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I’m going to ruin them all.” Maliah whispered with so much venom in her voice “Those people who took everything from me, I’ll make them pay for hurting me like this. They shouldn’t have done this to me” Five years ago, the world Maliah knew was turned upside down and everything she cared about was ripped from her in the most painful way imaginable. Now she is back and she wants revenge. Maliah doesn’t care about what she needs to do to get her revenge even if it involves getting married to a man everyone steers clear from. Maliah thought it would be a simple marriage which would help her get the revenge she craved. Everyone warned her of Davian but no one told her that with Davian, even your heart was on the line.

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Next chapter pleaseeeeeee...
2024-02-03 02:52:25
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... wow..The author is doing a nice work. I love it.
2024-02-03 02:52:10
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Abibat Adeola
2024-02-03 00:26:42
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Abibat Adeola
The story is interesting I hope to see more from the author
2024-02-03 00:25:59
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Susan Obiorah
I'm so captivated by this book. Revenge and Tempations really made me go all night to get an update on the recent happenings in the story. It's so thrilling, so amazing. Don't skip by without Reading this thrilling novel ...
2024-02-02 22:22:16
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This is my first book from this author and I love the start already. The writing style is also cool. I hope the author would update frequently since the chapters are still few.
2024-01-31 20:22:13
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Fear. That was the emotion that hovered over my head as I stared at the paper in my hand. My doubting gaze found that of my best friend and personal doctor, Nova who mirrored my expression. She understood. She had to. We had gone through this scene six times already. The tears I had been trying to keep at bay finally broke through and my vision became blurry as my eyes scanned through the words printed on the paper. A stray tear dropped on the paper, and I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand to make sure another didn’t fall. The result wouldn’t change but I couldn’t help but read it again and again. I needed to make sure it wasn’t a dream. My emotions were conflicting. I didn’t know if I wanted this result to be a reality or a dream. I was pregnant. Again. And it was going to be my seventh pregnancy in four years, all of which never passed the first trimester. The happiness I was supposed to feel with the news had been replaced by panic. My throat was tight and I was aware
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“Silas?” I whispered. My head was spinning and I held on to the door for support as a painful chilling sensation wrapped around me like a second skin. It felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest with malice. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing but I had no choice. It was right in front of me, this ugly revelation I must see. Silas and Blair took a minute to register I was in the room before they flew apart from each other. I watched them with a new kind of despair as they scrambled to get anything to cover their selves. Confusion mixed with betrayal tugged my heart as it shattered. Disbelief and denial mixed in with the broken pieces which left me in a state of anguish. “Darling, it’s not what you think” Silas quickly put on his briefs and tried to approach me, but I took a step back. I didn’t want him to touch me with the same filthy hands he had been using to pull Blair’s hair back as he fucked her raw, without a condom. “That’s too cliché of an answer, don’t yo
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I felt like glass as I stood to the side and watched from behind my dark shades as Dad’s coffin was lowered to the ground. I was still finding it difficult to come to terms with it even though reality slapped me hard in the face with the scene in front of me. Dad was gone and he wasn’t coming back. I tipped my head back to stop the tears that were about to fall but my efforts were futile as a stray tear dropped down my cheek, betraying me. It had been three long and painful weeks since Nova found me and delivered the worst news to me. Everything had been a blur up till now. My grip on Nova’s hand tightened painfully but she didn’t say a word of protest. Instead, she rubbed circles at the back of my hand with her fingers. She hadn’t left my side since then and I was grateful for it. If she had not been present, I would have probably lost my mind. Sniffing brought my attention to the side where Silas, Blair and Sabrina stood with fake tears streaming down both women’s faces. I could
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My eyes flew open just as a gasp tore through my mouth. My breathing was laboured and I winced as the light blinded my eyes for a few seconds, forcing me to close them again as a result of the sting.I took a few seconds before I let my eyes flutter open again. I felt disoriented and my eyes darted around the room to try to remember where I was and how I got there.I tried to sit up but ended up falling back against the bed and hissing out as a sharp pain came from my abdomen at the same time realization whipped me harshly.Images unfolded before me mentally like I was watching a TV screen as I saw myself being hit by a car.“My baby” I cried out in horror, my hand flying to my stomach to check if I was fine as if my action would magically provide answers for me.It was also the same time I noticed the needle in my hand which was attached to a drip and the beeping sound of a monitoring machine.I tried to rip the needle out of my hand but the door opened and a nurse carrying a tray en
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FIVE YEARS LATERMy eyes glided over the familiar view of San Francisco as the plane descended, causing my stomach to tie into knots and nausea to hit me harder than a storm. Memories I thought were buried assaulted me like the smell from a lively kitchen only this time, it made my stomach churn. It was supposed to be easy to be back since I thought I was stronger but I guess my supposed new strength was all in my head. I wanted to say that I was back home, but could I still consider this place that was the cause of my nightmares my home? I shivered involuntarily as the plane finally stopped and the door was opened for passengers to exit. I remained seated as the other passengers hurried out of the plane to unite with family members or friends. It felt like I could hear the blood rushing through my veins and I was hesitant to move. I should have allowed Nova to pick me up instead of meeting up at the house. Maybe it would have helped but I needed to do something first. “You’ll
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Davian’s brows dipped and then his mouth turned down into a frown. I thought he was considering my offer but that thought drizzled out quickly as he chuckled coldly.The atmosphere suddenly felt unbearable but I kept my expression as blank as my emotions would let me. It felt like I walked into the lion’s den and the way out had dissipated into thin air.I would have been scared with the way those menacing eyes were boring into my depths but I came here knowing it wouldn't be easy.The laughter sent a chill down my spine. It was cruel and void of any emotion. He let his gaze drag all over me and I had to fight the urge to cower under his gaze and wrap my hands around myself.If there was one thing nobody had lectured me on and what wasn’t included in the multiple files I had buried under my box about this man, it was how easily he could make you feel stupid and less of a person with just a sweep of his gaze.Anger boiled beneath the surface of my skin at the condescending look in his
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I sat stiffly at the back of the car as Shiro drove us to the penthouse. The muscles in my shoulders were rigid, it felt like the stiffness was clawing up my throat almost making it impossible to breathe. Unshed tears made my golden-brown eyes shimmer as I let my gaze trail the buildings passing by in a blur.The words Davian had thrown at me so casually hit me harder than a train wreck and I was struggling to balance myself before I toppled over.I thought I knew what humiliation was after what Blair and Silas did to me, but Davian showed me that it had different flavours, and his version left a bitter and unforgettable taste in my mouth.“I’m assuming it didn’t go well” Shiro spoke, and I met his eyes in the mirror. There was no judgement in his eyes because that was who he was. He would never judge me. We hadn’t spoken since I ran to the car, like a puppy with its tail between its leg. He drove off without any question and I thought there wouldn’t be any.I didn’t even have to conf
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A sigh escaped my lips as I dropped my tired body on the soft bed. The mattress was so soft that I sank into it and a satisfied groan followed. Today had been a long and exhausting one.Nova had gone home about an hour ago. Her husband, Samuel had picked her up while Ria had retired to her room since she was going to be living in the penthouse with me and Shiro.For the first time since I arrived, I allowed myself to admire the room’s décor. The room was sophisticated but simple. I wasn't hoping to spend a long time here so there was no need for me to waste money on décor to make the room feel personal.A yawn fell out of my lips and I suddenly became tired. My eyes became droopy but I forced myself into a sitting position grudgingly. No matter what, I couldn't sleep without taking a shower and doing my night-time routine if I didn’t want to wake up with acne the size of my fist.I noticed that the closet door was opened and I could see that my clothes had been hung. It had to be Ria
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Davian hasn’t said a word since I arrived and I could sense a little bit of irritation in his posture as he ate. The clinking of our cutlery was the only sound in the empty restaurant.Davian was showing off. That had to be the only explanation as to why he would reserve the entire top floor of one of the most expensive restaurants in San Francisco. And yes, I did my research when he sent me the invitation yesterday.I may have arrived a few minutes late but I didn't think it was something that should warrant such a cold shoulder. His behaviour was slowly pissing me off. He was acting like I begged him to be here.Well, I did but he chose to send me a message for us to meet so I don’t know why he was acting like he would rather be somewhere else than sitting across from me and acting like I didn't exist.The only reason I was biting my tongue and holding back my words was because of what I needed from him. Until I got his name signed on the marriage certificate, I was willing to let
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The rage that filled me wouldn’t allow me to close my eyes for a minute of rest and soon it was morning. The audacity to spew the cause of my anguish like it was a page from a cliche book made me want to scream and tear into the sheets wrapped around me.I hated him. It didn't matter that I had been the one to propose marriage but I hated him. The way his arrogance rubs off me and makes me want to spiral out of control.I hated how he always felt like he owned the world. He acted as though no one was above him and even if that was true to an extent, it didn't mean I had to tolerate it but I will.I hated that I had to suck it up and marry him because my revenge came first but I couldn't even make reason with that at the moment. I could still hear that infuriating voice in my head as he laid down my past in front of me like he had every right to. That bastard. He made me lose reason.I forced myself to breathe, to try and expel the anger in my lungs but those grey eyes found their way
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