Sacrificed to the Dragon Prince

Sacrificed to the Dragon Prince

By:  VictoryAnne Vice  Completed
Language: English
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This is the story of Millicent Walker, a mysterious orphan who arrived in the small coastal town of Crimson mute, nameless, and with no memory of her life before. Hired out by the orphanage to pay for her room and board, her strange appearance and mannerisms lead her to be seen as a freak. To many, she was seen as having less value than the rags she used to clean the floors. When a blight comes to Crimson, the dragon demands a virgin "of marriageable age" as a sacrifice in exchange for his assistance. Seen as strange, even cursed, Millicent was an easy choice for the sacrifice. Loved and wanted by no one, there was nobody to fight for her when they chained her to the cart and left her at the base of the hill to be defiled or devoured. Little did they know, her sacrifice would be their biggest mistake.

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Such a good book. Fantastic read. Need to hear how the rest goes!! Thanks author. Hope we don’t wait long.
2024-03-16 00:08:25
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Lerrian Ballard
Love this book. Do we know when the 2nd book is going to start?
2024-03-13 00:20:18
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tessy jibril
this book is so addicting, was hooked from the first read. I can't wait for book 2.
2024-03-05 23:41:25
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Courtney Arielle
I love this book and I’m patiently waiting for the second part
2024-03-05 18:32:11
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Amy Gendreau
I like the unique feel to the story. Not another same story but one with value and a unique take on dragons.
2024-03-02 05:53:09
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Larissa Gracey
I just started reading this story last night & I was hooked from the very beginning. I look forward to reading the next update.
2024-01-15 11:11:02
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love the story...
2024-01-17 20:49:34
default avatar
A very different dragon story. One that's bound to keep you hooked. I can't wait for more updates.
2024-01-19 23:59:19
111 Chapters
[Millicent] People always say, "Can you remember when the problem started?" I'd like to say, "Yes, Sir. You see there was this one moment where everything went wrong..." But I cannot. I don't even know who I am. I was not born Millicent Walker. That name was gifted to me when I showed up in the village of Crimson, covered in bruises, burns, and blood. I have no parents, no family, and no memory of my life before the age of seven, or however old I am--nobody is quite sure. My strange gold hair and hazel eyes made it obvious to those who first met me on the dusty road from the East that I wasn't from anywhere near the town of Crimson, or anywhere else along the Emerald Shore where the locals were fair of skin and light of eye. To them I was different, and to people with small minds and smaller experiences, there is nothing scarier than different, except for maybe the unknown, and I was a living representation of both. I was, and remain, a mystery. With no one to care for me and no
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The Dragon Prince
[Primus] The wench was tied to the wagon in the exact location I had requested. They had even trussed her up, making sure she was tied securely so that she would have no chance of escaping. Good. I guess I do not have to take back my good favor from the village for something as stupid as misunderstanding my directions. I’d rather not waste a valuable resource just to prove that I can as a way to save face. The town of Crimson provides my castle with the fine fabrics and spices we need to run a household worthy of a Dragon Prince. Without them, I’d have to go further afield to find the goods that I need, and it would be…inconvenient. Reaching down with one of my foreclaws, I scoop up the wagon and take flight once again. I can hear the wench screaming, which is how I know she is still alive. Flight can be terrifying for the wingless. I expect a few screams of surprise, but she doesn’t stop. She just keeps going, a long loud bellow that resonates and scratches the inside of my eardru
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[Millicent]His malicious grin, the only part of his face I could see clearly, was predatory and possessive as he grabbed my hand roughly and led me through a stone door at the side of the keep. The door slammed behind us, the solid boom reminding me of the finality of my situation. Any chance for my freedom ended when that door closed behind us.We entered a small chamber that led to a dark hallway, lit by odd metal torches burning with a strange green flame behind clear bowls of hand-turned glass. I didn’t have much opportunity to appreciate the cleverness of the craftsmanship, however, because I was still suffering under his rough handling and he pulled me along faster than my much shorter legs could travel. Nobody was around to see him drag me up the stairs as I struggled, hitting and punching his back, hoping he'd stop moving and let me go. But he didn’t. Nothing seemed to matter as he continued. Not my screams, not my tears, not all the nasty things I said about him, his parenta
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A Friend
[Millicent]Leon led me back the way he had come, past the waterfall room, which is called a “terrarium,” into a dark hallway that I had somehow missed the night before. He presses his hand onto a small panel in the wall igniting more of those green-fire torches, illuminating the corridor before us. As we make our way through the doorway, the hallway opens up into another grand chamber, not quite as big as the last, but sufficiently big enough to hold one of the largest collections of books I had ever seen in one place.“Why are there so many books?” I ask, honestly curious.“For enjoyment,” he replies as if the answer is obvious. “Don’t you like to read?”“No,” I admitted. “I’ve never had enough time to learn how.”He stopped abruptly, holding out a hand. “You don’t know how to read?”“No,” I shake my head. “Why would I need to? Only merchants and lords need letters written on a page. I am just a maid. What need do I have of books when all I’m expected to do is clean?”He looks at me
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Dinner Conversation
[Millicent] It was several minutes before I was able to move from the spot where I watched Leon leave. When he had exited, there had been a door, with a typical handle carved of wood. As soon as he disappeared from sight and the door closed behind him, it melted into the wall, becoming stone. Stepping forward, I gently rubbed my hand to see if I could feel a seam or any other sign that a door had been here only moments before. It was no longer warm to my touch, only cold polished stone with not even the smallest blemish. Remembering the trick from before, I placed my hand on the center of the door, waiting for it to warm to my touch and open outward as it had before. Patiently I stood, fear slowly bubbling up my body from my gut, as the stone remained cold, hardly even warming up to my body heat. What had Leon said? That I was the only one who could enter. He didn’t say anything about whether or not I could exit. He also hinted that I wasn’t the only one who would be able to cont
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Beastly Behavior
 WARNING: This chapter contains verbal, physical, and psychological abuse. It also contains brief descriptions of graphic violence.    [Primus]  The girl is staring at me as if her eyes were made of blades and her glare could pierce my armor. I’ve noticed that she is quick to anger, a trait I can respect.  “You cannot destroy an entire village,” she argues, her dainty foot stomping hard on its wooden heel, reverberating through the mostly empty hall. 
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Hating Him
[Millicent] I hate him. Right now, there isn’t a single part of my body that doesn’t hate him. What was he thinking, bringing those horrible men into this keep? Every single one of them represents a handful of memories that I’d rather forget, parts of my life that I had to endure. Seeing them like that, having him demand that I tell him how each should die, sent me right back to those moments to live once again. I know that he sees me as insignificant, I am only a human, and the lowest of them, and he is a dragon prince. He has no reason to see me with any kind of regard. But what he did tonight,
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Peace Offering
008: Peace Offering [Millicent] I hear a “thump, thump, thump,” against my wall--a pattering of fists forming an oddly regular rhythm of flesh and stone. Squinting, I lift my head to see the first light of dawn begin to crest over the horizon. Rolling over, ignoring the pounding on my wall, I watch as the room slowly warms with morning light, refracted into sparkling rainbows through cut crystal windows that stretch from the marble floors to the high stone ceilings. Beautiful and cold, it is a lovely gilded cage. Grabbing a ridiculously oversized pillow, I pull it over my head in a vain attempt to silence the pounding which continues without pause, in perfect sync. I don’t need to check to know who it is on the other side. Voice muffled by the oversized cushion I groan, "I guess you can come in," and I sense more than hear when the door reappears and opens, allowing them all to come filing in. "Miss," a politely monotone and emotionless female voice to my left speaks. "We were se
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Life Lessons
[Millicent] Leon and I spent the morning re-teaching me how to sit (with one’s back straight, head pointed towards the heavens), how to eat (slowly and with care, never hurried), and then how to read (a painful process for the heart, mind, and eyes). It was more than a bit humiliating, but he did all of this with such patience and goodwill that I felt at ease, even at my lack of understanding. \ For example, it is “unladylike” to use your hands to dip your fruit into your bowl of cream. There are little forks for eating your berries so that your fingers are never sullied with juice. Nevermind that the juice often tastes better licked from one's hand. It is also “undignified” to pour your own cream in the first place because that is what the attendants are hired to do. Even if that meant you waited in hunger until they made their way over to you. Rushing and impatience are also “undignified,” so those moments of waiting your turn are important when cultivating patience, a desired vi
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[Primus] She entered my home only three nights before and already her allure overwhelms my senses. I can smell her in the walkways, taste her fingertips as they brush against my walls, and feel the butterfly kisses her feet make as she moves through her room. There is no part of me that doesn’t crave to be near her. It makes no sense to me why I suddenly feel this need to be close to anyone, never mind a small, fragile thing like her. Could she even bear my touch if I were in my true form? Would she willingly come to me scaled as I am, or will she only ever want the touch of human flesh? If she could bear it, would I crush her, breaking her without knowing? Even for a human, she is still so weak, still needing so much more care than I have yet been able to give her. Cold, wet, smelling deeply of earth and my familiar dragon scent, it is dark in my cave. Adjusting my wings, I roll over onto my back to stare up at the bats and stalactites. I get adjusted, curling into a ball, my scale
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