the lives of her kids. And even more, hers. Will she give in to the sizzling temptation that was Kyle Jordan King or would she do everything to avoid and stay away from him even when it was close to impossible?

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Genevieve could have sworn that she saved up the files before she left work for home the previous day. But somehow, the files she was very sure that she had saved were no longer on her laptop. Her face scrunched up momentarily as she felt the rise of a headache coming.Still frowning, she took out the flash drive she had inserted into her laptop seconds ago and fixed it back in. Her fingers moved against the keyboard speedily as she searched up for the files in the external unit all to no avail.“Damnit!” Eve swore as her body slumped against her chair. She still couldn't understand what was going on but she was starting to get annoyed. Glancing at the time on the diamond wristwatch strapped to her left wrist, she realized that if somehow she didn't get the file, she wouldn't be able to finish up the whole account calculations in time for tomorrow's presentation.Letting out a defeated sigh, Genevieve attempted to place a call to her assistant but stopped midway when she realized tha
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Genevieve had a lot of fears but the biggest one yet was having people see her the way she saw herself. Granted that she wasn't the most beautiful woman on earth and not the smartest, she knew that she was good enough to be seated in the position she was seated in as the CFO of Build.Shortly after getting married, Kyle had insisted that she had to assume the role of the CFO in his family's company and she hadn't declined. Anything to be close to her husband but as she thought about it that moment, she realized how much of a mistake it was.It was common knowledge all around the company that she hadn't been able to produce an heir or an heiress for her husband as wanted by his family. Although her husband didn't mind, the others had mentioned it once in a while which always struck a nerve.Genevieve struggled with the emotions building up in her as she set them aside and focused on her work. Every now and then, the comment would make its way into her mind and she would stop, distracte
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Kyle's brows furrowed as he glanced at the watch strapped to his wrist. The time was ticking non-stop and he was running late. He hated being late. Not to a meeting, not to hangouts, and certainly not to a fucking charity event that he had been invited to.He had been frustrated all day but this was going to top it up if he didn't get his wife out of their room at that moment. After having her interrupt his meeting online earlier, he almost lost it and yelled at her.Yes, Kyle expected certain attitudes from Christine because he knew her. She was his assistant who was a very insufferable ass. But she got the job done and he loved that about her. She somehow always knew what he needed at all times and even when he said he didn't need her help, she always stuck around.Kyle wasn't lost on the extra attention the woman dotted on him but he also had to admit that it worked in his favor. She got the job done because she was infatuated with him, a phase that he was sure would pass anyway.
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Genevieve could count the number of thoughts running through her mind at the moment and it still wouldn't be enough to describe how she felt. It wouldn't be enough to fully explain how she was feeling.Despite Kyle not informing her beforehand about the event, she had quit sulking about it and threw herself into her job to finish up early. She made it home in time for her to take a quick shower and find something fitting to wear for the event.After countless searches, Eve had managed to settle for a black backless dress that she thought would catch her husband's attention. The dress had been a gift from her sister-in-law and she had never worn it before that time. She had managed to finish up as soon as she could and went down to meet her husband.Only she stopped by the car the moment she heard him on the phone.Genevieve couldn't count the number of times had shattered already but she knew it wouldn't stop for a long time. She hadn't meant to eavesdrop on her husband but she had be
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