Sold for Gold & Bells

Sold for Gold & Bells

By:  Sasha Johnson  Completed
Language: English
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Gia Glass. But I'm not made of glass. I've mingled with sharks and wolves all who have the intension of swallowing me whole. I'm drowning in debt and the only solution I have is to marry a ruthless loan shark or become a high class proustite. That's until Bradley Wolfe shows up in my life, he doesn't save me, but I will have to marry him in order to save my estranged father from his own harrowing fate. Bradley is everything I feared he would be, but in the end will he be my saving grace when my world continues to spiral or the thing that pushes me down? Book #2 Sold for Gold & Bells (Lilly's Novella) Emilia or Lilly as her friends call her is meek, predictable and does everything to make everyone else happy. When Rocco a loan shark recognizes her at her best friend's wedding it sparks a passion that should never happen. Lilly finds herself in a web of lies she can't get out of. It gets worse when her boss leaves her thousands of dollars in debt before he flees the country. All that lands her back into Rocco's arms and living a double life to clear the debt. Will good girl finally break free and choose passion and adventure or will the dangers of the new world she's found drive her back to safety?

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2022-06-20 07:37:14
60 Chapters
Chapter One
Gia  Rocco shut the door behind him. Closing me out from the rest of the outside world, blocking me from freedom, preventing me from backing out of the deal. Not that I would ever back out. It didn’t take me all night to decide what I had to do. She was my Mom and I wasn’t going to let anyone take away what she worked so hard to achieve. Even if she willing borrowed the money from Rocco, I wasn’t going to sit idly by and watch her go down.This was my fourth meeting with Rocco. I hated coming to this club even though it was exclusive and lavish it was still the scene of many shady deals. Rocco wasn’t an old sweaty man with a stomach that expanded so much it strained the buttons of his suit that I thought he would be. He was five years older than me. He was extremely handsome with his pushed back black hair, strong jawline and sculptured body.He took over from his father months earlier. He wasn’t giving m
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Chapter Two
Gia   I already paid ten thousand dollars to Rocco and I knew I could do better. I just needed time, something the douchebag wasn’t giving me. The debt to be paid was more than this, but I thought I was doing well. If I was close to my dad, he would have given a fancy family heirloom and I would have sold that. My half sister Sydney was given an old diamond necklace. That would have come in handy right now. I bet Sydney didn’t even wear it she had a bunch of priceless jewelry pieces.I couldn’t ask Sydney for help. We hadn’t had much of a relationship since sophomore year in high school. The rest were just sad attempts at communication. Dad was worse I couldn’t remember the last time he showed up. He lived in a different town, but he did call to ask how I was doing at least twice a week.I didn’t have a relationship with Nora, Sydney’s mother. I really believed she hated me.
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Chapter Three
Gia  My dad and Nora lived three hours away in a small town. As promised a taxi came to pick me up by six in the morning. I barely slept wondering what Nora wanted to talk about. It had to be serious if she called me herself. It made me scroll my sister’s Instagram, but I knew it wouldn’t give me any answers. She hadn’t posted any pictures in a while. Most of them were of her on vacation or simply spending money with her rich friends.I hadn’t seen Sydney since Christmas two years ago. It wasn’t even a planned meeting. I really didn’t have a relationship with my half sister. It sucked too because when I looked at her I saw myself. Expect I was a little darker and had a thick head of curls. Otherwise we had the same brown eyes, same pointed nose, height and weight. We could be twins, but we lived totally different lives.I wasn’t sure I could help them though. They weren’t the type of peo
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Chapter Four
I stood and shook my head. Why was marriage suddenly on every table? I was still waiting for actual butterflies and fireworks before I thought about spending the rest of my life with someone.“You don’t have to do it.” Dad sighed.“What happens if I don’t? What happens to you?”Nora stood, avoiding dad’s gaze. She wanted to grab my hands, yet pulled back at the last second.“You can think of this as a deal too. What do you want Gia?”There were a lot of things I wanted, but none so important I would marry a total stranger. Then the terms of the contract I signed hit me. I had no more than seven weeks to pay back the debt I now owned and with each day five hundred dollars was added to that debt. If I failed to pay the debt went back to mom and surely she would lose everything and I might end up as a high end prostitute.“Nothing, nothing I’m not bribing my daughter into doing t
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Chapter Five
If dad hadn’t communicated the change of plans, then it really put me in an awkward position.“Um, you really don’t know why I’m here?’Brad eyed me up and down. I didn’t know how that made me feel. Exposed?“Of course I do. What I don’t understand it why the sudden change of plans. I also wonder why Sydney never mentioned she had a sister.”“You can imagine we’re not close.” I said, through clenched teeth.“A little sibling rivalry? No one else mentioned you existed either.” Brad shoved his hands in his pockets.“Why am I not surprised?”The party bellow us in the garden was getting loud. Nora would be here any second. It was time for the show. Put on the mask and get on stage. I picked up my dress and walked passed Brad into the room or at least I tried to.“Gianna,” he said.My name sounded so foreign coming fro
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Chapter Six
“Boundaries?” I lifted my head. His eyes were enchanting. “Yes, come with me.” He released me, but captured my hand. I lifted my dress so I wouldn’t step on it as I followed Brad into the house. All eyes were on us. Some people eyed us and smiled while others commented on how lovely we were as a couple. “Are you going to tell me there are certain places I can’t go? I don’t even live here.”  I asked when we were alone in the dark foyer. “No, but there are a few things you can’t do.” “Like what?” I folded my arms. “Like, whatever you have with Rocco, I won’t tolerate it.” I nearly burst out laughing. Thanks to him there wouldn’t be anything between Rocco and I. “There isn’t anything going on between us.” “It didn’t look like it when you too were dancing. Look, I won’t be made a fool of. If you’re going to marry me you’re not going, bring your men into it.” I gasped, “I am not sleeping with Rocco!” I s
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Chapter Seven
“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I asked as I climbed into Brad’s silver convertible.“Don’t worry I’ll feed you.”“I’m not worried about food.” Please don’t growl stomach.“You’re not dressed for what we’re about to do.” Brad glanced at the leather dress screaming for relief.I hoped Sydney didn’t like this dress because I might have to cut it out when I get home.“I dressed for fancy brunch.”Brad turned to the left down a spiraling road from the gate of his house. A few minutes into the drive sparling blue water materialized with an array of boats on the dock.“I didn’t take you for a fishing guy.” I said when the car parked.“Actually, I am. Have you ever been on a boat?”“Does a canoe count?”Brad shook his head and climbed out of the car.
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Chapter Eight
“I’ll see you naked eventually.”“It’s not going to be like that remember?” My voice cracked.“I didn’t agree to that.” He frowned.“You… you want to have sex with me?”“You’ll want to have sex with me.” Brad smirked.“That doesn’t answer my question!”He barked out a laugh. He moved around me and through himself backwards on the bed.“Don’t you have a boat to drive?” I asked.He shook his head. “I’d rather help you dress.”“I can’t wear this Brad. It’s ruined.”“You can wear my clothes I don’t mind.” He shrugged.I frowned, “What will it look like?”“Like you had a wardrobe malfunction or you went swimming and your clothes got wet.”I could only imagine my dad’s reaction then again maybe he wouldn’t care so wearing Brad’s clothes wasn’t so bad.“Gives me an accuse to take you out again. This time I’ll tell you where we’re going.” He grinned.I exhaled. “I guess it isn’t so bad.”***I stood in front of my dad and step mother wearing Brad’s massive shorts and t-shirt. My father’s jaw
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Chapter Nine
The phone buzzed in my hands. This was about payment or his stupid deal. Brad was in the car waiting for me to join him. I couldn’t take this call now. I turned the screen off and the buzzing ceased. I put my phone on silent because I knew he was going to call again. I eased into the leather seats and the scent of pine and masculine perfume instantly captivated me. I could spend hours in here breathing in the aroma. “So where are we going?” I asked. “My favorite restaurant. I have a private table outdoors.” “Why? Don’t like people looking at you while you eat.” He grunted, shifting gears. There was always something that turned me on about watching a man drive. “No, it’s usually for business and other ventures.” He grinned at me. I sucked in a breath. “Other ventures? Like dates? Why didn’t you just say?” How many dates had he been on? Wait was he even supposed to be dating when he was engaged to my sister! I was about to open my mouth in protest when he hit the gas, thrusting m
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Chapter Ten
Lilly held me in her arms as I cried on her couch. Rocco wasn’t giving me time. All I needed was until next week when my wedding was.“Don’t cry, you’ve come so far.” Lilly said.“It doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything other than other people’s debts.” I sniffled.She bobbed her head from side to side, “All this will be over next week. Oh, am I your maid of honor?”I laughed softly, “I wouldn’t want anyone else.”I was back at Lilly’s apartment after a failed attempt to speak to Rocco. I took a bus all the way to his nightclub, in high heels and my date’s jacket only to be told the bastard couldn’t see me. They didn’t even let me into his office.Brad hadn’t texted or called. I thought I pissed him off. I know I would be mad if my date ran out on me without explanation. I just didn’t feel comfortable telling him about the debt I took on. I was already marrying him to help my dad with some agreement that would help me pay mom’s debt. He’d think I was a gold-digger or something
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