Pregnant And Rejected By The Ruthless Alpha

Pregnant And Rejected By The Ruthless Alpha

By:  Teddy  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Perfect," he groaned. "You are my perfect Angel." He whispered huskily before he sank his teeth into the nape of my neck, making my core throb with intense desires. "And now you wear my mark," he finished proudly. "You’re mine Maya. *********** Aaron Black is the Alpha King of BloodMoon Pack and he is known throughout the country for his cruel reputation. He is a ferocious man who has a dark past that turned him into a murderous monster. Maya is an omega and treated like a slave by step mother, her awful life became a living hell when her fated mate rejected her and to make things worse , Alpha Aaron abducted Maya to become his mistress which is a punishment she is serving for the sins of her father. What will happen to Maya who is thrown into the arms of the most cold hearted Alpha known to man? Will she get lost his dark world or will she be his savior especially after he rejected and abandoned her when she was pregnant with a child for him?

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Hello Dear Gayle , I’m going to have all the chapters proofread before I do a mass release. Thank you for your kind suggestions and please do hang around and read my other books before I do that. Xoxo
2023-04-20 13:42:47
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Gayle Ecklund
The storyline is good, but the writing needs some major improvements. I would strongly suggest that if English is not your primary language, you get someone to help you with it.
2023-04-20 08:05:54
38 Chapters
1.Please Don't Kill Me
Chapter OneMaya’s POV “Please don't kill me , please mother don't do this . My entire body hurts a lot already”I pleaded with tears already forming in my eyes. “Who is your mother? How dare you call me mother , If I had my way I will make sure you disappear from our life !” she shouted while looking around her eyes landed on the wooden stick. “I'm so sorry, I'm having a menstrual cramp so I couldn't do what you asked me to” I said with a shaky voice knowing that she will hit me with whatever her hands find , this is not the first or last time that she is hitting and abusing me. As I stood there, my heart pounding in my chest, I could hardly believe the cruelty unfolding before my eyes. My stepmother, a woman whose heart seemed devoid of any kindness, swung the stick towards my way with so much energy and wickedness that sent shivers down my spine. The harsh bristles met my skin with each forceful strike, causing me to cry out in pain and desperation."Help! Someone, please help m
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2. The Mysterious Man
Chapter Two Maya's POV Everyone who got a mate should be happy and excited but then why do I have a bad feeling about this one? My guts is telling me that something is wrong even though I desperately want a mate so that I can finally leave this prison called my home. “But why all of a sudden when he is not my fated mate by the moon goddess and who is this mysterious man ?” I asked, looking at my father with confusion all over my face.“Because you need to leave this house and get lost, you remind me about your dead mother especially when you don't shut up and just obey my instructions! Assuming your mother obeyed me that fateful day and didn't go out, that black rogue wolf would have not killed her and now I'm alone suffering with the burdens of you and your brother!” he said bitterly , his nose flaring while his drunk eyes got more red. “What if I don't love the guy or what if he doesn't love or like me…father, I don't even know him?” I complained while ignoring the sharp pain i
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3. The Evil Stepsister
Chapter Three “Hello, Hello Maya are you still there .What's going on, should I call 911?” Eve kept shouting over the phone that I didn't know I was still holding to my ears. I quickly hung up and tried my best not to look all flustered “Meet your mate , Delta Jacob. Come and kneel down to greet him properly before you go and get dressed like a proper lady” Father said with so much disappointment and disgust in his voice. But I didn't care ,all my attention was on Delta Jacob. I pictured him to be an old man with a big pot belly and bald hair since father said that he is a loan shark but the man standing before me looks like a damn prince and I have never seen any man this handsome , even when I was in highschool. As I stood there in the living room, my heart pounded loudly in my chest, and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. It was just an ordinary day, or so I thought, until he stepped further wearing that black leather jacket that seemed to enhance every inch of his perfectly
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4. The Bitter Betrayal
Chapter Four Maya’s POVMy heart raced asI stood in front of my step sister Stella's closed bedroom door. The faint sound of hushed whispers was what made me curious. I raised my trembling hand and slowly turned the doorknob, my breath caught in my throat. What I just saw inside shattered my world.The room was dimly lit, the soft glow from the bedside lamp casting an intimate shadow of two people having sex.My eyes widened as they fell upon Stella entwined with a figure I recognized all too well Delta Jacob. Their naked bodies moved together and they kissed each other in a passionate way that I had never seen before. Each touch, each whisper and moan seemed to echo in my chest, a painful reminder of what was unfolding before my eyes.My heart, once full of innocent hopes and dreams, now ached with a painI could hardly bear. Tears welled up in my eyes, blurring my vision as the truth stabbed at my heart like a thousand needles. Unable to tear my gaze away, I watched as Stella and De
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5. My First Kiss
Chapter Five Maya’s POV Boobs.I can feel a stranger’s strong and large hands pressing down on my boobs, that’s the first thing my fuzzy brain registered. I tightened my eyes which were already closed as I tried to make my aching and blank head remember what on earth is going on since I don’t have the energy to lift my sore body up and face the pervert taking advantage of the situation and my body.“Young lady, try and open your eyes if you can hear me '' came the stranger's baritone voice before I could open my eyes and see what’s going on in my surroundings. I felt his lips briefly on mine,the lips were firm yet gentle on my before it left my mouth. I let it go the first time thinking it was a mistake and I was in some kind of messed up dream but then the strong yet soft lips came down on my mouth again and captured my lips again but this time around the stranger parted my lips with his mouth which made my mouth open wider. “Am I in heaven or is this a dream ?” I thought . I cou
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6. The Alpha Hates Me
Chapter Six Maya’s POV I knew that something was wrong the moment I woke up from sleep. I had a bad feeling about today but I brushed it off. I am tired , heartbroken and not in a very good mood so I ignored my instincts and noticed that the house is awfully quiet when I was walking down stairs towards the dining room which is close to the kitchen. My family loves to gist, argue or watch the television loudly but the house seems too quiet today, no music was playing in the background and I also didn’t hear the sound of Haden playing around which made me really suspicious.I woke up pretty late today ,I stared into the mirror with my dishevelled hair and SpongeBob pyjamas to rehearse what I will tell my parents since I still haven’t heard a word from Delta Jacob since last night and my face is still red and visibly swollen up from the swimming pool accident I had last night. The large amount of concealer I dabbed to my face still couldn’t hide it.“Mother , what’s wrong ?” I asked ,
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7. Rejected By My Mate
Chapter Seven Maya’s POV “Jacob, how could you do this to me and my family,what did we do to you to make you betray us?!”I tried shouting through the tape on my mouth but it only came out as a small muffle with no one paying attention to me.“Tell them what you saw before reporting to me…” said Alpha Aaron, commanding Jacob who still looked like a little child despite his long height in the presence of Alpha Aaron’s brooding presence.Delta Jacob, my supposed fated mate who cheated on me with my step sister didn't even spare me a glance as he went to stand beside Alpha Aaron with a grim expression looking at father. “Alpha Aaron, I saw this poor and low ranking Omega Lucas exchanging packages with another omega from our enemies pack, the Nightshade Pack and coincidentally,one of our power plants got attacked on the same night. I even have a picture evidence ….” Said Jacob bringing out his phone and showing a picture to Alpha Aaron before bringing it toward our face and true , ther
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8. Prison Barbie
Chapter Eight Maya’s POV I was too heartbroken to even take note of where the car is driving me to , I silently kept crying because I am scared of what lies ahead and I’m also worried about my family. What if the Alpha King comes back to hurt them? So many things and questions kept coming up in my head , the biggest of it all is why did Jacob betray my family and I like that ? I can’t remember me or my family offending him so why ?! The cars finally stopped after passing through large black gates into a mansion that looked as big as an estate but my eyes were too blurry with the tears for me to notice the details. I heard rumours of how rich the Alpha King was and this gigantic mansion proves it. “Lock her up before I decide what to do with her” was the only thing the cruel Alpha said before disappearing to only God knows where. Still in tears , I kept quiet as his men carried and dragged me towards what looked like an underground dungeon. The place is all stuffy , smells terribl
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9. Painful Makeover
Chapter Nine Maya’s POV “Who is it ?”“What do you want ?”“Don’t dare try to hurt me , I can be scary and dangerous too!” I shouted and threatened while standing upright and on alert , ready to fight off any one that tried to harm me but a middle aged chubby woman came in alongside a young man who looked about my age.He was dressed stylishly in bright colours.“Oh please hun, you’re too weak to do anything and you stunk by the way” the young man said while chewing gum and closing his nose with his pink painted nails. “What do you want from me ?” I asked , I felt a bit relieved that it wasn’t the Alpha’s men that came in. These two looked problematic but not dangerous, they don’t look like they will harm me. “Just shut up and follow us . When the Alpha gives an order , no one questions it” said the elderly woman while roughly dragging and pulling my hands out of the cage. The young man closed the door behind me before they led me outside where I had to close my eyes immediately be
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10. Strip Naked
Chapter Ten Maya’s POV I stared at the red pieces of clothing in my hand trying to think of a way to put it on my body. This small stretch rope doesn’t look like a cloth at all.The guy noticed me being hesitant so he pushed me towards the bathroom. “Be fast, we still have to work on your makeup and hair . He wants you tonight and you need to look perfect” he said with so much sass. I can see some of the maids around me giving me pitiful looks but I didn’t care, the staff sympathising with me just makes this whole thing more humiliating.I took the piece of clothe that looks like a rope and heels to the bathroom and after what seems like eternity , I figured the dress out. The red dress was so soft and felt nice on my body, it stopped before my knees and exposed my legs …it was off shoulder with tiny bows as sleeves , it left the upper part of my body bare and the corset on the bra area made my cleavage look bigger and fuller.The back of the dress is completely strapless, the dress
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