SEAL Team Connor and Logan

SEAL Team Connor and Logan

By:  Jordan Silver  Completed
Language: English
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In this continuing saga, the seven brothers in arms who have retired to their little slice of heaven finds themselves embroiled with some kind of mastermind criminal ring. With suspicions rising about the death of their old friend the commander, Logan has his hands full with his new lady love. A little firebrand who doesn't fear the SEAL not even a little bit and is set on giving him fits at every turn. SEAL Team Connor and Logan is Created by Jordan Silver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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Melanie Govender
What an explosive start to a great read. Just happen to come across this book on the 70% off sale and no regrets... Love it so far and I've just started. Really hope updates are regular... I can't get enough.
2022-10-29 13:07:32
69 Chapters
Chapter 1: CONNOR
"I'm here to fuck you." She watched me from the bed as I approached her, eyes wide, not with fear as much as with uncertainty. After all, I hadn't given her any indication in all the months of her teasing and flirtations that I was the least bit interested. I kept my feelings well hidden from her and everyone else around me. "If you're attached to whatever that is that you're wearing, I suggest you take it off because it's going to be in shreds in a second." She made some sort of noise in her throat that was cut off when my mouth came down hard on hers. She was sweet and soft, just the way I knew she would be, which is why I'd avoided her thus far. A woman like her has no call being with a man like me. She's sweet tea and pecan pie on a southern porch on a hot summer day. I'm pizza and beer. She's cashmere and pearls in the back of a chauffeur-driven limo and I'm leathers and jeans on the back of a chopper. I tried for her sake to leave her alone. No
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Chapter 2: CONNOR
"Yes, Connor." Her eyes were wide on my face with just a hint of fear this time. I had no doubt I looked like a crazy man on top of her. I could feel the skin drawn tight against my cheekbones the way it did when I went into warrior stance. And this was the hottest battle I'd ever fought in my career. "I'll give you time to adjust to having a man like me in your life, but heed my warning. The you that you were when you woke up this morning no longer exist. There's no more Danielle. It's now Connor and Danielle. I'll teach you what it means to belong to me later; right now, I just want to fuck. Are you with me so far?" "Yes, Connor, please." She curled her pussy up, trying to get more of my cock inside her. That sweet Georgia peach voice of hers is going to get her drilled into the fucking bed time and again. I lifted her legs and spread her so I could fuck her deeper and harder. There was no way I could play the gallant lover, not this first time.
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Chapter 3: CONNOR
"Cum for me, Danielle." I latched onto her neck and bit down hard before sucking her skin into my mouth. She screamed, and I felt her warm juices flood my cock; that's all I needed to go off inside her hard and long. We were both out of breath, both panting for air, and I couldn't move. She'd done me in, sucked everything out of me. "I knew it, I fucking knew it." I rolled off of her but kept her in my arms. I couldn't even bring myself to let her go, not yet. "Are you mad that we made love again?" I looked down at her question. She seemed a bit confused, as she very well should be. I didn't even know what the fuck was going on, and I'd thought I had it all figured out. "That wasn't lovemaking, babe; that was a branding." The question is, who the fuck branded who? I pulled her out of bed and headed for the shower. We washed each other in between kisses. Had I ever done this before? Why did she make me want to do sappy shit? What was it about her that
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Chapter 4: CONNOR
Back at the compound where I lived with the men, I considered my brothers. I got ready for the day. I was getting a bit of a late start which none of the nosy fucks let me forget as they tried sticking their noses in my business as soon as I caught up with them. I was prepared for their shit, which I knew would be forthcoming. I'm the one always saying this relationship shit wasn't for me. I wasn't against it for others, but it just wasn't for me. Now I would be the first to take the plunge. I wonder if I should let them in on just what the fuck was in store for them when their time came? This all-consuming obsession that fucking ties you up in knots and owns your ass. I think I've become part bitch overnight or some shit. What the fuck am I thinking? "Fuck Connor, you smell like a bitch." "Fuck you, Zak." I smacked him behind the head as I went by on my way to the coffee. The other five assholes were all staring at me like I was some sort of a
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Chapter 5: CONNOR
The houses were done in a year and a half. We couldn't do everything ourselves because of our duties, but we'd worked on each other's places when we had downtime, and that had sped up the process quite a bit. Six months after we'd settled in and hung out our shingle, so to speak, we'd caught wind of the shit that was going on around us. There's no way in hell we're going to let shit like that take root in our backyard. After years of fighting and danger, the name of the game was peace and quiet. Now for me, that shit had been amped up a notch. I have a woman to protect. I don't want this shit anywhere near her, so the sooner we got to the bottom of whatever this was, the better. The town's people, after realizing that we weren't here to start shit, had pretty much accepted us with open arms. Well, most of them had anyway, and as far as they knew, we were navy men. No one knew what faction we'd been working for, as that shit tended to be top secret for
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Chapter 6: CONNOR
"Thought you weren't gonna go there, brother?" "Is there a problem, Ty?" "Nope, just saying. We had this long, drawn-out conversation where I told you to go for it, and I distinctly remember you giving me a laundry list of reasons why that wasn't such a good idea." "Yeah, well, shit changed." "Congratulations, man. So when are you bringing her home?" Logan was grinning like a proud papa the ass. "Tonight." "You need help with the move?" "Nah, my place is already furnished if she wants to change shit, she can just buy what she needs." "She knows she's moving in here?" Quinn asked while refilling my coffee; nosy fuck. "Yep." That got a good laugh out of all of them, but I just gave them the finger. They pretty much knew that I'd most likely ordered her as opposed to asking her. "Let's go, slackers, that building isn't gonna erect itself." I pushed back from the table and got to my feet. "We were waiti
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Chapter 7: CONNOR
We put aside all the bullshit as we got to work. The foundation had already been laid, and the outer walls built up with reinforced steel. Logan had made the call to go back to the old way of doing things. It cost a lot more, but once we explained things to the owners, they were more than willing to fork over the money. This area was prone to hurricanes and a rogue tornado or two over the last decade. When other matchstick buildings would blow in the wind, we were building this one to last. We were building the first thing to be erected in Briarwood since the fifties or some shit, so there was a lot of interest from the town's folk. There was a new business whose headquarters were in Atlanta, but it was cheaper for them to have offices here since Real Estate prices were insane these days. The head guy is some type of oil tycoon or some shit with offices all over the south and Midwest. He's already making noises about hiring us to do some other jobs for him becau
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Chapter 8: CONNOR
My day couldn't end fast enough. I was in a hurry to get back to her, to move her out of her place and into mine. To have her where I can protect her. To some, it may seem like I'm moving fast, well, except my brothers. They'd understand the need for me to do things this way. And I didn't really give a fuck what others thought, especially not when it comes to my woman. I have one way of doing this shit. All the way or not at all, and after being buried in Danielle's sweet pussy all night, I knew it was going to be all the way. In fact, from the first glide of my dick inside her, I knew she owned my ass. So there's only one thing left to do. Tie that shit down quick. I'd put my stamp on her last night; having her set up in my home will just seal the deal. I'll spend the next few weeks getting to know her and letting her get to know the man she'll be spending the rest of her life with. I think that's only fair since I plan on consuming her life completely from n
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Chapter 9: CONNOR
The boys were nowhere to be seen when we pulled in, but I was sure the nosy fucks had us within their sights. She looked around in surprise, which was understandable. Not too many people knew what existed behind these walls. We'd built them that way purposely, our own little haven away from everything and everyone else. It just made people more curious, but that was easier to deal with than being out in the open feeling exposed. It was going to be fun to see how I did living with someone else. Pretty sure it was gonna take some getting used to. She wasn't anything like my brothers; I might have to brush up on my etiquette and shit. I got out and helped her out of the truck before getting started on her million and one bags. "Welcome home, Danielle." I hugged her loosely around her middle and stole a kiss before setting her aside. Nosy fuckers were probably snickering behind windows and shit. If any of them came out here, I'd flatten the fucker. "This i
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Chapter 10: CONNOR
Fuck she owns me. How the fuck did that happen, and so effortlessly too? Just a look and a smile, and she'd hooked me. Shit was more dangerous than flying mortar. I have to admit that even though I've been in some tight spots before where my life was threatened. I don't think any of them scared me as much as sitting here at this table looking at everything I always wanted and never knew I did and praying not to fuck it up. *** After dinner, we cleaned up together and then had coffee. There was something plaguing me as we sat there. Something that I'd never asked another woman in my life. I never cared truth be known, but with her, I needed to know. "We need to talk, but we're not doing it in here; let's step outside." She followed me out the door to the backyard. Standing in front of her, it hit home just how small she really was compared to me. Last night when I'd been fucking her, her small stature had been the last thing on my mind. Now look
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