Mate Jelnimia's Rescue

Mate Jelnimia's Rescue

By:  D'Light  Completed
Language: English
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"Always remember this, try to control your anger, else, with your personality of a mixed heritage, you won't hesitate to destroy the world in a blink!" "Who are you? I know your memory.." "I need you to listen to me Mal, you'll be taken into another world for a mission; find her, and bring her back, for you too are to work as a team to redeem the world!" In the world of the unknown, Malison must abandoned his most comfortable life to embark on a journey to rescue his mate; his destiny depends on it, and he just can't find true with any other woman around, no matter how ravishing she's looking. Jelnimia, the destined mate of a handsome, young billionaire; wealthy to the peak, the captured slave of the alpha of her pack, enslaved and s*x slaved for his pleasure at any time. Now, she's at the mercy of her alpha king, she must do something to escape with her younger brother, but what way?

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62 Chapters
"Hurry.. Hurry...! Let's get the hell out of here before they get to us, immediately!"  "I just hope no one catches us here, cos if they do, I don't think they'll spare us for any reason!" "Yes, you're right! Let's go...!!!"  Just a few stamps away from their hideout, resounding steps blasted as it disrupted the stability of the earth.  "Hey, Hey! Don't you dare to take a tread, else...!" A masculine voice interrupted as their movement instantly came to a halt! "Oh no.. they're here...!" "We're finished sist!" With a few qui
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One night, while walking in the park, he ran into a were and, not long afterwards, a white horse with dark, silky mane and tail, the same animal he had seen when he woke up, took him to the place of magic. There, he saw a woman who possessed a child of pure magic, the magic that would protect him against the other werewolves. Then the woman spoke to him.  "This is the story of Alita Creator's forara. She is the power that protects you, and this is her child, her son. He will help you against the werewolves until you find her. If you can defeat him, the enemies will be forced to respect you. The rules of the covenants will be suspended, and their soldiers will be impeded. But when the werewolf is destroyed, the rule of the Covenants will return to normal, and there will be war against you again. You will lose and you will be destroyed, but we will bring you back to life in a different way
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Vision of the cave
Without anyone being around, she took out her phone, stretching it towards him.  "Here, let's talk over the phone!" She commanded. A wink released, left Malison hunting for more.  "Wow! So bold...! I must have her tonight!" He promised. Swiftly, he grabbed her phone, dialed his contact in and saved it. With no delays, he dialed his line. "Here please" he said, returning the phone to its owner.  "Alright then!" "Please hold on!" He beckoned again.  "Can I call you?"  "Sure!" Malison nodded and his lips curled in amusement, accompanied with a smirk.  
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"Oh my gosh, that was so real..!"  Malison yelled as he hopped out of his bed, pacing around his room. A scented smell filled his nostrils like the fresh morning dew. Sniffing in the sweet smell through the openings, he smiled as he sat on the edge of his mattress. He loved mornings like this. He had not slept well all night, but that wasn't his problem. He sighed as he stretched his arms out, opening them wide. He slipped a black gown over his shoulders as he ran his hand over the bed with a grin, slowly lying back on it, moving it to the middle and then jerked it up, ripping the straps, tossing it into a corner. After filling it with his favorite drawers, he swung his leg over the edge, stretching his quads as he looked out the window. Pulling his black hair back and running his fingers over his shoulder blades, a sexy figure slowly walked in. Fair skinned, her hair curled to one side
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Mixed heritage
"Always remember this, try to control your anger, else, with your personality of a mixed heritage, you won't hesitate to destroy the world in a blink." The voice echoed again into his ears. His wolf and vampire has been charged up again. A flash of blue light flitted around his deep eyes. His left arm pressed tightly against his chest. The scratch marks and his scars were filled with pain. He knows that he is still being hunted by his father's blood magic. He took in a deep breath to try and ease the pain. His right hand still holding a picture of his mother smiling as she looked at him. His eyes slowly opened. It was dark and in the darkness he felt his eyes burn with frustration. The brown haired male standing with a bound and gazed at Jenny as he was staring at him. His voice was extremely emotional. His gaze flitted over his body, nothing seemed out of place. His face was covered in a tingling sensation of warmth. 
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Chapter 6
"I mean, you're Joey..?" I froze. The heavy electric guitar riff began as a continuation of the last track in my head like the sound of distant thunder. There were a few moments of silence when it sounded like a tune was escaping from the speakers, but finally, the guitar turned into lyrics, and there were no more thoughts to accompany the band. I iced, breathing so heavily with my hands right by my sides, feeling like they were paralized. My entire body trembled from within, and as he saw me so rigidly with my lips slightly parted. "Hey, what's wrong? Did I say anything wrong?" He held me as I was gradually slipping to the ground. Nothing I could answer.  Nothing anyone I could say. He pulled me up, back to my feet. He didn't make me stand. He just grabbed my arm and p
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Chapter 7
It was a very long and cold night, one of many over the years that make up the story of Rocky and Bea. I'm not entirely sure how to make it any shorter. I woke up quite late, stretching myself out on my bed, trying to reach out to Joey, for I needed his warmth but I was surprised that he wasn't there at my reach. "I could remember we slept here together on this bed; where could he have gone to this early in the morning?" I thought to myself, glanced around with my eyes partly open. Then, I got out of bed to take a look around the house as I walked down the stairs, I felt a strange electricity in my body. I paused and looked downwards, in-between my thighs as I felt this hot liquid coming out of me. I pulled my legs apart, and took my time to look at my womanhood. "Oh my God!"  I gasped at the sight, and as I touched the liquid,
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Chapter 8
"Joey.. Joey... Please come fast please! I'm in trouble. I've got to get to you, right now. Help me, please. I can't help the situation here as I don't understand what's going on in my house!"  "Hold on Cilia, what's the matter? What's happening?" "I don't even know! I can't seem to explain anything right now..!. Everything seems to be turning upside down right before my very eyes... Please come over and help me out... Please just come! Please...!!!" "Alright, alright, Cilia! Hold on.. hold on please, take a deep breath... Get some fresh air, and I'll be there in a jiffy! Okay girl?  I just could not seem to respond after his last words to me, as words failed me completely. My mind could only imagine what
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Chapter 9
They found the jungle almost blind. But the darkness was not loud enough for their heightened senses to pick up the danger which laid ahead of them "What could that sign mean?" "I wouldn't know, Mal..!" A quick silence was broken by another scream, then a frustrated hiss. White light flared behind them, and a panel shattered, plunging them into total darkness. They stumbled together and slowly made their way through the network of narrow pathways. Within moments they were on the other side, lying panting on the hard concrete ground in the brief flare of golden sunlight. Initial thought was that they were saved by their guardian, then they heard what sounded like a whimper from
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Chapter 10
"Now, strip!" A command was issued. "I said strip, you fucking stobborn bastard!" He charged again.  Malison felt the heat radiate from his skin and he felt hot blood rushing through his body. A sudden jolt struck him on the ass as he felt the bone go soft from the impact of another kick. He dodged, but a resounding slap landed on his back. "Damn...!!!!" Malison screamed in pain. His wolf flinched at the sudden flare of anger.  His breath came short. He growled through clenched teeth and jumped up to get away from the blow, but was caught. He spun around, eyes rolling as he felt his wolf turning and he roared in fury. Shortly after, a vicious blow landed against his shoulder and he swiveled around to see o
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