Mr Mafia is my husband

Mr Mafia is my husband

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All her life Gia had known she would be married off to the oldest heir of the Armani family but when he suddenly dies weeks before the wedding, she is handed over to his youngest brother, Vito Armani. Vito Armani is the next head of the Italian Mafia after his brother dies. He's cold, unfeeling and completely emotionless. When Gia comes into his life he can't resist her. She's delicate and innocent and he wants to ruin her and taint every inch of her. However there are obstacles in their ways; the truth about Gia threatens to break their relationship. Gia's arrangement to marry into the Armani family was calculated by Giovanni, Vito's father. He wants to use her to hurt her family and to destroy them for a crime her father committed against the Armanis, but Vito wants to protect her and shield her from everything. Vito is Gia's sexual awakening, pleasuring her in ways she didn't know existed. She is a virgin, and her innocence and purity is what draws Vito to her. Beyond her body and the intense pleasure she gives him, he falls in love with the shy little girl inside. Massimo Armani, Vito's older brother falls in love with Gia as well, finding her at her weakest moments and giving her the care she desperately needs. When Vito's mistress finds out she's pregnant with the first grandson of the Armani Clan, everything comes crumbling down. Gia finds comfort and consolidation in Massimo's arms again. Will she give up on Vito, or stand by him like he stood by her? . . . Vito's eyes rover all over my body. "Strip." His voice was a command, dominant, rough and it made my panties dampen a little more when I thought I couldn't possibly get wetter.

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20 Chapters
Welcome home, Miss Gia
It was 1am and the airport was as calm and serene as can be. There were very few people, moving with ease into different directions. Some were waiting for their families to land, and some calling cabs because nobody cared enough to pick them up. I slowly walked outside, pulling my suitcase behind me. The 8 hour flight left me stiff and sore in every area. It was dark outside, the only source of illumination coming from the lights that shone over the parking lot. The air was still and quiet. "Gia," Enzo smiled as he approached me. I felt a feeling of warmth and comfort as he hugged me. He suddenly slipped a strong arm behind my thighs and swept off the ground, spinning me around bridal style. "Enzo, mettimi giù !" I shrieked, laughing hard as I clung onto him. (Enzo, put me down.)Enzo laughed with me, finally placing me back onto the ground. I grinned up at him, examining his every feature. His brown eyes warned my skin and his smile made me smile even wider. I hadn't seen him in o
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I couldn't sleep a wink, even when my mother begged me to. Emilio was dead, but the peace treaty stated I was property of the Armani family. His death didn't change that. I would go live as his widow in his home, which was absolutely insane because we were never married. "Gia?" My mother called from the other side of the door.I carefully got up from the bed, my body aching horribly from dire exhaustion. I opened the door to see my mother's pale face. "You didn't sleep did you?" She sighed heavily. I stepped aside to let her in. "How could I? Emilio is dead. What does this mean for me mamma?" I asked with teary eyes. She shook her head. "I wish I could tell you the answer...but I don't know. Everybody is waiting to see you downstairs, teroso. Come greet them."I nodded woefully and I trudged downstairs with mamma behind me. I looked over the stairway rails. Everyone was sitting in the lounge; my aunts, my uncles, cousins. They had all traveled from afar to attend the engagement pa
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Meet the Armanis
The door was opened for me and I stepped out of the back of Giovanni's black Jeep. I found myself standing in front of an old, beautiful mansion. I was stunned by the beauty of the huge building, about three times the size of my father's. I looked around the enchanting place. There were hundreds of beautiful flowers, tall trees, and the greenest grass I had ever seen. Despite the gorgeous scenery, my body shook uncontrollably as I entered the Armani residence with Giovanni, two bodyguards closely walking behind us. "Papà!" a girl smiled as she came out the large oak front door to meet us."Princess," Giovanni said as he hugged the girl tightly, kissing her on the cheek. "How are you feeling?"She sighed heavily, stepping back. "I just can't believe he's gone," she breathed in shakily. "I'm gonna miss him."She turned her attention to me and smiled. "Mia cognata! It's a pleasure to meet you." (my sister-in-law)She hugged me and planted a kiss on each of my cheeks. So she was also Gi
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Vito's POV:You have one rule as a member of the Mafia; never break Omerta. They can whatever the fuck they want with you or torture you until blood runs out from your ears, but you do not break Omerta. You bleed in silence, you do not give up your family, you do not say a word about what happens within the organization, and you take the pain like a fucking man. Omerta is not only tattooed on my back, but as well as on my brain. My father made sure my siblings knew very well from a very young age that young age that he would mercilessly and painfully kill any one of us if we broke Omerta. That's exactly why he had Emilio castrated, alive, before putting a into his bullet head. I didn't give two shits about Emilio. He wasn't a man. He didn't have what it takes to run shit. I'd rather die first before breaking Omerta for a woman. Figlio di puttana. (son of a bitch)My father invited all of us for dinner and apparently I was due to meet the woman I was to get married to. I had more imp
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The funeral service was beyond strange. A couple of people gave speeches, including Giovanni. He made a subtle comment about betrayal and doing what had to be done but I didn't understand what he meant. Turns out I was right. It didn't matter if Giovanni had warmed up to me or not if Vito didn't. He told me to fucking face that I was basically nothing but a package he owned. I sighed heavily, turning over for the hundredth time in my bed. Well, in Vito's bed. He had went to sleep at some hotel in town.I rolled out of bed and glanced at the clock beside the bed. 3am. Fuck this shit. It's my wedding tomorrow and I can't even sleep. Great. Just fucking awesome. .....Morning came and I had slept maybe only two hours when the maid came into my room to open the curtains and let me know I had to get up. I kicked and groaned in frustration. "What a grumpy bride," a soft giggled. I immediately threw the duvet off my head and sat up. My sister, Carlota, stood in the doorway smilling a
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I fiddled with the top mesh layer of my dress as the officiant said whatever the hell he was talking about. I looked over at Vito. He was calm and collected as always. Bastard. A very good looking bastard. I already hated him. "Do you, Gia Azzurra Rizzo take Vito Giovanni Armani to be your lawfully wedded husband?"The officiant's words echoed in my ears, but he seemed so far away. "Gia?"I was pulled out of my reverie by Vito's voice calling my name. Gia. Is that how everybody else said it? I turned to the officiant, shaking the thought out of my head."I do," I nodded. "And do you, Vito Giovanni Armani take Gia Azzurra Rizzo to be your lawfully wedded wife?"Vito turned to me and stared deep into my eyes. I was the first to look away. "I do," he echoed. "By the power invested in me by the Roman Catholic Church, I pronounce you man and wife," the officiant smiled. "You may kiss the bride."Vito lifted my head by the chin and made me look into his eyes. I blinked rapidly as I wai
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Vito never came. I spent the first day alone crying in the hotel room. I didn't eat, I drink anything. I just cried. Carlo begged me to let him into the room but I couldn't. I was embarrassed. My husband drove me all the way to Rome, dumped me in some hotel and left. Was that his idea of a honeymoon? I didn't expect roses and chocolate but he could've at least been there with me. "Mistress?" Carlo called out again early the next day. "Per favore, mangi?" (Will you please eat something?)I sat in bed, hugging my knees to my chest. "Carlo, ti prego, vattene." (Carlo, just go away, please.)"The boss will be very angry with me if he finds out you didn't eat the whole of yesterday " Carlo sighed. I heard him lean against the door. "He doesn't have to know," I answered quietly. I almost spent another day in bed when it clicked.I was in fucking Rome. I didn't know the next time I'd be there. I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I tied my hair back, wore a mini skyblue chiffo
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I squeeled with excitement as I hit my third bullseye of the night. The men I had bet against groaned in annoyance as they handed their money over to me. Massimo watched me, pride on his face. I stuffed all the cash into my purse. "Attagirl," Massimo winked down at me.I grinned proudly as I took a sip of some rough burning liquor. I hated alcohol but I liked the buzz it was giving me tonight. Massimo was right. Just because Vito bailed, didn't mean I couldn't enjoy my honeymoon. Massimo took me to the beach, he took me out for dinner, to the best club in Rome before we finally went to the casino at around 1am. I made some serious bank, and I had a great day. Massimo was the opposite of his brother. He was free, funny and knew how have a good time. For a second I found myself wishing Massimo was Vito, and Vito was Massimo. "What should we do next?" I asked Massimo eagerly. He shook his head, putting his jacket over my shoulders to keep me warm. "I'm exhausted princess. How about w
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Vito's POV:Akira bit her bottom lip, her naked body sprawled on my bed, ready for me. She was almost the most perfect thing in the entire world. Almost. Her one flaw; she was obsessive, and I hated anyone who tried to act as if they possessed me in any way. The psycho even followed me on my honeymoon to Rome. "I'm so wet for you," Akira moaned seductively. I smirked, buttoning down my shirt. I felt my dick getting even harder as I watched her rub herself. "Baby?" suddenly stopped and sat up. "Yes, Akira?"She batted her long lashes."Could you take off your ring?" "Taking off my ring doesn't change the fact that I'm married, Akira," I told her dryly. "I know but it's just...I thought you'd marry me. You said it yourself. I understand you and I always say and do the right things. And I love you Vito. If you really needed a wife, why didn't you marry me?" I groaned in frustration as I felt my erection die. "Not this shit again."Her brows furrowed as she grabbed her robe and put
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The Daughter-in-law
I sat alone in the hotel dining, occasionally sipping on my black coffee. I stared at the wall, thinking of last night. Did that really happen? And after told him I had kissed his brother I thought he was gonna kiss me? "Coglione (idiot)," I cursed myself quietly."Mistress, are you ready to leave?" Carlo asked as he approached me. I nodded, taking my purse and following him outside. He opened the car door for me, and I sat in the back. I stuck in my earphones and listened to music on the long drive. This time it was just me and Carlo. I didn't expect Vito to come with us anyway. "Mistress, are you hungry?" Carlo asked every hour or so. I would just smile politely and shake my head even though I was literally starving. I didn't want to be more of an inconvenience than I already was. Carlo was already stuck on babysitting duty for four days. He must've hated me by then. We arrived in Milan at around midday. Instead of taking me back to Giovanni's, Carlo drove me to a massive isola
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