Morally Gray Man And Woman Who Love Them

Morally Gray Man And Woman Who Love Them

By:  FioreSelvatico  Ongoing
Language: English
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After getting cheated on, Nicole Walker decides to go on a vacation in Spain where she saves a man named Alessandro. Impressed with her Alessandro sent his men to bring her to him, even if it was against her will. Days later Nicole meets Alessandro's sister Andrea which she befriends. She also meets Diego, an undercover cop investigating Alessandro's involvement in money laundering who seeks her help. She agrees and says she will do everything to help except sleep with Alessandro. After an attack on the house, Alessandro's mother Victoria comes with his father, a sick man in a wheelchair unable to move or speak. After listening to a few conversations Nicole realizes Alessandro is not as guilty as it first seems and tries to find ways to help him when she caches Victoria's eyes. Victoria sees Nicole as a threat to everything she has built and decides that she must go. Nicole gets in her hand information that affects Victoria but before she can share it with Alessandro she gets kidnaped again this time by her grandfather one she didn't know existed. She tried to get ahold of Alessandro, who was going crazy trying to understand how was it possible for Nicole to be gone, that she was taken from under his nose. When she finally contacts him she tells him the truth about his mother and instructs him to hide his father and then to come for her. Together with the help of Andrea, they make a plan to bring Victoria and Franco down and clean Alessandro's name.

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Are you f****** crazy?" Mark yelled as I threw his clothes into the suitcase. "Oh trust me you haven't seen crazy yet." I told him as I went to the closet and pulled the drawer out and empty his boxers and socks directly into the suitcase, as Mark walked behind me. "It was an accident, a mistake really. I didn't mean to, it's just happened." I close the suitcase and threw it to the door, we're three more were awaiting for him. "An accident? Please tell me how do you accidentally sleep with the waitress that I hired for our club at our anniversary.Are 5 year anniversary Mark." He looked at me as if he was doing hard math in his head. With no answer from him I just turned to look what more shit of his was there to throw out. Walking into the living room Mark followed me. "This was your fault." He said. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" My eyes must have turned fire because he took a step back almost immediately. "Come on Nicole you were hardly ever here anymore. It wa
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Chapter 2
"Oh this little thing has to go with you." Said Erica as she threw a white bikini at me. " If you keep throwing things at me I'm not gonna have two suitcases but seven. It's only two weeks." I said as I try to squeeze my clothes into the suitcase. "Just think about the possibilities Nicole." "What possibilities? Getting charged for extra loggage?Help me close this." I sat down on the suitcase as Erica zipped it close. "I am going to miss you while you are gone." "I'm gonna miss you too ,but I will text and I'll send photos." I put the suitcases on the floor from my bed and I pick up the brochures from the agency as Erica and I sat down to look at them again. "Honestly if this was me going ,I think I woud just stay in that gorgeous four star hotel and not leave, I mean have you seen the pool." "That does sound like a lot of fun but I wanna go sightseeing. They even gave me a tour guy." "Well I just wish you have a great trip,you deserve it." I deserve it that's what I kee
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Chapter 3
After giving the police my statement, I found my way back to the hotel room. I said down on one of the chairs on the balcony as I called Erica on video call."Buenos dias Nick." Erica smiled."Not so buenos over here, you are never gonna believe what just happened." I took my shoes off and put my legs on to the table."Umm you don't look so hot, whats up?""Umm, nothing much I just witnessed a shooting and a bleeding man."She almost droped her phone."You are joking, are you okay?""I'm fine, hopefully the man is to. Thanks to you actually, all your studying out loud got to me. Because of you I know exactly what I needed to do.""At least some good come from my studying.I flap one exam. I am seriously considering sleeping with the professor."I know she's saying that just to make me smile."Is he hot?" I asked tastingly."Like lava." We started laughing."Miss you Nick.""I miss you to, we'll see eachother before you know it,a week goes by quickly.""I know and I am so sorry but I h
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Chapter 4
"What do you mean you can't let me leave?" The panic started the kick in again. "Well it was brought to my atention that you're going to be leaving soon, and I can let that happen." That was it, I was officially being held captive.Alone in a foreign country,far away from anything or anyone that could help me. "You can't do that, people are gonna look for me." He didn't seem to be bothered by what I was saying, He took a folder that was lying on the bed next to him when I didn't even notice before. "Well it says here that you have been abandoned by your mother at the age of three,your father died of cancer,you just broke off your five year relationship. You graduated a year late, you don't have a job. Just a house in New York that is currently occupied by Erica Johnson." He had all my information,oh my God what did I get myself into. "Well Erica is going to look for me, once she doesn't get a word for me..." "Well done it was a good idea to have my man sent her a text saying
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Chapter 5
I woke up in a different room, an IV stuck in my hand. My throat was dry causing me to cough. Alessandro offered me a glass of water, I reluctantly took it. "You'll finally woke up." He said as he sat down on the bed, I set up and moved to the middle to the bed. "Careful the doctor placed the IV in your hand,you are weak you need to eat something." His voice showed some concern. "What I need is for you to let me go." "I would like for you to stay, willingly." He said. "But I don't see that happening anytime soon, So how about you and I make a deal." He wants to make a deal with me. "What kind of a deal are we talking about?" He stood up from the bed and walk to the middle of the room. "Let's set a time frame, in which I would be allowed to get to know you and you would get to know me.You would be able to move freely around the estate,the house. I could take you to the places you haven't seen before. And if in that time period you'd..." He seemed to struggle to find the word
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Chapter 6
I made my run for it but suddenly I was grabbed by the arm and yanked back. One of Alessandro's men held me as Alessandro walked towards us. "Going somewhere?" He said with a smile. "No, I was just trying to stretch my legs," I said sarcastically. "Subamos al auto."(Let's get in the car.) He said to the man behind me. We continued to drive with Alessandro looking at me all the time. "If you look at me any harder you're gonna burn a hole in my head." "It appears that I have to keep an eye on you all the time." I have to admit I like how his accent pops out here and there. "Come on Alessandro, you and I both know you'd be disappointed in me if I didn't at least try it." He smiled at me, he had one of those smiles to the side. Charming I have to admit. "You think you already know me so well?" "I don't, but I have a feeling you like to be kept on your toes." "Depends on the occasion, right now I would like to relax. At least until I'm back in full capacity." I turned to loo
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