The alpha choice

The alpha choice

By:  Mysterious wonder  Updated just now
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It is a story on how two twins fell in love with the alpha king.and who among this twin sister is destine for the alpha king

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1
Hazel’s POVToday, the shopping mall was packed with so many young ladies, all going about excitedly, shopping in preparation for the big day tomorrow. Tomorrow was the Concubine Selection day and the whole park was excited and looking forward to who the Alpha was going to choose as his concubine. The Alpha had been mated to his Luna for the past four years and they had not been able to produce a child because of her bedridden illness. Because of their childlessness, a selection of a concubine was being organized for the Alpha by his mother so that the concubine would bear the Alpha a child.I had my nose snuck in the novel I was reading as I walked behind my twin sister into the mall. She kept bubbling on and on excitedly about how she was the most beautiful lady in the pack and would certainly pique the Alpha's attention. I couldn't argue with her. She was right. She definitely was the most beautiful girl in the pack. And the most ill mannered as well."Hazel. Are you even listening
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Chapter 2
Hazel’s POVI stared at my reflection in front of the large mirror as my mother dressed me in a red, velvet dress in readiness for the Selection, which was only an hour away. She took her time to make me up and get my hair done. I could not remember the last time she had paid so much attention to all the delicate features in my body.But then again, she was only doing this for her precious daughter and so that this golden opportunity would not pass her. I had never met a mother this selfish in my entire life.She adjusted the corset of the dress and watched my reflection from behind me, her eyes critical and serious."Too tight?" She asked me and I shook my head and gave a small, polite smile."Not at all." I lied. I could hardly breathe in the corset and I would do anything to take it off my body. Harriet was better made for this kind of life. Not me."Remember, be respectful and courteous. Act like a lady; delicate and soft. Don't show everyone how clumsy you are or I swear by the g
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Chapter 3
Hazel’s POV By the time I got home, it seemed the news of my selection had already reached my family before I did. My mother jumped on me and grabbed me into a big hug as soon I walked through the entrance door of our house. She was all smiles and grinning from ear to ear.It had been years since she had hugged me and I cringed to see her act this way towards me only because I had won the Selection. My father was also grinning and smiling widely behind her as though he had just hit the jackpot.Well, literally, he had."Hazel! I knew you could do it?" Harriet pulled me in a hug after my mother, her eyes bright and beaming with joy. "You do look exactly like me. He definitely wouldn't be able to resist your beauty.""What else did he tell you?" My mother asked, taking my hand into hers and waiting eagerly for the news."Nothing much." I shrugged. "Only that he would like to see me in his chamber at the castle tomorrow.""Oh, the merciful gods!" My mother shrieked in joy. "It's happeni
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Chapter 4
It wasn't easy lying to my family for more than a month that I had done as they instructed me and that I did not allow the Alpha lay me. They had believed me and while Harriet and my parents waited eagerly to hear back from the Alpha, I fantasized every night about another moment with the Alpha, replaying the time I had spent with him over and over again. The night I had given my innocence to him. The night that he had shown me to a world no one had ever shown me before.If I could get another chance with the Alpha, I would do it over and over again."Girls! Come down for breakfast!" My mother yelled at us from downstairs. Harriet was the one to go down first, her eyes glued to her phone, scrolling through her news feed for any news from the Alpha, just as she had searched and waited since the past month. I wondered why the Alpha had not called on me again after that night. Was he unsatisfied with me?I followed Harriet shortly after and joined my family at our small dining table wher
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Hazel’s POV. “Mum please, do not send me away , how will I survive alone? Please mum.I will keep the baby a secret please do not send me away Mum” I pleaded with mum, tears running down my cheeks. “You will be sent away Hazel,you are lucky Mum is sending you to starlight pack, I would have loved to send you to hell,so you and that filthy bastard in your womb will be wiped away from the surface of the earth” .Harriet spat those harsh words on my face. “Please father, do something I can not survive outside the pack, I will be killed father, please father” I begged desperately, hoping my dad would save me and my unborn child’s life. “Then die! Die Hazel, you are nothing but a burden on us! We fed you! We clothed you! And did everything for you, and how did you repay us! By being a slut! A cheap disgusting whore ! I know you did this on purpose, you slept with my man!” Harriet was not holding back with her words, soon a slap landed on my left cheek. I felt a sting on my l
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Hazel’s POV. The massive gates swung open before me, I took a deep breathe and stepped forward, into the forest. The gates slammed shut behind me and a dark figure raced past me, it was fast and I could not figure out who or what it was. Taking a deep breath, I stepped forward. The forest loomed before me, a dense and foreboding mass of trees and shadow. Clutching the hem of my dress, I knew I had to go on, it was the only path available to me. Taking a deep breath I steeled myself, mumbling words of prayers, I stepped into the forest. The air felt cooler and damper as I walked deeper in, the trees grew closer together and blocking out the sunlight, casting the forest floor in deep shadow.I turned around, it felt as if something or someone was watching me.“Almighty please save me, please save me” I mumbled repeatedly as I dragged my feet on the forest floor.Another figure raced past me, this time I saw something, like a tail or so. Taking a deep breath, I continu
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Opening one eye, I saw I was being held by a figure.Slowly I closed my eyes, but something was not right. Opening my eyes for a clearer view, I saw the face of a man, he had gorgeous facial features. “Are you okay miss?” the man who just rescued me asked, worry lines on his forehead. “Yes I am fine” I said taking two steps away from him.“You do not need to be afraid for I mean no harm, I am here to help, you can trust me” the man said again, reaching his hand , he tried to touch me. His words sounded convincing enough, and his tone was appealing to the ear, but I had my doubts, I just escaped the cold claws of death,it would be foolish of me to trust someone at the point in time. “It is okay for you to have your doubts, you just escaped the cold jaws of death, it is normal for you to skeptical about this whole situation.” He said and turned, ready to leave.“Wait!” I screamed unintentionally.“Sorry I did not mean to scream, but are you leaving me alone? Here in the forest?
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I paced back and forth, biting my nails , my heart pounding in my chest. Looking at Mum who sat nearby, I saw her face was pale and drawn. “Why are you quiet? What is on your mind? Are you feeling bad you sent that slut away?” I asked as I stopped pacing and faced her.“I am her mother for fucks sake Harriet, yes you are my favorite and the one I love the most but I also care about her safety! . Who knows how or where she is right now.” Mother asked her voice quavering. “You better keep your emotions in check! Cause if you ruin anything for me I swear I will not forgive you mother” I yelled at her.“ I am sorry Harriet dear” mother apologized.“Do not apologize to me, just keep your dumb emotions aside and do not say or do anything that will let the cat out of the bag. The Alpha is very smart and he will definitely sense something, so act natural” I warned my mother. Just then there was a knock at the door, my heart leapt into my throat. “Oh no! Could it be the Alpha? Did he n
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Chapter nine: EYES IN THE DARK
THE EYES IN THE DARK. HAZEL’s POV Looking at the small pouch in my hand , I was curious to open it ,but I also had to be wary. The forest is filled with evil, and the last thing I want right now is being the center of attention. Deciding to find a place to sleep, I began my journey into the deeper parts of the forest. The moon was high in the sky , casting eerie shadows in the forest. The forest was very dense , with tall trees that stood closer together making it difficult for me to see ahead. The air was cold and still, the faint smell of damp earth and pine needles filled the air. A could hear low growls and I knew they were a warning, advising me to tread carefully. The leave crunched under my feet as I kept walking, my heart pounding in my chest, I could feel the panic rising within me. My breath becomes short and I resorted to shallow gasps as I tried to stay calm. I could smell the wolves’ musky scent on the air, their low growls and the crunch of t
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A LYCAN’s PACK.Hazel’s POV.“What is in the pouch?” I asked Lupine.“This is a Lycan’s pouch, it contains all the things they need”he answered.I made an “O” face and opened the pouch. The first thing that caught my eye was a small wooden carving of a wolf. It was intricately detailed, this is definitely the work of an expert. It had been carved by the best of the best with great care. I turned it over in my hands, studying it closely. “There is something written on the back” I said looking as the inscriptions on the back. “Can you read it?” Lupine asked. “I can not, can you? What language is it?” I asked. “That’s lycan script, it is an ancient language, not spoken by many anymore” he said as he leaned in to get a closer look. My eyes widened. “Can you read it?” I asked, my voice full of wonder.He nodded and took the wooden carving from me.“It says, ‘The heart of the Wolf is strong and true’” Lupine translated. “What does that mean “ I asked him , my brow furrowed in c
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