Reborn novels tell the story of protagonists who are offered a second chance to relive their lives again. The last few years of their previous lives are usually miserable because of their enemies whose identities they didn’t realize until the very last moment. This time, with painful revelation, they are brought back to the point when everything hasn’t gone too bad, and their mission is to turn the fury and humiliation they suffered into wise decisions so they can survive, take revenge and love the people who deserve their heart properly. Reborn novels focus on the exciting and dramatic process of revenge as well as heart-wrenching romance that transcends time.
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Reborn for revenge: Mr.Smith Can you handle it?
Bird Of Paradise
"I agree to this but that's as long as you do not poke your nose in what I do." "You have the deal!" The man chuckled in his husky voice while raising his hands in a surrender gesture. "But You need to agree to my side of conditions too." He stepped forward and whispered in her ears, his hot breath tickling them, yet she did not waver one bit from where she was. "I did say I will agree, didn't I?" Sherry maintained a calm and composed look on her face as she confronted him head on. She placed her hands on his collar and pulled him forward until they were at the same eye level. "Mr. Smith!" She whispered in a low voice like how he had done before. 'Hah...This woman is really good at driving me nuts...' Levian knew this was going to be a challenge for him. ................................................................... Sherry was a bright child that everyone loved. Her foster parents her step siblings and her friends. Everyone loved her and spoilt her. But she dies on the day of her marriage just as she was about to get her makeup done. A disease?? No?? On that very day her fiance is at hospital but not for her but because he is about to be daddy...... Sherry unknown to all this except the fact she was poisoned by her bridesmaid rebirths a day before her marriage. In this life she takes different options but then ugly truth about everything starts to surface. What would she do when she realizes everything was fake?? And a mysterious man appears out of nowhere and says as long as she marries him he would even wipe out whole of the city that made a fool out of her.
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