The Alpha’s Nanny.

The Alpha’s Nanny.

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‘She’s my daughter’s nanny. And my mate.’ Lori Wyatt, a shy, broken twenty two year old with a dark past is given the deal of a lifetime when she is asked to be the nanny of a newborn who lost her mother at childbirth. Lori accepts, eager to get away from her past. Gabriel Caine is the Alpha of the revered Moon fang pack and the CEO of Caine Inc. A drunken one night stand leads to the birth of his daughter and he finds her a nanny following the death of her mother. When he meets Lori, he finds out that she is his mate and vows to protect her from his enemies. The two of them cannot stop the instant attraction between them. Lori, who believes she is unworthy of love, cannot explain why the powerful billionaire is after her and Gabriel who is totally smitten with her is unsure of how to be totally honest with Lori about him being a werewolf. Fate has brought them together and now together they must fight for their love, amidst the conflicts between packs and secrets that Lori’s past holds. Will their love survive?

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111 Chapters
Chapter 1
The baby was coming. It was all so strange. She had been rushed to the hospital after her fall. The doctors and nurses had swarmed around her, all while she was in excruciating pain. The baby was coming. That was the only thought she could muster. The baby was coming. Why? How?She had three weeks more. Three more weeks! But Jared had to come around and ruin everything, just like he always did.Mr and Mrs Fuller must have rushed in when they heard the news, in between being drugged up and the excruciating pain she was feeling she could hear their voices, distant, worried. They kept asking about the baby, not her. She didn't know what happened, it was all hazy. It was a mercy, that was what Lori knew. It was a mercy that fate had decided to wipe her memory. Because she wouldn't be able to bear it. ***************She had woken up the next morning, the lights in her hospital room were bright almost blinding. It took a while adjusting her eyes to the light. When her eyes were final
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Chapter 2
Despite being heavily sedated, Lori woke up not well rested. And her whole body hurt. Like hell. She had nightmares too. A baby crying, a wrapped baby in a crib crying and crying. And whenever she tried to reach the baby, it felt like the baby strayed farther away from her. The next morning, she didn't feel better, just equally worse. No visitors still. Just a phone call and a text message from her co worker Birdie, who was asking her when she would get back to work.She had not given her proper notice to why she had missed work. She would text her boss later to inform him. Ugh. She felt sick inside. Truly sick. Worse still, she had a new problem, her boobs. They were huge and rock hard. She touched them and winced. The pain she was feeling was unimaginable. The nurse walked in with her breakfast tray, weird, She couldn't remember eating the night before, had she gone to bed hungry?How long was she sedated?!"Good morning Lori. How do you feel?"Lori shrugged. "I feel even wo
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Chapter 3
It was cruel sometimes. Most times, how life never stopped. It didn't stop for Lori's pain. She couldn't even take the time out to mourn properly, or she would lose her job. So barely two days at home, Lori was back at the diner working her shift as usual.Almost as if nothing had happened.Almost as if she didn't just lose a baby last week.It had been two weeks and no, the pain didn't stop she just found a way to live with it. It was common knowledge to all her coworkers that she was giving the baby up for adoption. Very common knowledge, so when Birdie had found her crying mid shift in the bathroom, her question had been,'But you never wanted the baby in the first place. I don't understand why you're sad now." Her words were guttural, like a knife severing her insides. She had instantly wiped her tears and went back to work, she had not spoken to Birdie again after that. The only part of her day that seemed to give her a brief moment of joy was when Mrs Grace came to pick up t
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Chapter 4
Emilia Susannah Caine. He liked the name. Emilia, after a childhood friend he lost to cancer and Susannah after her mother. Finally, he was able to take her home, he went back to the hospital right after the full moon to pick her up. Mrs Grace was already doing a good job of handling her. She cried less and less but something told Gabriel that that would be the least of his worries.Emilia was like all babies really, all she really did was eat, sleep, poop and cry and Emilia took each and every one of her tasks seriously. She ate a lot, she went through bottles and bottles of milk that even her donor's milk couldn't sustain her, they had to supplement with formula. She slept a lot during the day, so long as nobody in the house made a noise, she would have her nap times uninterrupted. She equally pooped a lot, the first time Gabriel had to change her diaper, he was mortified. He had called the doctor, was baby poop supposed to be green?! The doctor said it was normal. And the smel
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Chapter 5
She rang the doorbell twice before someone came to the door. Mrs Fuller opened the door. She was wearing a large grey cardigan and sweatpants. "What do you want?"She said harshly as she tried to close the door. "Please wait! Just hear me out!"Lori begged. "I just, I need to see him... I woke up and they said you had taken him...""See him?!"Mrs Fuller scoffed, retying her robe with anger. "You are not his mother. You relinquished your rights to him remember?"Lori nodded. "I know. I know I did that. But please, can you just let me know where he's buried? I just.. I just want to say goodbye.""Goodbye?!"Mr Fuller appeared from behind, there was a scowl on his face. He must have been listening in on their conversation. "You don't even deserve that! You don't deserve anything. You put his life in jeopardy!""Tom."Mrs Fuller murmured but he ignored his wife."You're the fucking reason he's dead!"Mr Fuller shouted. Lori swallowed hard. She wiped away the tears on her face. "
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Chapter 6
The nursery was light and airy. Everything was white, even the walls and the crib. It was the prettiest nursery that Lori had ever seen. It had white walls, white walls with a painting of a rainbow on one of the walls. The floor was covered in a thick white rug, there was a large mahogany wardrobe which Lori presumed served as the closet. There was a changing table next to the door and a drawer next to a large cream couch, a rocking chair was next to the window and the baby's crib was in the middle of the room, where Emilia slept peacefully. Her crib was white, all white, save for the yellow blanket that was hanging at the edge of it. Lori took a peek, the baby was fast asleep. Her heart tugged as soon as she saw her and she felt the overwhelming need to hold her. She never had the chance to hold her son. But this baby, this baby she could hold. Emilia looked so peaceful in her sleep, her long dark lashes rested on her chubby cheeks and she pouted when she slept. It was a beautif
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Chapter 7
Gabriel could smell her even before he saw her. He knew what room she was in before Grace told him. A part of him was very relieved that she had decided to take the job, not for anything else really, but the fact that he believed she was most suitable to the job. He had told no one yet that she was his mate, not even his closest advisors. He could imagine the hysteria that would come with making a public announcement. Especially with the the fact that she wasn't human. How would the elders of his pack approach that? What would the other rivals think of? When they heard that he had a weak mate? A human mate?No, it was best to keep Lori away from that, that was until he figured out what to do with her. He had seen her and given her the ground rules, all the while noticing that something about her scent had changed, he couldn't place what exactly it was, but the scent was there. She looked more relaxed now, although he could still see the shadows behind her eyes. How could he not? S
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Chapter 8
The baby woke her up. She had retired to her bed after pumping and snugged into the covers with the baby monitor to sleep. Lori didn't think she caught a wink of sleep, then the sound of Emilia crying blasted into her ears. She was out of her room in a minute. Forgetting she was only wearing a night shirt and panties. She got to Emilia's room in a flash and picked up the crying baby. She started shushing her by rocking her back and forth and that seemed to work for a while before she launched into another wail.Oh God. Lori thought as she paled, she was going to wake up everyone at this rate. She thought as she hastily set her down on the changing table to check if she needed a diaper change. No, no diaper change needed. Just a very fussy baby who might be very hungry. There was no milk in the nursery, Lori had transfered it all to the kitchen downstairs, which now seemed like a bad idea since she would have to go down and get it.Doing that, she might risk waking everyone up
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Chapter 9
"How was your first night with the baby?"Grace asked later in the morning when she came into the house. She had her greying hair in a bun and she was wearing her usual sweater and slacks. The only difference was that there was a pair of glasses on her face. She kissed Emilia on the forehead and stroked her cheeks lovingly before turning to Lori. Lori looked sleep deprived. Her eyes were sunken and her hair looked greasy like she had not taken a bath. Grace felt pity for her, she must have not slept through the night. "She did good. She didn't sleep but she did good."Lori added. She had brought the baby down the stairs and into the living room where her rockaroo swing was. She placed the baby in it and settled on the nearest couch. Lori didn't know why she thought Grace was a live in housekeeper but apparently she wasn't. She regularly took shifts with Gregory. Grace luckily took time out to explain the work dynamics of everyone that worked at the Caine household. Gregory was
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Chapter 10
They had dinner together. All of them at the table. Lori, Grace and Mr Gabriel. Lori didn't dare ask where the cousin she had seen earlier was. But she did see Grace taking food out for him before they started eating. Dinner was pasta, like Grace had mentioned earlier, Mr Gabriel was oddly quiet, he seemed to have a lot on his mind. Lori was quiet throughout the entire meal and she finished her meal fast enough to leave the table.Gabriel watched her leave the table after she was done. He knew she just arrived, but she didnt seem too fond of him. They also didn't talk much either, all their conversation were centered around the baby, nothing more.Gabriel wished he could have a normal conversation with her, at least once but he didn't know how to approach her."It'll take time."Grace said as she pulled him out of his thoughts."What?"Gabriel said as he jerked a little, surprised by her voice. He had actually forgot that she was on the table with them. Grace always ate her meals w
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