Mated to The Dark Lord

Mated to The Dark Lord

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"Have you ever seen an naked man before?" I asked as she steps into the shower. "No..." she shuddered. "Very good." I turned off the shower, took her cheek in my hand, and start kissing her delectable lips. She was moaning as her hand still clasps to mine, and her other hand awkwardly touched my slippery naked chest. ***** He was cursed by a sorceress to hell where he exhausts decades of his life crawling his way up until he becomes the king that rules the dark lands in the pit of hell. For hundreds of years, he longed to be human again, to breathe in the fresh air of the earth above. He was waiting until the right time, the right key that could set him free back above the pit of darkness. But he was not ready when that key turned to be a very beautiful innocent woman that was mated to him, the descendant of the sorceress herself. ******* From a very young age, she had been alone survival. Her parents had died in a tragic accident, according to the police report. But she knew it wasn't an accident, it was fate as her elders had explained to her days after the incident. Her elders also guided her all through her adolescent life, up until she reached adulthood. Then they unveiled her true destiny as they told her that she was to set the dark lord free. She was skeptical but mesmerized when she saw the handsome, arrogant, controlling lord of darkness. She was not ready when her elders told her that she was mated to him. ******** Will the innocence break down his arrogance? Will her bubbly personality crushed by his controlling attitude? Follow me and uncover the story of a man and woman from different worlds. *********

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Fred Lynch
nice story line
2021-08-14 22:40:46
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Good book...
2021-05-24 16:19:34
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Great book!!!!
2021-05-21 11:30:32
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Lynda Patterson Valdez
love the book
2020-10-30 14:36:07
36 Chapters
1. The Beginning
Hundreds and hundreds of years ago"Arkael my king, please do not this to us, we have been following your can not take our livelihood away. How are we supposed to fend for our needs? our children, our elders, please my king, I beg you..." she was kneeling down begging him."You have been warned shaman, we do not take lightly on witchcraft in our kingdom. Enough! I've heard plenty from my advisors. You and your people are to leave the kingdom, and search for another place to live." The handsome king Arkael stood up, and was about to leave his throne when the old woman took out her hand.She held out an old dirty pouch, and took out a hand full of what looked like dust and bl
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2. The Struggle
"Damn, you were one...come on Dariel would want to meet you." The cupid gargoyle fellow walked before me, he didn't thank me for rescuing him. But hey... I guess in the pit of hell there was no need for manners.We eventually reached their so-called camp, it was hidden inside the caves molded into the stone mountains. It was surrounded by trenches of hot molten lava coursing through its path."Why are we not bursting into flames by now? that lava looked boiling hot." I questioned Savaric.But he just gestured to his own body then to mine. Mmhh...hmm... hell power it is then.He introduced me to several beings there, he said that they were all human once.
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3. The Kingdom
 "You are coming with me, I stand by my words." King Eustace voiced his mind in great confidence like he had been ruling the underworld for hundred of years, his facade was strong. The evidence of the crawlers' tortures was still there, but he covered it well with his demeanor. He had a build of a man, but his demon facade showed what kind of evil resides within him. His skin was charcoal black, his horns were strong and big. His physique was ripped with muscles no room for lean flesh in his entire body, he was even taller than me.He walked in front of me, knowing I would follow him regardless. And I did, I followed him to his kingdom. Apart of me was also curious about what kind of kingdom he rules. I have lots of years to spare, so why not?
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4. The Ecstasy
Both nymphs pushed me to the very large bed. I was welcoming the soft touch of the animal skin cover on my back, it had been months since I rest myself in a fluffy bed. King Eustace was not kidding when he said that I was going to be pampered."Oh...damn...that's so good..." I let out a low growl."Shhh...we know..." Sabina giggled as she lowers herself down between my legs and starts licking me with her very wet tongue.Muriel was naked already, her half-burnt body was not actually as it seemed. She was actually half-dragon, and I truly sensed that as she let out a hissing sound and I felt her tail caressing my face."Oh, my....ladies...mmphh...damn..." Muriel kissed me and pushed her tongue deeper, while her tail caresses me and her
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5. The Book
The days turned to years at the kingdom, the sexperience had been a wild one. I had defended the kingdom several times already. Savaric was right, they were in constant war. It almost like there was scheduled chaos for these wars. King Eustace was keeping me close to his side, and provide me with all the entrainment available. He was making sure, that I stayed there for a long time.My chamber had been the nymphs' most frequent visits since I arrived at the kingdom, and they had successfully steered away even the succubus. Though they slipped in once in a while and play with me. But Muriel and Sabina would have a fit when they saw me drained after my encounter with one of the succubus, and there were several of them at the kingdom.As for the King, he was pleased with my work. I gathered his demon, his troops, and made him won more batt
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6. The Chosen One
Decades turned to centuries and finally, my time was nearing, I had been studying the book intensely. There was one other key, the sorceress' heir.I was confused when the book mentioned her, saying that she was supposed to be my mate. It was written that my punishment would end when I meet her.The pages would write itself magically and when that day come, it would reveal my last task. My last quest to redeem my fault and break me from the curse. *****I saw her, the little kid that was to be my key in breaking the curse. The Chosen One, as stated in the book. She was able to see me under the water when I showed myself to her. But it was not the right time, she had to be of age. She had to be with the one that was pictured
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7. The Return
It was the final day, I could feel the anxiousness coursing throughout my body. Ranulf had taken residency in the kingdom. It had been arranged that he would be the next king, the nymphs couldn't be any happier. But my head was not there, it was somewhere else, still captivated by the image of the beautiful little witch.I was about to join the others at the main hall when I felt the pull. I could feel it, this was was happening that exact moment. Her voice was calling me."Arkael! Come to us..."My body was sucked up to the surface, I could hear her chanting the old language. But her voice slowly faded to the background, as her beauty captivated me.Walking to her, I let my hand out to her. She was looking at me, I knew at th
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8. The Future
"Aww... you're so cute, I haven't laughed this much in so many years." Her smile framed her freckled cheeks beautifully. She pulled some kind of lever switching it back and forth then the thing move, it rolled a bit too fast for my liking."Erm...maybe we should slow down a bit..." I said lowly at her, while my hands still firmly gripping the seat, but she let the lever go and put her hand over mine."Trust me... just sit back and try to relax, okay? why don't you just enjoy the view?" she smiled and looked at me for a couple of seconds before her eyes were back on the road. The many of this car thing passing by all shapes and sizes. This is very dangerous, how do they know who goes first. My eyes were looking everywhere, gazing at the surroundings so many structures. I was amazed by the tall one that looked like towers, but bi
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9. The Shower
I was stiff when I woke up, she was latching her delicious body to mine. Her slender yet ample leg was wrapped dangerously close to my bulge. I slowly pulled away from her, and quickly go to the bathroom.Coldwater poured onto my hot skin making me shudder, but the want was still there. I eventually gave in to my urges as I wrap my length and stroke myself, I was groaning while I envisioned her in my mind. I moaned when I was feeling the intensity as I caress my length up and down, I was biting my lip to hold down a louder moan that was about to escape when I feel myself getting there.And that was when she innocently entered the bathroom. "Arkael, are you okay...I heard...ooh ermm...I should...Eh, let you get...back ehm...I mean..." she was struggling with her words, while she stood still unfazed by my naked soapy body. Her eyes shyly
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10. The Intimacy
Shani POVI couldn't believe that all the sexy play made me forget about him, the fact that he was destined to be my husband. I roughly pushed him back when he said the word bride, the intense climax that he gave me was beyond my expectation.I was headed for another orgasm when he said the dreadful word, and then I was falling apart in his arms. I wasn't ready for all of this.I hated my life, I hated my elders for putting me in this place. I wanted to escape them but I couldn't, I had tried several times already."I'm sorry, I know this is not your fault. You were sent to hell by them, I just...I hated my life." I felt better in his arms, he let me lay on his chest where I took comfort in his arms.
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