On Her Daddy’s Bed!

On Her Daddy’s Bed!

By:  Xee write  Completed
Language: English
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“You shouldn’t have disobedyed me, Hazel.” His voice came out hard and husky and she thril at the soothing undertone that sent chills down her spine, her pussy, already gaining lots of wetness. “I am sorry Daddy,baby girl needed some alone…” she tries to explain, but his next action shut her up. He flung her over the bed like she weighed nothing, her facing pressing into the pillow, while her ass position into the perfect doggy style he craved for. “I am going to punish you so fucking well, momma. I am going to fuck you hard till you no longer feel your legs, momma. Hazel gulps down the hitches in her throat at the thought of his 9 inches-thick, cock riding her tight cunt, to pleasure. Without any warning, Hazel felt his dick tearing throw her, as he made one rough thrust. “Oh my fucking goodness….” her words thrailed into a moan, while his hands found his most adore part of her body, her waist, Pulling her backward, he began to thrust hard, with each thrust he got rewarded with moans that made him want to do more! Hazel had just gained admission to her favorite university in the city of Washington, she is forced to live with her fathers most trusted young friend all in the name of protection. Hazel eventually finds herself in the bed of the man she claims she hate, the one whom is to protect her from the outside world, after one foreplay, Hazel and Axel had refused to keep their eyes off each other. However, it didn’t end up as just a Lustful feeling. Will their love stand the test of time, in a world where fans criticize whoever goes intimate with their idol?

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Jamilah Rowell
This is one of the best books I have read on this app
2024-03-23 16:00:37
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April Joy Vaporoso
𝒊 𝒔𝒖𝒑𝒆𝒓 𝒅𝒖𝒑𝒆𝒓 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒃𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝒔𝒐 𝒎𝒖𝒄𝒉 ...️...️...️...️
2024-03-20 05:18:35
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Nora Perez
Tagalog version please
2024-02-23 09:09:50
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I am so addicted to this book.Mostly addicted to Daddy Axel
2024-02-19 05:00:56
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Xee write
Good day everyone. I am the author of this book and I have a little announcement to make. ‘Chapter 90’ of this book is a repeated chapter. I do not know how that happened and for now, I can't make changes since editors are on break. I am sorry Fam. Please do not unlock chapter 90. All the best.
2024-02-17 20:30:25
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Your novels are different. I love your creativity. This novel gets one horny. Nice job. Very interesting storyline.
2024-02-04 21:22:12
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Lynn Austria
Just started reading it and I like the plot and the story thank you
2024-02-01 10:17:19
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Manuel Kyle
You would want to read this book to end. I highly recommend.
2024-01-28 02:35:19
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Cha Cha
This book deserves more than five ratings. I love everything about it. Keep up the good work, author ...️
2024-01-27 21:30:12
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Fairy ❤️❤️
beautifully written, lovely story author keep it up...
2024-01-27 21:10:39
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First, it was the synopsis that pulls me in. Then the book itself kept me hooked. This is one of the book I’ve read so far!! Kudos to the great work author!
2024-01-27 20:45:17
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Sandy Evardome
Good story
2024-01-26 11:16:59
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Lacey Mays
Such a good book
2024-01-09 20:56:06
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Mitchy writes
Permit me to say, this is the best book on the app. please give us more chapters.
2023-12-23 20:37:47
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Interiordes Ign
Some errors but quite erotic
2023-12-23 11:24:47
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103 Chapters
After so many years.
On her dad’s bed. Chapter 1. Authors pov. Hazel walked down the stairs, her face pulled out in a long stretch, while the maids carried down her bags and her few other belonging. She stood behind the single-seater that was made of nothing but pure gold. Her hands gripped the top of it as she stares at the entire house, the house she has lived all her life in. “What's with the long face, Hazel?”Her dad walked into the parlor with a glass of juice. “I am going to miss you and Henry,” she replied with a pout, and her dad smiles. He spread his arms wildly and she fell into it, his other arms wrapped around her body, while the other, held onto his glass of wine, preventing it from falling. “You do not have to worry, Hazel. Staying with Axel is just as same as staying with me.” he strokes her hair slightly trying to calm her down, but his words only aggregated the anger she was trying so hard to bury. The thought of going to live with Axel provoked her even more. Hazel, is the young
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His home!
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Chapter 2. Authors pov. The ride from the airport to Axel’s was quite far.They finally pulled Into the compound of the magnificent building that was situated at the secluded eastern part of Washington. Hazel stepped out of the Landcruiser Prado after the guards helped her to open the door. Her mouth patted open at the sight of the magnificent building that welcomed her, she stared up at the mighty building that shared the same look as skyscrapers in New York City and it was awe-inspiring.She breathed deeply as she took a quick glimpse around at all the security guards surrounding the property. Her heart sped up slightly as she felt her anxiety start to build. If she wasn't from a rich home she would have spent the whole day admiring the house because everything in the building screamed luxury. “The house would not fuck you, momma, do not rip it glass.” he walked closer and stood beside her his hands behind him. She scoffed slightly and rolled her eyes at h
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Dining hall.
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Chapter 3. Authors pov. After freshening up, Hazel went down stairs with the use of the stair case, even if it looked too many she preferred it to the elevator. She walked down to meet the maids carrying a trail of food to a place she figured would be the dining hall and she followed them, still panting and trying to catch all the breath she had lost just from climbing down the stairs. Her mouth dropped at the new heaven that was staring right back at her, everything in the dining room was made of glass and decorated with gold, Axel's house is the pure definition of paradise. “You really need to get your house a lift.”Hazel breathed out roughly the moment she walked into the dining hall to meet him already eating. He raised his gaze to meet hers but his eyes feel on her exposed belly. She was wearing a crop top and a distressed shorts, the curve from her breast to her hips was visible to his eyes and it got him hooked. Slowly he batted his lashes and took
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Unexpected intense moment.
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Chapter 4. Authors pov. Axel carried her all the way to her room, while she just wrapped her hand firmly around his neck, her head placed gently on his chest. She placed her on the bed and arranged the duvet to cover her body, her really wish he could plant a kiss on her forehead and eventually trail the kiss down to her pussy hole. “I am not a baby, Axel.Stop treating me like one.” she pouted and adjusted her head on her pillow, comfortable. “Go to bed, baby girl, you need to wake up early.” his rocky voice came out stern and she arranged the duvet properly before nodding to him while he walked out majestically. He shut the door behind him and stared down at his dick. “Fuck!”he cursed, just the gentle pout of her mouth made his dick to budge. Axel was damn sure that he can't guarantee how long he would stay with her and not touch her, but first, he needs to find evidence about the motherfucker that is hovering around her, he won't spare him at all. The n
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The clubs restroom.
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Authors pov. Chapter 5. The next day. Hazel woke up with the hospitality of a sharp headache. She arched her brow in pain as the hangover and the memories of the previous day came hitting hard at her. Her heart sank as she recalled vividly all that happened before Axel and her. Her heart stiffened and she felt a sharp pain run through her chest as though a dagger was thrust deeply into her chest.She could hardly breathe, and it hurt so much that it made it so possible for her to remember everything clearly, cause the memory of what had happened last night remained crystal clear as if it had been tattooed onto her brain with permanent ink.Axel. The gentle movement of his hands against her body, and the way his tongue worked wonders and directed her to orgasm. Her body quivered at the thought of it and she felt the same pleasure from yesterday washing through her body. Hazel felt cheap, knowing that she had a boyfriend yet she threw herself shamelessly on
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Orgasm in the club restroom.
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Chapter 6.Authors pov. Hazel stared at him unable to say a word, even though she wanted to stop him, her body liked what he did to her yesterday and she craved to know what other things he could do to her body. Axel locked his eyes against her, his hands found her under thigh, and he scoot her to the edge of the marble stand. Her hands found the sink and she held onto it firmly, their eyes not letting go of each other. Although it seemed really awkward the way they were both staring at each other, Hazel liked it really well, she liked the pleasurable feeling of pleasure that squirms into her whenever Axel stares at her. “First, I am going to punish you for shutting the door and running away from me, earlier this morning“ “Secondly, I am going to punish you for coming to the club without my permission.” Hazel pouted softly, and fuck! The innocent sight of her wants to make him bend her over and go balls deep, but he wanted so much time, he wanted to take th
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Moment of ecstasy.
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Chapter 7. Authors pov. Hazel stared at the massage that was staring back at her and her lips twitched into a smile as sexual sparkles invaded her body and she thrilled at the little moment of pleasure. She pulled into her red lingerie, that had a lace jacket, her hand rubbing against the exposed part of her belly as she stared at the reflection of herself in the mirror. Even though Hazel wanted to act like she was going there just to get her pants, she knew deep down that the feeling underneath her legs can not be ignored, she knew that her pussy needed attention, and only he had the antidote to all the wetness her pussy had gained from just his text. She packed her hair in a ponytail and stared at the curve of her hips for an extended amount of time and she tried to ignore the fact that she’s been imagining how much his tongue would make her feel. She shut herself one last glance and striden out of the room. She adjusted her breast slightly before placing
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You are mine!
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Author’s pov. Chapter 8. “Position that ass into a doggy, momma, let me lick your plate clean!” he purred, and she gasped at the rawness of his words, In one flipped, he turned her around her face pressing into the table while her ass shoot out into the perfect doggy he craved for. “Ummm....” he moaned as he stared at what looked to him like home. “Fucking goodness!.... Momma.” He purred and licked his lips, his dick budging with every glance he cast her pussy. Hazel felt a little bit shy, but she knew she was safe with him, she felt so, she knew so. “Your pussy, they seem to be calling out my name, momma. They want me,” he whispered into her pussy, and she shrieked as unexpected pleasure cascaded down her every vein. His two fingers squeezed her already wet and juicy pussy and she let out a soft moan. “Oh.....yeah!” she cried out into ecstasy and Axel grinned. “You are so fucking pink and juicy momma, so fucking juicy!” she spanked her ass, and she shoo
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Moment of suspect.
ON HER DADDY’S BED! Authors pov. Chapter 9.The ray from the reflecting sun settled on her cheeks and she tossed slightly on the bed, her hands teasing the sleep away from her eyes. She stretched out slightly and her eyes took a glimpse of the ceiling that welcomed her morning sight, the familiar cologne of Axel captivated her nostril, and she inhaled slightly before seating upright and holding the duvet up to cover her breast. Her hair was scattered as a result of how much she had to toss while sleeping. “Sleepyhead,” the familiar voice of Axel dominated the air and she tilted her head to the side where she heard his voice. Her eyes hooked against him as she spot him standing very close to the well-decorated golden mirror. He was dripping hot in just the towel that was tied slightly to his waist, his body dripping wet like the way her pussy was already dripping wet from the sight of seeing his naked body. His arms were bare, and his chest heaving up and down as if he had been
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Orgasm of Appology.
ON HER DADDY’S BED Authors pov.Chapter 10. Hazel lay on her bed her hands clutching her teddy to her body, the thought of Axel and the strange lady replaying in her head. She placed her chin on the top of the teddy while she hugged it to herself, her hands stroking the teddy’s soft hair. The thought of Axel and the strange lady being a thing was suddenly interrupted by the silent beeping of her phone. She pulled out of her worries and glanced over her phone, it was her friend Tracy. She let out a soft smile before picking up the call. “Hello,” she whisper softly and Tracy giggled from her own end. “Hello Hazel, how is the weekend going?” she chuckled happily, and Hazel rolled her eyes at how dramatic, vTracy never failed to be. “Quit being dramatic, young lady.” “How can I even quit? When that's all that made me Tracy.” she pouted before letting out another round of chuckle. “You never cease to amaze me.” Hazel's hand dug into the scalp of her teddy as she talked softly in
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