Oops: I Married The Wrong Billionaire

Oops: I Married The Wrong Billionaire

By:  Lana Mora  Ongoing
Language: English
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Upon learning about her long-time boyfriend's infidelity with her sister, Irina Hayes plotted an act of revenge to get back on Damian Nevan by marrying his uncle. Thralled in the influence of alcohol she drenched herself in, and with the help of her best friend who was the heir of Nefali Hotel, Irina was handed access to Alonzo's hotel room, but the hotelier in the lobby gave her the suite number of the wrong Alonzo. One thing led to another, not only did she permit Alonzo Waldorf, a business tycoon in disguise as a surgeon, to own her that night, Irina even roped herself into a contract marriage with him. Only after the two signed their marriage contract did she find out that she accidentally married the wrong billionaire, oopsie!

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Christine Owings
32 chapters 2/14/24
2024-02-14 23:59:24
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Vanessa Maddickes
I hope she finishes the book soon I’m really interested in this book it’s hard to rate a book and it isn’t finished completely as your readers we just want to know if everything is ok in your life and is there anything we can do send prayers and well wishes just a concerned reader
2023-12-23 13:48:09
user avatar
Vanessa Maddickes
So far so good I like it and I think that it will keep me interested im already 10 chapters in and I gave it 3 stars so I’m all in this book
2023-11-18 16:09:20
50 Chapters
Chapter 1
Irina“I'm waiting for you at the parking lot of the airport. Wait, let me just share my location.” My phone vibrated and there I saw her exact location.“Have you seen Damian these few days?” “Why the hell would I've seen your boyfriend, Irina?” Eve asked back. “I'm just wondering since I couldn't get hold of much of him while I was on my business trip, Damian is busy with something he said.”“Busy of what? Isn't he unemployed or something?” “Eve.” “What? That's the truth. Nevans are filthy rich. Damian is a trust fund baby, other than that he's nothing.” “Damian and his uncle will train becoming their grandfather's protégé. He'll be an heir to Flying 'N Airlines.”“Speaking of his Uncle, Alonzo has a month-long reservation in my family's hotel. I was informed by our manager since they were taking extra care of someone like him, VIP, I say.” “Are you sure that it's Damian's uncle, though? There are tons of Alonzo.” “I know. In fact, we've got two Alonzo checked in on our presi
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Chapter 2
IrinaMy eyelids shut, and I allowed the burning sensation of the whiskey to drown me. “I'm so fucking sick of them,” I said, gnashing my teeth. I showed my glass to the bartender to ask for another round, unlike earlier. He was only giving me a reluctant peer. “Can I get another glass? I want something harder than this whiskey. Do you have a drink that has 55 percent alcohol on it?” The bartender leaned, “Miss Irina, I received an order from Miss Eve not to serve you any drink after your last one.” My forehead gnarled. “Miss Eve is almost done with her meeting with Chairman Nefeli. She told me to ask you to wait for her here.” “I can do that, but I'll get bored waiting for her without a drink, so go on. Whip out something for me in your little station.” I giggled, “I won't tell her that you served me another glass, and oh.” I got a hundred-dollar bill from my wallet to bribe him. “A tip for your excellent service.”“One thing about our workers is that they can't be bribed, Iri
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Chapter 3
IrinaAlonzo effortlessly lifted me from the floor. I shrouded my legs around his waist, his hand guiding me to place my arm around his nape while our lips continued to dominate each other. He ground himself against me over and over again. Dripping in wetness and ablaze in need of him, I began to create those erotic noises. “You're a loud one, aren't you?” Alonzo cupped my jaw open after his lip let go of mine. The world had stopped pinning for me and I discovered something when he spit in my mouth and I ended up liking it. His finger pressed and tugged my lower lip. He spit inside my mouth and I swallowed allow of it that gave him a satisfied smile. I felt the soft bed on my back. Alonzo was preying on me with unexplainable sexual hunger. “You're a virgin you said.” “Y-Yes.” I swallowed in anticipation as he took my pants off. “Did you ever try touching yourself?” I blushed at his inquiry. “No.” “You've never been fingered fuck?” “N-No.” “Fuck!” He growled. My back arched
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Chapter 4
Alonzo“I'll go buy a new morning pill. Take them to make sure that you're not going to have a child with me, and I'm Irina Hayes. My family is pretty influential. I can help you with anything only if you'll help me first.I angled my head and my eyes pierced from her head down to her toes. “If you want, we could draft a formal contract about this proposal of mine, uhm. I swear, you'll benefit from this agreement too.” “I'll think about this, and I'll let you know.” Irina was firm about getting what she wanted. “I'd love to give you that time, but that's the thing. I don't have a time. I need to be married to you ASAP!” “Why does it have to be me?” “First and foremost, Damian hates you the most. He has always been insecure to you. If I brought you in as my husband, it'd be a big blow to his ego.” “Damian?” Why does this woman sound like she is implying that I knew this Damian?Irina's phone rang. She had to answer it, which is why she excused herself, but she commanded me to s
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Chapter 5
Irina“Oh my fucking God!” I blatted out, walking as quickly as my feet could. I didn't try to look back in the room that I stormed out to. “Alonzo Waldorf. I married the wrong man. H-How did that happen?” I combed through my head for an answer, but nada! “Irina, you finally answered! Where are you? What happened to your little scheme? Did Damian's uncle say yes to marrying you?” “Are you in the hotel?” “Yeah. I just got here. Why?” “Is the name of the guest staying in PS01 Alonzo Waldorf?”“Yes. Why do you ask? Do you know him too?” “If Alonzo Waldorf is staying at PS01 then Alonzo Nevan, Damian's uncle, is staying in a different suite?” “He's at PS02, Irina. Hold up, why are you asking me this? Did you enter the wrong hotel room last night?” “I didn't, but the one stationed in the reception last night gave me the wrong hotel room. She gave me Alonzo Waldorf and not only did he divirginize me last night, I'm married to him too!” I said, gnawing my teeth furiously. “Irina, ar
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Chapter 6
AlonzoIrina looked so petite and weak in my arm, which made me feel like I should be protective of this woman who had been trying to enshroud the tears in her eyes and pull herself together.“My friend is the heir of this hotel. Eve will certainly get me a room of my own once she hears that I was thrown out of the mansion.” Irina nibbled her lower lip, “S-She has a condo about fifteen minutes drive from here. I can stay there with her too. I appreciate your help, really, but I don't want to trouble you anymore.” Our orbs cinched in, her lips quivering as she thought of something else to tell me in a hurry.“Why would you stay with your friend when I have a suite that is big enough to accommodate us?” I curiously cocked my head to scrutinize her shock and confusion.“If you want this marriage to be believable, you'll have to live with me, Irina. I never heard of a married couple living away from each other, especially at this time.”“What time?”“Honeymoon?” I said in a questioning so
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Chapter 7
Irina “How much do you have in your bank account?” Kaius asked the moment my butt touched the swivel chair.“Excuse me?” I asked back, stunned at him.Kaius laughed softly and I peered at him.“The question isn't meant to offend you, in case it did. I need to know how much you have right now because I need a clearer figure to establish in our plan the percentage of shares that we can buy out from the current shareholders in Hayes Hotels.” I slightly bobbed my head, understanding the meaning behind his question.“I have about seven or eight grand in my bank account.”“Just 800, 000 dollars?”“That's just a rough estimate, but the numbers on my account won't amount to a million dollars.”Kaius threw a look at Alonzo that only the two of them could understand.“What you want to happen is impossible, Alonzo. I'm a businessman, not a magician,” Kaius blabbed out, resting his head on his chair.“Why? What's going on? What were you aiming to happen?” Alonzo stripped his eyes from Kaius.“Th
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Chapter 8
Irina“If your gut feeling tells you that not telling the truth will keep the two of you at peace, then don't, Irina. It's just that simple.”“But, I don't want our relationship to be built around lies, Eve, which is why I'm pondering.”Eve put down her teacup and cracked up, “Girl, please. Dr. Alonzo and you are in this fake marriage setup, which means that your relationship was inarguably built around lies and deception.”I wanted to refute Eve's argument when my phone beeped.“I'm going up. Alonzo's home,” I said and got up.“You said that he'll be home late?”“I assumed because he's been going home late these days. He's busy with his patients.”Eve's jaw fell to the floor, “You're not aware of your husband's schedule?”“No. Do I have to?”“Fucking yeah? You should ask for his schedule just to be aware, then he won't have to come home to an empty suite, rather he'll come home to a sexy wife in lingerie.”“Alright, that is my cue to leave.” Eve laughed again.“Those few times that I
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Chapter 9
Irina “Alonzo, let's get you out of here. I'm bringing you to the emergency room,” I mumbled to him.“Alonzo,” I muttered softly, engaging his clutched jaw on my finger to guide him to meet my orbs. I gently traced the cut on his upper lip, and anger blasted into my blood.“There's no need for that, Irina. It's just a cut. This won't kill me.”Damian scoffed, snatching my attention from Alonzo's bruised face.“You got to be kidding me.” Damian snagged me away from Alonzo. It happened in a blur.“Fine! You already won! If this is your way of bringing me to the end of my rope, you did it! You can stop it now.” Damian cast his eyes on Alonzo to dismiss him.“There's the exit. You can leave. Let me and my girlfriend handle this misunderstanding.”“Are you on drugs, Damian? What the heck are you on?” Tussling to be closer to me, he finally stopped when Alonzo hid me behind his back, yet I peeked and stepped out of his protection.“Come again. What did you call this? A misunderstanding? Ho
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Chapter 10
IrinaGawking at Alonzo while he was staring deadpanned, my throat ran dry while I struggled with words.“I can't be pregnant. I took a morning pill. It's proven effective.” He flashed a downward smile. The fear of the chance that I could be pregnant started to coil in my head.“Alonzo, I can't be, right?” He cackled, and the fear thumping in my chest shifted to annoyance. Lashing his arm, Alonzo took my hand and roughly put away the distance between us by pulling me closer.“Stop it,” he said sexily.“You, stop it! You're making me paranoid, Alonzo.” He laughed in my ear and the chilling sensation of his voice crawled down my spine.“You openly announced to your ex that you're pregnant with my child. Damian will soon pester you once he gets the confirmation that you're lying to him.” His eyes dashed to my tummy.“In three months you're expected to have a visible bump here,” he said, stroking my tummy. I nibbled my lower lip.“Maybe I could help you find your way out of this little li
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