One Night with the Mafian King

One Night with the Mafian King

By:  EllaRose  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lisa, a determined young woman, finds herself entangled in the dangerous world of the Mafian. After a fight with her boyfriend, she seeks solace in a club, only to be kidnapped by the men working for Mafian boss Alejandro "El Diablo" Hernandez. They claim her father owes them a substantial debt. Alejandro becomes infatuated with Lisa and arranges for her to perform private dances. Despite her reluctance, Lisa complies to gain money, but it falls short of her father's debt. Wanting her freedom, Lisa devises a plan to seduce Alejandro, becoming pregnant to secure her leverage. Lisa rises to become the Mafian queen, but when Alejandro discovers the child isn't his, he seeks revenge. As their turbulent relationship unravels, Lisa must navigate a treacherous game of love and deception to protect herself and her loved ones. "One Night with the Mafian King" is a gripping tale of passion, power, and survival in the treacherous world of the Mafian, where loyalty is scarce, and betrayal lurks at every turn.

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4 Chapters
Episode 1
~Lisa's POV~"Dad! No! You can't do that. You can't take my money," I whined over the phone to my drunkard father. He replied, "Sweety, it's only for the week. Everything will be fine." He sounded really drunk, which made me wonder why I was making that call in the first place. It was like running into a dead end.That was the third time that week my father had taken my money to go spend it in some bar, and I wasn't having it. Ever since my mom died, this was what I had to deal with—my father's irresponsibility. It was one hell of a chore taking care of a grown-ass man."Hey, Maribel," I said after she had heard my line connect successfully to my best friend's."Hey, what's up?" Maribel replied rather coldly."Uh, could you do me a favor?" I asked nervously."Sure, I'm the one to call whenever there's a favor needed," she replied sarcastically."I just really need your help, Maribel. I'm sorry, but I can't help it sometimes," I pleaded."Let me guess, your father took your money again
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Episode 2
~Alejandro’s POV~"Boys, we need to pay that man a visit. It seems he has forgotten who's boss," I said to my boys after checking my records and seeing that Sancho still owed me a lot of money—up to $215,000. He was going to pay me by sweat or by blood.I had my boys look for him, and as expected, he was at a bar, drinking away his life. I had my men bring him to my den, tie him up, and beat him up a little. "You have something that belongs to me—a lot of it," I said menacingly, hoping to put fear into him. But he was too drunk to mutter a reasonable word. I was frustrated enough at the fact that he owed me, but I was even angrier that one could hardly ever catch him sober."What was I thinking lending you money?!" I muttered to myself angrily and landed a hard blow across his face."Finish him," I said and turned to walk away, expecting my men to do exactly as I said while I went to look for another solution to his impending debt."You, Torres! Go and bring me any or all of his succe
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Episode 3
~Lisa’s POV~"You?!" I yelled when I saw his face. I was so confused; I barely remembered anything that happened the night before, but I remembered seeing him in that bar. However, he looked so different now. He had tattoos everywhere. It was scary. I was scared for my life, and I had no idea who they were, which just frightened me even more."Lisa, how could you be so stupid?!" I scolded myself."Will you calm down, or should I tell my boys to calm you down their way?" he threatened in the most masculine aura I'd ever seen. He seemed dangerous."Who are you?" I finally brought myself to ask."Your new nightmare," he replied, and I scoffed."What do you want from me? Why am I here? I swear I have nothing to offer," I said, and he just stared coldly at me. Then he signaled to his boys, and the next thing I knew, they threw a dead body at my feet. Upon looking at the face, I instantly recognized him as my father."No!" I screamed, trying to struggle my way out of that chair. I cried and
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Episode 4
~Lisa's POV~"Mmm, baby, you look spectacular," he said, scrutinizing me from head to toe.I was told to make sure to look my best, as I was already in his favor, but I could be his favorite mistress. However, I had other plans in mind. Yes, Lois had told me about his late wife and how he grieved the death of his unborn son. I wondered if I could give him that son. Then I would be free from poverty and attain some level of power. I would be his queen. I hatched my plan, and nothing was going to make it fail."I was told your favorite color is black, my Lord," I said, walking seductively toward him."Of course it is, and oh my, what did you call me?" he asked, opening his arms wide for me."My Lord?" I said, walking into a warm embrace with him."Say it again," he grunted in my ear, and damn, he reeked of alcohol."My Lord," I said more smoothly this time, then suddenly he pushed me away."Strip for me, that's why I pay you," he commanded, and I almost fell in fear.I started dancing s
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