The Alpha's Accused Mate

The Alpha's Accused Mate

By:  Daxton Blackwood  Completed
Language: English
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"I reject him. I denounce him as my mate and nullify the mate bond" She cried out and stabbed herself with the dagger. *** Melissa is the daughter of the fearless Beta of the Lockwood Pack. Hated and Abused by her father and sister, they continually strip her of all the powers she has been blessed with. With the Alpha becoming Melissa's mate, her sister, Jasmine manipulates his mind against Melissa so he hates her. *** Xavier is the fierce & ruthless Alpha of the Vulcan Moon Pack. His mate has been killed by a Vampire once and he wouldn't bat an eye in destroying any one who messes with him. When Xavier meets a second Mate in the form of a lady abused and tortured by her family and pack, he rescues her, but he hated her and would only ever love his dead mate.

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Gayle Ecklund
Xavier's wolf has the same name as one of Jasmin's friends??? Really, how strange ...
2023-10-27 10:13:13
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Donna Papazova
Unfortunately grammar and spelling are not ok. Quite often the POV switches from first person to a narrator and then back, creating confusion. Character development is weird and character motivation changes between chapters with no explanation. I would advise author to proofread thoroughly.
2023-10-12 00:50:01
default avatar
Captivating and lovely
2023-07-25 14:56:20
default avatar
A lovely book. Intriguing and captivating to the core. Looking forward to more episodes...
2023-07-15 15:51:43
119 Chapters
Melissa povI sat on the floor in my room, looking out of the completely open window at the enormous wad of light overhead. Heavy clouds covered the sky as another stormy night fell.My room was illuminated by the flashing thunderbolts’ light as the wind shook the windows.I listened as the distant howls subsided under the full moon. I should have turned with the other Werewolves in the pack, but I was an extraordinary Werewolf. I had power and control over my shifting at any time.I looked sideways as the door of my room flung open and I saw my sister Jasmine stand in the door and gazing at me hatefully. She was holding a candle and a bowl. She strolled into the room and dropped the two of them on a table.Because I knew what she had come to do, I got up. I tried to defend myself as she approached me, but I felt an invisible force push me onto the bed.Jasmine used some dark arts she learned from a witch to take away my power every full moon because I was powerful. I cried as I tried
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Melissa pov I awoke to a pounding headache and slowly opened my eyes. I glanced around and saw that I was lying on my bed in my room.With gritted teeth, I placed my palm on my aching forehead. I noticed that it was already evening when I glanced at the wall clock.When I looked at myself, I saw that my coffee-stained cloth had already been changed, and my face was still hurting from the coffee.I was extremely hungry, and my stomach was rumbling and aching. I saw the door open, and Jasmine walked into the room with a tray in her hand. In frustration, I signed internally. I was too weak to deal with her problems.I wondered what clever scheme she had planned this time as I examined the tray in her hand. I felt the sweet scent of food hit my nose and I felt the hunger I felt increase. Did she hold that food?Jasmine dropped the tray on the bed in front of me and said, “You fainted and I was so scared that something bad might happen to you.”I took a look at the food on the tray’s pl
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Melissa povWhat have I done again?His eyes were filled with rage as he entered the kitchen. As soon as they stopped talking, everyone in the kitchen stopped working.With a piercing gaze and a disgusted expression, he glared at me.“What do you have on?” As he looked at my drenched and soiled dress, which had been soiled by Jasmine, he asked in a high voice.I mumbled in fear, “I…..I’m……..” not knowing what to say to him.“You’re participating in the general pack contest, which will be held shortly!” I flinched in fear when he yelled, thinking back to what Isabel had told me.In this condition, how could I even consider fighting!“You won’t embarrass this family by being late!” He yelled in rage and hurriedly pointed at the ground.“I had no idea,” I said and right away, he swung his hand at me and hit me in the face with the rear of his palm.I nearly slipped on the smooth marble floor and yelled in pain, but I held onto the sink behind me.“Never talk back at me!” He hollered at me
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Alpha Caspian
Melissa I was too embarrassed to face everyone in the square to return to my seat. Instead, I sat at the far end, near the exit, and watched the rest of the competition there.I recoiled in torment now and again, touching my hurting back. Due to my weakness, my broken ribs would take much longer to heal, and I could feel them.In most cases, it would take me about ten days to regain my strength, but once I did, there would be another full moon, and Jasmine would come back to take all my power.Regardless of how hard I battle her, she generally wins because of the dark magic she uses. Jasmine broke so many laws as wolves are not allowed to use magic or seek assistance from the Mages.My father disregards all that she does and the workers in the house dare not let out the slightest peep or they will be killed. I clearly can’t make any significant difference with it as I’m apprehensive how my dad would treat me.He generally let her have her way and she meddled with everybody around her
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Melissa I felt like someone was watching me, so I looked over my shoulder once more. I was about to ignore it when I saw the human figure’s shadow in the distance. Who was it?I quickly got up and followed the figure as it got closer. The person’s gait seemed off and out of balance. As the individual drew nearer, the light of the full moon cast on him and I could see his face faintly.One of the men was always keeping an eye on the prisoners in the pack. Since Werewolves had a high tolerance for alcohol, I wondered how much he had consumed because he looked drunk.He lurched towards me and I hissed, irritated that he was upsetting the peaceful second I was having.“You.” He stumbled toward me and nearly fell over a rock, but he regained his composure.He slurred, “You’re that crazy daughter of Beta Kyle,” and stopped moving a few meters ahead of me.I demanded, “You’re drunk, go back right now,” in the hope that he would simply return to where he had come from.“Not yet dear,” he c
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A Pack Slut
***Melissa's POV***I woke up feeling sore all over. I thought I was on my bed, and so I rolled, only to notice I was actually on the floor. Just then, I began to hear whispers. I slightly raised my head up only to see a group of pack members staring down at me. I creased my brow in a frown when I noticed the disgusted look I was given. I didn't understand why they were staring at me that way. It wasn't like I did something wrong. I looked down at myself, only to notice that I was without clothes. It was at that moment, I recalled what happened. I had been defiled, and the bastard didn't bother to cover up my nakedness. This was the worst that has ever happened to me. I quickly gathered the pieces of my dress to cover up, even though it didn't cover up all of my skin since the dress was torn. “What a slut she is. No wonder nobody likes her,” the pack members echoed to my hearing. I shook my head, scared of the problem I had just gotten myself into. This is just too shameful. What
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***Melissa's POV**I cried all night, unable to sleep because of the injustice done to me. If only I had enough power, I would have sought justice against Rock. He had always been known as a pervert, but I never imagined falling into his trap. I could hardly bear the weight of his words and how he violated me. ."Arrrgh!" I screamed out loudly, my anguish echoing through the night. Desperate to escape the tormenting thoughts, I began scratching at my skin, not caring about the pain. The stench of his scent clung to me, intensifying my desire to rid myself of it. I felt like giving up, like ending my life right then and there.Nothing seemed to offer solace. If only my mom were still alive, she would never have allowed such terrible things to happen to me. I refuse to be bullied in this way. Bitter tears flowed down my cheeks as I longed for something as simple as a bath. Maybe washing away the scent of that despicable man would bring some relief.Locked away, I knew there was no one to
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I'll Make You Pay
Alpha Caspian's POVWhile I was having sex with Jasmine, a part of me felt a lingering sense of guilt, as if I was doing something inherently wrong. Yet, I believed she was my mate, which only added to the perplexity of my emotions."Caspian, are you alright?" Jasmine's voice interrupted my thoughts, and I glanced down at her, searching for an answer."Yes, I'm fine," I replied with a fabricated reassurance, not wanting her to bear the weight of any negative emotions surrounding what we were having. After all, it was a desire we both shared, and this wasn't our first time of sex. "I love you deeply, Caspian," Jasmine whispered, pulling me closer and sealing her affection with a tender kiss. Her kisses were captivating, but I struggled to fully comprehend the array of emotions swirling within me. Suddenly, a faint sound of footsteps echoed on the cold tiled floor. Despite the person's efforts to remain discreet, I couldn't help but notice. Yet, I continued to thrust in and out of Jasm
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Jasmine's Evil Plot
**Melissa's POV**As Jasmine's words left her lips, a darkness clouded her eyes. In that moment, I recognized her intention to inflict severe harm upon me. Already feeling the throbbing in my cheeks, I refused to allow her to cause further damage. I had to find a way to defend myself before the situation spiraled out of control. Swiftly, I broke free from her grasp."Where do you think you're going?""Not this time, Jasmine. I won't let you hurt me ever again. You've already caused enough pain—taking away my powers and my mate! What more do you want from me?" Anger surged through me as I screamed out my frustration."There's so much more I desire from you, and that includes your life!" Jasmine's declaration sent a shiver down my spine. She was serious about ending my existence. I refused to meet my demise at her hands. Scanning my surroundings, I desperately sought anything that could serve as a means of defense, knowing I couldn't rely on magic like Jasmine could. Then, my gaze fell
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A Tyrant Alpha
# Vulcan Pack***Xavier's POV**I slayed as many vampires as I could find and brought them into the dungeons. Their thick blood oozed across the floor, filling the air with a putrid stench. The dungeon walls were already stained with their blood, but my thirst for more was unquenchable. I yearned to eliminate every vampire that crossed my path. They deserved nothing less than death, a thousand times over."Get up! I thought you all had the power to resurrect! Why aren't you waking up?" I growled in frustration, my voice echoing through the dimly lit chamber. I craved more blood, wanting to see it splatter against the walls. Every one of them deserved to meet their demise!Flashback"Love, where are you headed?" I asked as my gaze fell upon Ariana, my beloved mare."I'm going to Luna Diane's son's first birthday. You know how close we are, don't you?" she replied, her smile captivating my heart and quickening its pace."Indeed, I'm aware of your bond. Why don't we start a family of our
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