The Alpha’s Forbidden Mate

The Alpha’s Forbidden Mate

By:  Faith Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kathleen Callahan lost her parents when she was four years old, knowing completely nothing about them except what her foster parents and others say. She lived her life being looked down on as the only she-wolf incapable of shifting into her wolf. But what happens when she finds the Alpha of her Pack, Nightwind, Lancelot Vance suddenly becoming interested in her even though he has found his own mate? Another question, the pull between them was undeniable, putting them to sin, how will they be able to fight it?

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kathleen“Catch me if you can!”Beneath the shade of a large tree in a quiet corner, the sound of Lyra’s joyful squeal reached my ears as her companion, Melody, chased her across the school playground. In no time, the two of them morphed into their wolf forms, engaging in a lively game of catch.It was recess and everyone is having fun but here I am, all alone since I'm incapable of joining in on the fun.A sudden impact on my back elicited a surprised yelp, and as I turned, I discovered it was my friend, Maggie, giving me a playful gaze. She was a beautiful lady with blond curly hair that stopped at her shoulder and striking blue eyes with a skinny figure and average height. I actually feel inferior in her presence because I believed she was more beautiful than me.Possessing straight black hair and captivating emerald green eyes, my appearance might qualify as beautiful, particularly given my well-proportioned physique but according to Mag, I’m concealing essential parts of myself.
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Chapter 2
Kathleen Surveying Alpha Lance’s chamber within the castle, I found myself in awe. The bed was sprawling, spacious enough for three, while the room exuded an air of darkness with its black wallpaper. The space lacked the ornate designs of mine, embracing a distinctly masculine essence that didn’t align with my personal taste.“Seems like I did, Jake. I’ve never considered myself this unlucky before,” his voice echoed from the phone, and I could tell he was talking to his Beta.I didn't have much skills of a werewolf since I haven't been able to shift into mine, even at the age eighteen which is why finding my mate felt like an unattainable fantasy.My family insisted on enrolling me in the werewolf school. It was a way to gain self-defense skills, even though I hadn’t yet shifted into a wolf form, which unfortunately made me an object of ridicule.I wonder if Alpha Lance hasn't realized that yet.Despite being the daughter of a Beta, I seem to exude more of an Omega aura. I’m sure he
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Chapter 3
THIRD PERSON POV“Dad, thank goodness you’re home!” Lyra burst into the house, her words spilling out as soon as she laid eyes on her father seated on the couch, going through some files.Jackson McCormick, Beta to Alpha Lachlan Vance, shifted his attention toward his visibly agitated daughter. Her tousled black hair framed her face, her expression a mixture of frustration and her brown eyes shining with anger.Worried, he let the files in his hands drop onto the couch beside him and stood up. “What’s the matter, Luna?” he inquired, using the affectionate nickname he often called his daughter, convinced that Lyra was destined to become a Luna.“Don’t ‘Luna’ me, Dad! You assured me that today I’d finally learn if Alpha Lance is my mate. You were so sure of it. But I just witnessed him leaving the halls of the school with another woman!” Lyra teetered on the brink of tears.“Another woman?” Jackson’s brows furrowed in bewilderment. “That can’t be. He’s as much yours as you are his. I ma
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Chapter 4
Fueled by anger, Alpha Lance stormed into his father’s study, forcefully shutting the door behind him with a resounding thud. His gaze locked onto his father’s, his fury palpable. “So, tell me, what’s this supposed ‘utmost importance’ that’s dragged me here?” he demanded, striding toward his father’s desk, completely ignoring the alluring smell of his mate and the presence of his father’s Beta.“Is there a dire predicament requiring me to assume the Alpha mantle? Were you insulted and now wish me to wage a battle on your behalf? This better be really important, Father,” Lance spat out in frustration, annoyed at the fact that his time with Kathleen was cut short all thanks to still being controlled by his father.Alpha Lachlan’s fist slammed onto his desk, and abruptly stood up in anger as equal to his son, their gazes on each other intense, enveloping the room in an overwhelming aura that made both father and daughter lower their heads in fear.“Don’t you dare speak to me in that mann
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Chapter 5
Kathleen’s POVUpon arriving home, I discovered that lunch was set out on the table, a grin spreading across my face as I approached my mother. “Wow, Mom, it smells incredible.”Eleanor Mane, my mother—a striking woman with flowing chestnut hair and azure eyes—returned my smile while arranging the dishes. “Indeed, I decided to cook now, especially since your father will be back in no time.”I was taken aback by the news. “Dad’s coming back? I thought he mentioned his journey to the Dark Moon Pack would be an extended stay.”My mom nodded, her expression thoughtful. “You’re right. I assumed the same, dear, but your father’s the one who can provide an accurate answer. Perhaps he has some crucial information for Alpha Lachlan, so after coming home, he might end up resuming his busy schedule.”As I mulled over her words, a question emerged. “Has Dad ever disclosed the nature of his mission to the Dark Moon Pack? And why was he selected for this task? After all, he’s not even a warrior—”“
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Chapter 6
Kathleen’s POVAs I prepared for school, I noticed Alpha Lance's shirt hanging in my closet, prompting a smile to creep onto my face. After all, why shouldn't I smile? Although what transpired between us is something I highly doubt would repeat itself, at least it happened once, right?However, I couldn't shake the nagging feeling of confusion. What exactly was going through his mind? ? It all seemed so out of character, so weird, to be honest. He saw me and decided to bring me to his home, why? Even if he were interested in someone, or wanted a whore to pick, I would likely be the last person on his radar among the countless options available to him, that's if he even gets to see me because I'm teeny little. Nothing but an invisible presence.I'm not deserving of such attention.The whole situation suddenly felt odd.Or perhaps I'm underestimating my own beauty?As I gazed at my reflection in the mirror, with my hair hastily pulled back into a ponytail, wearing a slightly oversized
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Chapter 7
Kathleen’s POV“Alpha Lancelot Vance is my mate!" Lyra's proclamation echoed through the classroom, not merely directed at me but broadcasted for all to hear, leaving me dumbfounded as I stared back at her in disbelief."Do you understand now? He belongs to me!" Lyra's words sliced through the air, each syllable a pointed reminder aimed directly at me.I couldn't hide the disappointment I felt.Struggling to conceal it, I averted my gaze, feigning disinterest as I responded, "Oh, really? You've found your mate?"She scoffed, her disdain palpable as her piercing gaze bore into me. “I wasn't holding water in my mouth when I said it, dummy! Do you think I didn't hear what went on between the two of you yesterday?!”Squirming under the weight of her accusation and the curious gazes of my peers, I nervously bit my lip, unable to offer a retort. The whispers of my classmates only added to my discomfort.“And to think, I assumed you possessed even a shred of decency, despite lacking a wolf.
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