Raven - The runaway wolf

Raven - The runaway wolf

By:  Reanne Michelle  Updated just now
Language: English
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Nineteen year old Raven belongs in the Whitlock pack, but still without her wolf, she is constantly reminded and insulted for being different to everyone else. Raven is headstrong and always on the wrong side of the Luna and her old high school enemy, Violet. With only her family to defend her and a shaded past, Raven often questions everything about her life in the pack. But, when an old friend from her past tries to become close to her and with an uprising against the pack, Raven's whole world tears apart. But, this is just the beginning for Raven as it catapults her into her own journey of discovering the truth and mystery of who and what she will become.

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Hael Donor-Alvarez
i love this book. i hope i get to read the next chapters soon
2024-02-12 20:14:05
74 Chapters
Chapter 1.
I had to get out! The sun was shining, and I was dying for some peace and quiet, especially after what happened at breakfast... dishes and glass being chucked across the kitchen again! I had locked myself in my bedroom the moment the commotion started, and I didn't bother stepping out until father had managed to calm the situation.But the sun beaming down on my back just fed a calmness into my soul that I needed, and I focused on that small delight whilst I sketched the pretty black raven in front of me. He seemed to be enjoying the sun just as much as I was, he was happily basking, curiously bopping his head around to watch me. Perhaps he found this part of the woods just as peaceful as I did... The sun rays glistening on the clear lake behind us and the sounds of the grass and leaves gently flowing in tune with the warm breeze.His feathers looked polished and soft, thick and strong, ready to carry his whole body wherever he wished to go. I envied him, in fact, I envied all creatur
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Chapter 2.
“I love the colours, very vibrant Raven. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished”. Professor Colin commented as he stopped at my easel.“Thank you, professor”. I replied as I tried to concentrate on the little flower petals I was painting. I was a little perfectionist when it came to my art. Although I wasn’t ‘out there’ and overly imaginative like the other students, creating weird and different images all mixed together. I was always more of a nature girl, anything scenic like a meadow, or a deer standing under the trees in the rain with its fawn. Or fresh raindrops glistening off of a giant spider’s web. Some of the students here and even when I was at high school would call it boring, but I call it real! Beautiful life!“Five minutes left, Raven”. He informed me as he slowly ambled to observe everyone else’s work.I finished the petals and sat back to look over my work, only to see I still had over a quarter to finish.“Ooh, another field!” Jaqueline ridiculed as she w
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Chapter 3.
“Oh, come on Raven, please don’t be difficult!”. Mum groaned as she held up the dresses for me to choose.“How many times do I need to tell you I’m not going!” “It’s just one evening. One evening, Raven, and that’s it, you don’t have to bother for another year”. “Ugghh”. I growled in my throat with frustration. “Mum, what is the point in me going? I don’t have anyone there to talk to, it’ll be boring, besides no one’s even going to notice if I’m not there”. “Oh, for goodness sake, you’re not a child, so stop huffing and just pick one! Just do this for me and your dad. As it is, we have to come up with some lie as to why he’s not going, it’ll just be even more suspicious if we have to lie for you too”. “You don’t need to lie for me, just simply tell them, I don’t want to go”. “Raven! I am asking you to do this!” I exhaled in a humpf as I got off my bed. “Ok, fine, that one then!”. I told her as I pointed to a long strapless black dress. “At least with it being black, hopefully I
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Chapter 4.
I quickly walked over to the dimly lit pond and sat behind a white wicker archway that was covered in vines and roses, enough to keep me out of view as I just stared at the water in front of me. I tried to shake away what the Luna said but it had already had my skin tingling with nerves. It wasn’t so much the insults that bothered me. Oh, Raven the girl with no wolf.. yea, yea, I’ve heard it all before! The only thing rummaging around in my head right now was what she said about making me leave. My parents would never allow me to just up and leave on my own, not unless it was my own choice, and I had another pack I wanted to explore and stay with. If they knew… if they knew I was forced to leave, without a doubt they would leave too. They’d uproot their whole lives here, just because of me! Wolfless, burden me!Maybe that’s one of the reasons my heart always feels so heavy every time I see my uncle. Every time he has an angry outburst or cries in the night, he apologises over and over
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Chapter 5.
“Good morning”. Uncle greeted as I came down the stairs and followed him into the kitchen.“Good morning”. I replied. “Has dad gone already?” “Already? Raven it’s eleven o’clock. He went hours ago!” “Oh! I didn’t realise I’d slept in”. I told him as I poured myself some juice and took a seat at the table.“No college today?” “No, that’s tomorrow. But today we’re supposed to work on our own pieces, it’s part of our coursework”. “Oh.. and what piece are you working on?” “Actually, it’s a raven. I saw him at the lake the other day, but I haven’t finished yet”. “Well, now that’s suitable, isn’t it”. He smiled as he leaned against the counter. “A raven by Raven”. “Well, he was beautiful, I couldn’t resist”. “Your mother thought so too, that’s why she named you after them. So, anyway, how was the party?” “Umm, you know, the usual”. “That boring, huh?. He sniggered. “Any problems?” “No.. no, nothing much”. “Hmm… is that so?” “What?” I asked as he was looking at me suspiciously.
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Chapter 6.
After two days of going through all the files of the local packs, I had one, maybe two at a push that sounded safe enough for me to run to. However, whether they’d allow a wolfless member in was still a shot in the dark. All I could do, was hope they’d take some kind of pity on me.I dragged my ass out of bed and rushed to get dressed for college. I had been up most of the night tossing and turning, convincing myself that today was the day! Tonight, at dinner, I’d discuss my ‘plan’ to explore to my parents and, hopefully, Uncle’s sheepish looks he’s had the last couple of days, won’t give anything away.“Any luck with finding a plan B?” He asked as I darted into the kitchen to grab a banana. Whispering, so mum in the next room didn’t hear.“Kind of”. I shrugged. “Maybe two… And I’m certain they’ll accept me”. I slightly lied. The guilt of hiding this from my parents was starting to get to him. I could see the worry in his eyes and he’d constantly convince me to tell them.“I’ve left a
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Chapter 7.
I had woken up early the next morning and as I heard dad leave for the palace and busy in the kitchen packing her lunch for work, I quietly heaved a suitcase out from under my bed.I dragged it into my en-suite to hide it from mum as I started thrifting through my things, deciding what was the most important to pack. I folded each item and squished it in as tightly as I could, so I could fit most of my clothes in. I looked over at my bedside table as my eyes wandered over the collection of photo frames I had that held pictures of me with my parents, my uncle and two of me with my grandmother. I grabbed one of my thick woollen scarfs and carefully wrapped it around all of the frames, not wanting to leave any behind. I gulped down a lump in my throat at the thought of never being face to face with my parents or Uncle Frank again. But, today had to be my last day and tomorrow morning before dad leaves for work, I’d say my last goodbyes with pretence of excitement to be leaving. I knew th
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Chapter 8.
“RAVEN!” Leo called out, just as I got to the palace doors. I turned around to see him strolling through the grand entrance hall with a smile on his face. “I hope you feel better now”. He said as he stood in front of me in his white shirt and neatly pressed black trousers, and that was the first time I had ever been able to envision him as being our future alpha.Without thinking, I suddenly flung my arms around his shoulders in an embrace. His hands lightly touched my lower back. Just as I realised what I’d done, I quickly pulled away with an embarrassed look, causing him to chuckle. “Well, I’ll take that as you do feel better!”. “I do, Leo. Thank you so much for doing that, I feel like I can actually breathe now without this big lie hanging over my head”. “So, are you going to tell your parents you’re not going away now?”“Well, I’ll tell them I don’t plan on going any time soon”. “Good. Now what are you going to do for the rest of the day, now you don’t have to pack?” “Umm, I g
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Chapter 9.
I woke up and an instant smile fell across my face. I still felt that weight being lifted and the lie vanishing. I hopped out of bed excitedly and ran to uncle’s room. I tapped on his door, hoping he was already awake and in one of his calm moods.“Come in”. He called out sleepily. I quickly went inside and sat at the edge of his bed grinning from ear to ear.“What are you so happy about?” He asked with a dubious look, rubbing his tired eyes.“Well, I thought you’d like to know that I don’t have to leave anymore!”. “What?” He asked, immediately sitting up with anticipation. “How?” “I had a meeting with the alpha. He let me explain things and said I could stay”. “No way!”. He smiled. “Raven, I am so bloody glad. But you never mentioned you were going to speak with him”. “Well, I hadn’t planned to. Leo set up the meeting and, of course, the Luna was there”. I told him with a roll of my eyes when I mentioned Addison.“Wait, Leo set it up?” “Mmmhmm”. I nodded.“Well, I didn’t see tha
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Chapter 10.
Two days later. I led by the lake, finishing off the last touches to my raven bird in the solace of my peaceful surroundings. I didn’t have college or anything else to do today and mum didn’t have work. Since our little tiff we still had barely spoken two words to each other and had both decided to be petty for our own reasons. Last thing I wanted to do was be at home with her all day, especially when I had woken uncle up from one of his nightmares last night, so he was in a particularly bad mood today, stomping around the house, cursing and talking gibberish to himself.I let the sun warm my bare legs as I closed my eyes, trying to imagine the bird’s soft black feathers.“Here you are”. Leo greeted me with a smile as I looked up at him walking over. “Thought I might find you here”. He said as he sat next to me. “Wow, he looks really good”. He complimented as he observed my drawing. “It looks so real as if he’s about to fly off the page”. “Ok, now you’re going a bit overboard with t
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