By:  Cassandra M  Completed
Language: English
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What will happen when two Alpha Bloods collide? Will sparks fly or will the battle for supremacy begin?  ¤¤¤¤¤ "Leave." A groan left my throat before I shut my eyes, trying to erase the image of her nakedness, but my action was futile — no matter how I tried to block it off, her alluring body kept seeping into my head. "Are you losing it? Should I start commanding you to undress for me, Alpha?" Her voice came out so seductive that my throat suddenly felt too dry. I wanted nothing but to give in. But this was all wrong. I shouldn't cross the line between us. "I believe you have forgotten that I am the Alpha of this pack." I opened my eyes, hands coiling into fists. "And I think you forgot that I am an Alpha as well. You can't tell me what to do, Jace." I let a smug smirk form on my lips before I locked eyes with the beautiful lioness in front of me.  "How sure are you that I can't tell you what to do?" I licked my lips as I began to unbuckle my belt. "On your knees, Amara..." ¤¤¤¤¤ Alpha Jace Galhart had always known what he wanted from the start: to be the perfect Alpha for his pack while waiting for his fated mate. He thought he was doing well until Amara came and showed him that perhaps breaking the rules he set for himself wasn't that bad at all.

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user avatar
I found two books with same author and title but there is vast difference in chapters.why
2024-03-18 01:33:14
user avatar
good story
2024-02-23 20:05:59
user avatar
Jessica Scott
this author is very good to read!!! I have read the whole series and loved every single book
2024-01-21 04:27:55
user avatar
Yvonne Sund
You will love them, hate them, curse them, and love them again. This is how Cass wonderful weave her magic in every book! A great beginning to the new generation! God Eros is my man!
2024-01-18 22:56:00
default avatar
I am a huge fan of all of her books. The parent series to this book is fabulous and she didn’t disappoint us with this book either. I can’t wait to read the series!
2024-01-02 20:35:53
default avatar
Chenoa Abbott
This series is very good. I liked this book just as much as the others. I even liked how the plot took a twist and made you frustrated with the main characters. At one point I wanted to punch the female and dislike her. Gave the realization that no one's perfect, made the story more heartfelt.
2023-12-08 15:59:06
default avatar
Jessica Collver
I absolutely love all of her books. I feel everything the characters feel while reading. Jace and Amara were awesome and I couldn’t put it down! On to the next book!
2023-12-01 03:52:21
user avatar
Janelle A.
Really great book, had me smiling and crying... The author is very talented! Great balance of steamy scenes and developing the story and characters! Love this in book, can't wait to read the rest!
2023-11-29 08:49:22
default avatar
Natalie Henry
Please update your latest books to audio to please !!! I can’t get through them quick enough without it lol. I love to listen in the car and while cleaning
2023-11-29 02:08:56
user avatar
Yancy Ortega
Great story lots of ups and downs but worth it
2023-11-25 10:06:15
default avatar
Her books go from strength to strength beautifully written can’t wait for the next 10
2023-10-20 17:40:25
default avatar
Wow! Another amazing book from Cassandra M! Love it that she’s continued yo the next generation after the original series. I’m hoping that she would also weite the generation after as she left it where there can be interesting possibilities! Highly recommend this book!
2023-10-18 09:10:04
user avatar
Ashley Albert Goyette
amazingly written! she had developed the characters from the very first book until now and more in the future. Looking forward to the stories!
2023-10-17 06:18:52
user avatar
melissa co
Cassandra never disappoints. You got me loving, hating, and loving the leads again! Great book as usual!
2023-10-11 19:51:20
user avatar
Elizabeth R
massively disappointed. no woman would ever be ok with being physically thrown out of the place after s**, & would never take him back. in complete agreement w/ most comments. she deserved a new mate, he should have had to live with it. only ever read 1 book where F takes a stand and sticks to it.
2023-10-06 13:47:45
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293 Chapters
Chapter 0001
JACE. ‘Alpha, I bumped into Lady Amara. She was running toward the forest line and told me not to follow her. I think something happened to her. She looked bad.’ I kept repeating the warrior’s words in my head as my wolf, Zero, hiked up his speed, heading in the direction where we thought we could
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Chapter 0002
AMARA. "Then stay there but don’t sleep. Do you want me to take off your shorts? But I have to rip it apart if you don’t want to move." "Yes, please," I replied in a soft voice. Claws erupted from his nails before he ripped my shorts open. I felt the air on my ass as he tossed away the torn piec
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Chapter 0003
JACE. Zero spent a long time running around and playing with Amara’s wolf, whose name we didn’t even know. Amara and I came from different packs, which means mindlink doesn’t work between us and our wolves. Although Zero could sense her aura and her emotions, like the excitement she felt at the m
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Chapter 0004
JACE. I stiffened when I realized what I was doing and the position we were in. Shit! I needed to stop. I did not remove her from my lap, and she did not leave either, even after I stopped tickling her. Instead, she rested her back against my torso and slightly turned her body to the side so her
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Chapter 0005
ALMOST TWO YEARS AFTER. JACE. I climbed out of my four-wheel drive and adjusted my sunglasses before heading inside the packhouse. It was fucking hot this afternoon, and I wanted to dip in the pool. I had our packhouse extended and rebuilt to make the indoor pool bigger, so I had a place to hang
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Chapter 0006
JACE. "Name your price, Jace. I saved up so much I’m sure I can pay you." She answered in a hoarse voice, and I was just about to counter her when all of a sudden her mouth crashed against mine. For a long, suspended moment, I was left frozen in my spot, contemplating, unsure of whether I wanted t
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Chapter 0007
"I only did that because I have your best interest..." My words were cut short when I heard footsteps moving upstairs and toward where we were. Her chest was still heaving, her eyes glaring at me, and if looks could kill, this pack would be left without an Alpha today. "Calm down..." I told her.
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Chapter 0008
JACE. I was in my office with Tyler and Austin. It was Saturday morning, and we never had a concrete schedule to follow on weekends, but we all showed up at my office early today and decided to catch up with each other’s weeks while waiting for breakfast. Austin was still blabbering about where he
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Chapter 0009
I heard whispers of other Alpha males crushing on me, but I thought they were just hearsay as no one had shown real interest in me, only to find out what Jace was doing. Which wouldn’t be a problem as I only had my eyes and heart set on him. And I thought, despite the aloofness he was showing me, t
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Chapter 0010
AMARA. "Okay, young lady. Tell me what happened?" Mom stepped inside my room as soon as I let her in and sat on the foot of my bed. I was inside my blanket with no plans of getting up. "What do you mean what happened?" I asked as if I had no idea what she wanted to know. I was just buying time bec
Read more Protection Status