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In the biggest and most powerful pack of the werewolf community, Valerie was the runt of the pack. She was the most hated and the target of the three Alphas, who despised her because of her weakness. She swore to hate them, but things change on her eighteenth birthday when she finds out they were her mates. Their unhappiness was nothing compared to the pull they felt to her, the need to provide, to protect and the aching need to taint and claim her as theirs. They take her through different heights of pleasure, but in the face of challenges, the strength of their relationship is tested. Would they ever survive the wrath of the past when it comes to the present to haunt them? Or would they sacrifice everything for their pack, even who they love the most?

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Another Masterpiece! Can’t wait for your next update
2024-01-03 21:07:09
138 Chapters
OneValerie I walked softly through the hallways of the mansion, where the leaders of the pack lived while holding a ridiculoualy small cake in my hands. How did I, the outsider of the pack, end up in this situation? Josh, my boyfriend was coming of age today. He was among the four greatest wolves in power, he being the beta to the triplet Alphas of the North-Star pack.Today was finally the day he would get to meet his wolf, and while mostmett their mates on this day, I was certain he wasn’t going to meet his. Why? Because we were a match made in heaven,and his wolf wouldn’t recognize me until my coming of age day, which could be any day from now.And if things don't work the way I hoped, josh promised to reject his mate for me. I loved him with all my heart, he was my key to happiness, and when he finally axccepts me as his mate, I would finally be seen as an equal to all who looked down on me, especially Fiona, my worst enemy and my sister in my foster family.And also to the
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ValerieI was never a member of this pack. I was found on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Hill, one of the werewolf families in this pack.Mr. Hill and Mrs. Hill loved me like her own daughter, but that was soon gone when a house fire happened, and I was stuck in the house. Mrs. Hill had rushed in to save me. But she wasn't so lucky to come out.That was when everything came crumbling down in my life. Mr. Hill pretended that he didn't hate me, but I felt it in his stare.Then his punches when I did something wrong, or talked back. I was the punching bag of Mr. Hill for years, until he married Lydia and her daughter came to live with us. Then I became the slave of the house. Lydia and her daughter hated me more than anything, and took every opportunity to humiliate me. One day in tenth grade, I woke up late and stained. My period had started overnight and I had no idea. Lydia screamed my name and I rushed downstairs. I received a slap for waking late and I was forced to cook them break
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ValerieThe pack hosted a party every year. It was an avenue for some to meet their mates, for some it was just free booze and women. It wasn’t a special event, this year, it was the anniversary of when the triplets Alphas became Alphas. An avenue for those assholes to get more pussy than usual. You’d be disappointed to hear how many unmated and mated women and men were willing to get a taste of them.I couldn’t even lie, they were hot. And their eyes… but I still don’t see the hype. They were vile wicked men, and I hated them.Everyone was going to be there, at the palace. The party was an avenue for people like me to earn money serving tables and clearing messes, and the more jobs I took on, the more money I was going to get.And I needed money if I wanted to leave this place. I already mapped out my foolproof plan. It wasn’t easy in any way, but oftentimes one had to take risks. If I don't run, one day I am going to be killed.My load, which wasn’t going to be much, was going to b
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ValerieI reeled back in shock. Impossible. I got my wolf and the first thing she says is 'Mates!'?. My heart shattered as I stared back at the three Alphas who were looking at me with equal shock and desire. I prayed to the moon goddess that it was just a terrible dream but the insane desire that raked through my body told me this was all too real. My wolf buzzed with happiness and desire. Finally, Grey laughed "This has got to be a joke" "Does the moon goddess play pranks?" Ansel asked, his face twisting in discomfort from trying to fight the desire gushing in his veins.I could ask the same question. Of all people, it just had to be them. I know of no one that has worse luck than I do. I just stood there stunned and against my will, almost ready to strip for my mates. "Do it" My wolf finally spoke up again. "Are they really my mates?" I asked"Well, what do you feel right now?" She asked me I sighed in frustration and answered "Insane blinding desire" She agreed "Exactly"Ka
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Five ValerieOne would think the moment I left my pack, everything would get better for me, but that was a lie. the minute I stepped into the Free Wolf pack, I was attacked by some bandits, who beat me up and stole my things.they left me with only the clothes on my back and left me to bleed out, not caring that they just took advantage of a helpless girl.I was cold, hungry, heart broken and dying on the bare floor by the forest, and no one who passed seemed to care about helping the poor girl qho was going to die if wasn't tended to.Until Mrs Taylor found me half dead."Oh poor thing." She cooed, helping me up on my feet, easily at that. She was an old widow who lived by herself in the pack, and she was just going on her evening stroll in the forest when she saw me bleeding out.She comforted me, took me to her house, gave me clothes and fed me.After three days , when I felt good but guilty from taking from Mrs Taylor who barely had enough for herself, I decided to leave and find
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Valerie Oh Goddess, no.This couldn't be happening to me!The Alpha sat comfortably on the head on the table but refused to meet my eyes, while his wife, the Luna, smirked at me as she took in my reaction.but I couldn't focus on her for too long. Not when the three monsters I ran away from were seated comfortably, their gazes pinned on me."Hello there, little wolf." Ansel smirked wickedly at me, and I almost fell on myself with how fast I turned to leave, but the guards who were once outside held me down tightly, turning me to look back at the three devils seated on the couch, my worst nightmares coming to live. "What the hell are you looking for here?" I growled, my whole body vibrating with anger and fear as I stood in front of them, their eyes pinned on me with their identical calculating gaze.they couldn't be here to take me away, could they? I would never return, even if it was to fight to the death."Well," Kaden spoke up, his ever clean shirt pinned with cufflinks moulding
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Valerie My heart stopped at the sound of that command, and I became numb as I stared at Grey, whose eyes landed on me, cold, hard, and deadly.but I ignored the fear I always felt instead."What old lady?" I asked, my voice shaky as every part of me prayed he wasn't referring to Mrs Taylor, who was deadly ill.The Luna, who seemed to have a hatred for me I didn't understand, smirked. "Who else, Valerie? Taylor has been a thorn to my side for so long. this would be a great opportunity to finally put an end to her.""No!" I screamed, trying to pry my hands away from the grip of the guard, but he was too strong.Mrs Taylor has been nothing but nice to me! They couldn't do this!"Don't you dare lay a finger on her! She's innocent!"Kaden's eyes glowed with delight as he watched me. "But we would have to, Valerie. You see, we get what we want, every time. Either by force, or by persuasion. But you don't want to cooperate with us.""What do you want from me?! You rejected me! You chased me
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ValerieAs soon as the car stopped in the compound of the house I never knew I would see again, i flew out of the car, slamming the door shut in their faces.Tears streamed down my face as I walked towards the door with speed, ignoring the calls of Kaden and Ansel.They destroyed my life! They destroyed everything! I was happy... I finally belonged.Fat balls of tears streamed down my face as I stormed away."Stop there this instant!" Kaden commanded behind me but I ignored him, opening the door, but a hand darted out, pushing the door close and I felt a body press against me from behind, and a gush of hot air on my neck.all nerves of my body stood alert, and I froze as I inhaled the scent of the brother I feared the most, Grey.Grey's voice, low and dangerously close to my ear, sent shivers down my spine. "Where do you think you're going, Valerie?"My nerves heightened, but I pretended to be unaffected by the rumble in his chest I could feel as he pressed up against me.I turned, av
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Ansel"Come." I gestured to a maid as we gathered at the table, ready to eat the dinner right in front of me, hours after my generous brother Kaden locked our guest up in a room.she scurried towards me, and I could smell her fear as she bowed her head. That was how it was. We were one of the youngest Alphas, but we were feared more than any other Alphas we had the opportunity to know.It was definitely Grey's default anger that burnt through his eyes, or Kaden's dual personality and cruelty. me? Let's just say I could be worse than the two. But I never show it. I never have the time. No, not when there were plenty of women I could vent my frustration on and who were more than willing to take it all.But it wasn't our fault, it never was.We were not born this way. We were made to be like this. We had to be, we couldn't bear to be anything else, not after when...My nostrils flared as memories from that night came rushing back.The blood, the screams.No! I screamed in my head, clos
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Valerie Did they really think they could lock me up here and do their Alpha duties while I stayed here like a little puppy, waiting for its master?these assholes, first they come to uproot me from my life, then they lock me up like some animal? all my life, I have been bullied by them, and when they found out u was their mate, they chased me away like some animal.why the change of heart? Or does the idea of me living a life without them drive them mad??I am done. They've broken the last straw. I would no longer submit for the assholes. I would disobey with everything in me, and if they have that so much, should end my life.but one thing i know is that I wouldn't stop fighting. they would never let me go, but I would make them wish they did.I turned to the door for the sixth time, feeling angered and frustrated, then pouring all that Into my effort in banging the door. "Let me out of here you assholes!"I screamed on top of my lungs, and like the last time, no one answered me.I
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