Protecting My Mafia Princess

Protecting My Mafia Princess

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Completed
Language: English
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"I promise you if Trinity gives me the slip, then I am pinning her to a tree." Just thinking of her sends shivers up my spine and belief me that they are not the good shivering kind. I love a beautiful woman both in my bed and to look at. To be surrounded by ugly for almost a full day is seriously going to put a damper on my ego. But time to push that thought to the side, for our location has just come up on the right. We slowly cruise up the driveway… But as we step through the doorway… And we turn the corner… There is a tall brunette in what could possibly be the tightest dress I have ever seen. But what strikes me the most is her long slender legs that are held up by deep blood red stilettos. Her long locks of hair fall like waterfalls over her shoulders. Just looking at those plump lips is enough to send me raging. I don't know who she is... Colton Cruz is the best of the best, an ex-Marine, now bodyguard to the Mafia world’s elite. He is a man that lives for the rush and danger that his lifestyle brings. You might find yourself on his speed dial, but you will not be the one that will capture his heart. Trinity Stone is a spoilt brat that becomes Colton's next assignment. She is a pleasure on the eye but an absolute nightmare to be around. This lonely and misunderstood girl is the heir to the Stone Crime Family. And that is where the problem begins… Colton soon finds him desiring what he cannot have, the daughter of a Mafia Boss. How far will he go to get what he desires the most?

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default avatar
Great book. Lots of action.
2023-06-15 11:27:21
user avatar
sometimes its confusing here and there..but i can understand the storyline..quite boring with dragging monologues.. overall still interesting story
2023-04-27 20:50:17
user avatar
Cathy Grantham
keep me reading can't wait see what happens
2023-02-15 07:08:17
user avatar
Lynn Kistler Lawrence
OMG more Chapters PLEASE SOON this is getting soooooo good
2021-06-01 04:41:49
default avatar
Wheres the update?
2021-04-08 21:38:48
user avatar
Lynn Kistler Lawrence
2021-03-27 03:46:44
user avatar
Faizel Bowers
It a great book and the best lust scenes i ever encountered.
2021-01-22 10:54:08
user avatar
Jessica Mcmichael
every chapter is like a rerun of the previous. always the same scenarios and etc. got really boring after a while and had to quit reading.
2022-03-06 19:24:12
78 Chapters
Trinity Stone
Colton Cruz...When my name rolls of your lips, it should be fear that consumes you. I did not become the best in the business by playing it straight. You will find me on the wrong side of the law and your go-to-man for almost anything. But what I do best is protect the Stone Crime Boss and his family. My next assignment, Trinity Stone, spoiled brat, and daughter to Vic and Alexa Stone.This is not what I do, I do not babysit, but little Miss 'I can do what I want has every single one of my men refusing to shadow her. She is a nightmare, and I am the one that has to put up with her.The last time I saw Trinity was over a year ago; I work for Vic and only Vic. You can imagine my frustration when the final one of my men came into my office a little less than a
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Given The Slip
Mmm.....Trinity Stone.....My worst nightmare has now just become the reason why I am sitting with a somewhat uncontrollable itch. It has taken me a few adjustments, but I think I have it under control. But then I go and think of her and the lack of basic necessities, and then it is a raging war in my pants all over again......But then I take her. I place my hand rather roughly and hard down onto her knee. I want her to feel me, and I want her to feel it hard. I want her to whimper every time she thinks of me touching her. And as I slowly slide my hand up her long slender leg, it is the softness of her skin, the tenderness, and her smell that sends me even closer to the edge. With every glorious inch, my hands creep up her thighs until I have my fingers tan
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Playing Games
What do I do with Trinity Stone? I know what I want to do, but the problem is what I can do, and that is...nothing...but..."Princess, you smell so good."I run the edges of my lips softly against her cheek. I hear her breath hitch...and then she softly whimpers my name..."C.o.l.t.o.n""Yes, princess?"" are you doing?""Do you want me to show you?""Y.e.s"I push my groin deep into her thigh. I feel her body start to give in as my body touches that part that she was so freely advertising but a few moments ago....And those little whimpers have now become a soft littl
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The Hotline
This woman is cunning. I saw straight past those seductive lips when she asked for help to carry these bags that are as light as feathers. What I did not expect this little minx would do is slam the door shut...But......She forgot slipping is my second nature. She did not see past my lips to notice that I was going for the door and not that tight ass...pity...I would have loved to feel it and have Vic waiting downstairs to cut my eager grabbing paws off...
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First Kiss
So apparently, Trinity tried to give Mason the slip last night...(I wonder why?)Needless to say, I have been summonsed by Vic, he he said...requested for me to come and see him today...Well, I guess this is where my business ends; Trinity Stone has been my undoing... I always knew that a woman would bring me to my knees one day. Hey, I am not complaining; I wish that I listened to my com
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Please Say Yes
...Fuck......Trinity Stone......Hotter than hell......Tastes even better...
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Letting Her Down Easy
So I am finding myself on the side of the road with Trinity next to me in tears. I am a man; I have no idea how to take a woman's pain away. I might not know how to do that, but I know how I would like to comfort her.I softly cup her face in my hands and gently wipe the tears away from her eyes. Her eyes pierce into mine as she is looking past me, the facade, the mystery, the man whose true intentions are not clear...and she makes me crumble...and I give in...
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Waiting For My Princess
...Fuck...That...Hurt......But......Karlo Castaneda...The goddam asshole just punched me in the face...And I...
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Hide And Seek
...Fuck... ...Where do I hide?... I am so dead...Ya...Vic is ripping my head off today. I have laid my greedy little paws on his little princess, and I am going to pay. ....I need to get these pants on and find a closet fast... ...So I scope out the room and find the best place I can find...that huge walk-in closet of hers... 
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My Undoing
I am going to lose Trinity before I have even found her...Ya...I just said that...This girl has crept under my skin...And fück! that is where she will stay......I am screwed...But I will be there when she shall be going to Karlo, and right now that is all that matters...but...I will cut him to pieces if he even breaths on her....Trinity Stone is mine...Well, I am making her mine...I am taking her to my place...I am not just going to fück her...I am going to take my sweet time...fuck that cake...So as we pull up into my driveway, she gives me a nervous smile. I don't think I have made it a secret as to why we are here. And it is with no hesitation that she takes my hand as I lead her inside.And inside...I skip that couch...I am taking her straight to the room. We come to a stop at the foot of the bed, and I turn to her; those deep brown eyes tell me so many stories, but what they tell the most is that she wants me just as much
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