Tales Of A Gay Man (Final)

Tales Of A Gay Man (Final)

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Here come the final book in the tales of a gay man series as in the last 2 books some of these are true and some are fantasy

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74 Chapters
Roommate Is A Nudist
College is a strange place. Suddenly high school feels like a distant memory, and things that seemed normal back then are completely flipped upside down. You're on your own for the first time in your life. You're befriending people who you wouldn't normally even speak to, and you're stuffed into a small room with a total stranger and expected to simply get on with it. I can't say it was the easiest of transitions for me. I was a timid eighteen-year-old with the social skills of a lampshade, and I'd spent the majority of my life harbouring the dirty little secret of my sexuality. There had never in my life been a time where I felt comfortable enough to share the fact that I was gay. My parents were extremely religious, I'd grown up surrounded by the cruel, nasty jokes from boys in school, and my hometown was stuck somewhere between the 1800s and 1900s. It was something that I had buried long ago, and it was going to take a very large shovel to dig it up. Then I met my roommate Troy,
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Swim Team And The Locker Room
I’ve never been real dedicated about going to the gym. I was always naturally in good shape, but never ripped. When I was in college, there was a small gym on campus that was open 24 hours. My roommate was in good shape and had been encouraging me to go, but he would go while I was in classes. I would usually be so busy I wouldn’t get there until really late, or else I’d have to go first thing in the morning. One morning the garbage truck had woken me up at like 4am. Unable to fall back asleep I decided to go down to the gym. When I got there, I wasn’t surprised I had the place to myself. I after a brief workout I went for a long run on the treadmill. Since I had the place to myself, I figured I’d go take a nice long shower and maybe sit in the sauna. The men’s locker room had a large, open shower that you’d pass through to get to the pool area. I got undressed and began rinsing off. I was taking my time, enjoying the hot water, when the door from the pool opened and an attractive m
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Flash The Delivery Driver
I’ve never told this store before but had a time where couple years ago I was home alone and as you do when your home alone you try to enjoy yourself and what's better than whipping out a new dildo that you got not long ago. So of course I had stripped down and lubed that bad boi up. While I was enjoying myself though I heard a knock at the front door which is literally right out my windows which were also open, thinking it was my parents tried to quickly hide and check but lucky it wasn't, so shocked and heart pumping was trying to figure out what to do. The delivery driver ended up leaving the package near the door but instead of leaving it at the front door they left it in front of the porch which was a good 5m away so I thought why not go out naked. So decided to just open the door and head all the way basically into my front garden and I did still have my dildo in me the whole time and while I was about to pick the package I thought "well already here so why not put on a bit of
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Proud Cum Slut
I work at a hotel and I get to play with a lot of DL business men. Today was another one of those cum slut days. There are two cruisy restrooms on the property, and I tend to take my breaks in one of them. It’s been pretty dead lately because it’s off-season but we still have a few business conventions coming in and out. It was nearly the end of my lunch, so I was going to make my way back to the time clock. I walked out and looked to the left and noticed a guy at the urinal. He looked back over at me and locked eyes for a few seconds, but I didn’t think anything of it. He probably thought I was a pervert since I looked down towards his crotch area. I did however notice that he was either jerking or just getting the last drops of piss out. He was extremely hot so I had to go try to take another peek. He was fit, in a blue suit, with a scruffy beard and glasses. When I went back over to the urinals, he made eye contact again and nodded his head. At that point I knew what he wanted so
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I was having drinks at a friend’s house, and several of his other friends were there. They’re all straight (supposedly lol). We started getting kinda drunk, and my friend cracked a joke about me being gay. It’s totally fine, we joke about that stuff all the time.Anyway, like 20 minutes later I walked out to my car to get my coat, and I turned around and one of his friends was walking up to me. I said hey, and he just said “so wait… you’re gay?” I said yes and laughed, and next thing I knew he kissed me and was feeling my dick through my pants. We got in the back seat of my car and he started sucking me, and after a few minutes he took his pants off. That’s impressive because I drive a civic, and the back seat is not very roomy lol.I sucked his dick for a little while, and then he sucked mine some more. After a few minutes he told me to fuck him. So I bent him over the center console in between the front seats, spit on my dick, and started fucking him. I told him I was close and he t
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Hotel With “Straight” Friend
I went on this trip with my friend and we shared a hotel room but different beds. After a night out, we went back to sleep and we were drunk so we said fuck it and just slept in underwear. In the morning, once I wake up, he looks at me and laughs.“what?” I asked“bro you was moaning in your sleep and took your underwear off”I apologized and was super embarrassed about it. He said he didn’t care, he just found the situation funny. The next night we got back and after a couple hours of sleep, I woke up and it was like 2am. I didn’t move and acted as if I was still asleep. I heard my friend masturbating next to me. I then turn around and saw him fully naked, stroking his dick and trying to be quiet. “oh fuck bro” he said after he realized I was awake, he then covered himself with the blanket.“your moans turned me on and my dick got so hard it was hurting so I had to do something”I was still a bit drunk so I felt bold. I told him that he should’ve let me help him.“for real?” he said
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Italian bros
When I was 18, I worked for a family friend, Ray, at a gas station that he owned and did work on the side at a cabin he owned in the woods, and did some work for his brother Steve. They were cocky, chubby Italians in their 50’s with hairy arms and mustaches. Always fair though. Always paid me and my friends well for the work we did. Occasionally I house sat for Ray when he went out of town. One such time, I was sleeping on his couch as normal. I was having a hell of a sex dream. I remember it being too vivid and woke up to my cock feeling really good. I opened my eyes to Ray’s hand around my dick, slowly jerking me off. I made eye contact with him, and he asked if I wanted him to stop. I shook my head no and he kept going. He told me he came home and my blanket was off and my boner was sticking through the hole in my boxers and it looked like it needed some help. He kept stroking my dick and it felt really good. I felt conflicted at first but I figured nobody would find out so I let
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PA (Part 1)
I would tell you my name, but it doesn't matter. The fact is I was 19, broke, and desperate. I lost my job at a tech start-up a few months ago and after the pandemic I couldn't find another to save myself, I was ready to do just about anything. I applied to everything I could, it was on one of my 2am manic job hunts that I saw this advert:​"Wanted: Personal Assistant (full time) - Cambro, Harper and AssociatesApplicant must be between the ages of 18-24. Ideal candidate will have a level of physical fitness as job role may require moving and handling. No experience required, training will be provided.Pay negotiable."​I had no better options, so when I got invited to interview I leaped at the chance. I showed up to a tall glass tower building in the city. *Do I really want to be a cog in a corporate machine?,* I thought. Walking into the sleek lobby, I was ushered up to the top floor of the impressive building. The elevator doors open to reveal another reception desk. I walked up
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PA (part 2)
A week had passed since I had been ruined by Mr Duncan's cock. My hole still throbbed whenever I thought about it. When I think about how I fished his used condom out of me or how I think about how his cum leaked out of me for the next 2 days - reminding me of what I had allowed him to do to me. It was like the thought of it was haunting me, whenever I closed my eyes to sleep I could hear the sound of him slamming himself into me and I cried. How pathetic I'd become.True enough to his word, after I sent him all the documents he asked for, I heard a loud knock at my door."*UPS!*." Came the voice.Stepping over the pile of past-due and threatening letters from the landlord, I opened the door. The man behind the door was holding a massive box which obscured him behind it."Isaac Walker?" The man asked from the behind the box, the strain in his voice clear."That's me.""Oh great mate, you have no idea how heavy this thing it." He put the box on the floor, it impacted with a slam. "Oh s
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Cousin & Me
I was in my juñior year of highschool and had a gf, when I experienced my first dick of my life. Me and my cousin were hanging out at a parks bench, on an evening summer day, when all of the sudden he started asking me questions about fuckin girls. I told him my experiences with girls. He than suddenly asked me a random question "what would you do if a guy tells me he wants to suck my dick?". Being a young horny guy , I answered him that I would probably let him suck me up. He fallow up with another question " what if he wants you to fuck him?" . I told him that i would also fuck him, a hole is a hole.. He smiled and saids that's cool. I asked him "how about you?". He said "I would too". All of the sudden he reached for my dick and starting rubbing it. I instantly got rock hard and didn't stop him. I also reached out and started stroking him. We continue jerking each other's cock , as he got harder and harder I realized he had a bigger, thicker cock than me and curved. It felt so good
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