My Rejected Billionaire Luna Wife

My Rejected Billionaire Luna Wife

By:  GloryWrites  Ongoing
Language: English
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Two years ago, when she saw Alpha Gabriel Stormfang for the first time, she fell in his deep eyes. She did every means possible to mate him, even leaving her pack and betraying her family. She lied to Gabriel that she was a rogue, but in fact, she begged her father to allow her to leave for two years. Her father agreed with an condition-- if she could not earn his heart in two years, she had to return home and to help with the family business. Unfortunately, in the past two years, she hasn't felt a single ounce of love from Gabriel. She asked for a divorce. After the mate bond broken, she returned to her pack, which was actually the most successful pack that had achieved splendid business success in human society, and they also gained great fame among the high classes. The reversal comes. Right after she left and then Gabriel began to realize his true heart. However, she was no longer the little woman and weak wolf he used to know. She suddenly turned to a precious princess and became a breathtakingly attractive and gorgeous lady with excellent abilities that he had never known! The most important thing, she had already dug and buried the love towards him...

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Thank you all for enjoying my story. I fixed some of the names that were confusing inside the previous chapters, so hopefully it makes for a better reading experience. I apologize if it caused some distress.
2023-10-24 19:00:47
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Soooo I’m curious…whose gonna be Amelia’s new alpha mate because ain’t no way it’s Gabriel!! Hard pass on this is if so.
2023-10-24 04:20:47
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Taylor Benderski
50 chapters 10/18/23
2023-10-19 04:50:14
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Christine Owings
17 chapters 8/21/23
2023-08-22 06:27:28
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2023-08-13 20:53:32
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
15 chapters 8-2-23
2023-08-02 23:20:07
user avatar
Ryan Nanon
Finish a story. why have 5 ongoing at one time?
2023-07-28 10:46:01
174 Chapters
Chapter One: The Last Day to be His Luna
"Amelia." It was Gabriel, again. His commanding voice reverberated in her mind. "Come to the packhouse hospital. NOW. It's time to feed Sophia your blood." Ugh. Sophia. Amelia looked to Logan in front of her. Logan didn’t know that Gabriel was mindlinking her. Maybe she could just ignore Gabriel. She's been in this pack for two years. As his mate, ironically, he never regarded her as the rightful Luna. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” Amelia asked Logan. Amelia had always gotten along well with Logan. He was a good choice for the new Beta. Down to earth. Positive. Strong. Logan offered a sheepish smile. Honestly, he wasn’t thrilled about bringing the laundry here today. He knew it would upset Amelia. But it was the Alpha’s orders and he couldn’t go against them. “Well…Gabriel asked me to drop off his laundry. He's been crashing at Roland's place a lot lately." Amelia's eyes narrowed. "Roland’s? You mean Sophia’s!” Amelia appreciated that Logan was trying to be tactful by using
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Chapter Two: A Fractured Bond
Amelia grabbed for the bowl, silver knife in hand, ready to slice her skin yet again for Gabriel’s precious Sophia. She hated this ritual with every fiber of her being. It was bad enough that she had to feed her blood to someone, but the fact that it was Sophia made it ten times worse. This is the last time, Amelia thought to herself. She flinched. Beside her, Gabriel was perched on Sophia’s bedside, wiping her forehead with a cool cloth.“I was worried you wouldn’t come in time,” Gabriel said, casting Amelia a scowl. Amelia knew that he had an obligation to protect her but it didn’t make the ritual feeding any less painful - both physically and emotionally. Such kindness and compassion! He had never shown her such kindness. Of course she felt jealous! How could she not? She watched him wipe her forehead. This is how he was supposed to treat her – his Luna. But instead, he was playing nurse to her. She couldn’t let Gabriel see her jealousy, though, so she swallowed it down and rema
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Chapter Three: Unveiled Deception
Shards of the broken blood bowl littered the floor, and Gabriel's voice cut through the tense air.“Get another bowl for Sophia. Look at her, you dumb, clumsy wolf? She needs to feed!” Amelia's fury surged within her, but she had made a promise, and despite her anger, she knew she had to keep it. It would be the last thing she would give to this pack - her blood. A strange weakness washed over Amelia, causing her to stagger slightly, her legs threatening to give way beneath her. The sensation sent shivers down her spine, and she couldn't help but wonder why her Wolf felt so distant. The usually comforting presence that resided within her seemed elusive, as if shrouded in an unexplained haze.She focused her attention on the cut on her hand, the one inflicted by the shattered bowl. It should have been closing, healing rapidly as her Wolf's restorative power surged through her veins. But to her dismay, the wound remained stubbornly open, the crimson droplets welling up as if time had s
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Chapter 4: Shadows of Departure
Amelia was weary as she walked out of the hospital. She had got what she wanted – Gabriel had rejected her and their mate bond was broken. So why did she feel so sad? She walked towards the woods with a heavy heart. She was fatigued and tired beyond belief from the Wolfsbane poison. Each step she took drained her of the last remaining vestiges of strength, but she pressed on. The woods beckoned to her, offering her solace and sanctuary in their ancient depths. She knew she had to get far enough away from the pack’s territory. Then she could do what she needed to do. She was fueled by determination as she delved deeper into the wilderness. Finally, when she was far enough away, Amelia reached out through the mindlink."Pick me up. I will go with you." For the first time in the past two years she sent the message, with the last of her strength. As soon as she sent it, consciousness slipped away, and Amelia succumbed to darkness. Amelia
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Chapter 5: The Eclipse Pack
Amelia woke up in a lavish room, adorned with opulent furnishings that spoke of luxury. She knew exactly where she was, but she hadn’t remembered it being this decadent. She let her eyes slowly adjust to the light, and then she made her way down the grand spiral staircase to the formal sitting room. She knew he would be waiting for her there; it’s where they always had their important talks. Sure enough, as soon as she walked into the room, she was greeted by the sight of her father, Alpha Magnus. He looked regal as ever, with broad shoulders and a tall stance. Magnus was not a wolf to mess with – he had little patience for stupidity and had been one hell of a fighter in his youth. These days, he focused on his professional front, being a businessman and all. But that didn’t mean he still wasn’t quick to anger – and anyone around him knew NOT to make Magnus mad. Her brother, Asher, was also waiting for her. Magnus spoke first, his voice carrying a mix of sternness and af
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Chapter 6: Split Decisions
Olivia seethed with indignation. What the hell? That she-wolf had tried to humiliate them! Olivia was not used to being treated like this! She was used to a life of privilege and luxury! She was a member of the Eclipse Pack – the Eclipse Pack for crying out loud! The richest, most powerful, most respected pack around. Who did this ugly old she-wolf think she was, talking to Amelia like that?Olivia had never encountered such blatant disrespect. The audacity of that bitch! How dare she speak to Amelia like that!Amelia was keenly aware of Olivia's mounting anger. As life-long friends, they knew each other well. She approached Olivia with a calm determination. The last thing Amelia wanted right now was a fight. It wasn’t worth it. She placed a gentle hand on Olivia's shoulder, trying to temper her friend's fiery resolve. She led her friend through the corridors of the house."Liv, I understand your frustration," Amelia began. "It can be hard to hear things like that when you’re ot used
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Chapter 7: Rubies and Rage
"What will you do, Amelia?" Gabriel demanded, his words laced with a mix of disbelief and frustration. He couldn’t control the volume of his voice. He didn’t mean to yell, but anger was rising in him. "You were nothing but a lowly rogue before I took you in! You had no pack! No title! I made you LUNA! Remember your place, Amelia. If you dare cross that border, you will be banished. FOREVER! You will never set foot in this pack again."Amelia met Gabriel's gaze head-on. She knew that she would never be allowed back, and she didn’t care. Why would she stay here, with a man that never loved her? With a pack that treated her like garbage? She had made her decision, and she was confident. She wanted to be back with her family, where she was revered and loved and cherished. Not here, where she was ridiculed and abused. "I’m ready to leave, Gabriel," Amelia replied, her voice steady and unwavering. "I understand. I’ll be banished from this pack, from your life. But it's time now. It’s t
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Chapter 8: The Alpha King
News of the stolen ruby spread like wildfire throughout the packs. Amelia, the once-rogue, now rejected Luna, had stolen the Stormfang’s precious ruby. It was sacreligious – unheard of! How dare she! Amelia became an enemy of wolves everywhere. People whispered about her; she was a thief and a traitor. Amelia, however, remained blissfully unaware of the rumors because she was in the human world. Seated at a quaint tea table, Amelia and Olivia were talking like only best friends can. The delicate aroma of freshly brewed tea enveloped them, accompanied by the gentle clinking of porcelain cups. As Amelia poured her heart out to Olivia, she found solace in the familiar surroundings of her human city, a place where she felt loved and cherished. She had been back for a month now, and she felt relaxed and at peace. Moonstone's Villa served as her sanctuary, a breathtaking haven adorned with opulence and luxurious décor. Amelia was telling Olivia all about the man who had shown up on her
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CHAPTER 9: The Alpha King’s Banquet
As the date of the banquet drew near, Amelia's heart soared. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a banquet, Amelia thought. I can’t believe I gave all this up to be with Gabriel. That asshole. Never again, she swore to herself. This is where I belong. She set to work planning every detail of the prestigious event that would introduce her to the werewolf community as the Alpha King's cherished daughter.In her opulent bedroom at Moonstone's Villa, Amelia meticulously designed the invitations. Each one was a work of art, adorned with intricate detailing and embossed with the royal insignia. With a flourish of her pen, she inscribed the words of welcome, inviting all the pack leaders to grace the grand occasion with their presence. ALL the pack leaders, including Gabriel. She smiled to herself while she wrote out his invitation. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he discovered who she really was.Amelia had chosen The Cascade, a high-end hotel owned by her own prestigio
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CHAPTER 10: Amelia’s Debut
All eyes turned to the grand staircase, where Amelia descended with a grace that left everyone in awe. Her gown was a masterpiece of elegance, shimmering with a myriad of moonstone embellishments that caught the light and cast a celestial glow around her. The dress was a mix of pale silver and midnight blue, hugging her figure in all the right places.The room fell silent as they took in the ethereal beauty before them. Gasps filled the air, and whispers of admiration spread like wildfire. Amelia's radiant smile charmed everyone she passed.Sophia and Gabriel stood side by side, their faces frozen in disbelief. Sophia was rendered speechless, and Gabriel's heart pounded loudly in his chest."But that's... that's Amelia. How is that possible?" Gabriel's voice wavered with astonishment.Sophia, trying to rationalize the situation, stammered, "Honestly, Gabriel, I know what you're thinking. She does look a LOT like Amelia. But there's NO way. Amelia was a lowly rogue. That princess just
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