My Fireheart

My Fireheart

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Lucifron was one of the best friends of Hanna, the daughter of Boris, the Dragon King of the Southern Clan. Emotionless and stoic-faced, his only ambition was to follow in his father\'s footsteps and become the next General of King Boris's troops. An invitation to attend an Alpha title change party coming from his friend Ryan's pack, leads him to leave Dragons Island for the first time in his life and to find his fireheart in one of the guests, Gary, the Red River Pack's Alpha. A dragon and a werewolf was something he didn't think was worthy of a future General, but the attraction of the flame that would complete his heart and knowing that that man would be his only chance for love during his long dragon life, makes him avoid turning his back. Would Gary be able to prove to Lucifron that a werewolf heart could burn bright too? Can a wolf's heart contain the flame that will complete Lucifron's heart? Is he really able to be his firehart?

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It was a magnificent island, hidden from common mortals by ancient magic.Any human ship that passed by could cross it, as if only water existed there. Any plane that passes over only sees water there.That island, only visible to the eyes of supernaturals, was the kingdom of Boris, the dragon king of the south, and his clan.There were forests that lined the beautiful beaches all around the island. In the center of the island, amazing gardens and many houses, where the dragon clan families lived. There were training grounds for the different species of dragons and, at the center of it all, a magnificent palace, made of stone and crystal, which shone in all its splendor under the rays of the sun.Boris was a benevolent king, loved by his clan, and, of the 4 Dragon Kings existing in the world, certainly the most respected. The old dragon king of the world, had no heirs, and everyone was betting that Boris would be his successor.Boris had no ambitions, but he would accept the position
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Chapter 1
Lucifron was the son of the King's General, and next in line to command the royal troops. He was stoic and devoid of emotions. He used his days to train and become even stronger than his father, and he occupied his free time in the company of his only friends, with whom he managed to open his soul.Hanna with her fire dragon, Argenta.Nymphe with her elemental water dragon, Hydra.Dalkor and Valdar, the only fated fireheart couple between them, with their elemental fire dragons, Reese and Kai.Abraxas and Iposa, the twins, with their fire dragons Lethon and Azure.Those were the only ones that he managed to show some affection, and they loved him as much as he loved them.It was in one of those laser moments, when the dragons played together on the beach, that something unexpected happened. A boat reaches the shore.Never before did they see a ship reaching the shores of Dragon Island. They simply go through the island, invisible to everyone's eyes.When the boat docks on the beach, th
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Chapter 2
On the appointed day, the dragons shift and leave for Darkmoon, following the directions on the map that accompanied the invitation. When they flew over the packland, the wolves looked at them startled. When they barely touched their toes on the floor and shifted back, fully clothed, their jaws dropped. They only knew of three people capable of doing this, one because he was divine, and the other two because they were his mates and shared his power.It was a joy. Ryan ran to them, hugged them and introduced them to his mates. He proudly showed them the 3 little pups which were in the cradles.Boris couldn't help himself and started making silly faces that made the little pups laugh.Ryan briefly told his entire adventure, making the dragons cringe, with certain parts.Quickly, the dragons began to mingle and play with the wolves.However, there was one dragon that kept it's stoic expression, ready to hide in some corner, away from the mess, since it couldn't just fly home. That dragon
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Chapter 3
Gary couldn't take his eyes off the man. His almost violet eyes mesmerized him. His whole body was telling him to touch him, to mark him, and his wolf wasn't helping him maintain control as he constantly insisted that Gary make love to him, right then and there.Lucifron, on the other hand, fought Zog, who wanted to unite his heart with the wolf's.- I don't know how this can work. I'm not leaving the island and what I've dreamed of all my life, and I believe you're not leaving your pack.- I'm the alpha, and the pack depends on me. You are the general's son. Couldn't you try to change your dreams and be my Luna? Don't you want to be the mother of the pack?Lucifron narrows his eyes. He didn't know if he was more offended that the man was downgrading his desire to be the next general than the fact that he wanted him to become the "mother" of the pack.- And why don't you come with me to Dragon's Island and become the future general's "wife". - he says, pressing the word wife.Gary not
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Chapter 4
When the dragons arrive on the island, Lucifron tries to escape. He really did't want to be questioned, but his friends grab him and take him to the games room, all sitting on cushions, cornering him.- What's his name? - Iposa asks.- Gary – replies Lucifron without showing any expression.- How old are you? - asks Nymph.- Twenty-two – he says, resound bored.- Is he really your fireheart? - Hannah asks.- It seems so. – he says, opening his mouth in sleep.- Why are you answering like that? Hell, he's your fireheart, you should be excited, happy, filling on top of the world. - Dalkor says, clinging to Valdar, to prove his indignation at his lack of affection for his fireheart.- That's easy for you to say. Your fireheart is a dragon like you. Mine is a mutt.- Don't say those things, you know that our fire doesn't always choose someone of the same species. – Valdar says, with a smile.- It seems to me that you want to see me far away from here. You want me to give up my dream of re
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Chapter 5
When midnight approached, the Alpha of the rogues had a big fire made, and in it burned several herbs. With open arms, she begins to speak in a language that no one understands. The flames grow higher and higher and burn black and red as she, screaming louder and louder, casts the spell.With a roar that made the rogues whimper in fear, the flames break away from the fire and fly straight at the Red River Pack, covering the entire sky, and falling on the pack.She smiles satisfied and calls to her men, who surround her.- Go to the Red River pack, and bring me the alpha. The whole pack will sleep for 24 hours and no one will challenge you.- Can we have fun and steal? – they ask with a smirk.She looks at them with the eyes of her demon, and a chill runs down their spine.- The only thing you will do is what I ordered. If you do anything that proves we got in their pack, your body will serve as food for my demon.The rogues turned white with fear, and with a bow, they ran towards the
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Chapter 6
Gary opens his eyes and is confused. He was sure he had laid down on his bed to sleep, and now he woke up in a room he didn't know. He sits down on the bed and looks around. Everything there was sinister. All the furniture in the room was black and carved with demonic shapes, the ceiling lamp was made of iron and looked like one of those ancient torture instruments, from the era of the human inquisition. On the only bedside table there is a small aquarium containing a huge spider, which makes Gary cringe in disgust. The window had thick metal bars, which, without touching, he identified as silver. He didn't see any door.How the hell did he get there? Was he dreaming? He pinches himself to make sure and scolds himself for his goofy attitude.When he removes the thin blanket that covers him, he sees himself completely naked. What the fuck was going on? This certainly wasn't the packhouse. He hadn't gone there by himself, so he could only have been kidnapped. But who in their right mind
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Chapter 7
When the Red River pack members see a huge red dragon fly over the packland, they hide their pups and scream in panic, the warriors prepare for battle.Zog drops the bags before letting his paws touch the ground and immediately Lucifron appears, leaving the pack in awe.The man in front of them was tall, handsome and athletic, with intense red hair and fully dressed.The beta runs towards the man, who was wearing a uniform, and bow.- Sorry for the reception. Are you Alpha Gary's mate? We didn't expect you so soon.Lucifron looks around. He wanted to see if Gary was okay.- Yes, I am. I came now because I felt Gary was in danger. Where is he?The beta lowers his head.- I'm very sorry to inform you, but we lost a day of life, and Alpha Gary was kidnapped in the meantime.- What? - Lucifron screams scared. – Do you have any leads?- Nothing. We looked all over the place and the only clue we found was a rogue camp, but there's no sign of the direction they went. Looks like it disappeare
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Chapter 8
Zog flies over the forest, but finds nothing to indicate where Gary might be. He cannot continue flying and risk being discovered, so he lands and shifts back. Lucifron felt lost. Which way to go, when you don't know which way Gary was taken. The only thing he felt was that his fire was pushing him south, but south, there were many human cities there. He couldn't keep flying, beyond the forest, but on foot, it would take forever.Tired, hungry and thirsty, he sits on the ground, leaning against a tree, and hides his face in his hands. His stoic personality had completely disappeared. Now, Lucifron felt a confusion of feelings, which left him on the verge of tears.With the appearance of the moon, he ends up falling asleep, completely oblivious to the eyes watching him.- Look at that boy. Do you see his clothes? He must have a lot of money. - one of the creatures says, watching him.- But he looks lost, he doesn't bring anything with him. - the second creature says.- Even so, it can
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Chapter 9
- Control your dragon – the vampire order.And Lucifron traps Zog in a corner of his mind.With a gesture, the vampire commands the fox to open the cage.- Get up and follow me. The vampire commands.And Lucifron gets up with his head down and follows the vampire out of the cage and out of the cave.Outside, several females and children, as well as other fox shifters looked in curiously. It could be seen that they were starving. The two chickens he had eaten made him think they had lots of food, but it looked like they hadn't, and from the clothes they wore, they were extremely poor.Zog could understand the temptation to sell them, and what those diamonds would offer those people.Lucifron saw nothing but his master's command, which echoed over and over in his head.One of the children, a girl of about 12 years old, came over to look at Lucifron, and the vampire hissed. She throws her tongue out and runs back to her mother.- How much do you want for that one? - the vampire says, poi
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