Mommy's Revenge

Mommy's Revenge

By:  Madeline.L  Ongoing
Language: English
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Haley DeRoss was tricked into getting pregnant for the Winston family. She gave birth to quadruplets. After giving birth Haley was carried away with two babies, and two babies were taken to the Winston family, and Haley’s sister, Emily used these babies to become the Mrs. Winston. Haley was on the brink of death, but miraculously her life and the life of her two babies was saved. And now, four years later, she has returned with her children.

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189 Chapters
Chapter 1 Gave birth in the warehouse
Night, pitch black as ink.A heart-wrenching sound echoed through the back room of the DeRoss family villa's warehouse.Haley DeRoss's face was pale, her lips devoid of all color.Her swollen belly contracted painfully, while crimson blood flowed from her lower body.She was only eight months pregnant, but why was she feeling the urge to give birth...Could this be premature labor?The dangers of giving birth prematurely at only eight months were self-evident...With this thought in mind, she couldn't afford to waste a single moment. She crawled to the door, using all her strength to bang on it."John, I'm going into labor, please, please take me to the hospital... please..." Outside the door sat a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, smoking a cigarette.Upon hearing her plea, he coldly replied, "Miss, the seed in your belly is of unknown origin. Do you really think the master and the Madam would embarrass themselves by sending you to the hospital? Stay put and stop making a fu
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Chapter 2 Betrayed by my own sister
"Don't be scared, my children, mommy is here..."Her heart tightened, and she crawled over, about to hold the babies, when suddenly, a foot stomped on her hand."Sister, you really do have some skill, actually giving birth to a pair of twins."Emily looked at the babies with a cold and sinister expression."Too bad, these two bastard children seem to be unfortunate. They only lived for a few seconds before dying.""Don't speak nonsense! My children are not dead!" Haley's heart almost exploded.She reached out to touch the babies, wanting to feel their faces, gently pat their little bottoms, but before she could touch their soft bodies, a maid walked in, coldly picking up the two babies from the ground."Miss Emily, how should we dispose of these two dead infants?"Emily didn't care at all about whether the babies were alive or dead. If they died, seeing Haley's sadness would bring her immense joy.Of course, even if these two children were alive, it wouldn't matter. With two illegitim
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Chapter 3 Shadows of the past
Four years laterA well-dressed man pounced on her and forcefully pressed her beneath him.Haley’s clothes were torn apart, and every inch of her skin was ravaged without mercy, and she couldn't resist at all...She desperately wanted to see the man's face, but it was obscured by a mist, and his face was indistinct, only his eyes could be seen.Those were a pair of hawk-like sharp eyes, not a ripple could be seen even in the midst of the most intimate activity...The gaze made Haley feel terrified.Her heart skipped a beat suddenly, and then she opened her eyes with a gasp."Mummy, did you have a nightmare?" A soft voice sounded in her ear.Haley suddenly realized that she had just had such a dream on the plane.In the dream, it was the night of her 18th birthday, five years ago, when she was framed by her sister, Emily...After so many years, she had long let go of that incident. She couldn't understand why she still dreamt of that man...Looking into her son's clear eyes, she felt a
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Chapter 4 The Martínez Family
The woman was none other than Emily.Her hand stiffened in mid-air, and tears suddenly welled up on her face. "Owen, I am your mommy, how can you treat me like this... I carried you for nine months, went through a lot of hardships. Can't you speak to me more kindly...?”"Hmph!"Owen's face was full of disdain.He was still young and didn't understand what it meant to carry a child for nine months.But he was very clear that he didn't like Emily, he hated this woman who claimed to be his mommy."Owen, apologize to your mother!"Ivan's eyes filled with coldness, ready to explode.The children of the Winston family could be cold and heartless, but they must respect their elders.Someone who didn't value their own mother would be expelled from the Winston family."Forget it, Ivan..." Emily choked, "Although I am the children's mother, I haven't fulfilled my responsibility of raising them for a single day. It's normal for Owen not to recognize me. Don't scare the child."She paused and con
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Chapter 5 Haley’s Return
"The will?"Barbara's eyes gleamed.May, the eldest Martínez daughter, thought to herself, her married daughter had also been called back home, did that mean she also had a share of the Martínez family's will?Not only her, but the others in the living room also began to have their own thoughts.No one was uninterested in the matter of the will.However, when each of them was considering how much money they could get, several figures walked in from the entrance.Walking beside Madam Martínez was a young and beautiful woman.The woman was wearing jeans and a shirt, with her hair casually tied up, but even with such a simple outfit, it was still stunning.Especially with her extraordinary and elegant temperament, it was hard to find another person like her in Cuenca.Barbara suddenly felt intrigued by this woman. She looked somewhat familiar, but Barbara couldn’t quite place her."Haley, your aunt and uncle are here, go and say hello to them," Madam Martínez pushed Haley.Haley's face h
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Chapter 6 Collaboration between Haley and the Martínez
As Barbara's words fell, countless gazes shot towards her. The most icy and severe one came from Madam Martínez.Barbara looked at her grandmother with a strong warning and displeasure in her eyes.If there weren't so many people present, Barbara suspected that her grandmother would have struck her with her cane.She swallowed her saliva and unwillingly took a step back. However, she accidentally stepped on her son, causing him to cry out in pain.Irritated, Barbara slapped him and said, "Why are you crying? No one died in this house."The five or six-year-old Jerry Miller cried and said sadly, "Mom is mean, Mom is a witch. I don't like Mom anymore!"Barbara, already in a bad mood, was even more angered by her son's public mockery, making her want to slap him again. The mother and son created a chaotic scene in the living room.Madam Martínez had a displeased expression and said calmly, "Haley, after signing the contract, come to my study with me."Haley nodded and, after signing her
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Chapter 7 Accidental meeting
"Are you planning to kick this old woman out as well while you're at it?" Madam Martínez said, walking out with a cane, taking a protective stance.Then, Haley stood in front of Barbara with an attitude.Barbara's mother, suppressing her anger, said tremblingly, "Mom, that's not what I meant. You just saw it. Haley showed no respect and even laid hands on her cousin. With her arrogant personality, she will disrupt the peace of the Martínez family. I am also considering the well-being of the Martínez family...""I think it is you who disrupts the peace of the Martínez family!" Steven angrily interrupted, "If you don't welcome Haley, then go back to your mother's house!"Barbara's aunt, a member of the Martínez family, felt humiliated by her own mother-in-law and husband's public scolding, losing all her dignity.But she didn't dare to say anything more.She reluctantly helped Barbara to her feet and grabbed the still crying Jerry, leading them both straight upstairs.Even though this i
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Chapter 8 Deep Entanglement
Haley was one hundred percent sure that the man was Ivan.But why did he deny it?She replayed the scene in her mind and then her face turned dark.Did Mr. Winston think she was using Angela to intentionally get close to him?Could people not be so self-centered?Haley rolled her eyes very ungracefully.She looked down at her daughter in her arms, only to find that Angela's eyes were still staring straight at Ivan's car.She was slightly surprised and said, "Angela, do you recognize that man? Who was that the person just now?"However, the little girl did not react to her question at all.It wasn't until the car disappeared on the road that Angela turned her gaze back and obediently hugged Haley's neck.Haley looked at the driver's hand back and felt guilty: "I'm sorry, Angela sometimes bites people when she gets impatient. Let me take you to the hospital to put some medicine on it..."The driver waved his hand and said, "It's normal for children to bite people. My son also bites me o
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Chapter 9 Are you a human or a ghost?
The door to the reception room is pushed open.A woman wearing a pink and white suit walks in slowly.She has long, jet black hair tied up behind her head, light makeup on her face, and elegant features with crimson lips."The Martínez Group is really becoming more and more extravagant, leaving the partners waiting for almost half an hour..."Emily turns her head and sarcastically says, her voice suddenly stopping.She looks at the woman who entered, her gaze firmly fixed on that face.The woman's eyebrows, eyes, and facial contours are exactly the same as Haley's.But!Didn't Haley die four years ago?Didn't she die in the fire, or commit suicide by jumping into the river?Why... why would she suddenly appear before her eyes?"Are you, are you a human or a ghost?"Emily's voice trembles, her face turning pale.Although she didn't kill Haley with her own hands, Haley died because of her, and four years ago she often had nightmares.She always dreamed that Haley turned into a vengeful
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Chapter 10 Do you know him, Angela?
"Angela, do you know him?" Todd asked slowly. But there was no response. The little girl's hand was scraping against the computer screen, as if she wanted to scratch this man out. Todd's cold eyes narrowed. He quickly captured the man's photo, entered it into the search bar, and soon all the information about the man came up. Ivan, twenty-eight years old, the president of the Winston Group. He was certain that Angela could not possibly know someone like him. So why would Angela involuntarily approach a stranger? Wait a minute! In a flash, the doctor's words appeared in Todd's mind. "Children with autism will reject all strangers except their own close family members..." Could this man be-- It's too incredible! Todd had asked about his father before, but Mom always diverted the topic, and he hadn't asked again. He had always assumed that his father was dead. But now... Todd carefully observed the man's face and noticed the resemblance between his sister's eyes and mouth and this
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