Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

By:  Zammie   Updated just now
Language: English
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Kiara stood in front of the Altar, excited for the day she has waited all her life. Today, she'll officially become the wife of the guy that she had admired and loved all her life!. "Do you, Asher Huxley, accept Kiara Anderson, to be your lovely wedded wife and to love her till the last days of your life?". "I reject you, Kiara Anderson". His voice was cold and his red coloured eyes, piercing as he rejected Kiara in front of the Altar before he left , leaving everybody stunned. This was the day Kiara could never forget. This day was the day she needed her family's care and support the most, but they all turned their backs against her like she was a complete stranger. But what would Kiara do when she discovered she was pregnant for Asher Huxley? The guy who rejected her without a second thought. ……

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bullet Blink
author please don't make this novel long.
2024-03-25 04:22:34
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Patricia McBryde Smith
And not having us pay for the same two chapter over again. Waited a long time for a update only for it to be the same chapter
2024-02-14 06:48:43
user avatar
Michelle Cornick
I like the book but the updates are slow and it has little to do with the main character that I thought the book was about. (Kiara). But you write more about others.
2024-02-07 23:53:05
default avatar
Jolie Alexander
Love this book! Author can you give us a few chapters per day. You are making readers lose interest by updating days and weeks. Not good at all since it’s a very good storyline.
2024-02-01 05:19:51
user avatar
Luli Ma
Please give us an update... Thank you
2024-02-01 05:18:27
user avatar
Grammar definitely needs some work. It would be a good story if it flowed better.
2023-12-20 21:44:14
user avatar
jeannie swinemar
same old same old :/
2023-12-17 23:28:52
user avatar
Loved the book. Hooked.....
2023-12-17 22:21:24
default avatar
The book is ten is out ten
2023-12-15 13:13:43
user avatar
janae simpson
This is my favorite book so right now Ms. Zammie you are doing a wonderful job and I am looking forward to the new chapters coming
2023-12-13 19:10:16
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Delinda Schumacher
73 chapters 11-25-23 updates are really slow, hard not to loss interest because there are many book on this app!
2023-11-25 23:58:55
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Fortune June
This is a really interesting book,.just like possession Wildnight with Mr Billionaire
2023-11-11 00:27:14
user avatar
interesting so far hope it won't be a long one
2023-11-10 21:16:26
user avatar
Christine Johnson
Enjoying this book so far
2023-11-09 14:06:13
default avatar
Cruzita Lopez
Great book!!!
2023-11-08 00:19:51
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175 Chapters
Rejected On Her Wedding Day
Kiara stood in front of the Altar, excited for the day she has waited all her life. Today, she'll officially become the wife of the guy that she had admired and loved all her life!."Do you, Asher Huxley, accept Kiara Anderson, to be your lawfully wedded wife and to love her till the last days of your life?". An exciting smile appeared on Kiara's lips as she heard the words of the priest."I reject you, Kiara Anderson". His voice was cold and his red coloured eyes, piercing as he rejected Kiara in front of the Altar before he left , leaving everybody stunned.Kiara felt her whole world crumbling as she stood still in shame, watching Asher Huxley leave her side.She couldn't do anything about Asher leaving, and at the same time, she couldn't understand what was happening. She thought Asher loved her with all his heart just like she did. "Wait….". Kiara muttered, but her voice wasn't heard by anyone. Bitter tears rushed down from Kiara's eyes endlessly as she watched everyone starting
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Accident;"Kiara's Death".
"Mother, you did a great job. I love you". Chloe hugged Tessie as she said. If not for her mother's plan, Kiara would have definitely succeeded in getting married to Asher Huxley. "That's right. Just like her Mother, that b*tch doesn't deserve anything better in this life, not even in the next life". "Asher Huxley is as good as your husband now with Kiara finally out of your way". Tessie pet Chloe's head as she added. They released themselves from the hug before they stared at each other. "Mother, do you think she'd dare come back to the Mansion?. I told you that I want her dead and permanently gone". Chloe complained. Ever since Chloe stepped her legs into this Mansion as Paolo's second daughter born out of wedlock, she has been jealous of what Kiara has. When it comes to beauty, stature, fair skin and beautiful long purple coloured hair…. Kiara was the best and Chloe was casted aside, that was the main reason she always hated Kiara. "Don't worry. If she dares to step her legs
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7 years Later.
"Dad, I'm off to the airport now". Kiara placed a warm kiss on Thomas's cheeks as she announced to him. "You're always as stunning as ever, my beautiful daughter!" Thomas announced as he led Kiara outside his massive estate. "Mommy, Grandfather, aren't you two forgetting someone here?" Casey wrapped his around his chest as he questioned, still standing at the door side, refusing to take another step forward. Kiara stared at Thomas and then at Casey before she smiled and said out. "Of course not, my genius baby. Mommy and Grandfather didn't forget you". "Dad, I'll be right back". Thomas simply nodded his head after he heard what Kiara said. He watched Kiara carry Casey and came to where he (Thomas) was still standing. "Ha, you're getting heavier everyday". Kiara jokingly complained before she let Casey down from her arms. "That's because I'm a grown up, mommy". Casey said without smiling. Though, that's always how his facial expression is, he hates smiling and loves keeping a tou
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Italy/Chairman Kiara Thompson!
After Kiara left seven years ago, Asher rose up to be the most feared and wealthiest aloof CEO of the FS Company, with his cold red eyes and black silk hair."Em, Asher honey. We've been married for years now…. Don't…. Don't you think it's high time I bear a baby for you?". Chloe tried to wrap her arms around his neck, but shivered back away in fear after seeing the cold eyes he was staring at her with."Is…. Is it because of Kiara?. She's long dead. You should forget about a whore like that who cheated you for another useless guy!". Chloe's eyes widened in fear when Asher's right hand gripped her neck tightly. She was struggling to breathe while her neck was already making cracking sounds. "Don't you dare say such a thing in front of me if you don't want to be killed". Asher's voice was really threatening and his eyes were so cold to look at. Chloe had no choice but to nod her head immediately so he'd let her go. Chloe ran away from Asher's side into her own room the moment he rel
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Kiara:"Let's Rest Today, Tomorrow, Our Revenge Begins!".
The meeting was a really successful one because the shareholders tried their best not to make a single mistake when presenting the data details to Kiara."We're sorry for offending you, Chairman Kiara". They apologised once more because they were afraid to get on her bad side.Getting on Kiara's bad side would definitely be a bad thing that'd happen to any of them."Don't try the same mistake with me ever again". Kiara simply said, though her calm voice was definitely threatening. The shareholders were only able to leave the meeting office after they were sure that Kiara and Casey already left the office. "Mommy, my hands are itchy already. I need to hack something for you already and stir up some trouble". Casey held Kiara's shirt as he said."I know, baby, you know what?". "Let's rest today, tomorrow, our revenge begins!". Kiara added with a smile. "Finally. I hope you won't hold me back tomorrow then". Casey announced. He was already imagining the kind of things to hack. And si
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Mischievous Casey
Kiara was done talking when she noticed Leo was absent minded, she giggled and slapped his head. When Casey saw what his mother did to Leo, he burst out laughing. Because all his life he knew Leo, he was always conscientious and vigilant.Kiara smirked in a devilish way and asked him"what are you thinking of Loe, I can see you are heedless in what I was saying". Leo gulped his saliva and said in a nervous voice"No ma'am Kiara I was listening to everything you say, but I just remembered you're going to be inspecting one of your shopping malls tomorrow by 10 o'clock in the morning".Kiara sighed and voiced out in a lazy voice. "Can you not bring about work now, I am saying something more Important. Anyways, I remembered the inspection, and I want you to prepare the documents I will be using tomorrow". Leo stood up from his seat and bowed respectfully to Kiara and said, "Yes ma'am". With that he said goodnight and left. Casey saw his mummy sighing and resting her head on the couch, he
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Casey woke up from his sleep and was in a good mood, he decided to go wake his mom cause he knew she was always lazy to get up from the bed. He came down from his bed and wore his red flip flop, then went to the room next door where his mother's bedroom was. He knocked on the door lightly to know if his mom was already awake, but he got no response. He opened the door slowly and revealed a toothy grin when he saw his mummy sleeping. He tiptoed and reached the edge of the bed then tapped her slowly, but all he got was Kiara grumbling in annoyance, he giggled when he saw that. His mummy is cute when she is sleeping, but he knows he has to wake her up cause it's already 20 minutes after 9 and Leo will be coming any minute from now."Mummy.... Mummy wake up, you're gonna be late for work" Casey shook her and said.Kiara opened her eyes and was in daze before she started whining like a kid. "Baby I am still feeling sleepy, allow me to sleep for ten minutes, besides I am the owner of the co
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Shopping Mall
At national Bank, Mr Paolo was still demanding for an explanation but the manager kept mute because he had expthelained times without number to Mr Paolo that the money was withdrawn with all his details.Laughing in Anger, Mr Paolo told the manager "So you mean to say that I took my whole money from the bank myself".Feeling frustrated with the questions, the Manager said with anger in his tune " Sir I have told you already, please go and find who you offended that made this bold move on you".Paolo was very speechless and angry, because his business has been declining. Sighing in defeat, he decided to go to his son in law office to seek help. Imagining himself going to the fs company couldn't help but shivered in fright, but that was the only option.Standing up from the chair Mr Paolo walked through the door, opened it and banged it hard when he was closing it. The manager laughed in so much anger when he saw that.........Going through her phone at home Chloe saw an incoming call
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Shopping Mall 2
The sales girl knew who Erica Sampson was, because she had heard from a lot of people that she was very arrogant and bratty but she didn't know who Kiara was that's why she chose to butter her off. "Ma'am, although you saw the dress first you didn't put any effort into buying it, but since Miss Erica is interested in buying the dress, you should look for another". The sales girl said rudely. She didn't hear when her colleague was advertising the cloth to Kiara, and When Kiara decided to buy it, that's why she had the confidence to say rubbish.When Erica heard this, she looked at her well polished nails and said in a cocky manner "What are you still waiting for, pack the dress up for me". She brought out her silver card which she raised proudly. When the sales girl saw this, her eyes shone with greed, because she knew she was going to collect a tip from this rich miss."Sorry miss Erica, but this young lady saw the dress first and intended to pay for it before you came". The other sa
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Shopping Mall 3
Everybody froze when they saw that. She was cold and charming in every move she made. Some people were gloating over Erica's misfortune because she was very rude and wicked. She thinks everyone is below her feet. Now she should experience the bitter taste of her own medicine. I hope this teaches her a lesson.When Mr Sampson saw what Kiara did to his precious little darling, he walked over and pushed Kiara's leg from her body then brought her up, took a clean towel from his suit pocket and wiped her body clean.Kiara smirked in disdain when she saw that, she calmly opened her bag, took out a white design handkerchief and wiped her hands clean, after she threw the handkerchief away then brought out a hand sanitizer from her hand bag to sanitize her hand. When Erica saw this she almost fainted in anger. She looked at Kiara and shouted in a shrew voice "How dare you slap me, you bitch I'm gonna kill you today just watch out".she took her phone and called her personal bodyguards who were
Read more Protection Status