Mr. Billionaire wants me Back

Mr. Billionaire wants me Back

By:  Zaronievas  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rhain Valdes left her family and friends to get married to the only man she has ever loved. After the marriage, she discovered that the man never loved her and his family doesn't love her but they love and take care of their first son's wife Lilian Vinto the same lady her husband loved most. She knows all this because she always sees her husband smile genuinely when he is with her.

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Great work
2024-01-03 05:33:55
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Achaleke Paulina Legeju
it is an interesting book I love it keep updating
2023-04-03 00:16:38
11 Chapters
Rhain Valdes, I really feel sorry for you. The person your husband has always loved is me.” Lilian Vinto stated smugly making Rhain frown.“Believe it or not, even if I were to fall down the stairs by myself today, your husband would not hesitate to believe me if I said that you did it,” Lilian said, arrogance dancing in her tone.Rhain was about to go downstairs to the party when she came face to face with Lilian, her husband’s sister-in-law, who was about to go upstairs.Rhain trembled in anger as she glanced at the smug woman. A woman who apart from revealing her vicious character in front of her, had always pretended to be soft in front of her husband and even in front of everyone in the family.Everyone in the Cabrera family loved her, including her husband!Three years ago, she thought she was lucky to be married to her true love, but when she married not long after, she learned the fact that her husband was willing to marry her and didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ to her proposal ju
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Rhain stood in the hallway alone and glanced at her foot which were bare in the chilly weather. Her every step felt like she was walking on ice.But Jake didn’t bother about it and didn’t even give her time to wear shoes since her comfort was never his concern!When she was in a daze, she reminisced the incident that happened last week when Lilian vinto was about to go out in her sandals in a hurry and how Jake stopped her with never ending patience, his gaze so tender and he squatted in front of her and helped her put on the socks and sneakers to keep her feet warm.He even warned her to take good care of herself and not to get hurt, but that held his hidden concern which was known to her.But He never gave a second thought on how Rhain was feeling, and it wasn’t new to her now.Still, it hurt her heart every fucking time when he did such things to her. It didn’t matter how hard she tried to not get affected, it always successfully broke a tiny part in her scarred heart.When she was
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Rhain was rooted in the same place while her posture was slightly tilted and the people present in the hall were glancing at her with mocking glances.The traces of Nicole’s ruthless kicks with her high heeled shoes were still present on the back of Rhain’s knees.Her face was bruised, her hair was a terrible mess, the floor was stained with her bloodied legs,and the glass shards scattered across the hall. All in all, it appeared as if she was hit by a typhoon!Well, with the viciousness the Cabera family displayed, it wasn’t any less than a cyclone that was aimed to destroy her life.Just like her broken heart, everything near her vision was broken and the room was a chaotic mess since Nicole furiously broke everything near her because she couldn’t make Rhain bend her head down!What a shame to Nicole Cabera!Even with the slightest movement, Rhain’s body ached painfully and if she wasn’t careful enough, she would fall to the floor on her knees in a miserable way which would mean sh
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Everyone who was standing at the door of the Cabera mansion was shocked because it was Rhain herself that chose to get married to Jake as a reward and now she wants to divorce him."Nicole was also shocked but she was happy because she never loved Rhain because she was not from a good background none of them even know the slump she came from but since she save her grandmother and asked to marry her brother as a reward her hatred for Rhain grow to 100% and to talk about the fact that she became the best daughter and daughter-in-law to her grandmother making her grandmother love her less but now that her grandmother is death we will see who will save her from my grandfather rode. Her thought was cut short when she heard what Rhain said." Mr. Jake since I want a divorce there is no need for me to be in this house and I don't care what the time is I will be living in this house and don't worry I won't take anything that doesn't belong to me and if I can remember I came to your house with
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The moment I drove the car to the hospital the doctor and nurses were already outside of the hospital waiting for my arrival since the hospital is also under Donald's group of Company and I called the hospital when I was on my way. I stepped out of the car and the nurses were already beside my car with a I just carried my sister and put on top of the stretcher and the nurses rushed her inside the hospital to the laboratory room and I walked behind them. When I got close to the lab room I was about to step inside when the doctor stop me. "Mr. Donald we are sorry but you will have to wait outside and don't worry we will do our best to make sure she will be fine" doctor Calab said and went inside the lab and close door leaving me behind to wait for them to finish their business inside the room. " After spending 5 minutes outside and the doctor was not yet out of the room I decided to call our elder brothers Laurel and Demain because calling our dad and mom right now means
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It was 7 in the morning when Rhain woke up from bed and she looked at the door but there was nobody around wondering why her brother hadn't sent her clothes yet she took her phone from on top of the small cupboard in the hospital room and called her elder brother. After a few rings the phone was finally answered."Hello Sis, how are you feeling right now?" Laurel asked"Bro, am I feeling better?""That's good to hear about your clothes, I have sent them to someone and the person will be at your hospital ward in 10 minutes." Okay bro, let me just go prepare while I am waiting for the person. See you later. Rhain said and ended the call."After Rhain ended the call she walked to the bathroom in the hospital to go prepare and after about 30 minutes she came out of the bathroom and was surprised by the person she saw."Jane!!!" Hello, sweetheart. How are you feeling now? And I miss you so much. Jane said and hugged Rhain."Am better now. Rhain said I miss you too. By the way, what are y
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Jake drove his car to his office. When he got inside his office he sat down on his office chair and started thinking…"When he woke up in the morning he went to Lilian's room to go check up on her. When he got there she was already up so he greeted her." How are you feeling now? "Physically am doing fine but emotionally and mentally am trying to be fine. Lilian said." Alright, but you know you need to take good care of yourself and I know whatever I do won't bring back your baby but don't worry I will be with you till you finally recover from it."Thanks so much, Jake, " Lilain said and hugged him. While smiling at his back. You have dressed already. Do you mind telling me where you are going this morning? Lilian asked."I am going to the registrar's office to sign the divorce papers." The is no need for you to divorce your wife just because of me. You know that right? Lilian said "All she was asked to do was to apologize to the entered family and you too but she refused to apolo
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Are you okay, Rhain? Kyle asked after the reporters left the registrar's office Yes, am perfectly fine, you don't need to worry. Rhain said."Let's go, Kyle said as they both walk to the car. Sorry best, I saw what stupid reporters did to you and I am sure it was one of the Cabera's who send them. Jane said " You don't need to worry yourself about them. Rhain said and step inside the car and sat down."My friend is finally free and back from the bondage. Jane shouted" Will you stop shouting? Do you want to block our eardrums? Kyle said and Jane kept quiet." Kate! Where do you want to go right now?"Let's just go home am tired right now. Thain said " Okay, then Kyle said and drove the car to Donald's mansion. When the car got to the mansion the security guard open the gate and Kyle drove the car inside the mansion. Kyle packets the car at the parking lounge and they all step outside the car and they walk inside the mansion. When they got inside the living room of the Donalds man
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It was around 4 pm when Rhain told her brother Laurel and her friend Jane let them go play the draft at Laurel Villa and the three of them walk out of the mansion. When they got close to Laurel's car, Rhain stop them and said. "Bro, you and Jane can go ahead I have something to do with Damien and Kyle but I will join you both a little bit late. Laurel nod his head in approval and he walk to the driver's seat and sat down while Jane sat beside him at the front sit Laurel Started the engine of the car and drove away. " when the car was out of the mansion, Rhain just smile at herself and said "time for the next plan which is to stop two brothers of mine from doing to Laurel's place for the night. And she steps inside the house. " I thought you were to go out with Laurel and your friend? Damien asked. "Yeah, but something came up so I told them to go without me. Okay, so what are you doing here then? Or was it just a plan to let the both of them be together? Kyle asked sensing that hi
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R_18Jane POVLaurel carried me in his arms and walk to his room. Immediately we got to his room he put me on the bed and immediately take off my clothes. Throwing it all away.He dives at me and kisses me passionately. His kiss is very gentle until it became wild and aggressive and that made me very happy as I responded wildly too.I have loved Laurel ever since I became friends with Rhain but he never for once had his eyes on me what made me happy and never to give up was the fact he was never in a relationship with any lady.His kiss lowered down to my breast and played with it using his tongue until my nipple hardened. and I moan, overwhelmed with pleasure and ecstasy.I don't know if the people working in his house can get me or not but as for now, I don't care at all!Laurel stands up and throw away his clothes and parted my legs. I open it willingly. He kissed it using his tongue. Playing and sucking at the same time."Shit! Why are you so right? He asked." I felt embarrassed
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