The Betrayed Wolf of the Moon Goddess

The Betrayed Wolf of the Moon Goddess

By:  Becca Lou  Completed
Language: English
18 ratings
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20 year old Destinee Shaw was the future Alpha of the Snow Moon Pack, until she didn’t receive her wolf at 18 like everyone else. She was stripped of her title and made Omega, a defect basically human. For two years she was shunned and abused by her Alpha father and pack. Until one day she meets her fated mate Alpha Titus Blackwood of the notorious Venom Fang Pack. In a fit of panic Destinee rejects her pack, shifting for the first time. Little does she know her wolf was the wolf of Selene the Moon Goddess. Aura has abilities and is bigger and stronger than any Alpha.

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Aimee Leigh Kellum
I am loving the book so far!
2024-02-15 12:49:23
user avatar
Danielle Mays
loved this book! the story keeps you on the edge of your seat and you never want to stop reading!
2024-02-10 16:46:44
user avatar
I love that this book and story is not drawn out. No filler chapters and catching story from the beginning. I'd this is how you write all books then you have a faithful reader on board. I love this story. Keep up the amazing work!!!
2024-02-02 17:57:28
default avatar
Just finished and jumping onto Book 2!! Love it! Just wish I had more hiurs in the day to keep knitting reading them! Keep up the great work, dear author! Can’t wait for Dahlia’s story!!!
2023-12-06 21:22:59
default avatar
should make a book for the betrayed wolf's daughter...
2023-10-17 07:30:18
user avatar
Andrea W
This book was amazing! can't wait to read more from this author
2023-09-05 18:53:34
user avatar
Just finished and absolutely loved this story and it wasn't waisted pages it let us feel the journey of true love. It had many emotions like in life and when something was funny i laughed & was crying my husband was checking i was alright. Starting on fenrir story now so happy he found his mates...
2023-08-18 10:37:43
user avatar
Mary Byrd-Edwards
Excellent, Awesome, Captivating book. I loved this book from the beginning to the end. Looking forward to reading your next work of art.
2023-08-14 07:28:44
user avatar
Alaina Calcurian
Wonderful story. I can't wait to see what else this author has instore.
2023-08-10 04:52:48
user avatar
Becca Lou
Hi lovelies, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you who have given my first ever book a chance. It means so much to me that people have enjoyed reading it. If you have enjoyed this story, then check out The Found Fated Mates Of Fenrir. Thank you again, Much love Becca Lou...
2023-08-05 02:37:51
default avatar
2023-07-28 18:21:28
user avatar
Amazing Writing, Author. Loving this book, the characters & the storyline!!
2023-07-25 18:55:35
user avatar
Tasha Jones
Will this book be complete soon?
2023-07-25 08:30:44
default avatar
I gave up after chapter 49. its not a strong female lead type story. she gives in too easy and the male lead gets his way without consequences, even though he committs junk things to her. wasn't interested in continuing. you be your own judge.
2023-07-25 06:52:50
user avatar
Amy McGrath
enjoying the book so far. wish it was finished. I like to read books in 1 or 2 days.
2023-07-24 23:24:42
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120 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Destinee POV.“Wake up, you useless, wolf-less bitch.” The searing pain of my hair being ripped out of my head burns my scalp. A slap landed on my face before I was thrown to the floor. I bit my lip, causing it to bleed. My father is Alpha Maximus Shaw. The Alpha of The Snow Moon Pack. He took delight in my punishment. All because I didn’t receive my wolf at 18.I knew not to whimper, as it would only result in more pain. Why did the Goddess do this to me? Did I offend her in a previous life? Regardless of the reasons, my pack shunned and abused me, even though I loved and was trained to rule over them.“Move your worthless ass now, Destinee. We have Alpha’s from other territories coming today. If you make yourself seen, I will fucking kill you, daughter or not.” He snarled out. I bow my head in submission. He kicked me in the ribs for good measure before stomping out of my room and slamming the door shut behind him.I cried quietly; it was never like this before.When I was born, I wa
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Chapter 2.
Destinee POV.Staring up at the woman in front of me, I’m scared out of wits. She was in her mid-40’s; she had blonde hair in a messy bun on top her head. Her eyes were brown. She was a wolf.“Well? Why are you here? Where is your pack?” she tilted her head and let out an exasperated sigh.“Tell her Destinee, she won’t harm us.” I sigh, becoming uncomfortable under this woman’s gaze. Gulping, I looked up at her and I saw her eyes flash to black, my eyebrows furrowed. I took a shaky breath. “I rejected my pack yesterday.” Her face becomes softer, and I can see sympathy in her eyes. “That explains the pack smell on you. I mean you no harm, little Alpha, but we need to leave this area.” Looking at her in confusion, she thrust her hand at me. “Unless you want to become a plaything for the rogues we get passing through here?” gulping, I took her hand as she pulled me to my feet. “I’m Destinee.” I told her she smiled at me and gave me a stiff nod.“Come on, Destinee, we need to get you in
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Chapter 3.
Titus POV.I felt rage and pain coursing through me as I watched my beautiful mate bolt away. “Mate, we must go after her. She will be killed.” My wolf Orion roared in my head. I had to find out why she rejected her pack. From the fight I stumbled across with her father, that told me she snapped.“I know, Orion, we will find her, but first we need answers.” I replied, not taking my eyes away from where she ran. The pain in my chest was overwhelming. I finally found my mate and she bolts. The fear in her eyes spoke volumes. She thought I was going to reject her. How wrong she was.Releasing a roar of agony; I turned and ran back towards the Snow Moon Pack. I shifted mid-air. My large black paws kicked up dirt and leaves in my wake. “Mate,” Orion whimpered in my head. My heart broke for him. We will get her back. I didn’t care how long it took. We will find her and bring her home. She was my Luna.Reaching the pack house, I shifted back, and an Omega approached me with a pair of shorts.
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Chapter 4.
Destinee POV. Looking at the woman I once called Mom, I felt nothing but hatred for what she allowed to happen to me. She looked dishevelled, her usual perfectly styled brown hair was in a tangled mess on top of her head. Her blue eyes were red and puffy from crying. The clothes are wrinkled no doubt she shifted and grabbed whatever was at hand. “Angelica, what do you want?” she winced at the use of her name from her own daughter, a daughter she didn’t protect. “Please Destinee, I am sorry for what happened. I tried to stop him on many occasions, but he didn’t listen to me. Please, my darling, come home.” Tears brimmed her eyes as she tried to reach for my hand. I took a step back and a warning growl rumbled in my throat. “Destinee, there are humans here. Let’s talk outside.” Sadia spoke in my ear. I knew she was right. No point in getting into a fight and being discovered. Humans don’t know of our existents. I glanced at her and gave a stiff nod. Pushing past the woman who was m
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Chapter 5.
Titus POV.It had been three days since Destinee, my mate, disappeared. My scouts couldn’t find her and there was no word from Luna Angelica.“How could she have just vanished? Maybe she masked her scent somehow?” I looked at my Beta, becoming more annoyed with every passing minute. Orion was constantly pacing, wanting to be let out. According to him, he could find her.I groaned, rubbing my forehead with my fingers. “I don’t know Marcus; we need to wait for Luna Angelica. She is her mom, after all. Maybe she will find her. If not, then I don’t know. There are only a handful of us that know what Destinee looks like. She could be anywhere by now.” This is a fucking mess. A knock on the door interrupted our conversation. “Come in.” I all but groaned out. The door opened to reveal Laura, the little Omega girl. I smiled at her.“Alpha Titus. Alpha Maximus has asked for you to meet him in his office.” She spoke solemnly. This can’t be good.We followed her out of the room and down towards
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Chapter 6.
Destinee POV.I woke up bright and early, eager to start my new job as a bar manager. Pulling my happy ass up and out of bed, I stretched and greeted the morning. “Morning Aura, are we ready to start our new job?” She stretched in my mind and yawned. I giggled at her laziness.“Well, someone is ready to conquer the world, but first we need coffee and lots of it. It should be a crime for someone to be this cheerful in the mornings.” Aura all but huffed in my head. She is not a morning wolf. She would prefer to sleep. Lazy wolf.“I heard that.” She growled out, and I chuckled at her reaction. I entered the bathroom and got the shock of my life when I looked into the mirror. “Aura, what is going on?” I asked, looking at myself. Overnight I had filled out slightly. My eyes sparkle and look alive and brighter. My hair glowed with regained lustre, volume, and vitality.She giggled in my head, “silly human, you look gorgeous. My healing abilities don’t just heal open wounds, I have healed y
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Chapter 7.
Destinee POV.SIX MONTHS LATER.We had a few drinks after work, when the bar was closed. Janelle, Marnie, Sadia, Josh, Leon and I were all chilling out after a busy night.“What a shift. I really could use a run. But I’m too comfy here,” I said, snuggling down into the seating of the booth we were all sitting around.I could hear chuckles around the table. I rolled onto my back and stretched. When I felt a dull ache in my lower stomach. I winced and gritted my teeth. It was happening a lot. Aura stayed silent about what it was, so I presumed it was a pulled muscle.I bit my bottom lip, tasting blood on my tongue. A whimper escaped my lips. Sadia moved closer to me. “What’s wrong with her?” Marnie asked in a panicked tone.I couldn’t respond. The sweat was trickling down my forehead and tears burnt my eyes. I gasped for breath and screamed out. My claws came out. “Nobody touches her, it’s the mate bond. Her mate is sleeping with another.” Her words made me gasp; Why am I feeling his bet
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Chapter 8.
Titus POV.It had been six months since I lost Destinee and there had been no sightings of her. I woke up with my new girlfriend at my side, Crystal Delaney. She was the daughter of a Beta from another pack. Orion had been telling me he will never accept this female and me relieving my tension by using her body was in fact wrong. I scoffed; it wasn’t as if Destinee would feel the pain of betrayal. We may be fated mates, but she doesn’t wear my mark, so she would be fine. Or so I thought.“Morning, Titus,” Crystal said as she woke up. I smiled at her, but the smile didn’t reach my eyes. Call me selfish, but Crystal is only a means to an end, and she knew this.“Morning Crystal,” I replied. Orion growled in my head. It enraged him and understandably so. It should Destinee we wake up to not Crystal. I know I sound like a pig, but men have needs and besides, it’s not like I’m cheating on anyone.I pulled the quilt away and stood in all my naked glory. Stretching, I moved to the bathroom f
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Chapter 9.
Destinee POV.“Aura, are you picking up on anything?” I asked as we searched around the perimeter of the apartment. Finding the source of the scent.“No, babe. But I will start masking our scent. The scent is disappearing. Whoever it was hasn’t been back, so maybe it was just a wolf passing, though.” She didn’t sound convincing at all. But maybe she was right. We did get a lot of wolves passing through. It was neutral territory, after all.After a few hours of searching, the scent went. So much for our relaxing day. I headed towards the bar to see if anyone needed anything.When I entered the bar, it had a few tourists and locals. “Hey beautiful, how are you feeling today?” Sadia was working at the bar. I pulled up a bar stool and sat down.“I’m ok, picked up on a scent by the apartment. We have been searching for the source, but nothing. Aura said she will start masking our scent.” I sighed out as she placed a drink in front of me. “Thanks.” I said, taking a sip and placing it back do
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Chapter 10.
Destinee POV.Nightmares were never an issue until a week ago. It has been two years since I rejected my pack and it has been eighteen months since I felt the pain of betrayal, well that was until a week ago. My mate was engaged in sexual activity with another. Aura wasn’t impressed and since the first waves of the betrayal, she has become savage. She is ruthless when she is in control, and it’s frightening. She has told me that the pain of betrayal can turn wolves feral and she is no exception to that rule. If anything, the fact that she is the Moon Goddess in wolf form makes it worse. The mate bond is supposed to be sacred, not something to be betrayed, yet here we are.“Destinee, are you ok?” she whimpered in my head of the memories that have plagued me for the past week.“No, Aura I’m not. Our family and mate should have treated us properly. I can’t keep doing this, Aura. Can we not break the bond? There has to be a way.” I try to fight the tears of the memories in my head of the
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