Married To The Heartless Billionaire

Married To The Heartless Billionaire

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Adrian Castillo promised hell to Sophia Cox from the first day he met her. He was forced to marry her for his grandfather to help her father's company and so he disliked her. Adrian is who you'd describe as a sexy, arrogant, and intelligent man. He was one of the most wanted bachelors in the States and girls would kill to have him. Sophia is a timid, calm, and innocent twenty years old girl who had to marry Adrian to save her father's company. When these two get married, it's fire and ice combining to be one. Will Adrian be able to love Sophia or will Sophia be burned by Adrian's fire and no ship is formed? Read to find out how it was for Sophia to be married to one of the top billionaires in the State; Adrian Castillo.

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Delinda Schumacher
95 chapters 2-20-24
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1. The wedding
SOPHIA COX"It's time."I heard my father say to me and I took a deep breath and exhaled deeply before raising my head to look at him.I could see the forceful smile on his face. He was struggling to be happy but I knew it was all a lie because my father was bad at keeping a happy face when he wasn't happy.I got up from where I was seated and lifted my wedding gown a little so I wouldn't step on it."You look beautiful," my father said to me and I saw the sincere smile on his lips when he said that word and I believed it.I linked my arms with my father and began to walk with him. I felt the knots in my belly tightened and it was because I knew I was close, I was close to getting married to the man who had not failed to show me disrespect the moment he saw me.The man who had not failed to look down on me and called my family and me a gold digger.The truth was, we were indeed getting married so that he would save my father's company and there was no lie to his words. I wasn't after
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2. Alone with him
SOPHIA CASTILLOMy heart began to race faster than normal when I heard the shower stop and I knew Adrian was done taking his bath.When we arrived at the mansion, he asked me to follow him and I obliged without a word.He told me to get rid of my dress and to be honest, I was worried when he said so because I thought he was going to have sex with me but none of it had happened.He told me he didn't want to see me in that dress anymore as it only annoyed him and reminded him that he had just gotten married to a gold digger which in other words was me.He walked out of the room and I took off my dress. I didn't know what else to wear as my clothes had not been brought in yet and our marriage was of circumstances.I wanted to ask him for something to wear but I was nervous. I didn't want him saying any more hurtful words to me and so I got rid of the dress and was just in my panties.I entered the bathroom and took my shower. I wrapped myself with a towel, not wanting to think of Adrian's
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3. Do not dream
SOPHIA CASTILLOI wanted to tell him that I didn't want the dress of a female I do not know.I was never a fan of sharing clothes and I never shared clothes with my sister even though we had the same body stature.I didn't want to wear the pajamas of another woman and because I couldn't tell him, I began to cry."The fuck is wrong with you?" I heard Adrian say harshly and I flinched from his tone."You are unbelievable. Do you think I'd be moved by these crocodile tears? Why are you crying and what did I do to you?" He shook his head in disbelief and I sniffled a little."I knew you were a hypocrite but I never expected it to be this bad. I gave you something to wear and you are crying? What? What do you want from me?" He asked.I bit my bottom lips and quickly wiped my tears. "I..." I wanted to speak but I struggled to form words in my head."You what? You think that because we are not married, we will be a real couple?" He clicked his tongue. Adrian leaned closer to me and I gulped
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4. Unhappy
SOPHIA CASTILLOI groaned silently as I woke up. I felt pain in my left arm and I knew it was because I slept on it. I set my foot on the tiled floor and yawned."I see you are awake."I froze when I heard Adrian's voice. I looked towards the direction his voice came from to see him all dressed up with his hands in his pants pocket."Good morning...sir," I greeted him, avoiding eye contact with him."Good morning? What is good about the morning? The fact that I have to wake up and see your face every day or the fact that we share the same room? Which is it, Sophia?" He asked.He was speaking calmly as always yet it made me nervous. "Do you know what says the time?" He questioned and I looked around to room to find a wall clock or an alarm clock.He began to walk toward me and my chest heaved. "I will tell you the time," he raised his hand to look at his wristwatch."It's fifteen minutes to ten," he said and I gasped.I couldn't believe I slept that long but I guessed it was because
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5. Tears
SOPHIA CASTILLOI suddenly lost my appetite to eat. It wasn't that they said anything bad about me but I hated to look pitiful.I smiled weakly at them before turning on my heels to leave."Ma'am," I heard the voice of the maid that brought me to the kitchen and I halted on my track. I tilted my head to look at her. "Yes," I answered."Aren't you here to get something? I mean if you changed your mind, I could bring something for you to eat in your room," she said to me.I smiled at her gratefully. "Thanks but I'm fine. I will let you know when I am hungry," I told her and continued on my track."What's your name?" I asked the maid, halting on my track once again.She smiled at me. "Sarah," she said and I nodded my head.Hearing her name reminded me of my older sister. I walked away quietly into the room. I haven't been able to do anything since morning because of Adrian.I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and took my bath before coming out to wear the same clothes Adrian gave
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6. I dislike you
SOPHIA CASTILLOIf one didn't know Adrian, it was easy to fall in love with his eyes.He has the most beautiful blue eyes. They were very attractive and blue being my favorite color has never looked this attractive.But when you get to know him and you stare into his eyes, all you want is to never look at them ever again.I remember the first time I saw his eyes, I fell in love with them but after the way he treated me, blue became the ugliest color to me.His eyes mortify me all the time I look at them because all I can see in them for me is nothing but disgust."Get up," he demanded as he stood back on his feet with both hands in his pants pocket.I furrowed my brows in confusion. "I won't be repeating myself, Sophia," he said firmly and I quickly got up on my feet."Good," he said before leaning towards me."I won't tolerate your attitude anymore. I do not want a repeat of this morning Sophia. You are not to raise your voice at me, never. Am I clear?" He said firmly and I nodded m
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7. Hot
SOPHIA CASTILLOI miss home. I miss my parents.I miss my sister.I miss everyone that has made my twenty years a life full of joy and happiness.I was tired of living. I was tired of being in here but I had no choice.I was tired of everything at this point in my life and all I wanted was to go back home to my parents and wrap my arms around them.I sobbed quietly in the toilet as I knew Adrian might come into the room soon and I wasn't ready to face him. I wasn't ready to hear any more of his words.I sat down in the toilet for only the heavens know how long before I decided to go back to the room."Ah!" I screamed the moment I stepped into the room and my eyes stumbled upon Adrian's dick.I closed my eyes with my palm and turned back so as not to see them again. My heart was racing faster than normal as the image of his dick kept reappearing in my head.It wasn't for a short second that I saw it but it was enough to make me forget the way to breathe.I felt a presence behind me bu
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8. He’s back
SOPHIA CASTILLOAdrian came out after a while but this time he was fully dressed. He took his keys and left the room.I cried all through the night and eventually fell asleep amidst it all.When I woke up the next day, I woke up to the ray of the sun reflecting on my face.I had not realized that I didn't close the window and I slept on the floor for the night until I woke up.I groaned as I got up from where I slept. I looked at the bed to see that it was untouched. I didn't bother to think of Adrian as I didn't want to remember last night and how I shamelessly let myself fall in his webs."Come in," I said after hearing a knock on the door."Good morning ma'am," Sarah greeted and I smiled at her in return before walking into the bathroom to wash off. By the time I came out, Sarah was almost done cleaning the room.I stared at the alarm clock on the nightstand to see that it was fifteen minutes past eight. I placed my hand on my stomach to see that my stomach was rumbling.I had not
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9. Approaching him
SOPHIA CASTILLO"Welcome home sir," Sarah greeted Adrian before walking out of the room hurriedly, leaving just me and Adrian alone.Adrian glanced at me from head to toe making me look at myself too because I didn't want him to find any reason to insult him.He looked away from me and walked into the bathroom. I exhaled deeply once he was gone.Where has he been and why is he just returning now? I thought to myself.After some minutes, Adrian returned to the room with a towel wrapped around his waist and I unconsciously and shamelessly looked at his well-structured body and his packs."Are you done eye fucking me?" I heard Adrian say and I snapped out of my thoughts before realizing what I had done.I mentally scolded myself for looking at him when I should avoid him and mind my business."I was...wasn't eye..." I trailed off finding it hard to complete my statement.He clicked his tongue. "Of course, you weren't," he said in a form of mockery."If I were to put my dick in your mouth
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10. I forbid you
SOPHIA CASTILLOAdrian stretched out his arms before resting his butt on the desk in the room.Even still he was still taller than me. I have never felt so small in my entire life."How old are you Sophia?" Adrian asked taking me by surprise as he has never asked me anything about myself before."Twenty," I replied."The fuck?" He cursed."You are twenty?" He asked as if he didn't believe it."Yes, I am," I replied him."Are you sure your parents didn't ask you to lie about your age? I mean I will give it to them if you ask me to because they know what you are capable of. I mean those eyes of you..." He muttered something I didn't hear but I knew it was about me.He has always complained about my eyes and I do not understand how one could hate my eyes so much"Aren't you like eighteen? You are too small. Did you skip puberty? Look at your chest, you barely grew boobs. How old are you?" He said staring at me and I felt conscious of my own body.I covered my chest with my hands and laug
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