Owned By The Alpha Triplets

Owned By The Alpha Triplets

By:  QueenOfhearts  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Why are you proding into my matters like a miner?” Svetlana pushed him back after the triplets had caged her in the classroom. “If I’m a miner then I am going to make you mine!” Sahan grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. “With a crew, of course!” Zuhan hugged her from behind, making Svetlana trapped between the two of them. “You are ours, Svetlana. Whether you like it or not.” Raihan smoked a puff walking closer, lifting her chin with his glaring eyes. Svetlana's prime worry? Her hot triplet step-brothers, who want to get into her panties!

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Cliché and not well written
2024-01-27 11:40:27
22 Chapters
1 - New family
“Let’s go to our new home, dad.” Svetlana whispered to the photo frame, knowing her father could hear her. She looked at her dad for the last time before sighing and entered the city’s international airport. Svetlana had been moving from her boarding school to her mom’s place. Her parents met once again in some bar and she was their drunken mistake, born nearly 17 years ago and soon after her father died. Both of her parents were ordinary werewolves. Her father was the omega of his pack, an ordinary pack, nothing special to brag about.Svetlana’s mom and dad were childhood sweethearts, who got separated and met once again. They didn’t care about the fact that they were not each other’s mates despite being in love and were happily married. Everything was fine until her father died and her mom’s Alpha mate, Zaro, the Alpha of Dark Stone pack, appeared in her life. It was the time when her mom moved in with him and Svetlana was dropped to a boarding school until now. After her college w
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2 - Trio's warning
[Svetlana’s pov]I wanted to move away from them but coming to the house and refusing their so-called warm gesture was not something I could afford. Reluctantly I nodded and walked with the trio towards the left arcade. Why would the triplets offer to walk me towards my room? Something was definitely not right and I could not trust them with anything. Just as we walked towards the end of the arcade and were out of the sight of everyone else. A strong arm grabbed my wrist and twisted it behind my back. I was caught off guard and could not even utter anything. What the heck was happening? My arm was tucked above my butt when Raihan pushed me against the wall.“What are you doing?” Somehow I managed to speak with my trembling lips but the confusion was written on my face. Raihan moved closer and placed his one leg between mine and forcefully spread them. I could feel my heart thumping in my ears upon seeing how dangerously close he was. Absolutely hot too!“What do you think you are doi
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3 - Pregnant girlfriend
[Svetlana’s pov]I had no clue who that arrogant bitch was but one thing was certain she was a rude ass with her botox face. Yes, I was angry at her because she pushed me and called me a pathetic bum. Fuming with rage I walked inside and looked around to see where my new family was sitting. Upon finding them I walked towards that table when Sahan got up.He pulled out the chair for me while looking at me with a smirk. Argh! I knew that the triplets were pretending to care about me. Of course, Alpha Zaro was now there so they were obliged to follow the etiquette. “Thank you!” I smiled and seated myself, only to realise I was now trapped between Sahan and Zuhan. It was the moment I saw that Alpha Zaro was seated beside my mum. While Raihan was opposite to me and someone was sitting beside him. That brunette! What was she doing there? That woman had been glaring at me as if she would eat me alive. Her arm slipped into Raihan’s which made me uncomfortable. “Meet Joselyn, Raihan’s girlfr
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4 - Sahan's loving pov
[Sahan’s pov] You might ask me if I am having mood swings or not pertaining to Svetlana. No, I am not. But I also do not know what I feel for her is something serious or what. I have never been the type who would stick to one woman ever. Not that would consider me into a playboy list but what would I do if women are throwing themselves at me? Of course, I would take the bait and drag them to my bed. I would not say women love me for who I am individually but they seek my status, wealth and power. Being the son of the alpha Zaro and the youngest among the triplets I had many perks. Having a playful personality and possessing the skills of sweet talking it had never been tough for me to get the girls. However, ever since we three met Svetlana she had been rejecting all our charms. We met her a few years ago on her birthday, and flew a few days prior actually. None of us had any intentions of teasing her until one tiny feud got us brothers on her hook. It was the day that we three b
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5 - Zuhan's neutral pov
[Zuhan’s pov] It had been a long time ever since we three had met Lana, she was a child back then whom we all bullied. I was still in that illusion that she might be the same type of kid till now. Timid, plump, scared, crying baby and a softie. Totally aw! Of course, I totally neglected the huge time period between us. And the big possibility that she might have grown too. Who wouldn't, right? We three had grown into fine young men too, completely opposite to what we were before in our teen years. But when I saw her at the airport in front of my eyes, I felt like my heart just stopped. The last time I saw her, she was having a running nose with two braids and in a white frock. Goodness! She wanted to wear that pink one we destroyed. As much as I hate to admit that now or ever in future, I was devastated when I saw her big tears rolling over her pink plump cheeks. For some reason, it felt bad in my chest and guilt still consumes me whenever I think of it. Lana was a completely new p
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6 - Raihan's aggressive pov
[Raihan’s pov] Fucking hell! How could my brothers be so blind and dumb? Both of them saw a mere girl and got smitten by her just like that. The offensive point was the type of girl they fell for. Svetlana, our step sister who does not even know how to talk, dress up and follow etiquettes. How could anybody fall for her? Right? I was still not willing to admit that somehow I had some attraction towards her like my brothers. How could they fall for someone like her? Both of my brothers had lost their minds perhaps. Why were they not seeing what was in front of my eyes? I admit that she had some kind of magical effect on all of us but it does not mean that we should turn blind to everything. She could be planning something against us, after all we never got along well ever since childhood. And now her arrival in our territory, with our father on her side, Lana had all the power she needed to plot against us three. Easily! When we picked her up from the airport I could see both of the
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7 - Hate instilling
The dinner night went awfully awkward as Svetlana kept on thinking if Joselyn was warning her or what. However, what she could not decipher was why the brothers hadn’t found their mates when they all were 21 years old now. How was it even possible for them to not be able to spot their mate?It could not be that the moon goddess had not blessed them with their mates. The triplets were in the line of being the next alpha which meant they were supposed to have their mates. Svetlana kept on staring at Joselyn from time to time, while wondering if she would be the next luna of the pack. Meanwhile, during the whole time Sahan and Zuhan continued to treat her as the special guest. One poured her food while the other kept on asking her if she needed more. Whereas, Lana became puzzled upon their sudden switch of attitudes. Nonetheless, the whole dramatic night ended sooner. “Haha, it seems Lana needs a shoulder.” Alpha Zaro spoke upon seeing her swaying silhouette as they all entered the man
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8 - Your room or mine?
The next day Svetlana woke up in her room and realised where she was. “Sighs, I have to get used to this or get out sooner.” Rubbing her eyes she sat in the bed with a hunchback posture. It took her a few moments to recall the last night and the talks. What an amazing and awful night she had, at the same time. “Goodness! I hope none of the brothers brought me in.” Lana hoped that it would be Saikus who put her to bed or her mum. Only if she had known how the boys bickered over her presence. Nonetheless, Lana crept out of her bed to get ready. After yesterday’s alcohol consumption she had been feeling a headache. Walking out of the shower naked with her wet hair, she opened the wardrobe while the carpeted floor began to get wet. Having no clue that her fresh scent was being pricked by none other than her hot step brothers. In the same lane the triplets were able to smell her in their rooms. Sahan was in his bed sleeping as it was sunday, when his nostrils sniffed a heavenly scent.
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9 - Hate at college
The same evening after dinner when Lana was heading towards her room, Alpha Zaro stopped her to talk about something. “Are you free for a few minutes, kiddo?” Standing in the empty corridor, Lana couldn’t refuse when the alpha had been doing so much for her.“Yes, yes.” She took smaller steps towards the tall burly man who was in his fifties but still looked great for his age. “Is everything alright?” Lana hadn’t been addressing him as dad or even uncle. The alpha smiled and head patted her, while gesturing towards his study.As soon as they both entered the room, the alpha shut the door and asked Lana to sit. The awkwardness in the atmosphere had been visible as she needed time to adjust. “I am well aware that you are trying your best to fit in, Lana.” The alpha started to speak to address her issues.“Being in a new pack, new city and an absolutely new home is certainly a hard thing. You need time to adjust and adapt, take all you need and want.” After hearing how his sons had been
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10 - Queen bee, Priscilla
Lana’s attention was snagged by that male voice. She immediately composed herself and clutched her bag. “Ah, yes. Yes, I am alright.” Lana knew she had entered the office but the guy standing in front of him appeared to be of the same age as the triplets. Walking closer to the desk where the man was standing she questioned. “Um…may I know the incharge here? I have to get some information regarding my classes.” She was expecting someone older in the office, not some brunette haired young guy. The man chuckled softly and put down his book, he walked up to the chair and settled himself. “At your service, miss.” Lana’s shocking expressions soon turned into embarrassing ones. Anyone would mistake Lars as an assistant probably. “Oh! I’m so sorry, sir. I was expecting….” Lana immediately bowed slightly with a soft flushed tone. She could not help but wonder what a youngster like him was doing there. Her eyes stared into his warm hazel ones, such a sweet smile and a comfortable aura. “So
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