Part-timing With The Wolves

Part-timing With The Wolves

By:  AlexieSsi  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the world of myths and science, Charlotte's life takes a twist, A nanny by day, a part-time gym employee at night, her fate is missed. When she falls for not one, but three men with secrets to hide, She becomes a pawn in a game where werewolves and science collide. Will she fight for her love and unearth her own dark secret, or be lost in a world of lies?

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5 Chapters
A New Job
“You're fired,” it kept on ringing in her head. Charlotte walked out of the eatery with her head still held high, even though her boss had just fired her. She had seen it coming, but she hadn't expected it to happen so abruptly. The crisp autumn air hit her face, and she pulled her coat tighter around her, clutching her bag that was slung over her shoulder to her side.As she stepped out onto the busy street, her mind was racing with thoughts. What was she going to do now? She had bills to pay and needed a steady income. She had been counting on this job to help her make ends meet for at least a few more days, and now it was gone…sooner than planned.She took a deep breath and looked around at the bustling city streets. People were rushing by, some in a hurry, others taking their time. The sound of car horns and chatter filled the air, and the bright lights of the city illuminated the streets.Charlotte walked aimlessly for a few minutes, lost in thought. She had always been a har
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A Newer Job?
He was giving her a tour of the facility and introducing her to some of the regular members. As they walked, Aurora couldn't help but notice how fit and muscular Carl was. She felt a little intimidated but also impressed."First, let's start with the weightlifting section," he said, leading her towards a section filled with weights and machines. "Here, we have all kinds of equipment for strength training. We have dumbbells, barbells, and weight machines. We also have a squat rack and a bench press. Are you familiar with these?"Charlotte nodded.Charlotte was impressed by the variety of machines and appreciated the attention to detail. She had been to other gyms where the equipment was outdated and poorly maintained."We have a lot of serious lifters here, so make sure you know what you're doing before you jump in."Charlotte nodded again, taking note of the different equipment and trying to memorize where everything was. As they continued the tour, Carl pointed out the different cla
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The Strange Word
The woman was lying in bed, her body writhing with pleasure as the man moved over her. Her hands were clenched tightly into the bedspread and a soft moan escaped from her lips as he thrust himself deeper inside of her. It was a truly exquisite feeling for her, as if every nerve ending in her body had been electrified by his touch and she felt herself surrendering to it completely. "Ohhh," she moaned softly, arching up against him as he continued to move within her, pushing them both ever closer towards the edge of oblivion. There was a tension coiling deep within her belly, growing more intense with each powerful thrust that sent waves of pleasure radiating through every inch of skin on her body.The man continued to move, his thrusts becoming harder and more powerful as he pushed himself further into her. The woman's moans grew louder and more passionate as the sensations overwhelmed her. She clung onto him tightly, feeling every inch of their bodies grinding against each other in
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Stranger In My Bed
Charlotte waited in the living room for her interview, she looked around the spacious area. It was elegantly decorated with beautiful paintings and furniture that exuded luxury. The walls were painted in a soft cream color and adorned with various pieces of art. Large windows on one side of the room allowed natural light to flood in, illuminating the space. The room was furnished with a comfortable couch and a pair of armchairs, all upholstered in a soft grey fabric. A plush area rug lay on the floor, adding warmth and texture to the room.She was impressed by the impeccable cleanliness of the space. But staring at such a lovely space soon got boring as Charlotte took to scrolling through her phone as she waited.A maid walked in, carrying a tray with a glass of juice and some cookies.The maid approached Charlotte and politely greeted her. “Good afternoon, ma’am. Would you like something to drink while you wait?” she asked with a friendly smile.Charlotte nodded in appreciation an
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Red Flag
Charlotte was momentarily disoriented and unsure of what the booming sound she heard was. "Who the hell are you?” She had heard.Her eyes darted around the unfamiliar room before coming to a halt on the man standing in front of her. She felt a sudden jolt of fear and confusion. Charlotte's mind was still hazy from her sleep, and she struggled to fully comprehend the situation she was in.He grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her out of the room, being careful not to wake the sleeping child. Confused and disoriented, Charlotte stumbled behind him as they made their way into the hallway.Trent dragged Charlotte out of the room, she could feel his grip tightening on her arm. She wanted to pull her arm away from his grip, but she was too shocked and scared to think. As they walked down the hallway, Charlotte tried to keep up with Trent's brisk pace, stumbling a bit in her sleepy state.With each step, the pain in her arm intensified, the way his fingernails were digging into her skin was
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