My mate loves my twin

My mate loves my twin

By:  Lydia  Completed
Language: English
15 ratings
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People always say rejection is the worst thing that could happen to anyone, especially when it involves your fated mate. Ava watched her mate reject her because he is in love with her sister and she was treated like an outcast in her pack all because she has not shifted. She watched them be happy together while she was slowly breaking and then she finally chose herself and left without a word to anyone. Alpha Cane found her and claimed her as his mate. This story is a thrilling tale about betrayal, rejection, love, redemption and rare wolf that will leave you at the edge of your sit, will all the secrets be revealed and will it tear then apart? Find out on this story as Ava discover her real identity.

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Shalini S
Nice story
2023-12-01 18:33:09
default avatar
The story is decent, but the author really needs to work on grammar and proofreading before submission.
2023-11-03 17:17:06
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
110 chapters 10-19-23
2023-10-20 01:05:04
user avatar
Moni Begum
Story is Interesting
2023-10-19 00:20:27
user avatar
Kelly McDaniel
Seriously?! This book same grammar errors same names everything has been uploaded on Goodnovel by two separate authors now! Do they not even read the books before they are uploaded?!
2023-09-17 10:48:50
user avatar
Trinidad Tumanda
this sounds interesting
2023-08-21 20:45:46
default avatar
Lisa Reed
Yes it does have errors but I like the story I hope for an update soon
2023-08-14 05:28:04
user avatar
Christine Owings
31 chapters 8/4/23
2023-08-05 07:48:15
user avatar
Rose SB
I had to stop reading due to excessive grammatical errors. Once edited, I'll try again.
2024-02-10 13:59:58
user avatar
although storyline is good but the execution is not there is no chapter 88 and after chapter 100 direct 108 don't even talk about grammar mistakes
2023-10-19 17:35:42
user avatar
Gayle Ecklund
Well, I give you credit for your first try, but really nothing new here. Obvious that the author has no writing experience. Not particularly interesting.
2023-12-02 06:50:29
user avatar
Camilita Vargas
I wish I could say something good about this book, but I can't. Mate from hell, literally. Physical violence, humiliation and constant cheating, not only with the forementioned twin. FL is the TSTL kind. No groveling at all. If you are into wife beaters, this is your book. Awful. Just awful.
2023-08-17 11:48:22
default avatar
Terrible spelling and grammatical errors. Poorly written.
2023-08-11 09:46:34
user avatar
Horrible trash book that rewards cheating and abuse.
2024-02-29 09:53:30
user avatar
Crystal Sinclair
not so good but it's just okay
2024-02-29 00:18:46
116 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ava’s povI Cane Baker rejects you Ava Liam as my, wait no I won’t reject you because that will be an easy way out for you, he said while holding my neck and pinning me down to the tree.“I will make you suffer to the extent you go down on your knees and beg me to reject you”. I didn’t even know I was crying until I felt the drop of water roll down my face.“See you are so pathetic, you are too weak to be my Luna i hate you and don’t want to see you around me” he removed his hand from my neck and he left me gasping for air with the tears I wanted hold back.I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore i just broke down, I know I look so pathetic and weak but I am so happy he left already and would not be able to see me like this.I felt a shadow over me and I raised my head up just to find Cane standing in my front with an expression I can’t decipher but I can swear I saw a little of pity in his eyes but it did not last for a seconds.See what I mean “YOU ARE A WEAKLING” if you by any chanc
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Chapter 2
The moment the door of his bed room was shut behind us, we collided, our mouths, our bodies all tangled up and unwilling to part. He draw me closer to him that there was no space between us, I wasted no time in pulling his shirt off revealing that sexy body beneath the shirt, he moan in my mouth the moment our bare bodies touched and I know he felt the spark cause I felt it spark too.We fumbled over to his neatly made bed, which made my dress roll up covering nothing but my chest he wasted no time in removing the dress and when he looked at me that was when I noticed his eyes has actually changed color, from the brown that was so captivating to pitch black indicating that his wolf has taken over and I could see that he was resisting his wolf because it was like a flash between black and brown.His mouth began exploring my bare skin, from my mouth down to to my chest, I had to bite my lips to keep myself from moaning, he was going down to the edge of my panties I thought he was going
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Chapter 3
Cane’s povWhy did the moon goddess pair me up with a weak mate? I am that alpha, that is feared by many, I am strong and I need someone who is strong too and not a weakling. Ava is an omega, is she even an omega because I know she hasn’t shifted yet and there is no omega in her family line but well the pack just choose to believe she is an omega, they are the weakest and lowest rank in any wolf pack.I rejected her because she is too weak to be the Luna of my pack and I want someone that will be able to carry and handle the problems of the pack.Brad informed me through mindlink that they caught the same scent we have been tracking around the beach, so I immediately sent an order that parents should keep eyes on their children and everyone should avoid the beach and the wood. If you really need to go out inform someone where you are going too, to be on a safer side.I went to the pack house and saw people panic I had a thought time trying to keep them in check and also assure them th
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Chapter 4
This is the best sleep I have had so far, I can stay in bed all day but I really need to eat, I haven't eaten anything since yesterday and it's 3pm, after I showered I heard voices in the kitchen and when I stepped in I saw my sister crying in my mate arms.“Hey Alexia what wrong, what happened to you?” She didn't say anything, Cane just lokked at me too and didn't say anything.“Why is no one answering me? I heard someone clearing their throat and that was when I realised Brad was also in the kitchen.“We found her like this in the woods, she wouldn't let anyone touch her except Cane and she hasn't said anything since then”.“I will take her to her room I think she needs rest” they both left the kitchen, she was no longer sobbing but she look like shit. What the hell happened to her I have never seen Alexia like this before.“What happened to her?” I asked cane the moment he stepped out of her room.“I don't know she did not say, maybe she will come around after resting”“Is she okay
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5I was expecting him to kiss me or at least let me kiss him, but he had a self satisfied smirk on his face which made me to feel some type of way. Now I regret saying what I said.“I see you can't resist me” he said while looking directly at me.“But for the sake of clarity I will remind you again how I feel about you, I don't like you and I never will so get that straight, what happened between us was a one time thing and that was because I needed a release” you would think that since this is not the first time he is saying hurtful things to me that it wouldn't hurt this bad but guess what I feel so much pain like he is stabbing me continuously.“You should be thinking of your sister and not looking for someone to get under your pants” with that said he left.I am still mad at Alexia for what she said about my mate but I know I should really go check up on her, I will do that tomorrow but right now I am not in the mood to talk to anyone. I just sat down looking into space and
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Chapter 6
“We.. no you did.. did not” I reply while stuttering. Damn his presence alone control alot.“So what are we celebrating” Cane asked while stabbing Jordan with his eyes. If I don’t know any better I would say he was jealous but it’s almighty Cane we are talking about he can’t be.“Ava wanted… I cut Jordan short he was not about to tell Cane I want to train.“I was around the training ground and decided to come watch how the pack warriors train and Jordan plan to take me around that’s why I hugged him.” As stupid as that sound I hope he buys it. With the look on his face he did not buy anything I just said.“Jordan they need you on the practice ground, so round up whatever the hell this is now, you can stay around if you want to.” With that he gave me one last look and left, he didn’t buy it but I think he just decided to let it slide.“You heard him I have to go now, so I will see you around and you have to tell me the reason why you cut me off when i was about telling Cane why you’re h
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Chapter 7
My relationship with cane has not always been like this, we used to be family friends. My dad was one of the best warriors in the pack and my mum was a well respected doctor in the pack hospital and they are really good friends with Cane parents but something terrible happens and it’s not something I really want to remember but I know that since the whole incident Cane has never looked at me the same way. The tragedy took the life of my parents and also Cane’s parents which made him to grow up so fast but I don’t really remember what went down that day but it still hurt. At least he is still cool with Alexia.Going back memory lane is like opening an old wound, sometimes I just wish i can remember what really went down that day, but I can’t and it’s so funny that after what happened that day the topic is not something we talk about ever since it happened.Bang Bang!!! Open your fucking door, I heard Alexia at the other side of the door. “What is it?” I asked as I opened the door that,
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Chapter 8
I am super excited for my training today, I just really wish Cane wouldn’t be there I want to avoid him at all cause because I can’t keep on dealing with his switch towards me.“Hey Jordan” I greeted when I saw him at the training ground and yes I came early before the others arrived. Fuck what Cane said I still need to understand what I am doing before I can join the rest.“Hey, ready to get started?” He asked.“Yes I am” he didn’t know Cane told me not to practice with him but nobody really needs to know this.We went on and on and I was on the ground panting, nobody told me it was this hard I can’t even catch my breath. How do people even enjoy fighting because right now I just want to curl on my bed and sleep.“Here” Jordan said while giving me a bottle of water.“Thanks” I drowned everything in seconds.“I think this is enough for one day, so you can go home and rest or stay around if you want, the rest are going to start coming in any moment from now.“Na I will have to pass on s
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Chapter 9
Is this peace? all I can see is white, It's such a calm and relaxing place where I can forget all my troubles and just enjoy the moment. it didn't last for long tho.I opened my eyes but it was too bright I had to close it, when I opened my eyes again it was better than before. I looked around and realised that I was in my room wow this must be a crazy day because I can't remember how I got to my bed. The door to my room opened and Alexia walked in holding a cup of coffee, she looked really happy when she saw that I was awake.“Omg you are finally up?” She dropped the cup of coffee and checked my temperature.“ Just hold on I already alerted the doctor and the rest that you're awake.“ Are you thirsty?” “Yes please” my throat is so dry.“okay I will be back in a minute” she said and left the room, wow this is unlike Alexia. Every thing that happened the other day at the training ground came crushing down on me and I was just wondering what happened after I black out, did Jordan or Ca
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Chapter 10
Cane's povI had a lot of work to do today, the paper work was just a lot to handle, our neighbouring pack want's our help to deal with their current rouges attack. Little did they know that we have a lot to handle too, we have not been attack yet but recently we have noticed that some rouges have been around our border I can't sent my best warrior over to their pack just yet, but i will have to know what Brad and Jordan think about this.They was a knock on my office door I already know who it was, that sweet vanilla scent mixed with faint coconut. Just knowing she was at the door gives me this inner peace that I didn't know I needed until now.“Come in” I could hear the sound of the door but I didn't raise my head up to acknowledge her presence. I waited awhile for her to state why she was here but she didn't which annoyed me.“What do you want?” I asked her still not looking at her.“I wanted to tell you the main reason why I came to the training ground” she said, I was waiting for
Read more Protection Status