Rejected, But Claimed By Her Four Alphas

Rejected, But Claimed By Her Four Alphas

By:  Uriel Kings  Completed
Language: English
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Hidden away by a cruel uncle for years, where she was kept prisoner, treated like a piece of trash in the basement of his house. Beaten, broken, neglected, hated and rejected by him for reasons she can't even understand. Sable's life takes an unexpected turn. A chance for escape leads her straight into the arms of a mysterious wolf shifter named Ridge, the alpha of the North Pack. As her world shatters, she discovers the shocking truth about the existence of shifters and the undeniable pull she feels towards Ridge. But the surprises don't end there. The alphas of the East and West Packs step forward, claiming her as their mate too. Now, she finds herself torn between four powerful and captivating alphas, each with their own secrets and desires..The four alphas who’ve each claimed her as their mate kept their promise to protect her. They came for her. They saved her. For one beautiful, blissful moment, the five of them were united, joined more closely than she have ever been with anyone. As sable learns to navigate this new world of shifters, danger lurks at every corner. Witches threaten the borders of shifter lands, and insurrection brews within the packs. But the greatest danger of all may come from within herself. With her newfound powers and the weight of her mates' expectations, she must confront her own identity and the darkness that lies within. Will her potential mates accept her now that they know the truth? Can she trust them to protect her from the looming threats? In a world where nothing is as it seems, she must find the strength to embrace her destiny and forge a path of her own.

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el sk
I like this book
2024-03-14 17:50:53
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Really enjoying reading
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180 Chapters
chapter 1
SableThe fluorescent lights in the ceiling emit a faint, incessant buzzing that hurts my battered head almost as much as the harsh illumination does. I stare down at Doctor Patil’s shiny black hair as his capable fingers, clad in sapphire blue surgical gloves, prod at my ankle.He’s already x-rayed my arm and shined his light in my eyes to check my pupils for signs of concussion. He declared me safe from brain damage, but he let out a long, low whistle at the other parts of me that weren’t so lucky.The doctor presses on a particularly sore spot, and I hiss through my teeth, gripping the paper-covered table beneath me.“This area hurts?” Doctor Patil asks, pressing the nodule again like a damn sadist.My jaw tightens as I try to restrain the impulse to yank my leg out of his grasp. “Yes. That area hurts.”I notice his gaze pause over the crescent-shaped scars above my knee, but he doesn’t say anything. The same suspicious look crossed his face when he saw the scars on my arms. And ag
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chapter 2
SableI sprint like I don’t have a twisted ankle and a sprained wrist. I sprint like I’m not covered in painful bruises with the energy level of a factory in nuclear meltdown. Because this is it—this is my only chance to get away from him once and for all, and I will not fail.Because if I do, he’ll kill me. I know that with dead certainty.Uncle Clint shouts, his snarl a whip cracking after me. I can’t make out his words through the adrenaline rushing in my ears, and honestly, I don’t even want to try. The coward I was before would have frozen at that tone. I would have turned around and returned to him with my tail between my legs, closing my eyes against whatever punishment he deemed fit.But I’m not that girl. I refuse to continue to be that girl anymore. I stopped being her the second I opened that car door.Doctor Patil tried to save me. He wanted to give me the out I needed, and I didn’t take him up on his offer.So it’s up to me now.Uncle Clint will chase me. But I’m smaller,
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chapter 3
RidgeWhen I left the cabin and shifted into wolf form to patrol the borders of my pack’s land, I had no idea my trip back home would include carrying a beautiful, unconscious woman against my naked body.Granted, most men wouldn’t hate this particular situation. The girl is stunning, even with all the cuts and bruises. Golden hair that falls in a thick curtain around her shoulders. Petite, but with perfect curves beneath her tight blue jeans and gray sweatshirt. The kind of heart-shaped face poets dedicate entire stanzas to in the throes of their passion.But this sure as shit wasn’t how I expected to spend my night. Not to mention, I feel like a fucking perv holding her while my cock dangles freely beneath her ass. Shifting into a wolf is great as long as you don’t need clothes when you shift back.Still barely conscious, the girl moves restlessly in my arms, wincing as she draws her injured wrist to her chest. The limb is wrapped in a hard brace, which I take to mean it was hurt be
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chapter 4
SableI wake up slowly, as if my body and mind are resisting consciousness. My dreams were surprisingly calm and comforting, and my eyes don’t seem to want to open. I don’t want to leave this calm, peaceful space between sleep and waking.And why would I? So much of my life has been pain and trauma that it’s only fair I linger in the good moments as long as I can.I’m beneath soft, warm blankets in a quiet room, and for a moment, I think I’m back in my bed in Uncle Clint’s house. But then a comforting scent wafts over me. Not the usual smell of Tide and my lavender body lotion.Something more masculine.Woodsy and spicy.Unfamiliar yet achingly intoxicating.I nestle farther into the pillow, breathing the soothing scent in deeply. I slide beneath the covers, ignoring the pained protests of my body as I roll into the sheets and take another deep breath. I spread out on my belly, blankets covering me from head to toe, and smile as I’m completely surrounded by this woodsy smell. Even sti
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chapter 5
RidgeGoddammit. This isn’t how I wanted to get a half-naked girl in my arms.Normal guys, they go to parties. Go to bars. They talk up the first hot woman who shakes her ass in their direction, then fuck her senseless against a bathroom wall covered in graffiti that probably includes her phone number.Not me. No, my dumb ass has to find an unconscious woman in the wilderness and bring her home, only for her to strip to her panties and race madly through the village in an attempt to escape.I mean, I know I’m not People’s Sexiest Man Alive, but damn.The girl’s head slams back toward my face, and I have to crane my neck sideways to keep from getting a busted nose.“Hey! I’m not going to hurt you!” I snarl as she tries again, whipping my head back the other way.“Then put me down and let me go!” she gasps, struggling against my hold. She has a light, bell-like voice, though the bite to her statement takes some of the melody away. One bare foot catches me in the shin, and I grunt at the
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chapter 6
SableFor a moment, I got lost in Ridge’s honey-colored eyes. I woke up expecting to come face-to-face with Uncle Clint, but what I ended up getting instead was pretty much the complete opposite of the man who raised me.When the dark-haired man caught me near the trees, I was so certain I was about to die that I fought with everything I had in me. But inside his house, something shifted in his demeanor.His gruff voice managed to block out the fear, to shove away the rising panic so that I could focus on him and his calming words.I started to calm down.I started to feel… safe.But I don’t feel safe now.Nearly a half-dozen of the biggest people I’ve ever seen crowd into his living room, voices raised as angry, violent energy pours out of them. My terror returns full force, and I cower into the cushions, wishing I could sink right through themand disappear to the other side of the planet.Ridge meets my eyes, a look of resignation passing through his amber irises. Then he pushes to
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chapter 7
SableI wake from sleep groggily, my eyelids blinking into clear, early morning light. The curtains on the window are drawn open, and I can see that Ridge closed the window back up sometime while I was asleep. His presence in the room while I slept sends a little shiver down my spine, despite the fact that he’s done nothing but take care of me from the moment he brought me here.Sleeping is such a vulnerable time.And I’m terrified of being vulnerable with anyone.I shove back the covers and gently sit up. My body is stiff and unwieldy, my limbs as heavy as my eyelids, and I scoot back to rest against the headboard and get my bearings. I don’t remember getting out of the shower or falling asleep, but that’s not abnormal for my panic attacks. When my mind goes blank at the tail end of an attack, I operate on autopilot.I’m wearing some of Ridge’s clothes again. A soft, worn pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt three times too big for me. I realize I’m not wearing a bra or underwear, an
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chapter 8
RidgeIt takes a lot of fucking willpower to leave that door open.What I really want to do is slam it shut and barricade it closed so that the woman in my bedroom can’t leave. Just because I told her she was free to go doesn’t mean I want her to. I want to keep her right here with me, where I know some jackass isn’t putting out cigarettes on her perfect skin.What the fuck is wrong with me?The front door slams shut behind me as I step out of the cabin, and I shove my hands in my pockets as I stride down the front walk to the packed-dirt road. I don’t know why I want so fucking much for Sable to stay with me. She’s nobody to me. Some chick I found half-dead in a ravine, and to hear my brother bitch about it, I should have left her there.But as I walk away from my cabin, the thought that she might actually leave while I’m gone makes me sick to my stomach.For now, though, this council meeting is a lot more pressing than keeping Sable in my bed. If Lawson caught a whiff of me putting
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chapter 9
SableThe cabin is calm and silent after Ridge leaves. I finish the bacon before moving on to the scrambled eggs, and even though the meal is as simple as it can get, it’s delicious—the bacon just the right amount of crispy, the eggs fluffy and moist. It hits the spot for me in a way no food has in a very long time.From what I’ve been able to tell, Ridge definitely lives alone in this small cabin. I’m touched that he went out of his way to cook me breakfast and to bring it to me in bed. He also wasn’t half bad at trying to be as non-threatening as possible. And I appreciate that too.That doesn’t mean you should stay, I think as I finish off my cooling coffee and put the empty mug back on the tray.But I’m torn. On the one hand, my fight-or-flight impulse has taken up what feels like permanent residence in my gut, and every nerve-ending in my body is screaming at me to run. Ignoring that self-preservation instinct that’s become so ingrained in me after life with my uncle feels like t
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chapter 10
TrystanThese council meetings are a waste of my goddamned time.But I come to them because that’s what I’m supposed to do. The alpha plays nice with the other packs. The alpha builds bridges and shakes hands and kisses rancid ass to ensure cooperation between them and us. Inter-pack cooperation and all that stupid bullshit.That doesn’t mean I have to like it.I hate this drafty barn the North Pack has built out of recycled materials and spit, and I especially hate listening to fucking Ridge Harcourt droning on about trespassers on their land, or Archer from the East Pack talking about his sick father.Their problems are real, and they have my sympathies—but their problems aren’t my problems. My pack is doing fine. We’re handling the witch threat, beefing up our own security, and not for the first time, I’m spending every boring second of this meeting wondering what the fuck I’m doing here.The West Pack has never been stronger. My pack hasn’t lost a wolf yet, and those goddamned wit
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