The Billionaire's Lust For Cheap Perfume

The Billionaire's Lust For Cheap Perfume

By:  Waverly Heart  Completed
Language: English
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Jessica's life takes an unexpected turn when tragedy strikes, and she becomes responsible for her younger siblings. Putting her dreams of becoming a doctor aside, she takes up a job as an exotic dancer to make ends meet, but fate has something entirely different in store for her. Damon, a charismatic billionaire who owns the club, becomes captivated by Jessica. He begins secretly helping her financially, but Damon has secrets.... one in particular that Jessica may never be able to forgive.

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Denise Barnett
I loved this book. It has everything a book should entail.
2023-10-14 02:55:47
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Delinda Schumacher
49 chapters 8-4-23
2023-08-05 01:48:17
62 Chapters
Jessica “Julie, Jackson, hurry up!! We’re going to be late!” I call down the hall. Our new apartment is small, and my little sister immediately answers me as she walks by, her long brown hair falling by her waist. She is only twelve, but she acts like she’s sixteen with the attitude she has. “Don’t get your panties in a twist! We’re coming,” she grumbles as she heads for the kitchen cabinet, but I sigh, knowing she will be disappointed, “You didn’t get more cereal?” she asks when she sees the bare cupboard.My heart sinks, and I shake my head, “No…I’m sorry. I didn’t have time.” I stutter out, but that’s a lie. I had the time; I didn’t have the money.Jackson walks past me next, and I smile, fluffing his hair up. It’s hard to believe he just turned nine, and they weren’t here, “Jessica, STOP! I just got it the way I like it.” He says, rolling his eyes at me, and I look at his features; he looks so much like Dad- God, how I miss both of my parents so much.Three months ago, I was at
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JessicaI take a deep breath and turn around, only to come to stare at what I believe is a Greek God. Holy shit- this man looks like he could be carved of stone and placed at some glorious monument. “I’m so sorry,” I mutter- this is a nightmare!Embarrassed that he saw my outburst, I turn around and begin to look for my shoe, but he taps his foot, demanding my attention, “Looking for this?” He asks, dangling the high heel I am looking for with his index finger. He has a slight red mark on his arm, and that’s when I realize I launched my heel at this Greek God, and I left a mark on his beautiful body!Oh, My GOD!I reach for the heel, and he smirks, holding it above his head, “No, I think I will hold onto this. You seem to have anger issues, and I don’t want this stiletto shoved up my ass.” I take a step back, and even though he is wearing a smirk, his tone is serious, and now I can feel how red my face is.“Sorry,” I mutter again, trying not to stare into his deep blue eyes. “I have
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The stage
The stage lights turn on, blinding me, but I can’t mess this up; we need this. I begin to shake my hips to the music as I unbutton my dress jacket, but I don’t have any rhythm. I only took ballet in preschool and fell off the stage at my first recital. The memory makes me wince- I hate stages!Mike watches me from a chair in front of the stage, he claps, but my heart is racing- I think I might have a heart attack. Is he going to make me take it ALL off? I mean, why haven’t I been concerned about this part till right now? If I get this job, I will take my clothes off for strangers every night.My palms begin to sweat, and I feel a little faint as I unclasp the last button, throwing the jacket at Mike. “Hell, yeah! Goodie-Too-Shoes-Science girl! Wahoo!!” he commends me, but I can’t help but think he might be pranking me at the same time. Will men be yelling at me like this every night?I smile but am holding down the stomach acid that I want to vomit. I didn’t eat breakfast, and now
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DamonI chuckle, shaking my head as I walk back into my office. Her meek voice fading behind me. I already know this girl doesn’t have what it takes to work here, but I know my buddy Mikey always wants to see ANY hot girl naked. I didn’t ask for her name, but that girl was a straight 9.8 but with anger issues; I try to stay away from those types these days, though. I have enough issues running this laundering business. I had witnessed her tumble backward and fall, but what happened next was pure comedy. And the fact she hit me with her heel? I have never wanted to laugh harder in my entire laugh when I saw her face of shock, but I held it in, making her sweat. That’s what I do, though. Everyone who knows who I truly am in the crime world knows not to fuck with me.Sure, Billionaire by day and in the public eye but by night, Mafia Lord. I turn back around after closing the door and continue the task at hand, “An interview?” Mindy asks me as she places another stack of hundred-dolla
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JessicaThe bus pulls up, and the driver smiles at me when he sees how much my mood has changed. I am downright happy! No! Ecstatic! “I take it you had a change of luck?” he asks me as I climb the steps, not hiding my glee. I smile back,” Yes, I start my new job tonight.” I say proudly. He nods approvingly at me, and I drop my money in the toll as I walk to a seat and begin scrolling on my phone, applying for multiple credit cards. I will not falter on my promise; the kitchen will be fully stocked when Julie gets home, but between my student loan debt and the many credit cards already in past due balance, I am only approved for five hundred dollars, but this is enough. I don’t care what I must do tonight; I will make great tips and begin paying down the debt I have accumulated. This is the start of a new life. I break the heel off my other shoe so they match, but I hope to buy flip-flops when I shop. The bus approaches the street where the grocery store is located, and I pull th
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Don't forget
DamonI’m sitting in my office about four hours before opening when there’s a knock on the door, “Come in,” I call, and the door slowly opens. Mikey is standing there with a broken plunger that is dripping water all over the floor, and I stare at him in disbelief. “Dude, what the hell?” I ask, pointing at that disgusting thing. “Why is THAT in my office?”“The woman’s toilet is clogged. I think they were flushing tampons again,” Mikey says with his face full of disgust. “Okay?” I question, frustrated. “Did you get it unclogged?” he nods but eyes the broken plunger.“The other two are clogged as well, and now I don’t know how I am going to fix them. Do you want me to call a plumber?” He asks, and my eyes widen.“Oh, sure, let’s just give the FEDS a personal invite into my business, Mikey!” Mikey’s mouth gapes, “Damn, that’s not what I meant. My cousin is a plumber. I can call him.” he suggests, and I shake my head, grumbling. “No, I’ll go hit the store and grab another one. There’s
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JessicaDamon is quiet as we drive, and I look at the thong he placed in my lap- why did he have this? Where did he find this? Has this been in his pocket all day? I have so many questions. Why did the God have MY underwear in his pocket?“I found them behind the bar. I was going to give them back to you tonight, but now is fine too. You can slip them back on if you want,” he says, not even glancing at me. “Here? Like right now?” I ask, and I watch a slight smirk curl on his lips.“It’s up to you. I won’t tell anyone you aren’t wearing panties,” he eyes me, “Well unless you want me to.” He says, with his eyebrows raised. My cheeks burn red with embarrassment as I feel the lacey fabric and untangle it, reaching down for my ankles. I glance at him as I reach them and nervously place the panties around each of my feet, “I won’t watch. I promise.” He says in a serious tone, and his eyes return to the road.My eyes don’t leave him as I pull them on as quickly as I can, but his eyes remain
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DamonI watch as Ms. Kale’s face falls as I threaten her, and I grin internally, knowing I have already won. Jessica has no idea who I am but has also been away at college for two years. Most people in this town either know me as the billionaire or the mafia lord. Either way, it doesn’t matter- they both hold power.“You really think the news would care about something like this?” she asks me, and I watch Jessica’s face out of the corner of my eye. I recognize the terror on her face. I think she’s afraid I will get her sister expelled, but this Charter school snobby bitch has no idea what she is up against.“I do, actually. I know the head reporter, Molly Campbell. She and I are very close, and she always loves when I bring her stories. You may remember the most recent one,” I say, raising my eyebrows, “Lilly’s pet store.”Ms. Kale gasps at the mention of one of the biggest new stories that has ever been broken in this town. Lilly’s wasn’t a real pet store, no. She was selling and bre
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Stranger Danger
JessicaJulie is absolutely smitten with Damon, and I sigh as he unlocks his car- I know she is going to be my annoying little sister, the one who has no filter. I know she is going to ask all sorts of questions, but I bet if I told her he was my boss and not my friend, she might shut up.Too bad I would then have to tell her where my new job was and what I will be doing there; that is definitely not happening. “You should tell Jessica about money. We can barely pay our bills,” she blurts out.The words resonate in my head as I lean my head against the cold glass window. I don’t even feel embarrassed that she told Damn- he already knows. She doesn’t even know that we have groceries in the trunk that our probably melting as we drive to his house so his PERSONAL doctor can give her stitches.I will never be able to provide for her like this. It doesn’t matter if I take off my clothes every night or even become a doctor; I would never be a billionaire.Damon turns onto a dirt road, and
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Who I really am
Damon“Wow! Look at all this stuff!” Julie gasps as she wanders around our triage area. I chuckle as I glance at Jessica, but her eyes are on Dr. Tabby Hostel, and if looks could kill, Tabby would be dead, but why? Is it because this was her dream?Well, maybe not to work for a Mob family but to be a doctor? Is this bringing up some pain for her?“Julie, come over here, please!” Jessica’s tone is irritated, and Julie sighs as she walks back over, “You are being rude.” She loudly whispers into her ear. Julie frowns as I look at Tabby.“Tabby, this is Jessica and her little sister, Julie. Julie needs stitches after she got into a fight at school.” Tabby sighs as she walks toward Julie, and Julie reluctantly holds out her arm, “Here, let’s take you over here.” Tabby says with a smile on her face. Julie looks at Jessica, and she nods at her to follow, and we all walk to the exam table. Tabby puts on gloves and then pulls the bloody rag away. Jessica’s face twists as she sees the wound, a
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