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PASSION IN THE OFFICE One shot of vodka + a dare + one steamy kiss = LOVE? Willing to prove she really can ‘live a little, Navy Remington accepts to play truth or dare in a cool nightclub. She chooses dare… After one shot of vodka, enough to help her build up some courage, Navy goes straight to a gorgeous man at the bar, puts her arms around his neck, and gives him a passionate, steamy kiss. What Navy doesn’t know is that the man she just made out with in the nightclub, is mogul and playboy extraordinaire Victor Hook. Furthermore… he's going to become her boss... real soon. Even so, Navy won’t let anything get in the way of her ambition. And she’s determined to be taken seriously as she begins her career, and not give in to the heat that’s constantly driving her to distraction. Still, the more Navy and Victor ignore the fire between them, the stronger it gets. But she’s not going to end up in her boss’s bed, because saying yes to Victor won’t just be Navy’s wickedest fantasies come to life... it will be the end of her dreams.

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2.2.2023 such an amazing it .xoxo E.S
2023-12-02 14:01:49
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Marena John Lambrou
Emma Swan has out down herself with this one! A little unique scenes in the book but that made it a little bit more interesting!
2023-11-29 12:35:31
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Karen Edelen
I love her books. I have read almost all of her books and have loved everyone so far. I working on reading her newest releases. Her books are not drawn out and are just perfect in length. She I'd one of my favorite authors and would recommend her books to anyone.
2023-06-05 10:49:34
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Karen Vertucci
Love the tension between Navy and Victor. Their inner dialog and hidden feelings are fun to read and when Vegas hits, just watch out for the heat! Another great one! Can't go wrong with one of Emma's books.
2022-12-01 01:22:58
default avatar
Marlenny Fernandez
I accidentally bumped into this book but when I check the author profile I loved that her stories are finished and with the perfect length, now I must read them all if it’s as good as ROCK MY HEART
2022-11-24 08:22:04
default avatar
Emily what an awesome story. You made this just the right length. Very will etched out. Congrats
2022-11-24 03:10:25
default avatar
I only just started and man you have a talent to write. totally enjoying the tension between the two.
2022-11-21 04:34:12
user avatar
Emma Swan
Hi, Y'all. Quick info about this book. there are going to be daily updates (a chapter or two max.) Thank you for your appreciation and funny comments on the website version but remember I can't reply there, only here. I hope to see some good reviews on the app version too.
2022-11-02 20:24:16
38 Chapters
‘What the hell am I doing here?’ Those words went on and on in Navy’s mind while sitting in a booth near her friend and roommate. The ice cubes in her glass clinked together as she stirred her vodka-cranberry drink and took a sip.“Hell, Navy… Could you at least pretend you’re having a good time?” Paige leaned in and yelled against her ear to be heard over the music. “This is the hottest nightclub in Seattle… Look at us! We’re absolutely fabulous and we’re getting a ton of male attention tonight.” As if to make her point, Paige waved to a group of men at a nearby table who were looking in their direction.“I’m so sorry, Paige,” Navy yelled back. Well, she wasn’t that sorry since all Navy really wanted was to go home. But she cared deeply about her friend and didn’t want to ruin her friend’s night out. Paige had put a lot of effort into dragging her into that nightclub. Earlier that evening, at home, Navy had spent far too long prepari
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A satisfied smile appeared on his lips, and Victor glanced around his packed nightclub. He was the owner of all this… If there was one person to thank for the popularity of ‘The Sin Nightclub’, it was only him and his busy social life. In fact, he owned all twelve ‘The Sin Nightclub’ located throughout the States, from Vancouver to Miami. His nightclubs were the perfect gathering place for celebrities and professional athletes… Even some members from a few of the most important European Royal houses graced his establishments. And quite often, his picture was posted on gossip blogs right alongside them, with headlines like ‘Victor Lands a Princess’, ‘Mr. Hook and the Heiress’, and ‘Nightclub Mogul Parties Hard with the Dream Team’. Victor shook his head, chuckling at the latest story linking him with the daughter of a senator. He was young, single, rich, and good-looking. That’s what people saw when they looked at him. When people saw a
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‘Was it me? Did I just do that? Did I just go straight to that gorgeous piece of man and shoved my tongue in his mouth?’ Wobbling slightly, Navy returned to Paige. But it seemed that while she was gone, her friend had made a… friend of her own. Navy watched Paige as she talked to a guy who had taken up residence at their booth. Feeling kinda bold after two drinks and a quick session of French kissing, Navy scooted in on the far side and looked straight at the stranger. Looking at her and Paige, that guy thought he was getting lucky. He started smirking at Navy, in his head already planning a threesome.“Not going to happen… Beat it, buddy!” Navy exclaimed. She hooked a thumb over her shoulder and scowled. When he left with a confused shrug, Navy buried her face in her hands.“Oh, my God… Paige, what did I do?! I can’t believe I kissed a stranger! I went to him, put my arms around his neck, and stick my tongue down his throat… And now
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The next morning, Navy awoke with the worst hangover of her life… Not that she had many in her life to compare it to but this was definitely the worst one ever… maybe in the history of mankind! She groaned at the buzzing alarm on her cellphone and, with her eyes tightly shut, felt around her night table for it. When she couldn’t manage to turn it off with her eyes still closed, Navy threw it into the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of her room. But much to her despair, doing so did nothing to silence the dreadful noise, Navy groaned and pulled her quilt over her head. Once Navy managed to roll out of her bed, she pulled on a tank top and a pair of shorts.“Never again…” Navy whispered. She padded barefoot to the kitchen, where she found Paige sitting at the narrow breakfast bar, with her head on the table… Thankfully, her friend had managed to make some coffee.“Kill me… please…” Navy said to Paige. “This time I mean it…” “Too much work…
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After one of the most uncomfortable hours of his life, Victor said goodbye to the class and wished them luck in their future careers. He shook Professor Behar’s hand and quickly left the classroom. He stopped in the hallway outside to pull out his cell phone to see how many calls, texts, and emails he had missed. There were many of each, and Victor sighed. Once again, he thought of the empty PA’s desk in the corner of his office and remembered that he had to get on with hiring someone new. Vincent wasn’t coming back, no matter what price Victor offered him. Victor put his cell phone to his ear when he felt the soft touch of a hand on his arm. He turned and saw her. ‘Navy Remington.’ The woman he saw last night, the one from the bar. The woman who had been sitting front and center during his talk. How many times was he forced to tear his gaze from her, only to have it roam, out of his control, back in her d
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Curled up on the couch with a wool blanket over her legs, Navy settled in after she reached for her bowl of popcorn. She didn’t care what Paige thought. Curling up on the couch and binge-watching TV series was fun. ‘All the fun I need, in fact.’ She queued up the next episode and sat back, letting the plush couch cuddle her in a way that no man would ever know how. ‘Well, Victor Hook might know how, I’m sure.’ The man looked as wicked as sin, and those strong arms she’d felt wrapped around her, and those delicious lips she’d touched with her own, would certainly know how to hold and caress all of the most sensitive parts of her body. Realizing that she had been lost in thoughts of Victor Hook and not paying attention to the beginning of the episode, Navy stopped to rewind it when her phone rang. She picked it up to look at the screen and frowned when she didn’t recognize the number as she brought it to her ear.“Hello?” she m
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Victor already regretted it. After he had sent her off to the HR department, Victor sighed and rubbed his hands through his brown hair.“Damn! What was I thinking hiring her?” he whispered and sighed. In the short time Navy Remington had been in his office, Victor found it impossible to think of anything but how her copper hair shimmered, the scent of her perfume, her sharp green eyes, and her amazing smile. How could he be expected to get any work done with her sitting in his office, day in and day out? Since the night that Navy had kissed him, she was all he had been able to think about. All Victor wanted to do, more than anything, was kiss her again and feel her hair in his hands. His hands were itching, willing to rip that amazing-looking suit from her body and feel her soft skin against his own.“Vic, my man… You’re in deep trouble… One of your own making,” he said and groaned in frustration. “Well, she’s here now. You’ve got to m
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Around seven o’clock, Navy entered her apartment. She knew that Victor was staying late for a conference call to settle some things with a presentation he would be giving at an upcoming conference in Las Vegas. She had offered to help him and stay just in case, but Victor didn’t want to hear about it and dismissed her, sending her home, to rest and prepare for the next day.“‘Really, Victor, I can stay… It’s no problem…’” she told him.“‘You already did what was asked of you. For today, you’re done. Have a great evening, Navy,’” Victor replied and without adding another word, left the office. It still felt like a brush-off, all the same. She couldn’t shake the feeling that he was uncomfortable being in the same room with her, and Navy wondered why he hired her if her presence made him so grouchy… so cranky? Navy made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of red wine, and when Paige ran into the kitchen to greet her, she poured one fo
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Victor put the finishing touches on his presentation, and, satisfied with the result, sat back in his chair. The upcoming trip to Las Vegas was a critical turning point for him, personally and professionally, and he couldn’t leave anything to chance. His plans of expanding his empire were still a secret, but he knew that the Las Vegas Strip would be the place to start if he wanted to make an entrance people would notice. And there was only one person who could’ve helped him accomplish that… He was the most important name on his investors' list. Ben Randall, the most influential name amongst all. He desperately needed an appointment with the businessman but, so far, Randall hadn’t taken any of Victor’s calls, and that frustrated him to no end. He thought about the presentations and workshops that he and Navy would be attending during the conference. This trip would also be an extremely good opportunity for her as well, and he developed their sche
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“Up to this point, this place is absolutely perfect for your plans…” Navy says looking thoroughly around.“I agree… This part right here… this is going to be the spa,” Victor told Navy as he opened the door to a large, dusty room and ushered her inside. He was taking her on a tour of the foreclosed hotel property he had bought in downtown Seattle, the one that he was in the process of rebuilding and renovating to turn it into the first ‘Mirage Hotel’.“This place used to be a ballroom,” he explained, taking a look around the expansive room. “It’s the only space big enough to install all of the features we want in the spa, and we’re going to renovate some old guest rooms to make smaller event and conference spaces.” Victor watched her eyes survey the room, no doubt envisioning all that he did when he looked around the old hotel.“My, God, Victor… I’m kinda speechless,” she whispered. “This is going to be the most incredible hotel in Seattle.” He smiled. He
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