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She was born into a Mafia Family. She enjoyed being the Mafia Boss. She wanted to be accepted as the Ruthless Female Mafia Boss. But, true love conquers her without warning, making her soft, pliable, and weak. Her future in a Mafia World collapsed and tumbled down. Her siblings evolved as one of the Ruthless Mafia Families in the Dark World. Could it be the end of her reign, or success, and take revenge?

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1 Mafia World
PROLOGUEAlessandra Franco POVOf all the things on my to-do list today, getting myself kidnapped was not one of them.I count five of them. Maybe six, but I can’t be sure. Three guards watch over me today because this was supposed to be a routine cash pickup. My men are quickly incapacitated. Before I even have the chance to blink or draw the gun hidden in my jacket’s inner pocket, someone throws a bag of thickly woven black cloth over my head and disarms me.I can’t see a thing. The bag smells sour with sweat. My hands are forcefully bound behind me with what I can only assume are thick zip ties. I scream bloody murder, kicking and thrashing with all my might as someone grabs me by the arms, lifts me off the pavement, and promptly throws me into the back of a—car. They slam the door and the noises of the city become muffled, barely audible over my frantic breathing. Did these sons of bitches seriously throw me into a trunk? Do they know who I am?The rumble of a car engine, the sque
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Chapter 2 Arranged Marriage
Leonardo Sebastian Franco's POVMost people don’t know they’re going to get married the first time they meet. Relationships develop over time. Some men and women weigh up the pros and cons to decide if they can live with someone until death does their part. Others follow their heart. Others claimed them by heart.Not for me.In my family, tradition dictates differently. The decision was made for me a long time ago. That’s how the business works. Money is power, and power is everything. Power means survival. It’s the most fundamental rule of the world.My name is Leonardo Sebastian Franco, son of Fernando Franco.Only the strongest survive. I am strong. I am powerful.Now, I want to survive together with my Mafia Family. That’s why I’m here, why we’re driving up the road that zigzags to the top of the hill and ends in a cul-de-sac. A mansion peeks from behind high walls. Beyond, the ocean glimmers in the golden dusk. Below, to the right, the lagoon is a flawless mirror surrounding the
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Chapter 3 Luna Bella Fernandez
“Like I said,” Barry Maximo says, balling his hands on the desk, “it’s not going to happen. My daughter is independent. She has a free will.” He slams a fist on his desk. “She will marry when she’s ready and who she bloody well wants.”The patience vanishes from my father’s features. He stands. His smile is intact, but the quiet authority of his voice as he towers over Maximo leaves no uncertainty as to the outcome of this conversation. “Take some time to share the happy news with her. I can see it won’t be today. What’s another few months if it’ll help her get used to the idea? However, make no mistake. The wedding will happen. You made the bargain, and I’ll hold you to it.”Maximo jumps to his feet. He opens his mouth but wisely thinks the better of whatever he is going to say and shuts it again. He’s got money, but we’re the ones bargaining with fear. Our threats are never empty.The door is yanked open, cutting into the tense atmosphere.A thickset woman with short auburn hair wea
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Chapter 4 At The Beach
Luna Belle Fernandez POV Just one more minute.I let a little air from my lungs and sink deeper into the cool water. The salt no longer burns my open eyes. A wedge of sun rays pierces the surface and fans out to the bottom. Bubbles catch the light. Like tiny beads of fragile glass, they stick to my arms and legs. Life under the water is muted, the sounds dispersed. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the break is a distant lullaby. The tide gently rocks me to that beat. Forward and backward. Push and pull.If I could, I’d stay here forever, but I can only hold my breath for so long.I swim up and gulp in the air when I break the surface. Treading water, I catch my breath. It’s warmer in the water than outside. The late afternoon sky already glows with a champagne-colored tint. The whining of a violin drifts down from our garden. It must be the string quartet Mom hired for the party.I’d rather make the most of the last hour of daylight and swim until my muscles cramp than listen to Aunt Bet
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Chapter 5 A Birthday Gift?
Luna Belle POVI turn my face toward the voice, and then everything inside me goes still. The guy leaning on the wall next to the door is both the most arresting and scariest male specimen I’ve seen. With a square jaw and strong nose, his angular face is strikingly handsome. Yet at a certain angle, there’s a harshness to those lines. Tall and broad with hair as black as coal and skin with a Mediterranean coloring, he looks like a character who emerged straight from a fantasy book. From a different world. He can be either a fallen angel or a demon, depending on his mood.Right now, with the tilt to his lips, he leans toward the angelic side, but rather an archangel with a sword decapitating dragons than an angel with soft white wings. If he scowls, he’ll look more like a demon. He’s so beautiful, so utterly perfectly created, that something twists in my stomach. He’s dark like the ocean and breathless like water. That’s how I’d describe him if I could only use one word.Water.However,
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Chapter 6 Make Her Fall In Love With Me
Carefully, he hands the box back to me. “If I’d known you were allergic, Mrs. Fernandez, I would’ve included antihistamines with the gift. It’s an easy enough problem to solve and a small sacrifice to pay for Luna’s happiness.” He adds with a mocking smile, “I’m sure you’ll forgive me for the oversight.”My mom’s nostrils flare. Her chest rises as she inhales sharply. Seemingly unable to string together words to make a sentence, she flicks her fingers again at which the gardener slips away as fast as he appeared.“Well,” my mom says, giving me a narrow-eyed look. “You better go settle your new pet and get ready. You’ve kept everyone waiting long enough. I’ll tell your Aunt Mildred to help you get dressed so that your guests don’t have to wait another hour.”Turning up her nose, she leaves as regally as her high heels allow.I’m shocked to a standstill, unable to believe my luck. Gaping at the handsome stranger, I say with all the sincerity I possess, “Thank you.”A hint of warmth soft
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Chapter 7 Luna Belle Is My Responsibility
“Hmmm.” He contemplates my answer, studying the road in the headlights of the car. “That will certainly win you her agreement to marry you, but emotions are fickle. You can’t trust love alone to seal such an important deal. From what I’ve heard, she’s close to her father. If he doesn’t consent, she may refuse to marry you for not wanting to disappoint him or evoke his disapproval. If Barry Maximo was the only stumbling block, it would’ve been easy enough to simply get rid of him, but if he dies before you’ve taken possession of your share of the company, Bryan Andrade will inherit everything. No,” he muses. “We need Barry Maximo to agree. We need a much stronger incentive than love.”I hit the brakes and slow down to the speed limit as we approach the golf estate. A guard signs us in at the gates.Drumming my fingers on the wheel, I contemplate our situation. Barry Maximo isn’t pulling out of the deal he made only because he doesn’t want his princess to marry a lowly, filthy Filipino-
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Chapter 8 Stay Away From That Boy
Everyone admires the bracelet, except my mom. She seems upset about the fact that I like it so much, but it’s only because she doesn’t want anyone’s gift to outshine hers. My parents’ gift is a grand piano wrapped in white velvet and tied with a gigantic pink ribbon. I’ve never played the piano, and I don’t have the talent to or ever will. When I point that out to Mom, she says the piano will make a good impression in my living room, one day, and that I have lots of friends who can entertain me by playing.By lots of friends, she means Robinson, my childhood friend and neighbor. None of my other friends are musically talented. Robinson and I were born a week apart, and we were in the same class for the whole of primary school. We were only separated in high school because my parents sent me to a girls-only private school while Robinson got shipped to the boys’ school. My mom is still secretly hoping we’ll marry one day. Fat chance. Robinson is like a brother to me.After the lychee sp
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Chapter 9 A Black Book
Leonardo Sebastian Franco's POVAn hour before dawn, I pull on a tracksuit and search my hotel room for items suitable for a kidnapping. I settle on the laundry bag and one of my socks. The thick black bag won’t let light through, and the sock won’t leave marks. Then I scribble a note on the hotel stationary to inform my father that I’m going for a jog on the beach. After slipping the note under his door, I snatch a pair of golf gloves from the kiosk in reception on my way out.In the car, I pull the address I’d taken from the HR records at Barry Maximo’s office up on the GPS. Selecting the shortest route, I head out to an affluent neighborhood on the outskirts of Kabankalan and park in front of a modern house that overlooks the valley.The morning is misty, the sun battling to break through the clouds on the horizon. Cows graze on the green hills behind the sea. I switch on the car heater to defog the windscreen. While I wait, I fire off an email from my phone, instructing our best m
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Chapter 10 Unexpected Guest
He blinks. “You want me to steal his book? It’s impossible. He keeps it locked in his desk at home. He never invites us to his house. He doesn’t believe in mixing with his employees outside of work. Even if someone tried to break in, it would be useless. I’ve seen the precautions he took because I paid the security companies who installed his burglar bars and alarms. From the details on the invoice, there are even burglar bars inside his ceiling to prevent robbers from coming through the roof. The place is like Fort Knox. Mr. Fernandez has one of the most sophisticated alarm systems in his world. It’s foolproof. He’s a stickler for security, which is why he lives in this quiet, godforsaken place and runs an office in Kabankalan instead of in Bacolod City. It’s a lot safer here.”After that long speech, he sucks in a breath.“Fine,” I say.He regards me with mistrust. “Fine?”I drop the brick. “I believe you.”His features contort with alarm. “What now? What are you going to make me do
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