She's An Alpha And He's A Human.

She's An Alpha And He's A Human.

By:  Taniamalloye  Completed
Language: English
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The daughter of a very powerful alpha finally founds her mate who turned out to be a human. Since she is the only child of the alpha, and a successor is needed to take her fathers' seat as the next future, Light Angle is forced to look away from her mate to look for a better future. But what happens when her human refused to ler her go? What happens when he gets a job at her house as a maid just to get close to her? And what the hell happens when another gorgeous Alpha comes in the picture.

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Jezebel Chavez
Wish there was more action but in total honesty I really enjoyed it.
2022-03-20 03:35:50
72 Chapters
Light in the dark.
Light-POVI am running again, but from what? I have been having these dreams for a while now. Ever since i met my wolf and turned for the first time, i haven't had a good night sleep. I always weak up breathing heavy, looking around my dark room, wondering what was chasing me. But the minuet i wake up, i forget all but the fact that i was running in my wolf form.I roll out of bed after i woke up and walked out of my room and into my fathers study. I saw my father, the Alpha of Silver fang pack passed out on his chair as he leaned his head on his desk full of papers. Being the only child of the Alpha and being a daughter puts too much pressure on him. If only i was a son, then i could have help ease the burden but my father doesn't want me to get involved in pack business. He said and i quot "you are born a lady for a reason. Don't worry about the pack and enjoy your life. I will get help when you find your mate." Too bad i haven't found my mate yet. If i had found my mate, then my fat
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Fate, you heartless b*tch
'MATE!' her wolf screamed in her ears. She looked up to look at the new kid and their eyes met. She quickly looked away. This feeling was too much for her. Everything she was told about finding ones' mate was an understatement for this felt more that just love at first sight. A wave of emotion hits her over and over again as she heard him introduce himself to the class and took his sit at the far end of the class.Light-POVA human.... I am mated to a human. What the hell? This isn't happening. I was supposed to be mated to a sucessful wolf but a human? My father is going to kill me... wait a minute... am i not breathing? I was holding my breath for as long as i can and suddenly 'puuu' i let out a huge and loud breath. I can feel every ones' eyes on me including the teachers'. But the one that burned the most was the gaze that was coming from behind me and i know whose it was.'Ms. Angle, are you alright?' Our history teacher asked. Since this was an extension class i just stood up and
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Unexpected visit.
Light-POV"Reject him!" My fathers words kept on repeating in my head preventing me from thinking straight. The minute he said that, my mother had dragged him out of the house to calm him which made it obvious that my mom was on my side. I dropped myself on my bed wishing i would drift off and never wake up (drama queen) but the sooner i find a way out of this, the better.As i was swimming in my thoughts of how scured i was, i received a text message. It was form Marcy.'Girl get ready. Um comin.' Short and the most scariest text of my life. Marcy can't come here. She's never been here before and i made sure to keep her away from my house and the packs territory to keep her safe. I immideately called her."What do you mean you are coming?""You bailed on me and i told you that i was going to make this the best birthday ever. Since you're sick and can't come here, the least i can do is be with you. So, ya. Um comin." She hanged up so she can't here me refuse. Fear heated my entire body
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Fate, you heartless b*tch 2
Light-POVAfter i made sure that Marcy was safe in my house i finally stopped rushing her. She took a deep breath and then started looking around the house."Ok, i know you told me that you come from money but i did not expect this Li. Why didn't i visit you more often?" She awed all around the house. Then i heard my moms'foot steps along with my dads'. I felt the need to hide her cause they have never met her but i was mated to her kind so i thought what the hell.When my mom saw her she brightened up but my dad darkened. Marcy turned around and looked at my approching parents."You must be Marcy!" My mom said as she threw a hand in for a shack."Yes Mrs. Angle." Marcy answered as polite as possible."Please call me Hazel." I have told my mom all about Marcy because trully i hide nothing from her. And my mom was always supportive with my friendship with a human. My dad on the other hand looked like he was about to shift. The room was filled with his aura but hardly affected Marcy beca
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Push to meet.
Kevin-Pov.Oh great, not only are my parents getting seprated but i have to move away with my mom. Not complaining much though since i chose to stay with my mother than my father but the move was a bit sudden. I left everyone i know back at home and it really sucks. I know that i won't have any problem making new friends at the college i just transfered to so hopefuly this year won't suck at all. After my mom insisted on dropping me off, i got out of the car and was stopped on my track with a scream of a highpitched girl yelling happybirthday. I followed the sound and noticed two girls. One was jumping up and down like a little girl while the other looked at her with a slight smile. The jumpy one was a bit taller and was clothed in full designers iteam while the other wore just average clothe.I saw the jumpy one hand her a little box so i assumed that the other one was the birthday girl. I tried to look away before i looked like a creep but for some reason though, i just can't look aw
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Shock like
Kevin-POVHazel drove me to her house to show me the way and my responsibilities. I know this is not the best way to hit on a girl but i really am desperate. We drove through the forest and drove a couple more minutes. Why would anyone want to live surrounded by the forest?The more we drove, the more houses came into view. Most of the houses were built with woods like a caben. And most of them looked alike. After she stopped the car, we hopped out and i helped her with her bags. As we walked towards the giant house people would wave and nod our way. They seem to be very fond of Hazel, and she seems to be very fond of them as well. The short distance between the car and the house felt really long as she stops and greets anyone she sees in her way. When we finally made it to the house, she showed me to the kitchen.The kitchen alone was bigger than the crapy house me and my mom lives in. A small girl greeted us "good evening Lu.." she stops mid sentence "i mean Hazel." She seemed to shy
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Stalking my mate
Light-POVThe rest of the day, i have been following my mate around from a distance, making sure that he wouldn't be attacked. I know that our pack memebers don't just attack anyone but still, i felt like i needed to watch over him.The uniform my mom made him wear did cover his scent from others but even the youngest wolves can tell that he doesn't have a wolf, hence, they can simply guess that he is a human.But my worry shouldn't have been on our worriors, it should have been on all the she-wolves that have been eyeing him up and down like a peice of meat as he works. I can hear them whisper about how handsome he is. That damn uniform sticking to his body like a second skin did not help at all. When i noticed that their eyes were not pealing off of him, i just mind linked them and telling them that my mother was asking for them. And after they leave, i made sure to mind link mom telling her to give them some work that would keep them busy for the rest of the day. And by the end of i
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Lost control
Light-POVThe last few weeks have been really hard. Avoiding my mate has been the only thing i seem to be focused on these days. I know that it is weak to ran way but it was all i have been doing. And because of that, i have been lossing control over my wolf. I have shifted more often with out my knowledge at home and i am afraid i might loss control at school or infront of some one that shouldn't see me.Every weekend, Kevin has been coming to my house to work, and every weekend i have been trying hard to avoid him. Sure there might have been a couple of occations when we would have talked or just wave at eachother. But other than that, nada.My parents have been fighting every weekend. Even though they manage to make up on weekdays, the rest was horrible. My father is still pushing me to reject my mate. He kept saying that he could arrange a marrige for me with someone strong and worthy of the title. But how could i reject him when he doesn't even know that he is my mate?Because my
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All went down
Light-POV"Light" Marcy whispered in terror. The look in her eyes terrified me and that made the last bit of control i had slip right through my fingers.My left arm broke, the pain was unimaginable. I haven't felt this much pain since the first time i changed."What is happening to you?" Marcy screamed her words. But i couldn't give her any answer because i was too busy breaking. Next was my leg, bending and turning at a weird angel. I finally hit the ground whimpering in pain. I can feel my face being washed by my tears.When i finally found my voice to scream, i warned her to stay away from me."Run...Marcy GO!" I kept yelling these words over and over but it seemed like she was too much in shock that her body was temporarly paralized. I don't blame her, if i saw my friend who claimed to be a human break and turned in to a beast, i'd probablly freeze too.The change was awful. Every bone in my body was breaking and rearranging its self in to my wolf form. I felt my skin tingle and b
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First date
Light-POVSunday couldn't come early. It was an agony waiting and taking a glance at my watch every now and then wondering why time has stopped. But all things come to pass and it was finally Sunday afternoon. I know all i did was wait 24 hours but it felt like forever.When Kevin was done with work, we went out to watch the movie.It was a nice romantic comedy, not usualy what i would prefer to watch but i did anyway. He on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the hell out of that movie. Good for him.After wards we grabed something to eat and sat in silence at a park bench. It was a comfortable silence though, which was broken by Kevin."Did you like the movie?" He finally asked and i nodded. Awkward."How about dinner?" Another small talk question."It was nice." I answered nodding and silence failed upon us once again."This is awkward!" Kevin commented with a small chuckel. Yes indeed. I returned a nod with a shy smile. What the hell? I'm not shy, this isn't me. If Noah saw me ri
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