My  Alpha Wants Me Back

My Alpha Wants Me Back

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The unnatural heat flooding my veins, the unfamiliar ache low in my belly - I was in heat for the very first time. And Kai had sensed it instantly. "Please..." The whispered plea fell unbidden from my lips. A pleased rumble reverberated in Kai's broad chest. "What do you want?" His voice was guttural, laced with desire and command. "Say it." My throat constricted around the shameful words. But my wolf, Crystal, shoved them out. "I... I want you. Please!" Kai's hungry look intensified. "Please what?" "Take me..." It was part sob, part moan. "Make me yours!" ... Betrayed... Sold... And Rejected... Tracy finally ran away from the cold alpha who despised her for being his mate when she realized she was carrying his child. Three years later, Tracy had built her dream life, better and stronger. But what would happen to her little perfect world when Alpha Kai finally found her? ... Only after Tracy left did Alpha Kai realizes she was his true mate and not some gold digger planted by the elders after his throne. Regretting his coldness towards her, Kai chased her back. But Tracy was now a sophisticated single mother who had lots of men groveling for her attention. Would she forgive and accept him back?

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111 Chapters
The freak
The bitter November wind cut through my threadbare coat as I pushed open the creaky door of the 24-hour diner, the warmth from inside fleetingly caressing my cheek. Glancing at a watch, I noted my shift had lasted from noon until just now, 10PM. It was always the graveyard shift for me easier not to deal with the judging eyes that way.I sat down on the curb around back, letting the door swing shut behind me, muffling the clanging and sizzling sounds of the small kitchen inside. I unfolded my paycheck with trembling fingers. $180. Not much, but if I budgeted carefully, it would cover food for the next week.The wind picked up, seeping through holes in my sneakers. I couldn't afford new clothes or shoes, not when every cent went to keeping my small family afloat. I used to have dreams of college, a career, mate - but those evaporated the night a gas explosion killed my mom. The night that I got blamed for being the murderer. It didn't matter that I was innocent, that it was a freak acc
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The frigid wind cut through my thin jacket as I hurried down the dark sidewalk. The streetlights cast eerie shadows, making me flinch with every movement. But I didn't dare slow my pace. I had to gather my belongings and leave town before my stepdad returned from his usual late night at the bars. Tonight he had crossed a line even my numb spirit couldn't ignore. The hollow eyes staring at me with twisted intent would haunt my dreams forever. If I stayed, he would eventually succeed in carrying out his vile threats. The thought made bile rise in my throat. As the sagging outlines of my building came into view, I paused, listening for any sound within the dingy apartment. Silence greeted me. Slipping inside, I rushed to grab my meager possessions - some clothes, toiletries, the wad of cash I had hidden away, and a photo of Mom. My only memento left of her. Zipping my backpack, I headed for the door before my stepdad appeared. I had no solid plan, just knew I must get far away from
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Unexpected turn
Alpha Kai's searing gaze held mine, ruby eyes assessing his new possession. I scarcely breathed, frozen under that relentless scrutiny. What did the notorious Alpha intend for me? Silence reigned but for the thunder of my heart. His lip curled slightly, nostrils flaring as if catching an elusive scent. Those burning coals swept down my scantily clad form, lingering on the graceful curve of my neck. I shuddered despite the warmth flushing my skin. His presence overwhelmed, pressing down like an oncoming storm. My limbs shook with the desire - no, need - to bare submission, offer everything to this powerful creature. Alpha Kai crossed the room in swift strides until he towered above where I knelt. His large hand roughly grasped my chin, tilting my face further into the light. I glimpsed angular features, proud brow, and firm jaw before searing heat branded my mouth. He kissed me brutally, all teeth and tongue, staking claim. And my traitorous body responded, arching into him,
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KIA’S POVI took long strides, exhaustion seeping through my bones. All I want to do is to slump into my plush cushion, soft and inviting. My wolf perked up, suggesting we seek comfort in the arms of our mate. He has not shut up about last night’s experience, and he wants to spend time with her wolf. “ I can’t let that happen,” I thought to myself. This could be one of the despicable tricks of the elders. “ Yes, that’s it. She’s a breeder, and she should be treated as one,” I muttered to myself as I climbed the stairs. I could hear movements in the office, and I hastened my steps, but I was brought to a halt by the loud shattering sound from the office. I rushed and opened the door and was surprised to see two frightened blue eyes staring back at me, mouth wide open with trembling lips. She reeked of fear, and I just wanted to comfort her that minute. “I thought I told you to stay in your room and rest today.” My eyes darted across the mess surrounding her, and anger and fury r
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Ruthless Alpha
TRACY’S POVI stared into the empty space beside me and memories of last night flashed hazily in my mind.He tended to my wounds. I never would have thought that the ruthless Alpha would ever do that. He was so gentle, my whole body was on fire. I felt tingles every single part he massaged. I didn’t even know when I drifted into sleep.“ How can one’s hands be rough and magical at the same time”, I thought to myself.“Why did he do that?”, I couldn’t bring myself to answer this question that ran through my mind, He couldn’t possibly care about me. I remember the way his eyes bore into my soul, he looked confused. I was confused too because there was no profound explanation for why he was tending to my wounds. A look flashed in his eyes but before I could recognize it, he blinked and looked away.“Was that care I saw in his eyes”, I would just wait until I encountered him again to know if he at least cared.I was brought back to my senses when I stared into the empty space. Of cours
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Chapter 6
“Get out of here!” his voice boomed. I couldn’t believe my ears. I rose into action immediately. I hurriedly picked up my lingerie and rushed out of the room. He was breathing very heavily, eyes tightly shut. Slamming the door behind me, I sprawled on the bed, holding back the tears threatening to fall. How did my life suddenly turn this way? I moved from being free to being an Alpha’s prisoner and plaything. We were having fun, he enjoyed it, I saw it in his eyes, and he ordered me out just like that. “Did I do something wrong?” I thought as tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t try to stop the tears from flowing anymore. My wolf comforted me, although she seemed upset about something else. I could feel it, but I wouldn’t worry about that now. I was drained, and I felt like shit I cried myself to sleep and was woken up by loud barks of order by Amber.“You little Wench, I will pull down this door if you don’t get your ass out here now!” I jumped up like I got stung by an inse
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Chapter 7
KIA'S POV.I did not want to admit that I was worried about her, My wolf claimed that she was our mate but I could not really feel the mating bond, but all I knew was that I cared for her.Slightly. Yes, just a little bit.When I entered the kitchen and saw how she was trembling in fear because of my presence, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a confusing anger.The reason for my sudden anger was not known but I was just very angry. Why was she trembling? Was she also scared of me like other women? Was that it?A sigh escaped my lips and I finally held in my anger, wasn't that what I wanted? For her to be scared of me? Yes, I wanted her to be scared of me, so that she wouldn't be able to report anything to those that sent her.Of course, I was sure that some people send her. That was the main reason why I could not trust her.Also, she could never be our mate like my wolf kept saying, if she was, I would have known and felt the bond and also, she would have told me.No,I did not think t
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Chapter 8
TRACY'S POV.I was surprised when the unfamiliar man said that there was a spy among the guards. I could feel the Alpha's anger as it pulsated through him like an heartbeat and I could not help but shrank back into my seat.He was always very scary when angry, I was not sure of what he could do, so the best thing I could do was to keep quiet and keep my distance, so that he would not vent his anger on me.The more the unfamiliar man talked, the angrier the Alpha became, I gripped the hem of my gown tightly in nervousness, the temperature of the room suddenly went down dramatically and I shivered, goosebumps rising from my body and my eyes darted around, not daring to look at the Alpha, lest he turned to me and accused me of been rude.There was nothing that man could not do when he was angry, the rumors about him could not help but rise in my head and my heart skipped a bit.'He's our mate, you don't have to fear him.' Crystal said but it was as if she was also not sure, her voice was
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Chapter 9
KIA'S POV.The first thing I saw when I entered the room was the small figure of a woman in the couch, she curled herself into a ball as if the couch was too big for her.I did not know why but before I realised, my steps became lighter and I locked the door silently, so as not to make any noise to wake the sleeping Tracy. It was unknown to me why I cared so much for her, I just could not help it. It was as if my whole body was telling me to just treat her well and not maltreat her but I did not want to be irrational. After locking the door, I walked towards her slowly and as if I was under a spell, I bent down to her height and at close view, I could not help but marvel at her beauty.She does not have an extremely beautiful face that could topple a kingdom but she was gorgeous. She had the kind of beauty that would become more appealing the more you look, she gets prettier the more you look at her.She had a very pleasing looks and a naive expression.I also could not help but adm
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Chapter 10
TRACY'S POV.Instantly, I lost the appetite to eat the food when I heard what The Alpha said next and I could not help but laugh inwardly in bitterness.What was I expecting?For him to just start caring about me like in some fairy tales? For him to miraculously realise that I was his mate and we would live happily ever after?For him to realise his mistakes and apologize to me?What the hell was I expecting?I only had my self to blame for hoping too far, I was hoping for something that was beyond my reach and was hoping for somebody that could never be mine in the first place.Who's fault was it that I hoped too much and had too much expectations?The Alpha did not feel the mating bond and even if he does, he was not called the ruthless Alpha for nothing. Why would he care for a puny breeder, a servant like me when he had so many options, Amber was there and some other beautiful and competent women with good family background, so why would he bother about a slave?'Don't talk like t
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